Angie Everhart And Salma Hayek

Hey all. Not much feedback from my first story, zip actually, so I
decided to post another story of mine.

This one, the set-up is a bit less plausible than the Jenny/Gillian
story. But I liked it for what it was…a simple encounter.

Standard disclaimers apply. Any feedback on this or Jenny/Gillian or
both are still welcome.


Angie Everhart & Salma Hayek

The hotel was, for lack of a better word, not the Hilton. It wasn’t
even a hotel really, just a collection of cabins, or as the natives
called them, cabanas. The cabins were not very large, about half
size of a Los Angeles condo, with barely enough room for a bed, night
table, and lamp. In the slightly larger rooms, there was a bathtub,
but no running water. Water was brought to the rooms by the cabana
personnel, upon request.
Angie rolled her brown eyes at Jeff, who was complaining to the other
members of their entourage, about the accommadations. Edith, the head
photographer snapped at her assistant. "For Christ’s sake, Jeff. If
this is where we’re booked, then this is where we’re booked, so shut
up, and let’s get moved in."
After everyone signed the register, the manager gave them keys to their
cabins. Angie got one to herself, much to her relief. She didn’t
really want to be disturbed on this trip. The shoot was going to be a
long enough one as it was. A calendar. And the company decided to
have it shot in some remote island off the coast of Mexico, somewhere
around Panama City. Since Angie was one of the most marketable
quantities of the company, she was sent down with one of the best
photographing teams that money could buy.
Her full name was Angie Everhart. She was tall and slender, with long
fiery red hair. She had an eye-catching figure, measuring 34-22-35,
but her most tantilizing feature was her legs. Very long, and very
very shapely. They seemed to stretch on forever, much to the delight
of numerous men from around the world. But to Angie, she just saw them
as a pain. Guys never had to shave their legs, they didn’t know what a
tedious thing that was.
The plane trip was taking its toll on them. Angie had saw it coming,
but decided to let it happen. It wasn’t as if she had any say in
anything other than the pictures. Unlike other models, Angie was very
easy to work with. She never, as they say, "copped a ‘tude." She
always found something to smile about, no matter the circumstances.
Although this situation was one that it was hard for her to smile, or
even grin.
They left the lobby, and were shown to their cabins. Angie’s was the
last one down. It worried her, but decided that she was safe enough.
With so many people around her, it was very unlikely that anything
would happen. If anything, her exotic looks had startled the locals,
but more than a few young men were very welcoming to her. Giving her
flowers, and blowing her kisses. All comes with the territory she
No sooner had she closed her door, and collapsed on the bed, did she
pass out from exhaustion. It was recommended that all get an early bed
time, for the shooting started early in the morning, and they were all
still on Los Angeles time. Angie slipped into unconsciousness
blissfully, and didn’t dream.
*     *     *
It was six o’clock in the evening when Angie and the others returned to
the cabins. It was their second week there. And things were going
very slow. The weather was not cooperating, the rains were intense.
Even more so in the sweltering heat.
Normally, the shoot would’ve been moved after the first week, but this
was a different situation. The company wasn’t losing a helluva lot of
money, so they let it play out as long as necessary. Plus, the place
was growing on Angie. She was enjoying it there, much to her surprise.
After dinner in Edith’s cabin, everyone put back to their own rooms,
and set out to spend the night. Angie wasn’t overly tired, so she
decided to have a bath. Hers was one of the three cabins that had tubs.
She placed a call to the front desk, and waited for the cabana boy. It
was usually Juan. He had taken a liking to her, and had always
delivered the water and towels to her cabin. It was obvious that he
wasn’t against something more than what was on the menu. However,
Angie had politely turned him down everytime.
Although tonight, I just might change that habit. Angie was quite
tense, sexually. It had been awhile for her without physical contact.
It went back to before they arrived on the island. Her last time had
been with an actor. It was good, but not enough for a repeat
Angie disrobed, and donned her red terrycloth robe, and continued to
About five minutes later, there was a soft knock at the door. Angie
opened it, and started to say. "What kept you?" When she saw that it
wasn’t Juan at all, but a gorgeous young woman.
"Uhm, where’s Juan?"
The girl said, her voice small. "Juan’s sick. My name is Salma." Her
big dark eyes were mesmerizing, and Angie had to stop herself from
leering. She stepped aside. "Come on in."
Salma entered the cabin, and Angie got a good look at her as she turned
around. Salma was a goddess. She had long black hair, that just added
to her loveliness. Her eyes had an etheral quality to them that was
almost impossible to believe. Clad in a brown top, and shorts, her
curves were very evident. Salma’s breasts were large, and full. Angie
felt her mouth go dry as she looked at her.
Salma noticed it, for her tan skin darkened a tad, and she said.
"Where shall I put the towels?" Angie blinked and looked at her arms,
and saw the white towels, and a bucket of hot water. "Oh, uhm, over by
the tub. There’s a chair."
The girl nodded, and walked over. Angie wasn’t sure, but there was a
bit more of a sway to her hips as she walked. Almost as if the girl
was wanting her to look at her….perhaps more than look.
She shook her head slightly. No, that wasn’t right. Besides, she had
never been with a woman before. Sure, a few of the models had hit on
her, made passes, but nothing more. Although lately she found herself
realizing that if the models had wanted to go further with their
advances, she wouldn’t stop them.
But there was something about this Salma, something that made her
entire body quiver involuntarily. Salma turned and her hair fell over
her eyes in a brashy, girlish way that Angie found heart stopping. The
girl nodded at the tub. "Aren’t you going to get in?"
The huskiness of the voice was intoxicating. The softness of the
Spanish accent was so beguiling….Angie again blinked, and nodded
quickly. "Uh, yeah…yes…of course, the…the bath…" Smiling
weakly, she took off her robe. It wasn’t until it was on the bed, that
Angie realized what she had done.
Her eyes widened, and turned sharply for the robe to cover not just her
nude form, but the reaction that Salma was having on her.
Salma smiled easily, and walked over to her. Angie’s eyes were drawn
to the slight jiggle of Salma’s breasts as she moved. She quickly
forced them elsewhere, but found Salma’s eyes an even more arousing
sight. The girl drew close, a mere foot away from her, and whispered.
"Senorita, I am not blind. I see that you are attracted to me. Do not
be uncomfortable with me. I wish you to be very comfortable with me."
And with those last words, Salma pulled Angie gently to her, and kissed
her deeply on the lips. Angie moaned as they kissed. The robe fell to
the floor, and Angie began to run her hands all over Salma’s wonderous
body. The girl ran her fingertips over her behind, and kneaded the
firm muscles with her skilled hands.
Angie was guided back to the bed, and Salma began to go to work.
Slowly, Salma began to kiss Angie’s neck, and ran her tongue over each
area she kissed. The redhead groaned, and gripped the sheets in a
white-knuckle grip. Salma eased back on her pace with a slight grin at
Angie’s moans. The other woman whimpered quietly.
Salma carefully licked her way to Angie’s perfect breasts, and cupped
them in each hand. She looked up at Angie, and leaned back. To her
delight, Salma removed her top, and no bra was in sight. The breasts
were as tan as the rest of her. Salma leaned down, and pressed her
boobs against Angie’s.
Angie groaned again, and ground her crotch into Salma’s, who had
started to move against her, forcing the four nipples to rub against
one another, and creating an electric shock of ecstasy that shot
through Angie’s body like a rocket. Salma was breathing heavily, and
was kissing Angie softly on her chin, lips, and neck, as she humped her.
Salma then slowed down her motions, and licked her way back down to
Angie’s breasts. Her soft tongue on her hard nipples was too much for
her. Angie threw back her head, and gave an audible, "Ahhhhh God!!!"
She climaxed violently with each lick of the Spanish girl. Salma
sucked deeply on each of Angie’s nipples, causing yet another soft cry
of passion from the model.
Then, she slowly left Angie’s breasts, and licked her belly. Salma
fastened her mouth over the naval and again sucked, and tongued the
orifice. Angie gasped, and she bit her lip. She couldn’t be loud, no
matter what this little thing did to her….no matter what.
Salma then kissed the lower regions of the belly, and raked her nails
across Angie’s nipples as she descended further. Angie sighed heavily,
and writhed against the Latin goddess. Salma then reached her
goal….the flaming redness of the pussy.
Pausing, Salma blew on the sex, causing Angie to again gasp, and
wriggle in anticipation. Then Salma dipped in a finger, and withdrew
it. She slipped her finger into her mouth, and locked eyes with Angie,
she moaned in pleasure.
Salma reached under Angie’s ass, and got her to lift her lusicous legs
straight up in the air, and the back over her body. Salma leaned
forward, and ran her breasts over Angie’s womanhood. This got yet
another moan, and Angie was pleading. "Please….Salma….please….li
ck me…please.."
Salma paused and smiled. She then licked Angie’s leg, from toe to
thigh. "Of course….what ever the senorita desires…." And without
any preamble, she plunged into Angie’s sex. She drank her juices deep,
and tongued the clit. Then she began to lick from pussy to anus. Like
a dog at a water dish, Salma ran her tongue along the valley of Angie’s
ass, to her womanhood. Only once in a while, she slipped inside either
opening, and fucked her gently.
Angie felt herself growing very close, hell she had already orgasmed at
least four times already. The woman was a God damned dynamo!! Angie
had never felt so alive during lovemaking. She already had something
planned for Salma, her hot tamale, and she could hardly wait to taste
the spice.
Salma then thrust three fingers in Angie’s ass, and sucked her entire
womanhood. That was too much, the suddeness of it all caused Angie to
reach a thunderous orgasm. Her breasts were jutting out like two proud
prows of twin ships, and heaved as she panted, trying to catch her
Salma removed her shorts, soaked with her own violent orgasms, and
crawled up alongside her lover. Angie looked into her eyes, and
managed to get out. "This isn’t over yet, sweet thing…" Salma
looked amused, and leaned back. Her breasts lolled back onto her chest
as she did. She replied. "Come on, chica, pleasure me…."
Angie leaned over and took a nipple into her mouth, and pulled deeply
on it. Salma closed her eyes, and sighed. "That’s it, oh yes…"
Angie licked her nipples and sucked the sideswell of each breast.
Salma gently pushed Angie’s head harder against her chest, trying to
help Angie get as much of the breast into her mouth, as possible.
Angie moved down, and kissed Salma’s pussy deeply, savoring the spicy,
musky taste. Then she sat up, and shifted her position. She lowered
her ass onto Salma’s sex, and started to rub her cheeks against the
lips of the other woman’s womanhood.
Salma gasped in shock, and arousal. She then started to slam her hips
into Angie’s butt. The motion was intense, and orgasms were building
for both women. Angie then eased their legs to intertwine, and started
to grind her pussy into Salma’s.
The girl realized what was going on, and joined in on Angie’s rhythm.
They moved as one, fucking as though their lives depended upon it.
Salma groaned and Angie heaved herself up, and mashed both breasts
together, and sucked them as one huge breast. Salma couldn’t take much
more of this.
Angie was on top of her, essentially "fucking" her with her pussy, and
was sucking her breasts like they were full of milk and honey. Salma
gripped Angie’s sweet ass, and clutched to her.
Angie rolled off of Salma, and turned her over. The gorgeous ass of
this dynamo was revealed to her. She sucked softly on each cheek, and
french-kissed the anus. Salma shrieked into a pillow in Spanish.
Angie softly tongue-fucked her ass for a few minutes, before kissing
her way out, and jammed the nipple of her left breast into Salma’s
Salma cried in passion into the pillow, as the hard point pounded her
from behind. Angie’s face was wild with lust, as she snapped. "You
like that? You like my tit fucking your hot cunt?! You little
She extended her body so she covered Salma’s back. She reached around,
and fondled each breast, and bucked her hips into the girl’s ass.
Salma wailed as she felt an orgasm of epic proportions build within her.
Angie licked her ear, and they moved as one. Salma rolled back on top,
and felt Angie’s breasts pressed flat against her back. She ground her
ass into Angie’s pussy, as the model’s hands found the fullness of her
Salma then stiffened, and felt the climax wash over her like a wave.
Angie climaxed as well, and Salma slumped back against her.
Angie kissed Salma gently, who giggled. Salma shifted so Angie could
lick her nipples as they lay together. Angie sighed. "The water’s
gone cold."
"Well, I’m too tired to get another one."
They giggled. Angie winked, and snuggled her body against Salma’s.
"Well….we could stay in all day tomorrow?" Salma grinned. "’Could’?
Chica, I can barely move…I think I’ll have to stay here."
"What a chore for me. To look after the most beautiful woman on this
island." Salma smiled, and ran a hand along Angie’s thigh. "A chore,
yes, but one that is most enjoyable." Angie sighed, and fell asleep in
her arms.

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