Angels in Hell (Chapter 1)

Title: Angels in Hell (Chapter 1)

Authors: Leader, TheBigLove126

Celebs: Ashley Benson, Selena Gomez, Shay Mitchell, Nina Dobrev, Danielle Panabaker, Ariana Grande, Lucy Hale

Codes: M+F+, rape, oral, anal, tort, viol, bond

Summary: A group of cheerleaders go through an ordeal

Disclaimer: The following story features celebrities playing a role (not playing their own personalities) in an intense, fictional rape and torture situation. This is not a recollection of true events; it is purely made up in my mind.

If you have any questions, comments, story requests or other feedback to this or any of my other stories; feel free to contact me at – or chat with me on YIM, I am almost always online.

A lone bus sped down a long stretch of highway road. This bus was on a schedule, and it was carrying some very important cargo. Inside was the entire cheerleading squad from CSU San-Diego. They were currently on their way to a competition in San Francisco and excitement filled the air.

“Alright girls listen up! Let’s discuss the routine again while we ride” cheer captain Danielle tried to say over the ruckus of the rest of the squad. She was sitting in the front near the coaches, and as this was her senior year she knew securing a cheer championship her senior year would look great for talent scouts.

“Uhhh god she’s such a buzz-kill” Ashley said to her small clique at the back of the bus.

“I can’t wait until she leaves and I take over. It’s a wonder she got on the squad in the first place, she’s such a nerd.” She said with a laugh.

Ashley was a junior this year and was next in line to be cheer captain after Danielle graduated. Sitting next to her were Lucy and Shay her inner circle. Both often felt uncomfortable with Ashley’s aggressive tendencies but neither would dare cross her. In fact there were even rumors circled around how close the three girls were but everyone just assumed they were started by one of Ashley’s many enemies.

“You know you should go easy on Danielle I mean she did take us to the championship.” Shay said meekly

“Oh please I heard the only reason she got on the squad was because she slept with the head of athletics”

“Oh come on that’s just a rumor you of all people should know not to spread rumors.” Lucy lightly reprimanded her

“Yeah but we all know there’s nothing wrong with rumors if they’re true.” Ashley said with a sultry grin.

“Ugh look at her, I can’t believe Ashley thinks she’s gonna get the head spot. Everyone knows that spot is going to me.” Kristen said while glaring at Ashley from the middle of the bus.”

From the moment they met freshmen year, Ashley and Kirsten hated each other. Now with both of them competing for head cheerleader that hatred between them had only intensified. “That little bitch” Kirsten mumbled

“So any more rumors you want to spread about Ashley?” Taylor said with a smirk.

“Well I’m not sure, it looks likes she still reeling from that one I spread about her and shay.” Kirsten laughed cruelly.
“You know you really shouldn’t do things like that.” Arden Cho piped up from the seat ahead of them.

“Yeah, were never gonna be able to work as a team when you and Ashley are having this stupid feud.” Selena said sitting next to Arden.

Selena always had prided herself on being the best person she could be, whether it was in school or out of it. She was an A student, went out of her way to never make waves, and was saving herself until marriage. Arden was the same way except she was an even better student than Selena; she even went out of her way as a tutor for the football team

“Oh shut up Selena, you better get off you’re high horse and mind your own damn business or next time I might just not catch you during practice.” Kristen snapped.

“Hey leave her alone Kristen!” Jennifer said angrily from the other side of the aisle. “She’s just saying what everyone’s thinking!

“Yeah this stupid feud is tearing the squad apart, and frankly everyone is sick of it!” Nina chimed in sitting next to Jennifer.

Jennifer and Nina were the only girls who were able to speak this freely to both Kirsten and Ashley, and both girls knew it. Nina was able to speak this freely because being the team captain of so many different sports teams at her school she was used to resolving conflicts. Jennifer was the tomboy on the squad and she was not afraid to speak her mind to anyone.

“Well it’s good to know whose side everyone’s on.” Kristen said in a bitter retort.

Meanwhile at the head of the bus Assistant coach Vandervoort listened to the arguing in annoyance.

“God if I have to listen to anymore of this arguing I might scream, Danica.” She said to the head coach.

“Oh relax Laura, you know how it is, I mean it was only two years ago that you were on the squad yourself.” Danica said back

“Well at least were almost at the hotel.” Laura said seeing the roadside hotel appear in her window. “I think I just need a little peace and quiet.

The bus pulled up to a hotel on the side of the road as the desert road turned dark. The hotel was nothing glamorous but it gave them a place to sleep before they arrived at the competition tomorrow.

It was your typical small roadside hotel. There were a very minimal amount of cars in the parking lot, but Danica just assumed that to be because of the hotel’s slightly inaccessible location.

The girls walked into the hotel and examined the slightly rundown interior.

“Ugh is this really where were staying??” Ariana whispered to her friend Kate.

“I know, and look at that guy at the front counter, I bet I could get us a suite just by offering to suck his dick.” She laughed. “The only question is would the suite really be worth it?” Kate giggled to Ariana.

Though everyone on the squad was drop dead gorgeous, it was Kate and Ariana who really knew how to use it to their advantage. With just a smile they could get whatever they wanted. They were the girls who truly mastered the art of opening doors with just a smile.

“Alright everyone, four to a room and we’ve got a big day tomorrow so everyone try to get some sleep!” Coach Patrick addressed the squad

Lucy, Ashley, Shay, and Selena entered the rundown room in which they’d be spending the night.

“Ugh is this really where we’ll be spending the night” Ashley groaned as she looked at the peeling wall paper, and the two twin beds.

“Well it looks like we’ll be sharing beds” Lucy said

“Well me and Shay will sleep together, I mean lets face it, it won’t be the first time we’ve shared one.” Ashley said smiling at Shay

“Wait you mean you two actually are lesbians??” Selena asked shocked.

“Well actually Shay’s the lesbian I just like to have a little fun” Ashley said with a smirk. “Are you telling me you’ve never fooled around with a girl before?”

“Well no I mean I haven’t actually fooled around with a guy before either, I’m saving myself for marriage.”

“Oh please there are plenty of ways to fool around without actually having sex, let me show you.” Ashley said slowly approaching Selena

“No I can’t, I mean I don’t judge you guys at all, it’s just against my religion.” Selena said backing away slowly, not realizing she was backing up against one of the twin beds.

“Oh don’t be such a prude, you’ll enjoy it!” Ashley said pushing Selena onto the twin bed. “Girls hold her down!” Ashley ordered Lucy and Shay

Though both girls were not exactly on board with Ashley’s forceful approach. Neither had the guts to actually go against her and so each girl grabbed an arm of the thrashing Latina and held her down on her back.

“Please stop,” Selena begged but it was too late as Ashley began removing her pink pajama bottoms.

Ashley pulled off the pink panties Selena was wearing and gazed at her neatly trimmed pussy and smiled.

“Wow you know you don’t see a lot of girls who are saving themselves for marriage that also have bikini wax” Ashley mocked.

Selena just closed her eyes in shame and held back tears as Ashley said this. It was not until Ashley took two fingers and slowly inserted them into the bucking Latina’s tight snatch that Selena lost it and began fully crying.

“Mmm Selena, you’re so tight” Ashley purred as she began thrusting her two fingers faster and faster into Selena’s tight snatch.

As humiliated as Selena was she began to feel her body betraying her. To her horror Selena was becoming wet, and Ashley knew it.

“See I knew you’d like it. You’re getting wet you little slut” Ashley said smirking. “Lucy grab Selena’s other arm for Shay, I think she needs to try our little latina out too.”

Ashley found the act of going down on anyone absolutely disgusting so in situations like this she often delegated the act to Shay and though Shay felt bad for Selena she couldn’t help feeling aroused as she watched Ashley finger her. Eventually the temptation grew to strong and she found herself on her knees licking the Latinas smooth glistening pussy, as Selena lay helpless and humiliated.

Shay’s tongue was soon probing inside one of Selena’s most tender of areas, and Selena was losing more and more control of herself as the pleasure began to overwhelm her. To her embarrassment tiny moans began escaping her soft full lips.

“Well well well, listen to the little prude purr” Ashley said smugly as Selena cringed and blushed. “Come on Shay lets see how loud we can make her.”

Shay hated herself for forcing herself on Selena but she was now lost in her lesbian desires. She began quickening her pace as Selena became more and more wet with each flick of Shay’s skilled tongue. Soon Selena was overwhelmed, and she threw her head back and screamed as a powerful orgasm surged through her body. Shay licked her lips as she drank in the sweet nectar flowing from Selena.

Ashley just laughed as she looked down at the exhausted girl lying on the bed.

“I told you you’d have fun. Now its time to do something for me.” Ashley said as Selena recovered from her intense orgasm.

“Please…” Selena said through quick breaths “Please haven’t you done enough? Just let me go to sleep” Selena said through tears of shame.

“Excuse me??” Ashley said angrily “We give you a mind shattering orgasm and you just want to go to sleep?? Without giving me anything in return??”

“Please! I didn’t ask for this.” Selena cried “I just want to go to bed.”

“Oh no you’re not getting any sleep tonight until you give me an orgasm as good as the one I gave you!” Ashley pulled down her panties and sat back on the bed. “Now get over here and lick me you little slut”

“Please, I can’t” Selena said almost defeated

“Who do you think your talking too?? I’m going to be the next captain of the squad and I can make sure that your next year on the squad is a living hell!!” Ashley said with a fury. “Or you can make be on my good side next year and get on your knees, crawl over here like the little bitch that you are, and lick me like a good slut.

Selena thought for a moment, and then with her head hung low, she crawled over to Ashleys spread open legs.

“Good girl” Ashley said smiling. “Now lick.”

Going against every instinct she had, Selena began to tentatively lick Ashley’s clean-shaven snatch. Ashley felt herself shudder as she felt Selena’s inexperienced tongue probing her snatch.

Though Ashley hated going down on anyone she loved having people go down on her, not only did she love the feeling but the power trip she felt from it was better than any orgasm. She soon found her breathing becoming heavier as she ordered Selena to lick deeper.

Selena was now on autopilot and just went elsewhere in her mind in order to escape the disgust she felt in performing oral sex. However Ashley’s scream of pleasure brought the poor girl back to reality as a wave of cum flooded her mouth. Selena went into a coughing fit as she inadvertently swallowed the liquid down both pipes, and Ashley merely sighed and patted her on the head.

“Not bad for such a little prude, definitely some room for improvement, but don’t worry we’ll keep working.“ Ashley said as Selena coughed and gagged from all of the feminine cum she had just swallowed.

“Wow nothing like a good orgasm to really make a girl tired” Ashley said with a yawn and then a laugh. “Come on Shay lets head to bed.”

Ashley climbed into bed with Shay while Lucy helped the broken latina into the other bed “I know how you feel.” Lucy whispered in Selena’s ear. “But don’t worry it gets easier with time.”

Selena stayed up at least two more hours after the other girls had gone to bed. She looked over at Shay and Ashley spooning and then at Lucy lying next to her. It wasn’t until after she reflected on the night’s ordeals that she was able to quietly cry herself asleep, never knowing how much worse things were about to get.


A group of eight bikers pulled up to the hotel late at night, led by Christopher. To say that they were regulars at the hotel would be an understatement…they essentially lived in the run down building since it was never occupied. The men all looked angry as they saw lights on in the windows and a bus parked across the street.

“Who the hell is in our place!?” Jonathan yelled out.

“Calm down boys,” Christopher said. “I’m sure that old Mexican broad left the lights on after scrubbing the rat shit off the floors.

The eight men walked towards the building and tried to open the doors, to no avail. All eight doors were locked and the men were starting to get very pissed off.

“The cleaning service locked the doors too Chris!?” Tom yelled out.

“Get ready for a fight boys,” Christopher said as he pointed each guy to a door.

Each man carried a pistol and held them forward as they got ready to kick in the locked doors. Christopher held up his hand and silently counted down for five. Once his last finger dropped, all eight men kicked the doors in and entered the room. Every single girl sat straight up and stared in shock as the armed men came in.

“A bunch of sluts!?” Danny yelled as he walked in and found Ariana and Danielle in separate beds.

“And this takes an interesting turn,” Michael said as Danica cowered in fear, alone in her room.

“We stumbled on a gold mine,” Nicolas said as he stared down Taylor and Chloe.

“A couple of hot pieces,” Tom hungrily whispered as Patricia and Kate stared at each other in fear.

“Quit your sobbing or I’ll shoot!” Charlie said as Nina and Jennifer instantly started crying.

“Get up!” Jonathan screamed at Keri and Kristen.

“You’re ours now blondie!” Gary said as he approached Laura.

“Outside, now!” Christopher yelled at the group of four.

As all of the girls were led out of their rooms at gun point, a very nude Ashley peered over at Kristen and angrily whispered, “I know you’re behind this bitch.”

“Fuck you,” Kristen whispered back.

“Everyone shut up!” Christopher yelled, causing all sixteen girls to turn their attention to him. “All of you, in the bus!”

Danica took the lead and motioned the girls across the street. They all followed in line, some in the embarrassment of their own nudity while the men watched with intense focus. All eight minds of the men were in a whirl as to what was going to happen when they got their greasy paws on them.

Meanwhile, the girls all huddled in the bus, scared out of their minds. Danica tried to keep the girls calm.

“Ladies, we need to all calm down,” the coach said. “The sooner we do what they say, the sooner we will be home in our own beds.”

“Are you kidding me!?” Taylor yelled out, clenching onto Chloe’s shirt. “They broke into our rooms with guns and the weird one called us a ‘gold mine’, they aren’t letting us go.”

“Taylor, keep your panties on,” Laura said, not immediately figuring out that it was the wrong way to get her to calm down, especially with Ashley, Shay, Lucy, Selena, Kate and Patricia completely nude in the bus. “Keep a positive mind.”

“Positive my ass!” Kristen said. “We all know that this is all Ashley’s fault.”

Shay and Lucy had to hold Ashley back from jumping for Kristen’s throat but could not keep her mouth closed.

“You cunt, you think I want to be sitting her naked in front of everyone with strange guys threatening us?” she yelled.

“Knowing you, yep,” Kristen said in response.

Ashley turned to Shay and Lucy and in a serious tone said, “If you two don’t let me go, I’ll hurt you just as bad as her.”

Before anything went down, the men all entered the bus with huge smirks on their faces.

“Everyone sit the fuck down!” Christopher yelled. “Before we get down to business, I notice that some of you are dressed while some are not. The…looks like ten of ya with clothes on need to get rid of those now. You won’t need clothes were you’re going.”

The coaches Danica and Laura took the initiative and stripped of their shirts and sweatpants in front of everyone first. Slowly, the other eight girls followed suit and, within two minutes, all sixteen girls were covered by not a stitch of clothing.

“Good little cunts,” he said as Charlie started the bus. “We will explain everything when we get to our hideout. Wave goodbye to your lives.”

The girls all looked at each other as the bus pulled away. Taylor was openly crying on Chloe’s shoulder while Selena rested her head on Lucy’s shoulder and softly sobbed. The other girls were all stone-faced as they saw the hotel disappear into the darkness.

Once the bus arrived at the large hideout building, the guys drew their weapons again and led the girls inside. They made their way to a large room and forced the girls to line up. All eight guys stood in front of them and put their weapons away.

“Okay ladies, it’s time to say goodbye to some of your friends,” Gary said.

“We’re splitting you up and you will only see your group from now on…assuming you’re even in a group,” Christopher said. “Some of you may be getting your last look at another woman. Your lives will be only pleasing your master and his backup, who will be joining us in the morning.”

Keri and Ariana looked at each other nervously while the other girls all stared at the ground.

“Who gets the first pick?” Danny asked.

“Well, I’m the leader of this gang so it’s only fair that I do,” Christopher said. He walked up to the line of girls and stopped in front of Ashley and Kristen. “You two don’t seem to be too fond of each other…it’ll be fun to see you two have to do nasty things to each other. Names?”



“Okay Ashley and Kristen, you’ll be my property from now on,” he said as he walked over to Shay. “Same with you. I saw you hugging Ashley pretty tight when I kicked that door down, you clearly have some kinda connection to her,” he smirked as he approached Lucy. “And you…you’re just a hot little number, you’re my final draft pick.

All four girls were forced away from the wall and placed in a corner together as Danny approached the girls who were in his room, Ariana and Danielle.

“You’re mine,” he said as he pulled both girls by the arms and threw them down to the ground.

Gary was the next to pick. He walked up and down the line many times before he stopped in front of Selena.

“This one looks like she hasn’t had a good fucking before,” he said as leaned into her ear. “You’re all I need,” he whispered.

Michael, without saying a word, grabbed both coaches by the hair and pulled them out of line. Nicolas approached Taylor and Chloe, smirking as he patted them both on their pussies and clearly having made his choice. Tom also picked the girls who were in her room, flicking Patricia and Kate’s nipples before leading them away.

With only Nina, Jennifer and Keri remaining on the wall, Jonathan was up next. He sauntered up to each girl and sniffed each of their shoulders, creeping even the other bikers out. He stopped in front of Keri, grabbed a few strands of her hair and yanked it out, causing her to squeal. He forced the hairs into her mouth and simply said, “mine”.

With only Nina and Jennifer left, Charlie had no choice as to his girls but since they were in his room back at the hotel, he was perfectly fine with it.

“Take one last look at your friends,” Christopher said. “Guys, you’re now free to do what you please with your new toys!”


Kristen, Ashley, Lucy and Shay were all freaking out as they were tossed in a large room by a group of three men and Christopher. The girls, all still sans clothing, slid back until their backs pressed against the cold concrete wall. They all were shaking in fear as the leader approached them menacingly.

“What’s the matter girls, you look scared,” he said with a smirk. “What are you so scared about?” He was staring directly at Shay, who looked the most uncomfortable of the four girls. “It’s not like you little cunts didn’t see this coming. Women are only put on this planet to please men, we just pretend to give a fuck until we trap you…consider yourselves trapped.”

Shay was looking at the other girls nervously before looking back at Christopher. The others knew what her lifestyle was like and knew that pleasing men was the farthest thing from her mind.

“What’s your problem!?” he yelled at her. “You a dyke or something?” Shay’s eyes shied away towards the ground as the other girls looked amongst each other. “Answer the question!”

“Ye…yes,” Shay quietly said.

“Speak up!” he sharply yelled back as he approached her, clenched fist and all.

“Yes!” she said clearly.

Christopher turned to the men behind him and laughed.

“We got ourselves a little dyke to play with,” he said before turning back to Shay and kneeling in front of her. ”Have you ever had a dick in there?” he asked, pressing his finger against her tight pussy lips.

“No,” she whispered.

“You know what’s funny? If I ask that question again in an hour…your answer will be different.”

Christopher grabbed Shay by the hair and roughly threw her across the room until she rolled in front of the three other men. She looked up at them as they all, except Christopher, unzipped their pants and let loose their rock hard cocks. She had the most horrified look on her face as her future stared her in the face. As one of the men reached for her, Lucy yelled out for him to stop. Christopher walked over to her and backhanded her hard across the face.

“Keep your fucking mouth shut,” he yelled. “All of you. You are here to watch and take notes because you’re all getting the same treatment.”

One of the henchmen approached and grabbed Shay by the hair and lifted her until her mouth was on level with his cock. She kept her eyes and mouth shut as she felt the slimy tip rub against her lips. Christopher gave her a quick kick in the ass which caused her to scream. Before she could close her mouth again, the seven inch cock slid in as far as possible. Her eyes shot wide open as her breathing was stopped.

“Nuhhhh!” she screamed in a muffled voice.

The man grabbed her head on both sides and viciously fucked her throat. She tried to pull away but no luck; he had full control of her. Within seconds she felt a hand grab her hip, standing her up. Her body was put in a ninety degree stance when she felt a cock press against her ass. With no lubrication or warning, the other man tore through the tight hole and started fucking her from behind.

Being a lesbian, the thought of one cock inside her body was revolting enough but now she had two. She was sick to her stomach while being used as the men’s personal sex toy. The other girls sat in horror watching their friend’s distress. Lucy fought back the urge to scream “stop” when she saw a third man approaching Shay.

The third man lay down on the ground and pulled Shay’s waist down to him. Everyone in the room knew what was about to happen, including Shay. Her eyes shut and the tears flowing from her eyes were starting to mix with the saliva running out of the corners of her abused mouth.

The other two men held in place as the third man adjusted his cock to enter her slightly hairy cunt. Still holding her waist, he slammed her down on to him and split her hymen to shreds. Shay had never had any penetration with a lover yet and wanted to keep her hymen intact until she found the right person…but now it did not matter. Blood dripped onto the man’s cock as what little innocence she had left was ripped away from her, along with her will.

Shay went limp as the three men used her. She knew that fighting was pointless, her only role was to please the men. The thought made her sick but there was nothing she could do except fight back the urge to vomit, which would only cause more grief for her no matter what the punishment would be.

Meanwhile, the other girls continued to stare in horror as the three male bodies thrusted in and out of their team mates unwilling body. Lucy had tears down her eyes, trying to hide any emotion in case Christopher was to notice and punish her further. Ashley and Kristen just looked at each other. They may not have liked each other but they would certainly not wish this kind of punishment on anyone.

Suddenly all of the men ejected themselves from Shay, dropping her to the floor. The man who was raping her mouth lay down on the ground, pulled her over and started fucking her freshly opened pussy. The man who had opened that pathway attacked her ass while the man who stretched her stink hole stuck is revolting cock in her mouth.

Shay had a look of pure disgust as she tasted any remnants of waste that was still in her anal cavity on her tongue and in her throat. She was silently praying for death; she could not imagine how this could get any worse. Seconds later, it got worse.

The man on the ground pulling her pussy down on him pulled one last time and held her in place, shooting his thick load as far into her womb as he possibly could. Shay was too defeated to care as she felt his seed spreading within her.

Christopher leaned down next to Shay and said out loud, “Don’t worry about getting pregnant, we’ll beat that thing to death before it takes a breath if it comes to that.”

The three girls gasped as they heard the horrifying words come from his mouth. If there was any doubt as to how serious this was, it was gone now. Shay just silently sobbed as the man removed his cock from her cunt and left her only to be fucked by two guys.

It was only a few minutes later before the man in her mouth pulled out and unloaded all over her pretty face. She kept her eyes and mouth shut as she felt each hot rope of cum land on her. Mixing with the tears and slobber, the cum was the cherry on top of the wet mess that was Shay Mitchell’s face.

As only one man was left inside her, Shay was beginning to feel relief. She knew that once he was done, she would finally get a break…until Christopher stepped in front of her and dropped his pants to the ground. He kicked them aside before kicking Shay’s hands out from under her, causing her to fall flat on her face. The man left in her ass pumped a few more times before pulling out and moving towards her face. Christopher roughly kicked her on to her back in time to take another load of hot, sticky cum onto her messy face.

Shay, now having two loads on her face and another oozing out of her cunt, stared straight up at the ceiling. She saw nothing but a light until Christopher got in her line of sight.

“Three down, one to go,” he said before getting down next to her pussy. Before inserting himself, he pointed to Lucy. “Come over here!” he yelled. Lucy slowly moved over to Christopher and Shay. “Now sit and watch, ‘cause you’re next sweetheart.”

Lucy’s heart was beating out of her chest as she watched his cock disappear in the sloppy cunt of her friend. Her eyes remained locked on the violation, afraid to look away since he was within reach of her and could backhand her once more. She could faintly hear the soft sobs coming from Shay’s cum covered mouth. She wanted to help but knew she could not.

Christopher rapidly increased the pace of his thrusts, causing Shay to slide on the cold ground. Other than her moans, the only sound that could be heard was the sound of his cock sloshing around in the cum that had been left by one of his henchmen. He reached over and slapped each of Shay’s breasts hard multiple times. He then laughed before slapping Lucy’s breasts as well.

It was getting close to ending when he looked at Lucy one more time.

“You’re gonna jerk me off so I can cum on her face,” he told her with a serious look on his face.

Lucy nodded as he pulled out and stood over Shay’s lifeless body. Lucy grabbed onto his cock and stroked it slowly, whispering “I’m sorry” to her friend as she did it.

“Faster!” he yelled.

Lucy went faster until she felt a twitch in his member. She closed her eyes as his cum shot down onto Shay’s face. From her chin up to the highest strand of hair, he painted her in his thick cream. He came for a long time, surprising everyone in the room except Shay, how could not have cared less.

Once he was done, he pushed Lucy down so her face landed on Shay’s, causing her to get a lot of the leftover seed on her own cheek. She gagged before rolling off of her and crawling back to the other girls.

Christopher looked at the three girls and laughed.

“Welcome to your new life girls.”


Nina was kicking and screaming as Charlie pulled her into the dark room and threw her down as hard as possible. She tried to stand up but was pushed in her face back down to the ground.

“Please…please…I’ll do anything…let me go,” she begged, panting heavily in fear with tears streaming down her face.

“You ain’t going anywhere you little cunt,” he responded, taking off his leather jacket.

He approached her as she slid back, trying to get away. Her heart sank when she felt the cold concrete of a wall against her naked back. She was naked, trapped and scared as the man hovered over her.

“Stand the fuck up!” he yelled.

Nina, still panting heavily, slowly rose to her feet. Once she was upright, Charlie took the jacket and shoved it against her neck. Nina trashed around as the leather jacket choked her against the wall. Slowly, her breath was getting shorter. She could feel the heat of the blood trapped above her neck. Just as she felt as if she would pass out and die, he let go and she slid down the wall.

She coughed and gagged as she sat against the wall. As she tried to recover, she saw the pair of black jeans that Charlie had been wearing it the floor in front of her. Her eyes slowly moved up until she was staring his stiff seven inch cock right in the eye. She started to shake as it moved towards her. She looked away and prayed that she could be anywhere but here.

“Open your mouth!” he yelled.

With tears in her eyes, Nina stared at him frozen. For several seconds, she kept her mouth closed and her eyes dripping wet. Charlie took a step back before kicking her in the stomach enough to cause her to scream. She had been kicked before, being a starter on the soccer team, but the humiliation factor made this worse than ever. Before she knew what was happening, he slipped his cock between her lips and choked her with his cock. She instantly struggled as her throat adjusted to the abuse it was feeling.

Charlie took control and violently thrusted into her, knocking the back of her head into the wall behind her. She was in intense pain each time her skull bashed against the cold concrete but there was nothing she could do about it. The assault on her throat continued for several minutes until he removed himself and stepped away. Again, Nina collapsed to the ground gasping for air and gently holding the back of her head. The only positive she could take was that her head was not bleeding.

Once again, Nina was too busy worrying about herself that she did not notice the commotion in front of her. She looked up again and saw four men standing behind Charlie, all naked from the waist down. Her jaw dropped as she saw five erect penises in front of her, all over seven inches and one black one that had to be at least ten. She looked up with her tear-stained red face at the men before closing her eyes and hanging resting her head against the floor.

“Tie her up!” Charlie commanded.

The four men grabbed Nina from the ground and pulled her to her feet. One guy grabbed both arms while another pulled her long black hair down to her hands. Another man used a long rope and tied her hands and hair together. She was forced to stare at the ceiling as they roughly bound her up. Once they were done, Charlie grabbed her wrist and yanked it down, pulling both hands and her hair down hard and causing her neck to snap back. She whimpered in pain as she felt each hair follicle try to separate from her beautiful head.

The black man shoved Nina forward, causing her to hit the ground flat on her stomach. Before doing anything, he wanted to test her flexibility for future reference. He placed his boot on her back, grabbed her feet and bent her back as far as her could. He was not aware that she was also a star gymnast that had a higher flexibility than most people.

“Good to know,” he thought to himself. He lifted her up onto all fours and slid under her while the shortest of the henchmen knelt down behind her. Without warning, all ten inches of his black cock was forced between her pussy lips. While her face was soaking wet, Nina’s pussy was far from it. Almost bone-dry and only lubricated by the sweat the ran from head to toe, she screamed as her vaginal walls were torn to shreds by the thick black cock.

While she was focused on that, the man behind her held a big “D battery” in his hand and was lubing it up with spit. The battery was almost as thick as the black man’s cock and was about to find its way inside the bowels of Nina Dobrev. She was completely unaware until she felt the cold object begin to force her ass open. She tried her hardest to turn around and see but her restraint kept her eyes facing the door of the room.

With no concern for her comfort, the man shoved the battery into her ass and watched as her formerly-tight ass hole slowly closed around it. Within a minute, the battery was no longer visible from the outside. Nina’s eyes were wide open as she screamed at the double assault. Tired of hearing her, one of the other henchmen walked up to her and repeatedly slapped her across the face before rubbing his slimy cock against her face.

Meanwhile, Nina was still probably more surprised by the size of the man who was violating her finally-moist pussy. Her body was starting to react and she was no longer feeling the skin in her vagina being scratched away. She still was far from enjoying anything but at the least, there was relief.

Behind her, the fourth man was approaching her exposed ass with a large hammer. He was licking his lips as he held the handle against her asshole and slowly began to insert it. Nina was again trying to buck herself off of the black man but his grip on her waist and the hard upward thrusts into her pussy was enough to keep her in his control.

Muffled screams through the scrotum of the man at her mouth came from the young girl as the wooden handle to the hammer forced the battery farther into her bowels. She thought she was going to pass out at the extreme pain and discomfort she was feeling. It only took a few seconds before the entire handle of the hammer had disappeared into her ass, leaving only the hammer part sticking out and forcing the battery up farther than she had thought her ass could ever take.

Nina was in extreme pain. The ass assault from the battery and hammer along with the ten inches ramming through her pussy…and now the added pre-cum rubbing against her eyeballs from the man in front of her was becoming too much to handle. Her body did not know what else to do besides betraying her. Through all this pain and humiliation, more was added when her body had a spontaneous orgasm. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head (only allowing precum to rub against more of her eyes and intensifying the pain) and her body convulsed (allowing her tighten up harder around the battery and handle. Every man noticed the orgasm and started laughing and belittling her before Charlie spoke.

“Everyone up!” he yelled.

The black man roughly threw Nina off of him while she was still in mid-orgasm. She landed on her back which only forced a little more of the hammer inside of her. She twitched and squirmed on the ground as Charlie knelt down at her legs, pressed his cock against her worn out pussy and hawked a loogie on her chest before beginning the rape of his own.

He went all out and put everything he had into making sure she felt as much discomfort as possible. The position her body in was awkward for the hammer in her ass. She felt at any minute as if the handle would tear through her bowels and kill her. Luckily, or maybe unluckily, that did not happen. What did happen was an intense hate-fuck to the likes that no one could ever imagine. She was called every name under the sun and repeatedly spit at as Charlie raped her. He grabbed her arm behind her back and repeatedly yanked on it, causing her head to be pulled back multiple times.

Nina’s head was positioned perfectly (between thrusts that is) to see the four men standing over her, furiously jerking off. As her pussy was going numb from the pain, she saw the first man approach her and kneel down, exploding large wads of thick cum onto her. All of it was aimed at her chin and slowly ran down her face, some getting in her mouth, up her nose, in her eyes, with a small string reaching her hair.

There was a bit of a commotion outside the room that caught Nina’s attention. Faintly she could hear a man shouting.

“Show her what she’s in for,” the voice outside said.

As one of the other men stood over her chest and started cumming on her neck, Nina looked at the door and saw her frightened friend Jennifer Lawrence staring at the scene. She watched as her friend was coated in two loads of cum and was violently being raped by her captor. She was quickly pulled away from the door as the black man took his turn painting her face with his cream. The final man stood over her chest and covered her breasts with a glaze of cum before they all cleared out of the room. Once they left, Nina again heard that voice from outside.

“Clean ‘em up, cunt!” the voice said, probably directing Jennifer to suck every last bit of cum from the men.

As she closed her eyes and sobbed for her friend, Nina felt Charlie’s cock begin to convulse and fill her fertile womb with his potent seed. She stared blankly at the door as the intense warmth spread throughout her lower body. She was stricken with a fear of pregnancy and the fear of what was next now that the raping was seemingly over.

“Hope you enjoyed that, you bitch,” Charlie said as he pulled out of her and stood up. “And don’t worry about getting pregnant. If you do, we’re gonna beat that stomach of yours with bats until it falls out dead.”

Nina started crying as he left the room to be cleaned up by Jennifer, slamming the steel door behind him. She lay on the cold hard ground, trying to push every bit of his semen out of her. She inadvertently pissed herself before forcing the hammer out of her ass before she just passed out from the total trauma.


Selena looked in fear at the man staring down at her. She could see the insanity in his eyes as he grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her into an empty room with chains dangling from the ceiling.

“Please just let me go,” Selena begged through scared tears as she began hitting and kicking captor; anything to escape whatever he had planned for her.

“Heh, this little señiorita is feisty!” Gary said to his boys with a laugh. “I knew I made the right choice!”

“Please, I swear I won’t tell anyone! I just want to go home,” Selena said while crying.

“Ahh but this IS your new home sweetheart,” Gary said getting right up close to her and licking the tears from her cheek as she cringed. “Don’t you worry though, by the time I’m finished with you, you won’t even remember your old life. You’ll be the perfect little sex slave just like nature intended.”

With that, Gary began closing his hands around the scared Latina’s throat. She felt his grip getting tighter and tighter as her oxygen supply was cut off. Her vision soon began to fade, closing in around those twisted eyes of his. Then everything went dark. Her last thought before she slipped into unconsciousness was wondering if she would ever wake up again.

Selena could hear some men faintly talking and laughing as she slowly began to regain consciousness. It took a few seconds to remember what had just happened. When she finally regained her consciousness and her memory, she realized is that she was in complete darkness. There was some kind of tight thick blindfold completely blocking out any semblance of vision.

The next thing she noticed was her complete immobilization. Her arms were held straight back and pressed together in some kind of stocking that completely enveloped her arms from fingers to shoulders. The stocking was strapped around her shoulders, keeping them in place and she could feel it chained to the ceiling above her pulling her arms back tightly. She was on her knees and bent over at a ninety degree angle, knowing that she was completely exposed. A giant ring was keeping her jaw locked open wide and was tied tightly behind her head rendering any coherent speech completely impossible.

The final thing Selena noticed was the pain, every inch of her body ached. Her jaw was on fire from being forced open for what she figured to have been at least a couple of hours. Her knees were almost numb from kneeling on the hard floor. Her arms felt like they would be pulled from their sockets at any moment and having them pressed together behind her so tightly made her ribs ache terribly. Her fingers had gone completely numb from the restricted movement and her neck was absolutely throbbing.

Selena kept trying to let her head hang, but every time she relaxed her neck it would increase the pressure on her arms causing even more unimaginable pain. She kept her head up using all the will she could muster. Terrified of the situation she found herself in and not able to deal with the pain she felt, Selena let out a long agonized scream through the gag.

The men were crowded around the helpless girl, staring longingly at their captive as they heard her tortured scream.

“Well well well, look who’s finally awake,” Gary said right into the immobile girl’s ear. “I hope you don’t mind but we took the liberty of setting you up in our accoutrements while you were taking your little nap. It will help you with your training.”

Selena couldn’t believe what she was hearing. What did this man mean by training? She was absolutely terrified, shaking with fear in her restraints. She tried her best to ask what he meant by training and to beg for release but all she could get out were moans and incoherent noises. Gary simply ignored her cries and walked behind her.

“Mmmmm look at that tight pussy and ass. I can’t wait to try them out,” Gary said, stroking the Latina’s warm, neatly shaven pussy.

Selena was horrified to feel his hand between her legs and tried to shake him off but her lack of mobility made it impossible. At this point she would rather be with Ashley than this crazy bastard.

“Holy shit, I think this bitch is a virgin!!” Gary exclaimed. “Well don’t worry baby, all my men will get a turn with you to make sure you’re nice and experienced when we’re finished,” Gary said smugly “But I, of course, get first dibs.”

Selena could hear him unbuckle his pants and she tried to beg and scream for a reprieve.

“Nuuhhhhhhh NUUHHHHHHH!!!!!” Selena mumbled through tears.

The poor girl could feel his large dick rubbing against her dry pussy lips and she could not believe the way she would lose her virginity. With one sudden thrust, Gary shoved his nine inch dick straight into Selena’s pussy, tearing through her hymen like it was paper. Selena let out a blood-curdling scream as she felt like her most tender area was being torn to shreds.

Gary continued to savagely thrust in and out of the crying girl. She rocked back and forth with each thrust forward, putting more and more pressure on her restrained arms. She was in complete agony and had no idea how the pain could get any worse. Gary was going crazy, spanking her ass as he pulled in and out. She realized that she was nothing more than a plastic sex toy to these men.

“Jesus this bitch is terrific!! Alright men, who wants dibs on her mouth?” he yelled out.

Selena screamed and shook her head back and forth as she heard this. Having a dick in her freshly deflowered pussy was bad enough, but she couldn’t bear to have one shoved down her throat. However, there was nothing she could do as she felt one of the men slide his large dick through her forcibly parted lips.

“GAAAAGGGGHHHHHH!!” Selena gagged audibly as the dick slid to the back of her throat.

The man grabbed her head and began pulling it back and forth. Each time he pulled it forward her face was mashed into the man’s unwashed pubes. The smell was horrific and made her gag even more, which of course only helped to send vibrations throughout his dick.

“Gagh, gagh, gagh, gagh, gagh, gagh,” the man began to rapidly increase the rate of thrusts into her mouth.

He was fucking her face at the same speed that Gary was fucking her pussy. Without her sense of sight, her feelings of pain were intensified. Suddenly, Selena felt the man in her mouth tense up as semen jettisoned across the roof of her mouth and down her throat. She gagged as the taste of the semen made her want to vomit. She began coughing when the man pulled out, but the moment of reprieve was short-lived as a new dick was quickly shoved down her tortured throat.

Gary could feel his balls tightening but knowing what he had in store for his new sex slave, he figured her getting pregnant would only complicate things. Selena panicked as she felt the dick in her pussy begin to tense up, but she was relieved to feel him pull out of her before he came. This was relief was shortlived as well as she felt at least seven giant gobs of cum land on the small of her back.

“Alright, who’s next for our lovely Mexican flower? Everyone gets a turn!” Gary yelled out.

A new man ran up behind Selena as the man fucking her mouth also began to cum, releasing part of his load in her mouth and the rest on her cheeks. Selena cried more and more tears at this degradation as another man thrust into her throat. Two other men fucked her pussy and came on her naked body before the fourth man in her mouth said something that really terrified her.

“Alright boys, I think this bitch needs a good ass splitting and her mouth has given me plenty of lube to make that happen!” he said, pulling out as a string of slobber hung off the tip of his dick.

“Pluuuuhhh… Nuhh Aattt!!!!” Selena begged, but it was pointless as she felt the man press his slobber covered dick against her tight asshole.

“AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” Selena let out an ear-shattering scream as it felt like a white-hot iron poker was being shoved into her ass.

The pain was excruciating as the man kept thrusting back and forth. Selena was sobbing even harder than before with snot and slobber mixing with the mass amounts of cum hanging off of her face.

“Man this bitch is loud, but I think I know something that will shut her up.”
Gary said, dropping his pants and stuck his ass right in front of Selena’s face. “Come on bitch, stick that tongue in my ass or I swear to god I’ll peel you like a grape!!”

Selena didn’t know what to do. This man was completely crazy, but she couldn’t even imagine doing what he was demanding. She tried to think through her options over the horrible pain in her ass.

“I said tongue my ass bitch!!” he yelled again.

Selena knew there was nothing else she could do. As horrible as things were, she still wanted to survive for the time being. Swallowing what little dignity she had left, she hesitantly began probing the maniac’s filthy asshole with her tongue as the other man pounded away in her sphincter.

The vicious sodomizing continued for ten ungodly minutes as she was forced to rim the psychopath in front of her. Finally through some mercy, she felt the dick in her ass go rigid and she shuddered as she felt semen spurted deep into her bowels. At this point, Gary walked forward letting her stop the rim job as she hung her head, retching and sobbing.

“Hah, I think our little Spanish fly thinks were finished!” Gary said laughing. “You better regain your composure ‘cause you still got eight more dicks to pleasure.”

It was another two hours as Selena had eight more dicks thrust inside of her; three in her mouth, two in pussy and three in her extremely sore ass. She was a complete cum covered mess by the time they were finished. Her face had mixtures of cum, snot and slobber completely covering it with more globs hanging off of her chin. Her whole back had a puddle of cum layering it with more globs on her ass cheeks. The worst feeling was the cum she felt seeping out of her slightly gaping asshole and slowly slithering down her pussy lips and thighs.

“Well now that we’ve broken you in a bit, I think it’s time me and the boys get some rest while we begin your conditioning. I hold in my hands one of the most powerful vibrators on the market. I affectionately call it the jackhammer, and I’m gonna let you enjoy it.” Gary said laughing.

Selena squirmed as she felt him stick the vibrator into her pussy. It felt like it must have been at least 9 inches and it was ribbed all the way down. Gary pushed it in all the way to the hilt and then fastened some ties around her hips keeping it tightly in place. He turned it on and Selena immediately almost lost herself from the vibrations. It was so powerful that not even thirty seconds had gone by before she had her first orgasm; more intense than any she had ever had before. She was moaning through the ring gag as the vibrations shook her to her very core.

“Now, this next little gadget is called the electro egg,” Gary said and Selena cried as she felt a large egg shaped object pushed into her asshole with two long wires sticking out from the egg to the floor. “That little beauty will deliver a sharp ten second shock through your bowels every two minutes. After all, we don’t want you enjoying things too much.”

Gary flipped a switch on the part of the wire that was on the floor and Selena screamed, even though her throat was raw, as she felt a thousand tiny needles of intense heat surging through her. Her back arched and her right arm finally dislocated in the restraint because of it, causing her to scream even harder. After ten seconds, the shock stopped and Selena’s body instantly went limp as she breathed heavily.

“And this little darling is something to focus on to take your mind off of the pain. We’ll see you in twelve hours,” Gary said as he placed a pair of noise-canceling headphones over her ears.

Gary flipped a switch and within an instant, all Selena heard were tortured screams from women over and over again. She had finally reached a new level of hell. Intense levels of pleasure that she could no longer handle continued to rock her small frame with searing pain surging through her body every ten seconds. She had no frame of time or space around her. She experienced nothing but darkness, tortured screams, unbearable pleasure and inconceivable pain that would last for the next twelve hours.

As Gary walked out of the room, he heard the girl release another loud, tortured scream as she truly came to terms with her new life before erupting into loud sobs. He shut the dungeon door and left her to herself.


Danielle and Ariana were both held in headlocks as Danny McBride and his men dragged them off. Ariana just cried as they dragged her away from her friends, whereas Danielle played the leader and struggled against the men as much as she could. She knew she had to be the strong one as always and was doing her best to keep up the façade. There was nothing these men could do to break her, or so she thought.

“Hoooooboy, it looks like this one’s going to be trouble for us. We’ll have to take special precautions with her but don’t worry angel face, you’ll get plenty of attention too,” Danny said winking at Ariana. “Hey you’d best check that attitude at the door princess, I’m in charge here and if I want to grab your tits, I’m gonna grab your tits!!!!!” he said as held Ariana by the cheeks with one hand and began to viciously grope her left tit with his other.

“Just leave us alone you bastard!” Danielle yelled, feeling protective over her young teammate.

Without warning, Danny backhanded Danielle, sending her flying to the ground. Ariana was so scared by this display that she wet herself as Danielle looked up at the man with a fiery hatred. Danny snapped his fingers and one of the other large bikers picked her up and continued dragging her into a large room.

“Welcome to your new home girls!” Danny said as both Danielle and Ariana were tossed unceremoniously into the large room.

The men quickly jumped on the girls, hogtieing them on the ground.

“Listen, just let us go! I promise we won’t tell anyone anything!!” Danielle said, trying to reason with the man.

“Hahaha, you think there’s anything that could get me to release two sweet cunts like you!!” Danny said as he kicked Danielle in the ribs, laughing at her futile request and causing her to lose her diplomatic approach.

“YOU CHICKEN SHIT BASTARD!!! I SWEAR TO FUCKING GOD, I WILL SEE YOU FRY FOR THIS!!!! IF I GET OUT OF THIS I’LL KILL YOU MYSELF!!!! DO YOU HEAR ME I’LL……. MMPPPHHHH!” Danielle screamed as Danny reached under Ariana’s skirt, cut off her freshly wet panties with a switchblade and shoved them into Danielle’s mouth, duct taping them in place.

“That ought to shut her up. Now come on angel face, it’s time we have some fun! I’ll let my boys have fun with your friend over there,” he said.

“No, please don’t do this!!! Please!!!!” Ariana begged as Danny dragged her to a table in the room.

He tossed her on the table unceremoniously as the other men crowded around Danielle menacingly. He drew out his switchblade and began gently cutting off Ariana’s bra and sundress while the men surrounding Danielle ripped off her clothing like wild animals. Ariana simply cried as Danny casually groped her tits and rubbed his hand against her tight smooth slit.

“Mmmm I’m gonna enjoy fucking that,” Danny said, feeling her pussy and unbuttoning his pants. “Alright now, I’m gonna give you a chance to make this easier on yourself by lubing up my dick.”

“But how?” Ariana asked naively

“How do you think? With that fucking mouth of yours!” Danny said laughing at the girl’s naivety.

The man walked over in front of her face and began guiding his dick into the poor girls mouth. She didn’t want to let it in, but she knew she had no choice. She began to move her tongue all around his dick getting it nice and wet as it went down her throat. She tried her best not to gag, putting all of the skills she had acquired in high school to good use.

“Ohhhh yeah, I knew this bitch would be a fine cock sucker,” Danny said in ecstasy while violently fucking her face with reckless abandon. “Alright princess, it’s time to see how good your other holes are.” Danny said as he withdrew from Ariana’s mouth.

Ariana was coughing and sputtering from the brutal throat-fuck as Danny walked around behind her. She couldn’t help but shudder as she felt his slimy, saliva-covered dick slide into her warm slightly wet hole; it was a sickening invasion. Ariana had had sex more than a few times but it was always either in a loving relationship or to get what she wanted. This situation though was nothing like those times.

She had no control over what this man did to her and she began to cry more as she felt her body slowly betraying her. The thought of this disgusting pig bringing her to orgasm made her sick. It wasn’t long before she felt one surge through her tiny frame, draining her emotions.

“Haha wow, you really are a little slut to cum this quickly. I’ve just barely gotten close, but I think I know something that will get me there,” Danny said as he parted the girl’s ass cheeks.

Ariana knew what he planned to do, and she was horrified. Never had there been a situation in her life where she even considered doing anal, and yet here she was hogtied and about to be sodomized in some biker’s dungeon.

“Noooo please sir not that!! Anything but….. AAAAUUUGGGGHHHH!!” Ariana screamed as she felt Danny brutally shove his dick straight into her ass.

Not even the saliva lubrication could ease the pain she was feeling. Danny began thrusting faster and faster into her tight asshole. He had never fucked a girl who was so tight before. Popping this little angel’s ass cherry was more than he could have hoped for.

After five minutes of brutal thrusting, Ariana could feel his dick go rigid as Danny pushed it in to the hilt. She knew what was about to happen and sobbed in humiliation and discomfort as she felt his warm sticky cum shoot up her bowels.

Meanwhile, Danielle was having an even worse time than Ariana. The men who were gang raping her were absolute animals, keeping all three of her holes filled at all times. The man currently fucking her throat was about ten inches long and was using her hair to pull her head back and forth. Meanwhile, another man was lying on the ground fucking her tight cunt while a third man fucked her tight ass. The brutal anal fucking was causing her to shriek in pain around the dick in the mouth, which served to send vibrations throughout his long member.

Danielle had never been a party girl and never slept around. She had only given a blowjob twice in her life, and she had just recently started having sex. Yes, it was with one of her professors, but the relationship was very loving and he was always extremely gentle with her, unlike these men.

Three men had already cum in and on Danielle when these new monsters had taken their place and yet, even through all the pain and humiliation, she continued to fight and struggle. She was kicking at any man she could get her feet near and she finally decided to take a risk and bit down on the man fucking her throat. He cried out and withdrew from her mouth punching her hard in the back of her head.

“FUCK!!! YOU’RE GONNA REGRET THAT YOU WHORE!!!!” the man screamed angrily.

“Hey, what’s going on over there?!” Danny called over, having just finished with Ariana.

“This bitch just bit me!” the man said angrily

“Oh that’s it!! I knew you were going to be trouble. Well you know what, I’m gonna do something better than torture you. I’m gonna torture your friend instead!” Danny walked over to the wall and picked up an extremely threatening bullwhip.

He had his men grab Ariana and drag her between two posts where she was tied up in an X formation.

“For biting down, that will be twenty lashes on your friend here,” Danny said, unrolling the whip.

“Please don’t do this!!!” Ariana said crying and shaking with fear. “Please!!! Danielle will be good I prom…AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!”

“That’s one!” Danny said as the whip left a long red mark across her back

Danny brought the whip down a second time to crisscross on the other mark on Ariana’s back.


“That’s two! Eighteen more, angel face!”

Danny brought down four more brutal lashes across her back followed by four across her ass. After that he moved to the front and brought down five horrific strikes to her stomach and three more across her luscious, medium-sized tits. By the eighteenth lash Ariana had passed out in pain. Lines crisscrossed across her body with the occasional cut bleeding slightly. She was sweating profusely and even after passing out, she was still breathing heavily. Danny grabbed a bucket of cold water and threw it on her, causing her to wake up and gasp at the brutal cold.

“You’re not getting out of things that easily! You still have two lashes left,” Danny said, preparing to bring another lash across her tits.

“I SWEAR TO FUCKING GOD I’M GOING TO KILL YOU FOR THIS!! LEAVE HER ALONE!!!” Danielle was furious as the men had to hold back the struggling girl.


Ariana had now turned on her friend and finally, Danielle stopped struggling and was shocked at the betrayal. This brought a smile to Danny’s face as a brilliant idea came to mind.

“You know what sweetheart, I’m not gonna finish your punishment because I have a better idea. Clearly the only thing that will get through to our little trouble maker over there is if I let you punish her,” Danny said.

Danny untied Ariana from the posts and she fell to her knees, rubbing her wrists where the ropes had bit into them. She was too afraid to touch the marks across her body; afraid the stinging sensation would only get worse. The men brought Danielle over to the posts and tied her in the same position as Danielle. Meanwhile, Danny brought a menacing instrument over from the wall and handed it to Ariana.

“This darling is a very powerful cattle prod and you will be able to use it on Danielle however you like. Be creative and don’t forget what this bitch put you through,” he explained.

“Ariana, please don’t do this we have to stick toggggguuuuuuuuuhhhhhh!”

That was all Danielle could get out as Ariana shoved the prod straight on to her nipple. Danielle’s entire body went rigid from the shock. The pain was insurmountable as she felt the electricity surge through her chest. When Ariana pulled it away, a large red burn mark appeared around her nipple. Danielle immediately went limp and her chest began heaving.

“Ple….pleee….pleeaasseee Ariana…I was trying to protect youuuuuuauaaaaaaagghhhhhh!!!!!” she howled.

Ariana shoved the prod into Danielle’s stomach and again the girl went rigid.

“I’m sorry Danielle, I have to do this it’s the only way you’ll learn to shut up,” Ariana said as she jammed the prod into Danielle’s clitoris, eliciting a scream much louder than Ariana thought was humanly possible.

She proceeded to jam the prod into Danielle’s body ten more times as the girl’s screams grew louder and more inhuman with each shock. Finally, Danielle lapsed into deep unconsciousness from the pain, not even the cold water could revive her from her unconscious state.

“Well we need to take a break anyway but you did really good today, keep it up and things will go smoothly for you. You’re reward today will be a fun ride on the sybian while we take our break,” Danny said.

The men picked Ariana up and tied her down on top of a large sybian. Danny flipped a switch before he and the men walked out of the room.


Ariana’s begging quickly morphed into a loud screech as an earth shattering orgasm rocked through her. She came to realize that this was her new life in hell.

To Be Continued!!!!

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