Angie’s Accident

Angie’s Accident

Late one evening Angie Everhart was followed by her usuall stalker
(me ofcourse) . The long day of promoting her new film and signing autographs
had left Angie totally drained. But Angie’s evening was spoken for as well.
She still had to put in a visit to Scores where Howard Stern and friends were
celebrating his birthday. She didn’t want too, but had promised to stop by.
After 2 hours of waiting Angie Everhart left Scores and finally proceeded
towards home, but Angie had been drinking while at Scores and I observed some
very irratic driving while following her. Once on a long and dark road
I hit
the gas, I rear-ended her. We both pulled over to supposidly exchange
unpleasantries and information but I had other plans. I walked up to her
porche with a stun gun as she staggered out of her porche and bent over to
observe the damage her car had taken. She was georgeous! She had on a sexy
long red dress showing off alot of leg and her juicy round grade A ass was
very visible, also visible was her cleavedge. All of which left me
breathless! Dark stockings and sexy ho-hoppin red shoes completed her outfit.
I got a very good and upclose view of just how incredible her figure truly
was when she bent over to view the damage to her car but she sensed my eyes
upon her figure and it scared her alittle. While staggering back to grab her
pocketbook I made my move. I jumped Angie from behind and threw her across
the hood of my car and stunned her. Flashing lights and a zapping sound were
seen by the recording portable video camera on my dash as well as Angie’s
convulsing figure. After a minute she was unconscious and just lying there on
the hood of my car. My cock was so hungry and Angie’s ass was teasing at my
loins! The video camera in the window was recording all of this and soon it
recorded me fondling and exposing Angie Everhart’s horney ripe ass and soon
after that, recorded me doing her! It didn’t last long before I lost an
incredible orgasm to her flawless backside but I wanted more! I rolled Angie
over onto her back and pleased her orally for a few minutes beneath her
dress. She had on a red pair of designer panties that found there way
dangling from my neck as I licked her well-shavened womanhood. I forced my
rejuivinated meat inside Angie’s tight vagina and began fucking her across
the hood of my car in almost a missionary position. The car shook to the
sexual activity each time I stoked into her. After completing another breath
taking orgasm I fixed our clothes. The camera was still recording all of this
and the footage would be priceless! I pulled Angie up from my car noticing a
slight smear of my sperm from her ass on my hood. I didn’t care though and
stashed Angie in the front seat. The zapping sound and flashing lights of my
stun gun were also recorded leaving little doubt there was no escape for the
fallen superstar. I climbed in the front seat and drove off into the night
fondling Angie Everharts ass, breasts and legs all the way home.

After a week, late one night while watching TV I seen a segment on the
news about a missing superstar named Angie Everhart. That her car was found
but she was know where to be found and that a search was on for her. A reward
was being offered for any information leading to her whereabouts. I smiled
devilishly as I turned off the television and said outload towards the
bedroom, “I have all the rewards I could ever want” and strolled towards the
bedroom for the night. The obvious sound of he’ing and she’ing were heard
shortly after I dissapeared into the bedroom and then all was quiet.

Angie Everhart was never heard or seen from again after her apperance
at Scores, and her stalker learned alot about the art of sex, and so did his

After a couple years of great sexual pleasure and perveted fantasies
endured, I buried Angie Everhart’s naked, raped and sodimized body in my
garden behind my house where her remains would liven up the fruit grown

The End

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