Angie Dickinson Incest



Story is fantasy of course

As Angie Dickinson being past 65 years of age now she still had the long hot legs she always had..Her son was 14 years old name was Dan. Dan was very curious about his mom..she always walked around still with high heels and shorts on and always looked hot even at her age. His mom told Dan one night she was going out to party..”At your age mom”? Yes son. ill be back tonight thought Dan mom sure looks hot with her short skirt on and her hot tan slender legs running down..Dan was horny for his own mom!!..about 2 hours later Angie came
home. DAMNIT she said .. Whats wrong Mom? i went out to get laid and didnt get any COCK!! ..what mom..Dan couldnt believe how his own mom was talking..she must be drunk he thought…Mom you been drinking ? yeah so what the parent your the kid..Dont lecture me..Sorry Mom..right then Dan left the room and went to his room to Jack off ..Oh yes Mom!! he was thinking of his hot drunken moms hot body as he was Jacking his hard cock! AHH YES!! MOM!! MOM!! OH MY FUCKIN! COCK!!! AHH YES!! right then ANGIE came walking in Dans Room..WHAT THE HELL!!! SON you pervert!! what are u doing?? Dan was embarassed Mom what are you doing in my room?? Thats not the point you horny dirty son!! Mom started to walk over to why are you walking towards me..shut up son.Im going to teach you a lesson..Angie was drunk and hot both..he legs looked so good to Dan .Angie started to get down to her Sons cock and suck it right their and then..WHAT?? MOM!! what are you doing?? im your son This is INCEST!! shut up Dan im going to show you how good blowjobs feel..NO MOM YOU ..AHH.. CANT!! AAHH YES mom SUCK MY COCK Dan Said.. AHH ..OHHH YES MOM!! MY FUCKIN DICK!! Dans hard dick was inside his own hot moms mouth as she was giving him head right their..AHH YES MOM SUCK IT GOOD!! take my dick in your hot mouth..Back and Forth Dans dick went inside Angie Dickinson his own slut moms mouth..AHH YES SON you sure have a nice big hard dick for a young boy..Angie was drunk but she was sucking like a whore in heat..SON I want to teach you how to eat pussy..AHH MOM i shouldnt do that to you your my mother.. SHUT Up an obey your MOM..OK MOM .right then Angie took down her skirt and panties..with her hot pussy already wet and moist..She laid down on the bed and Dan got his face down their..thats it Son lick my legs..he had to lick his moms hot long slender legs first..AHH YES SON !! lick my HOT LEGS!! OOH FUCK YEAH!! My pussy is on fire.!! ahh yes EAT MY CUNT GOOD!! AHH SON! right then DAN was licking his own MOMS hot pussy!! AHH YES!!!!!!!! SONNN!!!!!!!! TAKE MY VAGINAL JUICES!! EAT MY HOT PUSSY!! ANGIES pussy looked so young as her son was eating her pussy hard!! AHH YES mom i love your pussy juice!!OH YES SON TAKE MY CUNT JUICE take it good!! AHH YES MY PUSSY!! son i want you to fuck my brains out..WHAT MOM i cant do that.SHUT UP YOU Little bastard and fuck your mother..right then something snapped in DAN .OK BITCH..what son did you call me ..i said ok bitch ill fuck you right now..Dan took his moms hot long tan slender legs and spread them wide apart ..HERE IT CUMS mom!! YOU READY SLUT!!! what SON! easy dont do it fast..DAN took his cock reared back and rammed his big dick inside his own moms ANGIE DICKINSONS hot PUSSY!! AHHHHHHHH FUCK!!!!!!!! MY PUSSYYY!!!! AHH OWWW! ! SON YOUR HURTING MOMMIES PUSSY!!!!! shut up bitch and take my dick!! AHH FUCK YEAH RIP MY PUSSY IN TWO!! FUCK ME GOOD SON!! oh fuck dan fuck your slut mothers pussy good take my cunt !!! AHH MOM was so tight and her long slender tan legs were spread wide apart and Dans ball were bouncing off his moms ass as he was fuckin his own mother good!..AH YES MOM!! YOU SLUTTY BITCH !! TAKE MY COCK! INSIDE YOU MOM!!TAKE it good mom! AH FUCK SON!! FUCK ME HARDER take my pussy! AHH YES!! AHH! AHH! AHH YESS! YESS!! Angie was getting the fuckin off a lifetime..AH YES MOM I think im gonna cumm!! WHAT SON INSIDE ME YOU CANTT !! SHUT UP BITCH .. Dan continued harder and harder only thing Angie could do was enjoy it !! NO ! NO!! WELL yES FUCK ME CUM INSIDE ME NOW SON!! OH YES MOM MOM!! MOM!! AHH !AHH !AHH!! YES MOM here I CUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! right then DAn shot the biggest load of CUM INSIDE his very own mother Angie Dickinson >>AHHHHHH SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SON!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH YES MY PUSSY!!!!!!!!! AH FUCK YEAH SON!! AHH YES SON>>>cum oozed out from Angie’s Pussy as her own son had just fucked her nearly to death!! AHH yes Mom my cock feels so good ..the next time Mom i want to fuck that little shithole of yours !! AH YES son i cant wait you horny little son..

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