Angelica Bell – CBBC Slut Gets Her Comeuppance

Angelica Bell – CBBC slut gets her comeuppance

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Magnus Opium and Altered State

I paced around the office waiting – she’d be here any minute. The room was sparsely furnished, just a table for a desk, two chairs, a filing cabinet and two pot plants which had seen better days. I glanced out of the window – she was walking up to the door, would be here any minute. I moved behind the desk, sat in the large, soft, black leather swivel chair and waited. There was a soft knock on the door.

“Yes.” I called out.

The door swung inwards and she entered.

“Hi. I’m Angelica, my friend Ana – who I worked with at the BBC – recommended you to me.”

She walked in and I admired her, from her feet, slowly, up to her head. She wore simple, white, sports trainers, her legs clad in tight, clingy, faded blue jeans – she was only about five feet tall. Her jeans ended and there was a small slither of exposed black flesh before her vest began. The sight of the soft, dark skin of her stomach already making me hard. She wore a tight, royal blue vest, with sky blue piping. It clung to her torso, showing off her massive tits – the word ‘STAINES’ was printed in block, white lettering on the front of her top. The letters distorted as the fabric stretched across her large boobs. Her short hair was cut into a bob, her round, black face was pretty and soft – her smile wide and friendly.

“Please, sit down.” I invited her.

“Thanks.” She replied.

She placed herself on the orange, plastic chair across the desk from me – it was the kind used in schools up and down the country.

“Right then…” I began. “…I understand that you’re looking for an agent?”

“Yes, that’s right…” She replied politely. “…My profile at the BBC is increasing and I think its time I got proper representation.”

She placed her hands on her knees and leant forward expectantly with a wide smile on her face. It caused her large tits to squeeze together between her outstretched arms. My cock got hard instantly.

“OK, so why should I want to be your agent? What have you got to offer?”

I leaned back in my chair as I posed the question.

“Right, well…erm…” She stuttered and hesitated. “…Well, I have become the main presenter on CBBC on BBC1, I have also been approached by BBC bosses to do other projects. They say I appeal to children and encourage them to watch.”

“Yes, I see…” I nodded knowingly. “…There’s also the added factor of you attracting their fathers.” I smiled at her.

She blushed and looked at the ground.

“Don’t be shy, you are a very pretty girl and you have an excellent figure. That will ensure you succeed on television.” I complimented her heavily.

“Maybe.” She replied coyly, still looking at the floor.

“There’s no maybe about it. You also have the added appeal to teenage white boys…”

She looked up sharply, a puzzled look on her face.

“…They must watch every day – wanking over the thought of spraying their cum on your big, black tits.”

She looked startled, she opened her mouth to speak but closed it again – unable to think of a suitable thing to say. I continued:

“That alone makes me want to offer you a contract. You will be guaranteed work, and therefore money, for quite a few years.”

I got up and walked towards the filing cabinet, positioned next to the door. As I stood, Angelica finally plucked up the courage to protest:

“I’m not sure I want to be thought of in that way.” She said stubbornly, but with a hint of indecision.

Just at the last minute I switched from heading to the filing cabinet and stepped over to the door. I quickly turned the key in the lock, imprisoning us both, I removed the key and slipped it in my pocket.

“Oh come on…” I replied. “…That’s what all you big-titted niggers want – to have little white boys beating off over you. Well now you’re going to get what you deserve for your years of prick-teasing – I’m going to ruthlessly rape your slutty, coon body.”

She gasped and began to stand, she pushed herself up by her hands – but they gave way beneath her and she fell back onto the chair.

“Please, I don’t know what I’ve done – but please let me go.” She begged pathetically.

“You don’t know what you’ve done?” I bellowed. “You go on TV wearing skimpy clothes, with your tits bulging out – and you ask me what you have done?”

“P – Please…” She stuttered.

“For fuck’s sake, we let you people on our television, then you betray our trust by trying to ensnare our children.”

The racist taunts hit home, she sank into her seat and began to sob. I walked over to the filing cabinet and pulled open the top drawer, I removed the only thing in it – a long, sharp knife, with a six-inch blade.

I paced over to the crying TV presenter and thrust the knife at her face.

“Do as I say or I’ll cut you to ribbons – you fucking black slut!”

The blade caught her attention, she sat bolt upright and wiped the tears from her eyes.

“OK.” She whimpered, quietly – through the tears.

I went back to the filing cabinet and extracted the contents of the second drawer – a video camera and several sheets of paper. I set up the camera on the desk, facing Angelica, then I gave the sniveling girl her orders.

“I want you to read these messages into the camera lens, do it well and I will let you go without raping you.”

Her eyes lit up at that offer, she took the pieces of paper and stared into the camera.

“Hi my name’s Angelica Bell and I’m here to tell you…” She trailed off as she saw what came next.

“Come on nigger! If you ever want to get out of here alive.” I yelled at her.

“I’m…I’m here to tell you what a talentless little slut I really am…” She hesitated, once more, before continuing. “…I’m nothing more than eye candy for randy white men, a…a nigger fuck-puppy who gets off on the thought of horny adolescent boys jerking off over me…Please?” She begged for me to stop making her say such things, a thrust of the knife at her face made her go on. “…A nigger fuck-puppy who gets off on the thought of horny adolescent boys jerking off over me as I introduce their favourite programmes. I only wish that I were there to swallow all that juicy cum. I enjoy being treated as a slave by white men and understand that I’m nothing more than a cheap black whore who exists solely to service white cocks…” At this she broke down and sobbed uncontrollably.

I handed her another sheet of paper and Angelica continued in a similar vein.

“I love to wear tight tops, which show off my big, nigger tits to all the young boys who watch…” She stopped, let out a small sob and continued. “…I imagine having a long, thick, white cock pumping between them – squirting cum all over my black face.”

Another sheet.

“I deserve to have a thick, white cock in my round, tight, black asshole – because I taunt white boys to make them want to fuck me.”

This ordeal lasted for the next fifteen minutes. Each time Angelica though she’d finished I would hand her another sheet with even more hurtful comments for her to read out.

Angelica was left visibly shaken, after the initial anger subsided the tears began to well up in her eyes and she was soon crying uncontrollably. But still the sheets of paper kept on coming. Angelica made a token effort to keep reading but the words came out as incoherent mumbling. She soon gave up completely and sat head in hands sobbing to herself.

I stared at Angelica across the desk, her breasts heaved as the tears rolled down her soft, dark cheeks. Mission accomplished, I thought to myself – now to have some real fun!

I walked round the desk and began slapping her with my left hand, the right held the knife menacingly at her throat.

“Come on darkie, stop your sniveling – its time to have some fun.”

She continued to hold her head in her hands and wailed away. I lost it and punched her viciously in the side of her head – whilst screaming:

“Fucking stop that! You cock-teasing, black bitch! I’ll fucking slit your throat!”

She slowed the crying and looked up at me through tear-soaked eyes, slowly she wiped her sodden cheeks and sniffed back further tears. Once I had her full attention, I gave my next order:

“Strip nigger! And make it sexy!”

“You said I could go…” She protested, but her complaint trailed off – as she realised it was futile.

She stood up and let her small hands drop to the buttons on her jeans, slowly she undid the top three and her trousers fell open. Her underwear was exposed – pale-blue, lace panties.

“Turn around and face away from me, as you push your trousers right down to your ankles.” I told her.

She cautiously turned away, gripped the top of her jeans and began sliding them down. Her panties turned out to be a thong – the thin sliver of pale-blue lace disappeared between two round, smooth, dark ass cheeks. She leant slightly forward as she pushed the trousers over her silky, black thighs – this caused the thong to partly ride up into her asshole.

She slid the jeans over her knees and down her legs, as she bent over, almost to the floor, the thin material stretched taut between her cheeks – her asshole gaped and the panties barely covered it. She stood up, still with her back to me, and kicked off the trousers.

“Face me, then take off your top…” I ordered. “…I want to see those huge, black boobs.”

She shuffled round to look at me, her chest heaved as she gasped in air through her sobs. She slowly slid her hands up her thighs and held them for a moment at the bottom hem of her tight vest. She clasped the bottom edge and began to slide it up her torso. She gradually revealed the flat, soft, dark-brown skin of her stomach, she stopped just below her tits in order to cross her hands over – ready to lift off the top. Her defined ribs rose and fell – she was breathless with fear.

With one swift jerk, she pulled the vest off and over her head. The speed with which she executed the manoeuvre ensured that her large tits bounced, even though they were tightly held in a pale-blue, lace bra, which matched her thong panties. Her bra was a large size, however the top halves of Angelica’s big tits still bulged over the top of it – the soft, round, dark globes heaved enticingly, just waiting for a thick, white cock to spray a sticky jet of cum on them.

“Fucking Hell! They are fucking huge…” I exclaimed.

She moved to cover them with her hands but a quick shake of my head warned her off.

“Tell me what you think of your tits and what you’d like done to them.” I accompanied this order with a quick wave of the six-inch knife that I held – just to remind her what was at stake if she didn’t please me.

“Erm…I…er…I love my big, black tits…” She began uncertainly. “…I love pushing them out, to attract horny, white men.”

She looked at me, as if to ask if that was enough, I motioned for her to carry on:

“I…I love to see young, white boys staring at my huge boobs – I wish they would…erm…I wish they would wank off in front of me and shoot their load over my tits.”

This made me rock hard, Angelica was standing in front of me – in her underwear, her huge, black tits heaving away – and she was talking dirtily about having white guys cumming on her boobs. I had to have some action straight away.

“Right then darkie, I want you to get on your knees and wrap your thick, rubbery lips around my hard, white cock – then I’m gonna cum in your throat. Any objections?”

“Please, oh God please…” She was nearly hysterical. “…I won’t tell anyone – I promise.”

“Listen nigger! The question is no longer whether I’m going to rape you or not – ‘cos I am, very brutally. The question is whether you will get out of this alive. Now suck my white cock!”

She heeded the warning I had given her and began to slowly walk towards me. When she finally stood before me, she gingerly sank to her knees. I sat on the edge of the desk as she reached up towards my groin.

Her hands were shaking violently as she tried to grip the zipper on my flies – the huge bulge in my trousers making it even more difficult for her to unzip me. Looking down, I got a fantastic view of her large tits – they swelled up as she breathlessly gasped in oxygen. She eventually got hold of the zipper and slid it down, she snaked her hand into my trousers and wrapped her slender fingers around the shaft of my cock. Her touch was electric, soft, gentle, yet firm. She pulled my dick out of my trousers and held it lightly in her hand. The contrast of her dark-brown fingers against the pale, white flesh of my shaft took me to new heights of pleasure.

She looked up at me with large, brown, doe-like eyes – pleading with me to call a halt to her ordeal. I stared back impassively and her face crumpled, a look of desperate resignation stared up at me.

She slowly bobbed forward and extended her tongue to touch my cock-head, she held it there momentarily before shifting slightly further forward and wrapping her thick lips around the end of my dick. I reached down and placed one hand either side of her head, gripping her tightly I gave her more orders:

“Hold my balls in your hands.”

She obliged and gripped my sack in her right hand, she let my balls slip and slide between her fingers as she slowly massaged them.

I held on tightly and gently pushed into her mouth, taunting her as I went:

“You fucking nigger slut, you love the taste of my cock don’t you?”

Again, the contrast of my thick, white dick against her black lips heightened the experience. Her soft, silky lips held my cock lightly but firmly as I pushed to the back of her mouth, slid back out then once more back in. This pattern was repeated as I closed my eyes and enjoyed the experience; the electric touch of her tongue on the underside of my cock, the tight grip of her lips on my shaft. Then, after a few minutes of this stroking in and out, I held her more tightly and warned her:

“Get some superior, white dick down your tight, slave throat!”

And with that I thrust forward with all my strength, my cock plunged down her throat – she gagged but my shaft was wedged in too tightly. It was unbelievably tight in there, my cock head was squeezed immensely. I was finding it hard not to cum, in the end it was impossible – looking down I saw Angelica’s eyes bulging at the invasion in her gullet. I had to let go.

Jets of hot, sticky semen pumped out of my balls and shot straight down her throat into her stomach. I shouted more abuse as the stringy, white goo pulsed into her belly:

“Yes! Take a big wad of tasty, white cum into your filthy, coon body. Taste it bitch! Enjoy it, you fucking nigger! You fucking slutty, black cunt!”

I slumped back – spent, she fell forward onto her hands and knees – coughing and spluttering. I looked down at her as she choked on the semen in her throat, her large tits bounced and jiggled as she coughed – I got hard again, instantly.

I reached down with my left hand and grabbed a fistful of Angelica’s coarse, black hair. I gripped my dick in my right fist and began pumping away. I yanked her head up, so her face was inches from my throbbing cock-head, and began shouting in her face:

“You fucking monkey slut, lets see if I can make your nigger face a little bit whiter!” I laughed at her as I wanked in her face.

“Please let me go!” She struggled to free herself from my grip. “I know now, that I’m a slutty nigger who loves white cum – but I’ve had enough for today, I just want to go home!”

Her whining was pathetic, but even worse was the way she was trying to talk her way out of it by trying to say what I wanted to hear. I gripped her hair more tightly and shook her head, I continued pumping my dick and shouted back:

“It’s nice to finally hear you admit it – with no pressure from me at all. I don’t know how happy all your ‘brothers’ would be to hear you say it though.” I was getting breathless as I stared at her pathetic, black face and continued wanking away. “But just having you admitting your guilt isn’t enough, you need to be taught that you can’t try to seduce our children. Or else they might grow up thinking it’s fine to want to fuck one of you niggers, then we’ll all get AIDS, die, and then you filthy monkeys inherit the Earth – but I guess that’s what you have in mind?”

She just wept. My fist flew back and forward, the pace of my wanking increasing. I stared into her pitiful eyes, a tear welled in her right eye before it slowly fell over the lid. The sight of the single, pathetic tear slipping down her soft, round cheek drove me to the edge. I pulled her head towards me – her face an inch from the end of my dick – and I came all over Angelica’s black face.

A huge glob of semen spurted out and splashed onto her forehead – a large, gooey mess of white cum on the smooth, dark canvas. A second long, stringy load spattered over her nose and cheeks – virtually covering all three. The third, final – and largest – spray was aimed specifically at her eyes. A big, sticky lump splattered into both her eyes, momentarily blinding her. She blinked over and over, but this just caused my cum to mingle between her long eyelashes. The massive amounts of semen ran down her cheeks, where the solitary tear had previously fallen – only in a larger quantity. When I let go of her hair, she pushed herself back onto her knees and began raking at her eyes – trying to remove the mess. Eventually she managed to scrape out enough to be able to see, she blinked even more to clear her vision – just in time to see my fist hit her square in the nose. She flew backwards, sprawled on the floor. I jumped to my feet, raised my foot and stamped, viciously, on her face. She let out a high-pitched squeal of pain.

“You fucking love my cum on your face – you fucking nigger!” I bawled at her.

She held her face and continued to scream in utter agony.

“I fucking hate you! You black slut! You fucking fat-arsed, nigger! I’m going to rape you so hard, then I’m going to fucking slaughter you like a fucking animal!”

As she writhed in pain on the floor her tits bounced around – heaving as she screamed in agony. They proved too attractive a target, I had to see them, feel them and fuck them – as soon as possible.

I knelt down over her, one leg either side of her body, and lowered myself to sit on her stomach. This caused her to stop thrashing about, as her movements were constricted. I moved the knife so the point pressed into her chest, at the base of her breastbone, just beneath the bottom of her bra. Suddenly she stopped wailing, removed her cum-covered hands from her face and lifted her head to stare, in utter fear, between her big, soft mounds.

“Oh God! Oh fuck please! Don’t kill me! I’ll do anything, I’ll suck your dick again! I’m a fucking nigger! A slut…A black slut! Please! Oh God!” She screamed and spluttered out the words – convinced I was about to kill her.

“Shut up!” I bellowed at her. “I’m not going to kill you yet, I haven’t enjoyed myself fully. I just want to get this bra off so I can enjoy these fucking massive tits.” I grabbed and squeezed her large right breast with my empty left hand.

I moved my left hand between the mounds, gripped the blue, lacy material, which joins the two cups and swiped through it with the six-inch blade. The bra fell away and left Angelica’s large tits standing firmly up from her chest. The two, heavy mounds of flesh looked soft, yet they jutted out rigidly from her body, they were topped with round, dark nipples, which also stood out solidly into the air.

I stood up, maintaining one foot either side of the prone children’s TV presenter – ensuring she understood I was still in charge. I quickly stripped completely naked, before lowering myself to once again sit on Angelica’s belly. My balls fell onto her soft, flat stomach, the velvet touch was fantastic. My hard cock automatically dropped between her massive boobs – as if it knew its home.

“Push your large, black tits around my dick.” I ordered her and she obeyed.

She griped her big, firm globes and squashed them tightly against my cock, ready for a tit wank. She pushed them in so firmly that the flesh of her boobs bulged between her splayed fingers, but the tightness on my dick was heavenly. I slowly began sliding back and forth between them, although my deliberate pace didn’t last long, as I began pounding between her tits – a heavy slapping sound rang out as my pelvis pummeled her breasts.

“I can fucking see how you got your job on telly now.” I grunted. “These big tits are fucking fantastic – and you give the best fucking tit wank. Like any good black slut should do.”

I grunted again before I came, no longer able to hold on. The first jet emerged as my cock-head was positioned between the large mounds, it meant that the gooey cum erupted from between her tits and spurted a white mess over both boobs. The second and third sprays shot out on an upward stroke, so they both spattered up over her chin and mouth – completely coating the lower half of her face in my sloppy seed. I gripped my shaft around the base and moved it from between her mounds, I stabbed it against her right tit, moved my cock until I felt her nipple against my tip – then I let go the final load. It splattered out in a wide spray and covered her whole breast in a sticky, white mess of my semen.

I stood up and gazed down at Angelica, she was covered – from her forehead right down to her tits – in my sticky semen. She had also swallowed a huge load, as I had fucked her throat. But now it was time for the finale, I had to rape her tight asshole – I couldn’t hold on any longer.

“Right bitch! It’s time for the big finish, it’s time to have your fat, black ass raped!”

She had been laid down quietly sobbing, but now she sprung up – sat bolt upright.

“Oh fuck, please no! Oh God no! I really will do anything but that, I’ll let you fuck me – please I’m begging you to fuck my nigger pussy!” Her pleading was real enough – she was absolutely terrified.

“Hold on a minute, let me tell you something. You don’t ‘let’ me do anything – I do what I want! And it’s your fat, coon ass that I want to brutalise. So get on you fucking hands and knees!”

“No, no. Please, I never want to be fucked in the ass – it’ll hurt too much. Please I really will do anything, I’ll give up my job on CBBC – I won’t entice any young, white boys any more.”

I lost my temper and kicked her, viciously, in the face. She fell back to the floor.

“Get on your fucking hands and knees you black cunt! Or I’ll fucking slit your throat!” I screamed.

She finally did as she was told, gingerly rolling over onto her front and slowly pushing herself onto her hands and knees. The dark flesh of her back was soft and smooth, it ran down to her round ass which jutted out invitingly – just waiting for me.

I knelt down behind her and raised my left hand, I brought it down with a loud smack on her left ass cheek. She squealed at the sharp pain.

“Beg me to rape your nigger asshole – you fucking slutty cunt!” I barked the order.

“Oh God…Er…” She hesitated and mumbled before she began. “…Please, rape me – stick your hard, white cock in my slutty, black ass.”

“Carry on darkie.” I said.

“Make my virgin asshole bleed, make me scream in agony – just please don’t kill me, please!” She crumbled and began sobbing.

I took advantage of her distraction – as she wept uncontrollably – to seize my opportunity. She wouldn’t be tensing her asshole, because she was preoccupied with her own dire position – therefore I could violate her tight ass with little resistance.

I shuffled forward, held my cock in my right hand and aimed it towards her gaping hole. In one swift movement I pushed my dick into her anal passage, managing to get half in before she squealed and tensed up.

“Easy, relax nigger. This is going to happen so the sooner you cooperate the sooner it will be over. If you let my white dick into your slave anus, then I promise I won’t kill you.” I said sincerely.

She began relaxing immediately, she realised she wasn’t going to get out of the room until I’d done everything I wanted, she now just wanted to escape alive.

I gradually eased my way forward, again the contrast of my skin against hers highlighted the experience. My hard, pale cock disappeared up her anus, her round, dark cheeks squeezing it as it went. I pushed in up to the hilt, she yelped and grunted as I moved in, then I slowly pulled out – enjoying her virgin tightness as I went.

I gripped her wide hips between my palms and pushed forward once more.

“You stupid, black bitch – you’re fucking loving this aren’t you?”

“Yes…” She replied. “…I love you in my…”

“Shut the fuck up! Cunt!” I cut her off. “Just fucking listen, while I tell you what a piece of nigger shit you are.”

All the time I was stroking in and out of her tight anus – trying to keep the pace slow. The tightness was magnificent, making it difficult not to start hammering away and cumming in Angelica’s ass.

“You’re worse than a fucking whore, even a black one. ‘Cos at least they give up the goods – you get paid to strut around, showing off your tits. But no little white boy ever gets to fuck you.”

“Oh fuck this, I’ve been trying to take it slowly, enjoy the experience. But if I speed up and hammer your tiny asshole, it’ll hurt you more – and that’s just what you deserve!”

With that I began pounding away, my pelvis banging and thudding against her soft ass. She screamed and howled like an animal. I looked down and saw that my cock was streaked with her blood. This sight drove me over the edge. I pushed in as far as I could – eliciting another scream from Angelica – and let go. Hot pulses of cum erupted from my dick, load after load of my semen pumped into her bowels. My balls twitched as they emptied into the TV presenter.

Eventually, when I was spent, I rolled off her – again she wept. I stood up and got dressed, I checked myself then headed for the door. Out the corner of my eye, I saw her lift her head and watch me leave. Justas I reached the door I stopped.

“Oh I forgot…” I said as I turned. “…I was going to kill you before I left.”

I walked menacingly towards Angelica. She began trying to scramble to her feet.

“Y…You…You promised…You promised!” She spluttered.

I grasped her round the throat and shook her.

“You took the word of a man who has just brutally raped you.” I laughed in her face. “You are more stupid than you look.”

I hit her in the face and knocked her to the ground, I knelt over her and again gripped her throat – tightening my vice-like stranglehold. She began thrashing so I lifted her head and banged it on the floor. Her eyes fluttered as she fought to keep consciousness.

“I’ve rented this room for months, there’s no-one else in the building – so they won’t find your body for ages, maybe never. Imagine what that will do to your family.” I laughed at her again.

She began slipping away, her eyes blinked shut.

“Speaking of your family. I don’t suppose you have any sisters?”

Her eyes flicked open sharply, but only for a short while before they closed again.

Magnus Opium and Altered State

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