Angelina Jolie’s bound To please

Why is this happening to me thought Angelina as yet another thick cock pushed between her full lips for her to suck upon her stomach full already with plenty of fresh salty jism and steaming piss as a second man raped her tender arsehole his balls slapping against her bum cheeks she could see the sun was starting to rise she,d been here since early yesterday morning helpless.She flexed her wrists but the ropes held tieing her arms to two young trees low down to bend her double in the Londonpark her ankles tied holding her legs apart stark naked every rapists wish come true.

It all started yesterday when she went for her
morning jog in the park and she paused to get her breath and found herself surrounded by a gang of youths nice tits said one of them, what she replied,i said nice tits bitch they look in need of a good sucking and he groped her breasts,fuck off you perv she said slapping his hands away,thats not very nice he said and produced a flick knife Angelina gulped and stepped back but some of the other teenagers grabbed her arms and she felt the knife slicing open her green t-shirt to show her ample mammeries in a low cut lacy white bra and the front clasp was soon undone and her fleshy baloons flopped out into the cool morning air,damn man look at the size of those puppies lets take her through those bushes theres a open area behind and we,ll have some fun with this slut.Angelina looked around for anyone nearby as she realised she was in serious trouble but no one else was in sight and she was taken at knife point by the youths far of the park pathways and her ragged t-shirt and bra were removed immediately they pulled off her trainers and sports socks and dragged down her grey jogging pants and tore off her high cut white lacy panties to display her shaven pussy.Put those lips to good use and suck this dick girl she was ordered as a 6 incher was unzipped and she sank to her knees gripped the shaft and put her mouth over the purple head and began sucking it only took 30 seconds and he lost his load onto her tongue and instinctively she drank it down.

By now more cocks had appeared and as she was made to suck upon another a thick black one was burrowing up her twat and she was raped doggy style and both youths filled her orifices in unison hot sticky cum dribbled from both sets of lips when they both removed their wilting members within the hour all seven youths had deposited wads of sperm in her mouth and cunt.One boy then disappeared and returned 10 minutes later with several metres of rope which when the boy with the flick knife cut into lengths was used to tie a helpless Angelina to 4 strong saplings and ready for further abuse starting with her arse being raped by the group the first being the worst as her virgin dry anal passage was tore open it then became a touch more comfortable as the first lot of jism oiled the other buttfucks she endured,after being raped orally,vaginally and anally several more times by the gang they left Angelina tied up in the hidden opening and walked off laughing.

She tried to call out for help but numerous throat fucks made her pleas for help virtually audible and was found a couple hours later by 3 teenage schoolboys whose eyes lit up at the naked beauty dripping sperm.Any hopes Angelina had of rescue soon disappeared as their trousers were dropped and rampant knobs impaled her and added to the reservoirs of cum in her cunt and stomach.When they could fuck her no more they began to text and within half an hour a group of men had arrived and she was raped in every available hole again and again and again by cocks of all descriptions fat ones,thin ones,long ones,short ones,young ones ,old ones,white ones black ones chinese ones the most painful being a 14 inch long 4 inch thick monster that ripped into her pussy closely followed by her reaming her rectal passage as she screamed for mercy until his scalding seed rocketed out filling her small intestine.How he then managed to force it down her throat without choking her completely she had no idea his heavy balls slamming on her chin her lips tickled by his pubic hair and finally shooting jets of sperm direct to her belly for a good few minutes.Finally a digusted Angelina realised he was pissing in the back of her mouth and she had to drink the acid tasting fluid or drown as his tool acted like a cork in her mouth.After he had finished with her for the time being he told the gathered 50ish strong crowd what she had drunk and she was soon holding her mouth open as a several groups washed her vocal chords with steaming rivers of piss then intermittently she was abused time and time again after toilet sessions through the afternoon.

Monster cock owner returned in the early evening and fucked her into unconciousness as he brutally buggered her she awoke just before he mounted her pussy her cunt lips like a velvet vice that milked the pumping seed from his rod as her body erupted with a mammoth multiple orgasm.By nightfall the group gangbanging her had grown to at least a hundred stong and every part of her aching sweaty body had globs of sperm stuck to it and when she herself had to piss a willing mouth was ready to drink direct from her body,the early hours of the morning gave her no respite as small groups fucked her steadilly.

The sun was now high overhead when suddenly everyone scarpered Angelina breathed a sigh of relief when a policeman came into view and released her from her bonds put his jacket around her and led her away to his waiting car driving her away.She realised then she did,nt know where he was taking her and asked him.Don,t you recognise me he said here,s a clue and opened his fly and the monster cock emerged i,ve just finished for a weeks holiday and i,m going to spend it shafting you my personel whore now stop wasting time and start sucking bitch as his free hand pushed her head down and a beaten Angelina opened her mouth wide sliding her lips over the purple bulbous head thinking oh well if hes gonna fuck me anyway i might as well enjoy it

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