Angell’s Special White Gifts

Angell’s Special White Gifts

This story is fiction the people referred to in this story do not behave this way in real life, this is a fantasy and any resemblance to real people or situations is merely a coincidence. Any copyrighted names, works, etc. remain property of their respective owner(s).

This Story is kind of similar to my first story Electrafying just in case you’re wondering what to expect.

It was Angell Conwell’s 21st Birthday Party, and she was being a bit of a bitch as usual. The party was kind of small and kind of private but many of Angell’s fellow co-stars that she had
worked with in her previous films were there at the bowling alley that was being rented out for this occasion. Stars such as Omar Gooding, Method Man, Ryan Pinkston, Tom Arnold, and Ving Rhames, and of course all of the lesser known stars Angell had worked with.

Angell was kind of the stuck up type she would smile like an angel when the camera’s were flashing but was getting very bored and only talking to her agent, while the men all gawked at her curvacious body.

Method Man and Omar Gooding were trying to play cool while they talked in the corner but even they could not keep their eyes of the black bombshell. With her big natural young tits, full round ghetto booty, shapely legs, flat stomach, and of course the sexiest thing about her, her gorgeous face with her very full pouty lips, sexy eyes, beautiful silky hair and soft chocolate skin all rolled in to one package it was hard for anyone to keep their eyes of Angell. Everything about her screamed sex, the way she shaked her hips when she walked, the low sultry voice she talked in, and the of course the way she wore very little clothing all the time. But Angell was a huge tease.

Omar: Goddamn that is one fine looking woman.

Method Man: Yeah I know but I fucking hate her. Always thinking she’s better than everyone else, who the fuck does she think she is.

Omar: You mad because she shut you down all those times.

Method Man: Well it’s kind of hard tell with her, she looks like she wants dick all the time.

Omar: It’s kind of hard to stay pissed off at her to when your staring at those big ass titties of hers, or imagining those huge lips sealed tight around your cock.

Method Man: I’ve never had women give me so much sexual frustration though, I hate her but everything about her makes my cock hot.

Omar: You’re not the only one I bet almost every man in here feels that way. I wonder if any one has got some off of that bitch.

Method Man: If they did I hope thy just fucked the absolute shit out of her, or humiliated her or something.

Omar: To relieve yourself like that you almost might as well rape the bitch.

Method Man and Omar slowly turn their heads towards each other and look like they had an epiphany.

Method Man: I bet if we did it here in a back room or something nobody would find out.

Omar: I bet if they did they would probably join in instead of helping her.

Method Man: And if they did who would stop us we’re probably the two biggest guys in here.

Omar: Do you really wanna rape A.C?

Method Man: Why not? Can you imagine the look on her face after we’ve blasted it with jizz.

Omar licked his lips as he stared intently on Angell.

Omar: Alright but we got to do this right.

Method Man: All we have to do is figure out a way to lure into the back of the building. Hey!

Method Man and Omar both looked over to see the fifteen year old Ryan Pinkston sitting right beside them.

Omar: How much have you heard?

Ryan: Enough to know I want in.

Method Man: I don’t know.

Ryan: Listen, when we were shooting soulplane she opened the door to me beating off and completely exposed me to half of the cast, I need to make that hot slut pay for my embarrassment. Besides I have a plan.

Omar and Method Man nodded their heads in agreement and listened to Ryan’s plan.

The party was starting to come to a close when Ryan walked up to Angell.

Ryan: Angell some guy just dropped a gift off for you in the back.

Angell: Who and why did he drop it off in the back?

Ryan: I don’t know but it looks pretty expansive.

Angell: Expensive huh.

Angell had a smug look on her face as she began walking to the back room not even caring Ryan was practically drooling at the sight of her ass as she walked away.

When Angell got to the back storage room she noticed a box on the floor and recognized there were diamonds inside of it because the box was a Harry Winston box she bent over and tried to pick the box up. She strained but the box was super glued to the floor

Angell: What the fuck is this!

Angell got right on her knees and tried to pry the box off of the ground, then all of a sudden she felt a tap on her right shoulder she looked up to her right and before she could say anything method man shoved his dick in her mouth and down her throat. Angell then heard the door quickly shut and lock. Angell’s eyes were as wide as could be as he tried to speak around the cock, and then to the three guys disbelief they heard a loud slurping sound. Angell was sucking Method Man’s cock as best she could.

Omar: (Laughing) I knew that fuckin slut wanted it.

Angell smiled and slowly pulled his cock out of her mouth and grabbed it by the shaft and placing her big lips right around the head of his cock making wet kiss noises while she jerked him off.

Omar: I’ve got to get in that mouth man as he unzipped his pants.

Method Man: Back off and let me enjoy this shit.

Omar: Look at the size of those lips she can take two at the same time.

Method Man: Alright.

Omar proceeded to enter in as Angell had no trouble sucking the two footlong cocks at the same time. Since Angell’s head was tilted to the side sucking Method Man and Omar Ryan walked up and placed his less impressive cock in between the actress’s big beautiful mounds and started to tit fuck her with her shirt on. He wanted to see her tits though so he just completely ripped her shirt to pieces to get it off of her. Angell did not seem to notice this though and just stared up at Omar and Method Man with pure lust in her eyes, as Omar and Method Man looked down at her with evil grins on their faces watching as she served them. The men began really hammering her mouth making her deepthroat both dicks. They were moving in and out so one dick would always be down her throat while the other one wasn’t. They were very impressed how much of a pounding her throat could take. A bit of drool came from her mouth but the men liked the feel of her saliva on their balls. The men were about to cum many times because of her sucking ability but they wanted it to last so they slowed up their pace every once in a while. All three of the guy s could not take it anymore and Angell could tell so she spit out their cocks and jerked them off the rest of the way so she wouldn’t have to take their loads, then she did the same thing for Ryan. The guys started to walk away fairly satisfied but disappointed that she didn’t take their loads in her mouth.

Angell: That’s all you guys got, I thought you were supposed to be men.

The men then remembered why they wanted her so bad, so they could get back at that bitch. All three were instantly turned on by her bitchiness and hard again as they walked back towards Angell. They had that drive to make her pay for being such a cunt to them and such a cock tease. Omar started whispering in Method Man’s ear for a while and they looked like they were planning something, which kind of worried Angell, but she was still horny as hell.

Method Man: Get in the doggy style position then.

This got Angell excited because doggy style was her favorite. Method Man didn’t enter her cunt though, he stuck it in her ass. Angell didn’t care much though because she liked it in the ass too. Something seemed strange to her though, the men were laughing and she could feel two sets of hands on her ass. She felt Omar start rubbing the tip of his cock against her asshole.

Angell: What are you doing? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Omar rammed his dick in for the double penetration of Angell’s ass. Was strong but she still couldn’t keep the tears from running down her face. It was the worst pain she ever felt.

Omar: Alright Ryan get in her.

Angell: Ryan baby don’t I’ll do anything. I’ll suck your dick as much as you want I promise. I’ll let you fuck me whenever you want just don’t do it.

Ryan: I can already fuck you whenever I want and I want to fuck you now.

Ryan slowly began to push his dick against her ass, but it was already jam packed with two huge twelve inch dicks in it already, and the more he managed to get in the more it hurt the three guy’s dicks hurt but they were determined to triple penetrate her ass. Then all of a sudden Angell’s hole expanded a lot and Ryan got in. Her asshole was by far the widest hole any of them had seen. You could damn near fit a softball in it. Angell’s body immediately went limp when she passed out from the pain. After a but of loosening up her asshole some more Method Man and Omar pulled out and started calling people on their cell phones, they both knew some people in the porn industry, and they called up all of their friends and told them to bring as many people as they could. While Ryan just had his way with her during this.

When Angell woke up her ass was sore and she found that she couldn’t move because she was tied down she tilted her head up and she could see men filling the room lining up well out the door and she saw Method Man lean toward her and say “Here’s your birthday present baby”. Angell tried to scream but she had ducked tape on her mouth.

15 men came packed in and surrounded her. The fifteen men started jerking off frantically until they each cummed on Angell. Then the next fifteen men stepped up and did the same thing after them. Then another fifteen men, then another fifteen men, then another fifteen men, and so on. Angell couldn’t believe how many men there were, neither could the men doing it, it was one if the largest if not the largest bukkake ever. Angell’s black skin was barely recognizable, she looked like a melting snowman. There was literally hundreds of men who cummed on her and she was completely covered from head to toe. Omar even untied her and she still couldn’t get up because she was stuck to the ground. The men all laughed as she struggled to move, until she finally gave up. Although hundreds of men had cummed on her she still knew there was a lot of men who hadn’t, which is when she noticed out of the corner of her eye Method Man and Omar wearing plastic gloves and pulling a rather large bath tub with faucets and hose coming out of it, and some sort of heating device under it. Then Angell realized that the other man had been jerking off into this thing. The men were wearing gloves so the wouldn’t touch any of the jizz. Method Man took the end of the hose and slid it underneath her until it was rammed into her loose asshole. That’s when Omar turned the faucet on and warm cum began being pumped into her asshole until they were sure it was filled. Method Man then pried her tight pussy lips apart. Despite Angell’s begging not to do it because she didn’t want to get pregnant the men pumped cum in there too. All of the warm goo being pumped into Angell’s snatch set her off for a series of orgasms herself, she tried to resist because of her desperate wanting to not get pregnant, but it was just too much and Angell had five or six of the best orgasms she ever had. Angell’s cunt was now overfull and she thought for sure that she was done.

Omar: There’s still allot more where that came from bitch!

Omar scooped out some jizz with a pitcher and brought it over to her. Angell closed her mouth but Omar just plugged her nose until she opened it and Angell just excepted her fate. Omar slowly poured the liter of slimy man juice in her mouth down her throat. Then go back for another liter of cum, and he kept bringing more and more to her and Angell couldn’t take much more. Angell was full and starting to get sick but Omar told her there was only three more liters left. Angell’s body wanted to throw up but all she could do is burp up cum bubbles. With the last liter Omar made sure to pour it all over her taste buds. Angell laid there with ass, pussy, and stomach absolutely filled with hundreds maybe even thousands of different men’s cum, not to mention being so covered in it she could barley move at all, and could not see any of her skin besides her lips and a little bit of her hair. Her asshole was ripped open and very large group of men were laughing right in her face totally humiliating her, and it was Angell’s best birthday ever. Angell had a smile from ear to ear.

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