Angelina Jolie Meets The Legman


By Sharkboy77

This story is a work of fiction, thus untrue. Do not try to do this to anyone real life. I do not mean to suggest things about Angelina Jolie, or make any accusations about her marriage. If you have problems with sexual material or if you are under 18 years of age, please do not read this story. Anyone with any suggestions for who they want the Legman to meet next send an E-mail to

The Legman walks into the studio where they are filming a movie he had to check out. Not because he gave a crap about the contents of the movie,
he is concerned with the actress staring in it. He uses his gift to make people not notice him, as he moves around the set of Tomb Raider. He thinks the movie will be garbage, but he hopes to see Angelina Jolie in that Lara Croft outfit. He walks around the studio, nobody really notices him, as he makes his way around. He takes note of the sets and the people working.

Then when he turns the corner he sees Heaven. Angelina Jolie stands before him in the Lara Croft outfit. She is doing photos for advertisement. The Legman swallows hard when she does that pose, where she looks back at him and motions to him with a finger to follow. He stands there the entire shoot, until the cameraman tells her she is done for the day. She smiles and thanks him.

The Legman follows her to her trailer marveling on how she looks in those shorts. Without a doubt she has one of the best pair of legs he has ever seen. Just outside of her trailer he gets the chance he has been looking for. Angelina notices the laces on her boot undone. When she places her foot on a stool to tie her boot he strikes. He places his hand on her firm thigh and begins to massage her. Angelina closes her eyes and purrs like a kitten, as his expert hands move along her flesh. He moves in close and kisses her neck as he massages her leg.

“Oh god!” Angelina moaned as his hand worked her leg. Angelina found herself bending to his will and not caring that she doesn’t even know who this is. He pulls her in for a kiss and she kisses him with passion. She slides her tongue into his mouth hoping to please her master. Her skin tingles as his hand moves along her long legs. As the expert hands touch her thighs she begins to yearn for him.

Finally he breaks the kiss and looks into her eyes. “Angelina? Would you care to move this into your trailer?”

She grins at him wickedly. “If that would please you Master.” She playfully tugs at his ear as he picks her up and takes her to her trailer. When he gets into her trailer he tosses her on the bed and she bursts out laughing as she bounces around. He watches her firm body fall around the bed and when she stops he takes her leg one more time. Quickly he removes her boot and sock taking her toes into his mouth. This makes squeal in delight.

“Master,” she asks in between pants; “you are that Legman aren’t you?” she lets out a long sigh as his hands work her sore calf.

“Why yes I am Angelina. Are you afraid?” unexpectedly Angelina lets out a laugh. The Legman gives her a look making Angelina give him a devilish smirk.

“No Master, I am actually excited. I hear you are the fuck of the century.” The Legman smiles in response and Angelina lets out a long moan as his hands move up her legs to her thighs. Her breathing becomes short as his hands stay on her thighs and gives her a challenging look in the eyes.

“Are you saying you are not under my complete control?” Angelina smirks up at him as he body begins to shiver from the excite his hands give her.

“No Master, do anything you want to be,” she gives him an alluring grin, “I am your slave.”

He brings Angelina in for a kiss as his hands creep slowly under her shirt. Tiny moans escape from her mouth during the kiss as his hands inspect her killer body. His lips move to her chin then to her jawline as his fingers press against her flesh. Angelina finds herself lost in pleasure as he shirt comes over her arms. The Legman’s mouth moves to her neck making Angelina purr like a kitten.

She whispers into his ear. “Master. I have some toys. Why don’t we play a game?” the Legman’s face contorts with a smile.

“What do you have in mind?” Angelina has a sparkle in her eyes that the Legman loves. Not only does she love to be dominated, but she is also kinky.

“Since I am in my Tomb Raider outfit. Why don’t you chain down Lara Croft? You can have the dream of so many men out there.” Running his hands up her thighs and giving her a passionate kiss the Legman gets up and begins to go through the drawer Angelina pointed out. The Legman finds himself feeling like a kid in a candy store. Without a doubt Angelina Jolie is a pervert. He finds a pair of soft cuffs and a dog collar.

Walking over to Angelina he lets a finger glide down her leg making her shiver. Without instruction she places her hands over her head and lets him strap her to the headboard. He gives her a kiss as he places a dog collar around her neck. Then getting up he walks to the corner and gets into character.

“Lady Croft, you are at my mercy. Too bad I don’t have any.” Her turns around to see Angelina get into character as well. Her brow furrows in a defiant glare.

“Let me go! You will not get away with this!” She shouts in a halfway decent British accent.

“No Lady Croft. You will steal what I need out of that tomb allowing me to rule the world.”

“Never!” Angelina as Lara shouts back. She can’t help but grin as he walks to her and places a hand on her thigh. His hand is making her come close to losing control.

“Then I will have to take you.” Angelina/Lara begins to breath in sharp shallow breaths as he begins to kiss her legs. Her skin tingles in excitement at his touch. Trying to keep in character she pleads for him to stop while her mind begs him to take her. His heart thuds like a jackhammer as he begins to undo her shorts. Breaking character she lifts her firm ass from the bed as he pulls down her short shorts. His kisses covered her firm legs as he pulled the shorts to her ankles. He then removes the other boot and sock and removes the shorts.

“Lara Croft, helpless in her panties. How charming.”

“You bastard!” Angelina/Lara shouts at him. Then his lips move down to her pelvic region and places small kisses around her panties. Sweat glistens from her firm body as his hands and mouths cover her body. Angelina can feel her panties become wet with wanton lust for her master. His mouth moves up to her upper body as a hand move inside of her dripping panties. Breaking character Angelina wails a loud moan at his expert hands moving over her body.

Losing all sense of character Angelina begs him to fuck her. Over and over she pleads with him to be inside of her. “You want me huh Lara?”

A small smirk covers Angelina/Lara’s face. “Yes Master, fuck me and I will give you what you want.” Angelina’s heart races as his wonderful fingers grabbed her panties and started to slide them off. Her body begs for him once he got the panties past her ankles. Her eyes grew dark with passion as he places her panties into his overcoat. The Legman kept the underwear of all his prey as a prize.

Once again Angelina finds those amazing hands on her legs as he parts them. Her pussy is wet with excitement as his body moves between her long legs. Her body goes taunt as his large erection touches her womanhood. When she eyes it she lets out an excited scream. His twelve-inch penis is the largest she has ever seen and she braces in fear waiting for him to enter her.

He places a hand to her cheek and whispers assurances that he will not harm her as he enters her. For a moment she fears being torn apart by the large manhood. “Relax, you will adjust,” he assures her. Within minutes the discomfort becomes ecstasy as his large member moves inside of her. Angelina becomes lost in the pleasure the mammoth manhood sends into her with each thrust. His heavenly hands moves along her pert body as he continues to drive into her. Suddenly Angelina screams as her body begins to climax. Shuddering she explodes the exact same moment that he cums into her shooting his while life giving fluids into her wombs. Her hands go around the soft restraints as her body begins to come down from the rocking orgasm.

“Master, you were great!” she yells as he frees her wrists. She gives him a passionate kiss as he lies beside her in bed.

“I am glad you enjoyed it. In a few when I am rested I am off.”

“Take a card Master. It will allow you back in during this shoot any time you want.” She grins at him.

“You are a kink aren’t you Angelina?” she returns his grin with a devilish smile.

“Charisma Carpenter and I are to meet tomorrow,” she informs him, “want to make it a threesome?”

The Legman arches an eyebrow and stares into her eyes. “It’s a date.”

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