Angel Of Mercy

WARNING!!! The author is not responsible for the twisted and depraved

material coming from his conscience or sub-conscience. If this text is read

or saved by a person underage and is found by their parents, the author or

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monitoring their child’s actions.

The actions depicted by the celebrities in this story are a work of fiction.

If said star has done any of these acts, please send me some pictures or a

video tape. ^_^

Angel Of Mercy

by Dr. Blasphemy (

Triple H awoke
still somewhat in a daze in his bedroom. Even thought the

room was in near complete darkness he could still sense that it was late

in day by the way the sun’s rays tried to break through the clothed drapes.

He then glanced at the clock at his bedside to prove what he already knew

and couldn’t believe that he slept nearly the complete day away. Even with

all that rest from the night before he still felt like crap.

Just two days before he had major knee surgery to re-attach the quadracep

muscle that ripped away from it in a freak accident when defending the tag

team title on Raw against Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit. Even now after the

fact he winced at the thought of how it felt the moment the tissue broke away

and zipped straight up his left thigh like a snapping rubberband. He still

was in great pain, but at least the worst part was over with and all he

needed to do was heal for the next six long months.

He didn’t like the fact that he had to, but there was nothing he could

do about it. If they would let him, he’d be right back in the middle of the

action, gimp leg and all. It would have been just another challenge for him

to overcome proving once again that he truly was The Game.

The only thing at the moment he was able to do now was lay in bed and

watch TV. After repositioning himself onto the hill of pillows he turned on

the boobtube with the remote to see if anything good was on. As he scanned

through all the channels the only thing that seemed to be on was; Oprah

Winfrey, Ricki Lake, Jenny Jones and The View.

-Shit! I must be in hell,- he thought dropping the remote onto the bed.

Just at that moment his wife “The Billionaire Princess” Stephanie

McMahon-Helmsley entered the room. She was still wearing her transparent

black teddy from the night before. The thin material easily displayed what

God gave her from her large, natural breasts down to her finely trimmed

pussy where the fabric gave her a sexy camel toe. The way she looked just

standing there made Triple H’s cock begin to stir.

“I thought I heard that you were finally awake. How do you feel today,

baby?” Steph said as she got into bed next to him, resting her head against

his shoulder while her hand caressed his massive chest.

“I’m still in bad shape, but not as bad as yesterday,” he replied as he

returned her affection by cradling her in his right arm squeezing her tight.

“Maybe I could take you mind off of it for a while,” she said with a smile

as her hand moved down his body, under the covers to his crotch. All Hunter

could do was sigh as he felt Steph’s hand grab his tool and began to stroke


Within moments Triple H’s prick was pitching a large tent from underneath

the sheets from his wife’s attention. Stephanie then moved down the bed

peeling the covers down as she when revealing her man’s meat. Now face to cock

she began to delicately kiss it’s surface from the tip down to his balls before

returning to the top with a long nasty lick up it’s underside. From there she

inserted Hunter’s flaring cockhead into her mouth and began to suck as her hand

returned to jerking his neckbone. Her long tongue swirled around it’s surface

like a constricting snake and probed into her husband’s peehole.

“Oohhh, baby, you really know how to work that nasty little mouth of

yours!” Triple H groaned. “Work that magic on my balls.”

Stephanie did what he commanded and licked his balls before juggling them

back and forth inside of her mouth. She did that for a minutes or two driving

the Cerebral Assassin crazy until finally popping his prick back into her

wet mouth where it belonged. She then proceeded to pump her head in a more

active motion, jabbing the tip into her cheek giving the man she loved a

raunchy display of her skills.

Triple H placed his hands at the back of her head to direct the action.

He pushed her head farther down in a rapid pace on his cock to the back of her

mouth causing Stephanie to make loud gurgling noises. She loved it when her man

took control and made her face-fuck him. It made her feel like a total slut.

With each following push deeper and deeper The Game’s joystick vanished

down into is wife’s saliva pouring mouth until finally her nose rested

against his abdomen. He held her in place not allowing her to withdraw

letting Sheph’s tight inexperienced throat spasm around his dick.

As the seconds ticked away she peered into her beau’s face, her crystal

blue eyes wide with tears beginning to swell from the strain. Triple H had

the look of complete domination with an evil satisfying grin on his face.

The longer Stephanie stayed in place the more her throat tightened in the

search for fresh air until Hunter was kind enough to release her.

Now free of his grip Steph ever so slowly retracted her mouth away from

his dick. It was done in such a way that it looked like his cock went on

forever until finally it exited with a loud wet pop. She gasped for breath

as she wiped the excess hanging drool from her chin.

“Now it time for me to get into the driver’s seat,” Stephanie said with

an impish grin.

She then reached inbetween her legs and unclasped the snaps on the bottom

of her outfit revealing her ripe pussy. Being careful not to near his injured

knee Stephanie repositioning herself by straddled Triple H’s waist facing

away from him. Balancing on the balls of her feet and a hand she grabbed her

husband’s large prick with the free one and impaled herself in one fluid

motion. Stephanie let out and long husky groan as she felt her cunt getting

filled to the max with her baby’s thick monster. Her ass began move up and

down using long stokes where it almost hit his pelvis until just the tip of

his prick was inside her.

Triple H had a perfect view of the action as he watched his woman’s pale

ass bounce in front of his face. His dick got even harder as his saw the way

her lips gripped around his tool on the extraction leaving a ring of her

frothy white cream about it’s base. If it wasn’t for his great control the

sight of that would have caused him to explode right there.

Stephanie then spun around to face Hunter never letting his dick leave

her velvet fist and began to grind her pelvis into his. She looked possessed

the way she gritted her teeth and cold blue eyes burned in concentration of

trying to satisfy her man. Her body was damp with sweat as she pulled the

the teddy over her head releasing her large natural orbs before leaning them

right in front of Hunter’s face.

Triple H took the opportunity to grab a swinging breast in each hand,

squeezing them with his powerful grip as sucked one of Steph’s pink nipples

into his mouth and bathed it with his tongue. She moaned as felt the skill

of her husband’s talented mouth work over her teat while his teeth playfully

stretched and pulled it causing a trickle of milk form. He instinctively

lapped up the watery warm liquid and swallowed it loving the taste.

“That’s it, baby. Take your medicine,” Stephanie lustfully encouraged.

“Take all of mama’s tit into your mouth.”

Hunter poured on the action inhaling the jug ravaging it by smothering his

face into it. More of his wife’s precious life giving juice squirted from the

source filling his mouth before he gulped it down. As the first one became

empty he immediately placed his mouth over the second one the continued the

draining process.

“Yesss!” Stephanie hissed as she felt the motherly fluid being extracted

from her bosom.

With her energy restored Steph returned to riding her man’s dick with

renewed vigor. Triple H assisted her by wrapping his hands around her waist

and furiously pounded her down on his cock making her tits jiggle wildly.

Stephanie stuttered a long deep sounding moan as she rubbed her sensitive

clit with her finger. She rubbed, pinched and twisted the little pink stump

causing her to groan from the bolts of ecstasy shooting to her brain.

“You like it rough? Don’t you, baby?” Hunter asked.

All Stephanie did was continue to make animal sounds. She was oblivious

to what her husband had asked her being that she was now in her own little

world of pleasure. With each intense thrust she felt her body getting closer

and closer to orgasm.

From out of nowhere Triple H let out a loud grunt as he shot his load

into his woman. That’s was the spark that Stephanie needed as she cunt

received shot after powerful shot of his hot seed filling her belly. Her

whole body began to shiver as it overloaded with sexual information causing

her to flop down on top of Hunter.

After a while the pleasure began to subside giving Stephanie a chance to

take a deep breath. She then rolled off Hunter, moving her face back down

to his glistening prick and started to lick clean the yummy concoction formed

from their union with her tongue.

“So, baby, now how do you feel?” she inquired inbetween laps and fingering

her cum leaking hole.

“Like I could conquer the world,” he replied as he closed his eyes and

fell back to sleep.

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