Angel’s Eyes

Angel’s Eyes

Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. Thanks to my
Mesmer Eyes for the idea. Enjoy.

“You want us to do what?” Officer Jimmy Pallion stared over the desk at his
captain. He
was an athletic young man wearing his regular police uniform, his cap off to
show his dark blond
hair. Sitting next to him was his partner, Kim Field, her uniform clinging to
her nice body, long
blond hair braided up so her cap could fit over it, wearing the same incredulous
expression as her

“You heard me,” Captain Gleason said. “You do know how Jennifer Lopez is,

“No, we’ve been assigned to Siberia for the last few years,” Kim said
sarcastically. “Why
the hell does she want to go on assignment with us?”

“Well, she’s doing this new movie with her playing a cop,” Gleason said,
sipping from his
coffee. “Wants to do the research for it and we got picked to handle it. It was
‘suggested’ that
you two take her on stakeout tomorrow.”

“What?” Jimmy said. “Captain, come on, we can’t take a civilian onto a
stakeout, you
know how dangerous it could be. She gets blown away, we’ve got a public
relations nightmare on
our hands.”

“I know that,” Gleason said impatiently. “She’s not going on stakeout with
you. She only
thinks she’s going on stakeout.”

“You’ve lost me,” Kim said.

“Look, I’ll reassign Lopez and Fitzgerald to your case for a couple of
nights,” Gleason
said. “I’ll have you two just take her to some hotel near some deserted
building, tell her you’re on
stakeout and just keep her under wraps. You know these things often have nights
where nothing
happens. Just humor her, answer questions and all that. Only a few nights,

“I’d better be getting extra pay for this,” Kim muttered. “Gary’s mad
enough that I work
so late at nights.”

“Bet you make it up to him the day after,” Jimmy smiled as he stood up and
followed Kim

“Husband’s the least of my problems,” Kim sighed. “Great, we’ve gotta
babysit some
prima donna diva for the next few nights.”

“Hey, could be better then you think,” Jimmy smiled.

“Easy for you to say,” Kim snorted. “You’re a guy, your pulse races in time
with her

“And proud of it,” Jimmy smiled. His mind, however, was racing with the
idea of how to
make his assignment far more entertaining than either his partner or his captain
could have

Even without her usual stylish outfits and makeup, Jennifer Lopez was still
drop dead
gorgeous. Her long brown hair flowed behind her and even a pair of jeans and a
simple t-shirt
couldn’t hide the nice curves of her luscious body, her gorgeous face
highlighted by the pout lips.
She had been friendly to Kim and Jimmy, although Kim was less taken by her
charms. As far as
she was concerned, this was just another distraction from her husband, made
worse by Jimmy’s
obvious infatuation with the star.

The three of them were in two rooms of a seedy little hotel opposite a
warehouse. It was
set up with the bare minimum of surveillance equipment, just enough to make it
look real, both
cops telling Jennifer it was doubtful she would actually see anything this
night. Of course, they
knew she wouldn’t see anything at all. At least, Kim knew that.

“God, three more nights of this?” Kim moaned as she and Jimmy walked into
one of the
rooms. Jennifer was in the other, trying to keep quiet as the two cops went over
notes. “I don’t
know if I can handle it.”

“Relax,” Jimmy smiled. “She’s a nice lady, really. Not as stuck-up as you
thought she’d

“Maybe not, but I still don’t like wasting our time like this,” Kim moaned.
“I should be
with Gary right now. He hates me staying up late.”

“I can understand that,” Jimmy smiled. “Especially since I know how hot you
are in the

Kim stared at him, shocked and confused by her partner’s remark. “Blue
badge, Kim,”
Jimmy said and the confusion left Kim as her face slumped, her eyes going blank
and her body
relaxing, falling into a deep trance.

Jimmy had hypnotized Kim during their first week together, a sudden impulse
during a
dead shift in the car. He’d found it much easier than he thought, his soft voice
leading Kim into a
trance and it didn’t take long to mold her into a great lover, a tigress in the
sack. Her husband
really was a lucky man and Jimmy was happy to share that with him, not that he
knew it. Jimmy
had used the talent a couple more times, a woman in a bar and even a prostitute
they ran in,
unaware of her giving tricks for free. But now, he was about to make his
greatest collar yet.

“Kim, lie down on the bed and go into a deep sleep,” Jimmy said in a
commanding tone.

“Nothing will awake you except my voice telling you to awake. You will not
remember anything
but that. Now, sleep.” Kim lay on the bed, instantly falling into a deep sleep
as Jimmy hurriedly
headed into the next room, pausing only to pick up a few special items.

He walked into the next room, pausing to take in Jennifer. She was
beautiful, no doubt
about it, her face reflected by the burning red neon sign of the hotel hanging
outside, throwing red
flashes into the room. “Got some drinks,” Jimmy announced.

“Thanks,” Jennifer said, taking a drink and sitting on a chair near the
window. She sipped
at her drink, absently gazing out as Jimmy took a drink from his mug, watching
her carefully.

“You nervous?”

“Well, let’s just say my last close encounter with the police wasn’t
exactly a great one,”
Jennifer said with a humorless smile. Jimmy nodded, virtually everyone in the
country knew
exactly what Jennifer was talking about there. “Well, this should be a little
more low key,” he
said, watching as Jennifer continued to drink from her mug. “It’s usually kind
of dull.”

“I guess,” Jennifer shrugged. “So, why’d you become a cop?”

“Family tradition,” Jimmy answered. “Grandfather, father, brothers, I
couldn’t not be a
cop. It’s tough, but it pays off a lot.” Jimmy refrained from saying how it was
about to pay off

“Sounds a lot harder than my job,” Jennifer said, covering her mouth as she
yawned. “All I
have to do is sing and act and still look great doing it.”

“That does sound kind of hard,” Jimmy said, Jennifer’s yawn letting him
know the drug in
her drink was taking effect and it was time to start. “It sounds like the kind
of job that could
exhaust you, the kind of job that can tire you out real easy, the kind of job
that can really tire you
out, the kind of job that can make you feel really tired, Jennifer, the kind of
job that can make you
feel really tired at the end of the day. You really can feel tired at the end of
the day, Jennifer, you
really can feel tired at the end of the day, like right now you can feel tired,
it’s the end of the day
right now and you feel really tired, Jennifer, really tired right now, Jennifer,
you feel really, really
tired at the end of the day right now, Jennifer, real tired right now.”

Jennifer’s mug had fallen to the floor, the little liquid left trickling on
the wood bottom.

Her eyes were becoming slightly glassy as she looked outside towards the
blinking red sign, a
perfect focal point for Jimmy. “Yeah, you feel really tired, Jennifer, you feel
really tired as you
look out at that sign, Jennifer, you feel real tired as you look at that sign.
Every time it blinks, you
feel more and more tired, Jennifer, you feel more and more tired every time the
sign blinks. Blink,
blink, more tired, blink, blink, more tired, so tired, blink, real tired, blink.
With every blink of the
light, you feel more and more tired, Jennifer.

“It’s not just tired anymore, Jennifer, it’s sleepy, blink, you feel
yourself becoming sleepy,
blink. It’s okay to feel sleepy, Jennifer, blink, it’s okay to feel sleepy,
blink. It’s the end of the day,
blink, it’s the end of the day and you’re so tired, blink, you’re so sleepy now,
blink, every blink
make you sleepier, blink, and sleepier, blink, so sleepy, blink, so very, blink,
very, blink, very
sleepy, blink. You want to go to sleep now, Jennifer, blink. You want to sleep,
blink, you’re so
tired, blink, you’re so sleepy, blink, you want to go to sleep, Jennifer, blink,
you want to go into a
nice deep sleep, blink, sleep, blink, sleep, blink, sleep……”

Jennifer’s eyes shut and she slumped in the chair, breathing even as she
fell into a trance
state. Rubbing his hands with anticipation, Jimmy moved forward quickly. He
swiftly inserted a
cassette into the video camera and hit “record” as he turned towards the
entranced star. “Jennifer,
can you hear me?”

“Yes….” she whispered.

“Listen to my voice, Jennifer, listen to my voice and feel yourself falling
deeper and deeper
asleep as you do. Now, Jennifer, you know that I am a police officer and I have
the job of
protecting you, correct?”


“Yes, Jennifer, I have the job of protecting you. That means you must do
what I say,
Jennifer, you must do what I say so I can protect you, do you understand?”

“Yes…..” Jennifer said after a pause.

“You will do what I say, Jennifer, you must do what I say. I am in charge
here, you must
do what I say.”

“In charge…..What you say……”

“Whatever I say, you will do, Jennifer.”

“Whatever…..I will do……”

“Rise, Jennifer.” She did so, swaying slightly. “Open your eyes but remain
deeply asleep,
then take off all your clothes.” Jennifer did so, pulling her shirt over her
head, then dropping her
jeans. She was dressed only in a pair of sexy underwear. Reaching around, she
unsnapped her bra
and let it fall, her firm and round breasts exposed. She slid off her panties to
expose her brown
bush and stood naked before Jimmy. He was amazed. She was perfect, her tanned
body showing
every curve possible, highlighted by the periodic red flash from the sign
nearby, her body seeming
to glow and the blank stare on her face rising Jimmy’s cock.

Jimmy was out of his clothes in a flash and sitting on the edge of the bed.
“Come here,
Jennifer,” he commanded and she stood before him. “Turn around.” She did so and
Jimmy had an
extreme close-up of that incredible ass. With shaking hands, he reached up and
cupped the
cheeks, letting his palms slide over them as Jennifer moaned slightly. Jimmy
continued to move his
hands around his ass as he slid his face to it, his tongue reaching out to
tickle her pussy from
behind, Jennifer’s gasp setting his hands to rub her cheeks harder, squeezing
them as his tongue
slid along the edge of her lips.

Jimmy kept it up for a few moments, rubbing and licking at Jennifer’s
gorgeous buttocks
and clit before sitting up and bringing her down onto his cock. Jennifer grunted
as his cock slid
into her from behind and instinctively began to slide herself back and forth on
his member. As she
rocked on top of him, Jimmy’s hands slid around to her chest, cupping and
squeezing her ample
breasts, pushing them together as Jennifer rocked on him. Jennifer’s moans grew
louder as Jimmy
lay kisses down her neck and shoulders, using her tits as handles as she rode
his rod from behind.
Jimmy couldn’t get enough of it, his cock piercing her ass while his hands
roamed over her chest,
it was incredible. Before he knew it, he shot his wad into her, Jennifer crying
out as she leaned
back against him, his hands squeezing her breasts hard, the red light from
outside illimuniating
their coupling.

Jimmy pushed Jennifer off of him and spoke. “Jennifer, lie down on the
bed.” She obeyed,
giving him a wonderful view of her full, naked, perfect body. “Jennifer, raise
your arms over your
head.” Helpless to disobey, she did so, her breasts pressing together and up by
the motion.
Grinning, Jimmy moved over to his coat and pulled out his handcuffs. He worked
the chain
around one of the bed’s bars, then slid the cuffs onto Jennifer’s hands,
restraining her to the top of
the bed.

With Jennifer’s arms up and her breasts easily exposed, Jimmy sat up on
her, sliding his
cock into her face. “Suck it, Jennifer,” he commanded. Lost to passion by now,
Jennifer took his
member into her mouth, her full lips sliding up and down the shaft, tongue
tickling the penis as
she took him in. Jimmy’s hands went back to her tits, rubbing and kneading them
nicely as
Jennifer sucked him off. The hypnotized Latina’s arousal was on full blast and
her need to obey
Jimmy drove her on to suck him off.

As much as he loved the feeling of Jennifer’s lips on his shaft, Jimmy
wanted to let go
another way. He pulled himself out of her, then put his cock on her breasts,
sliding in between
them and circling each nipple with the penis. In seconds, he was letting loose,
blasting his cum all
over Jennifer’s amazing chest, sending a few drops into her face.

As he lay onto her, kissing her full on the mouth and loving the feeling of
her tongue on
his lips, Jimmy knew the rest of the “stakeout” this week would be far more
lively than his captain
had thought and the “surveillance tape” would be a cherished one always. Who
knew, maybe he
could get Kim for one night with Jennifer and him. And he could protect them
while they served

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