And We Just Met

I sat on the steps outside of my apartment, texting on my phone

A voice interrupted my thoughts

‘I hope you’re going to move’ a thick Irish accent bellowed at me

I was about to tell the person to fuck off, but then I looked up to see Nadine Coyle staring wide eyed at me, a look of scorn on her pretty little elfin face

Despite her coldness towards me, I found her extremely attractive

She had moved into the block of flats only last week and I had tried all week to pluck up the courage to say hello to her, only having been met with defiance and total coldness

I didn’t know
what I had done, but whatever it was, I wasn’t about to be forgiven for it

I think she had a thing against men, which I thought was a little unfair on me, seeing as I hadn’t actually done anything wrong

I moved for her, not lifting my head from my phone as I continued texting, trying my best to ignore her, although it was virtually impossible not to

She had the most stunning body I had ever seen, and legs that seemed to go on for miles

I longed to get lost between them, drowning in the pool of delicious heaven that lay between them

It was fair to admit – I longed for her, wanted her, desired her.

But I was probably never gonna get her

She brushed past me, deliberately knocking into me without apologising, I ignored it, used to that sort of behaviour from her by now

A week passed and the strange behaviour continued, until one day, she surprised me:

‘You wanna come in for coffee?’

I looked around, thinking there was someone else in the room.

Noticing there wasn’t, I nodded, immediately following her into her apartment

Within minutes of us stumbling through the door, she was on her knees in front of me, unzipping my flies.

I moaned quietly as she took my erection out of my boxers, and licked the tip.

She looked up into my eyes and put her lips round my cock, slowly feeding it into her open mouth.

She sucked me ever so gently, and slowly, gradually taking me in deeper and deeper.

I ran my hands through her chestnut brown hair as she began to quicken the pace.

She gripped onto my arse cheeks, forcing my cock as deep into her mouth each time she sucked it in.

I was so aroused already that it only took minutes before I felt on the verge of coming.

I moaned out a warning to her, and she began taking very short, hard strokes with her mouth, keeping me on the verge until I finally exploded into her mouth.

The sexy little bitch swallowed and kept sucking, almost hungrily, as I pumped more of my cum into her.

She ran her tongue all over my cock, before tilting back her head and making a real display of having swallowed it all, before standing up.

I collapsed onto the leather sofa behind me with a satisfied sigh.

I was amazed! Where did that come from? One minute she was ignoring me, then she was giving me the best blowjob of my life!

Standing in front of me, she seductively removed the sexy black lace top she was wearing, to reveal a satin black bra (although it could clearly be seen through the top anyway).

I responded by removing my t-shirt, and not wanting to waste any time. I removed my trousers too.

With a wiggle of her hips, Nadine dropped her jeans to her ankles, showing that she was wearing nothing underneath.

“Bend over for me” I whispered, and she smiled at me in the mirror opposite us, as she slowly complied with my request.

I slowly pushed a finger into her pussy, and she let out a low shuddering moan, which soon became a squeal as I pushed a second in.

As I fingered her, I added a third, and started to flick her clit with my index finger.

Nadine was crying out with passion by this point, and she orgasmed wildly on my fingers and went limp.

The sight of Nadine bucking around on my hand had restored my erection, and I helped her over to the sofa, laying her on her back.

I positioned myself over her, and started to push my cock into her soaking twat, stopping only when it was in to the hilt.

Nadine looked into my eyes, not saying a word, and gasped as I pulled out and rammed back in as hard as I could.

Her passionate moans and squeals began to build up, and as far as I could tell she came three times in the fifteen minutes that I kept that up for.

I felt myself approaching orgasm again, and I pulled out of her pussy, starting to wank furiously over her.

“No, no, don’t come!!” She gasped, her eyes pleading with me.

She propped herself up on one elbow

With that, she grabbed my cock and guided it towards her mouth.

With my cock head just inside her lips, she wanked me as hard as I had been doing, but her soft hand made it even better.

She massaged my cock head with her tongue as she wanked me, and once again I exploded into her mouth with a groan.

A little of my cum dribbled from the corner of her mouth as she swallowed again

Nadine evidently enjoyed blowjobs, and I defy any man who says they wouldn’t love to have her suck him off.

She lay back panting, with a grin on her face.

“Thanks for the fuck” she grinned

I stared back at her, utterly confused

We chatted for a while about nothing in particular. I had to ask her

“So why are you so anti men?”

She sighed and flicked a strand of hair from her face

‘I’ve just split from my boyfriend, he was cheating on me…..BASTARD’ she said with a look of disgust on her face

I put my arms around her and she let me hold her for several minutes

My free hand went back down to her crotch and I started to stroke her clit

I slipped a finger inside her still wet pussy, and began finger fucking her.

Her sighs turned to moans, and I added a second finger, then a third, then a fourth.

With four fingers in her pussy and my thumb on her clit, she quickly orgasmed again, but I continued to frig her.

She was approaching another orgasm, when I slipped my little finger from her soaking pussy and pushed it up against her arsehole.

She squirmed a little, but offered no protest as I slowly forced it in.

Her moans became cries again as I continued to finger fuck her

With a finger in her arse, three in her twat and my thumb still firmly on her clit, I brought Nadine to another orgasm and slipped another finger out of her pussy.

I slowly pushed a second finger into her arse, which made her scream out.

When she orgasmed for a third time, I pulled her up, and gently turned her around, facing the wall with her feet on the floor.

She knew exactly what was coming, and leaned forward to rest her hands on the back of the sofa.

I pushed my rock hard cock into her pussy, and fucked her slowly for a moment, before pulling out and resting my cock against her arsehole.

“Be gentle” she pleaded with me, as I pressed my erection against her tight hole.

She gave a yelp as my cock penetrated her, and I inched my way into her arse.

Once I had a couple of inches inside her, I withdrew a little, and started to fuck her incredibly tight arse, pushing more of myself in each time.

Nadine’s screams became more persistent, and she reached back with one hand to frig herself as I grabbed on to her hips and fucked her arse with more determination.

Despite the fact that I had cum twice already, I could feel my third orgasm on it’s way already.

Nadine was screaming out, babbling nonsense as she fingered herself to another orgasm while I slammed into her tight sphincter.

I couldn’t stop myself now, and with one last hard thrust, I came up her arse, and we collapsed in a heap on the sofa.

I pulled my softening cock out of her arse as gently as I could, and lay on the sofa with her, cuddling her.

Before long she had fallen asleep, and I took this as my cue to leave.

I left her a note with my phone number, and slipped outside

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