Angry Johnny

Angry Johnny


“Hey, Pretty…do you wanna take a ride with me…through my world…,” Poe continued to sing and sway slowly, even while she glared anxiously at the man standing just a few feet away on the floor below the stage. She had always implicitly trusted her audiences–the loyal devotees who flocked to her intimate performances in places like this: a smallish night-club in a trendy Chicago neighborhood. So much so that she often invited them to dance on-stage with her or even, as she had a few moments ago, gone body-surfing across their outstretched arms–all the way to the bar and back–a show of faith
that most rock-stars would balk at. Poe had always prided herself, not only on her fearlessness, but on her willingness to put herself at the mercy of her fans. They did, after all, adore her, and she them.

But tonight was different. She had noticed this guy–a bald, dark-eyed, strongly-built man with a goatee; not ugly, but definitely frightening in his intensity and brooding looks–gazing strangely at her since she began the set. She thought, at first, that he might be security, unmoved as he was by the jostling crowd. But just now, as she’d bumped across the adoring crowd on her back, she thought she’d felt a wandering hand stroking her crotch as she passed overhead. Not that unusual in a mixed crowd (she’d even felt it once or twice at one of her all-female shows)–but this grope seemed unusually rough and insistent. Still, she’d decided to ignore it, figuring it was just an overly-excited and slightly drunken admirer getting his cheap thrill. But as she glided back towards the stage, this time on her belly, she got a look at her molester, the dark-eyed ruffian just a couple of rows back. This time, he not only groped her with one hand, but managed to rip the button of her black leather pants open with the other, and seemed ready to insert his rude hand had she not been quickly passed along!

When she righted herself on the stage (facing away from the crowd, thank God) Poe quickly pulled on a handy shirt that she’d tossed away earlier, and which, thankfully, went down far enough to cover the loose button. She’d have to re-fasten it when she had a moment to dart off-stage. “What a bastard!”, she thought, “I ought to have security toss his ass!”. However, she didn’t have time to stop the show right now, and as no one else seemed to notice the violation, she decided to let it go. Still, as she turned back to the audience, and saw him still leering at her (this time, with a slight, malevolent grin on his face) Poe felt a chill run down her spine. “Man, this one looks like a psycho. I’d better keep him at a distance tonight,” she thought. No more crowd-surfing, and no one onstage or, God forbid, backstage! That was a shame; she always enjoyed meeting some of her fans back stage after the show. No sense taking any stupid risks, though; she’d heard of too many celebrities being attacked or even killed by obsessive fans. And this guy looked dangerous. He still stood unmoved and leering as the crowd writhed around him, like a devil amidst a horde of ecstatic smaller demons. He looked out of his place as he stood there in a tight black t-shirt that hugged his muscular chest, as well as worn-looking jeans and army boots, he looked like someone who belonged at a punk-metal concert, not listening to her slightly eerie and passionate gothic-groove melodies. He certainly stood out in a room full of young, pale and pierced teenagers, college-kids and yuppies. And his eyes…well, that’s what really set him apart. They were…seething. That’s the only word she could think of…seething and brutal. She hoped she never encountered them in a dark alley. Or even in a dark nightclub ever again!

Poe finished the show and the mandatory encore, then moved quickly out back towards her bus, relieved to finally be done with that strange ordeal. Regretfully, she ignored the pleading yells of several fans who had already made their way to the backstage entrance, and shook her head to the security guards, indicating that she didn’t want them to let anyone back. She also said ‘no thanks’ when one of her band mates asked if she was going to party afterwards at the little hideaway bar that they’d picked out earlier in the day. No, she sighed to herself; tonight she just wanted to relax and let her nerves recover from the spook she’d gotten from just looking at that filthy creep. Maybe she’d drink some of her favorite herbal tea, and read that interesting book of poems that a fan had sent her. It was always nice to see what kinds of personal things they wanted to share with her–a song they’d written, a personal photo album, or some small token of their affection–and maybe it would rekindle her faith in the trustworthiness of “her peeps” as she liked to think of them.

Within the hour, Poe was showered and changed into her favorite red silk pajamas, had said goodnight to the band who were off to party, and had settled down in the bus with a hot cup of tea and her book. She had just finished the first lovely poem–a mournful ballad about lost love and longing–when she heard a sudden tapping on her window. Startled, she jumped and dropped the book from her hand. Who the hell would be rapping on her window at this time of night? She froze, and listened for another sound. She didn’t have to wait long before she heard a more insistent knock on the front door of the bus. She scrambled to her feet and snatched up a letter opener that she had nearby. Not that she knew what she might do with it–it just seemed like she should have something in her hand. “Wh-who is it?” she yelled, her voice a bit too loud and shaky for her own comfort.

“Um…it’s just Johnny…from Security…I have some things your fans left for you…we checked ’em out, and they look okay…nothing suspicious….You want me to leave ’em somewhere?”

Poe let out a sigh of relief. Oh yeah, the security guys always brought her ‘gifts’ to her after the shows if she didn’t get them directly from the fans (security hated when she took things without letting them check it first, but oh well, she refused to be paranoid about such things–tonight she’d just been in such a rush that she’d forgotten). She put down the letter opener and started to push the lever to open the bus door. Then glancing down, she noticed that her pajama top was coming open a little bit, revealing her thin, bare mid-section. Normally, she wouldn’t think twice about showing such a small part of her lean pretty body to a stranger (hell, she did it every night), but tonight she was feeling a little self-conscious. So she turned quickly to button up as the security man pushed the door open and stepped up into the bus. “Just lay them on the seat there, and I’ll go through them when I…oh!” Poe let out a sharp yelp as she turned and saw the large man stepping towards her. He was, in fact, wearing a dark jacket with the word “Security” emblazoned on the front, but underneath she saw rippling muscles covered by the man’s black t-shirt; his dark eyes gleaming and the goateed face drawn up in a fierce snarl.

“Get out! Get out, before I call…” Smack! His open palm caught her squarely across the mouth, her words seeming to splatter like the spit from her lips. Poe reeled from the shock and the pain, and before she could move or say another word, a powerful hand gripped her throat and pulled her forward. “Quiet, bitch! You keep that pretty mouth shut until I give you something to do with it! One squeak from you and I’ll crush your throat like a soda can!” The malice in his eyes told Poe that he was serious, and though she clawed feebly at the hand gripping her esophagus, she didn’t make another attempt to shout. Meanwhile, “Johnny” had reached behind him with his free hand and closed the bus door, cutting off her only escape route.

“Now, Princess, no crying…” Tears had begun to well up in Poe’s eyes, as much from the pain and lack of oxygen as from fear, though her thin, trembling hands revealed plenty of terror. Her attacker seemed pleased by that. “I know you’re scared right now, pumpkin, and you should be…I may just kill you tonight…I may just twist your skinny little head off and take it with me…” Poe was now on the verge of passing out; her knees starting to buckle as she sunk towards the floor. “But that’ll only be if you decide to be a bad girl and not take care of your Daddy…Looks like maybe you wanna take care of Daddy, though, don’t you?” She was on her knees in front of him now, her eyes half closed as her face went from red to blue, and her mouth gasped for air and her tongue flickered in an attempt to speak. “What do you say, kitten? Do you want to purr for Daddy? Do you?!”, he yelled, jerking her neck back and forth, causing her long, straight blonde hair to twirl about her face and shoulders.

“P-pl-ple…” she managed to sputter. She didn’t know how much longer she could stay conscious, but was terrified of what might happen if she didn’t answer his question. “What?! What do you say?” He suddenly stopped shaking her, and eased his grip slightly, though he still held firmly enough. A strange, almost gentle look came into his eyes, and his free hand stroked her hair as Johnny lowered his lips to growl softly into her ear, “What do you want to sing to me, sweet bird?” Poe took in a couple of quick, sharp breaths before whispering in a trembling voice, “I-I’ll do anything you want…just don’t hurt me…please…”

“That’s all I needed to hear, my angel, my darling…Now just sit right there on your knees where you are.” With that, Johnny released his grip on her throat, and Poe began to crumple to the floor. Before she could, however, he grabbed a fistful of her now tangled hair and jerked her back up straight. “I said stay on your knees! Don’t you disobey me ever again!” Poe jumped at the renewed anger in his voice, and summoned her strength to stay upright as he’d ordered. Seeing how quickly she responded, like a trained dog, Johnny smiled softly and said, “Good girl…now get ready to please your Daddy…”

There was no escape. Poe had no way off of the bus, except for the door behind her attacker, and no way of fighting him off. He was simply too strong and too vicious. What’s more, the band wouldn’t be back for hours, and her security guys had obviously abandoned her. Maybe he really was one of them– a new guy that she hadn’t met, but who had been assigned to her bus tonight. Whatever the case, there was clearly no one around to hear the struggle, such as it was. Poe resigned herself to endure whatever she had to, as long as she could stay alive. Besides, he couldn’t stay here all night…could he?


As her blurred vision started to clear and she looked up at the mountain of muscle in front of her, Poe now noticed that his jacket was off, his pants were wide open, and staring her in the face was a throbbing, erect monster of a cock. It wasn’t the longest she’d ever seen (about nine inches), but it was as thick and meaty as bull’s, and seemed to have rippling muscles of its own. Beneath the powerful shaft hung a large, shaved sack of testicles as big as golf balls. He was clean and circumcised, and his cock gave off the musky aroma that Poe had come to recognize as a man in heat. It was, in fact, an impressive set of jewels to find on a man (she started to think, but quickly corrected herself), if they didn’t belong to a psychotic rapist! Johnny had gone strangely quiet, and as she looked up, her marble green eyes met his dark, almost black ones. He spoke to her in a low, deep, and soft voice, “Go ahead, Annie-bel, take care of Daddy.”

“Oh…my God,” she whispered, her mind suddenly whirling with hysterical horror. What did he say? It couldn’t be… “Annie-bel”?…That’s what her father had called her! Her father who’d been dead for years! How could he know that? Who was this man?! Her eyes wide and her lips shaking, she started to back away, to try and retreat from whatever madness was calling to her now. “No… no, sweet angel…don’t move away…don’t move, I said!” The harsh command pulled her up short, once again, and she stared up at her tormentor again, in fear and amazement. “Now do as you’re told…service your Daddy…I won’t tell you again, Annie-bel…”, he threatened in a low voice. Now Poe knew that she had no choice. Whoever he was, whatever he was…he was in control. He had said the secret word that would bind her: her secret name. If he knew that, then he certainly knew more…who she was, where she lived, who her father had been…maybe even some of her deepest, darkest secrets…”Annie-bel”…

Scooping up the back of her head in his large, rough hand, Johnny pulled her forward until her slightly parted lips just met the tip of his massive cock-head. Then he paused, waiting…Poe knew what was expected, knew what she had to do, and with no more conscious will of her own, she closed her eyes and slowly pushed her tongue forward, gingerly caressing the bulb of his penis. Her first taste of his sticky pre-cum aroused her senses and reawakened old memories. It had been a long time since she’d sucked a man’s cock. For reason’s both personal and professional, she hadn’t had many lovers since her college days at Princeton, when she was a smart, artsy, daring young coed. Like many horny and confident young college girls, she had enjoyed flirting with all kinds of guys, rich and poor, but she especially enjoyed slumming with the biggest strongest jocks she could find (especially the black ones) and the maintenance men who sometimes showed up to fix a leaky faucet or clean up some after-party mess. The look on their faces when this tall, blonde nineteen year-old, dressed in nothing but a t-shirt and panties, offered to suck their cock just for fun was always priceless. But after a couple of unpleasant encounters with guys who thought that a random blow-job amounted to a “relationship”, Poe decided to be more careful about who she played with. Since her career took off, that had become even more the case. It had probably been more than a year since she’d even made out with one of the roadies, much less took a dick in her mouth.

Now she found herself slathering this strange lunatic’s head with the same practiced lip-service that she once used on a janitor. Johnny was clearly enjoying it, as he began to push further and further into her warm orifice. “That’s it…that’s my baby…I knew you could take care of Daddy…just keep going…” He pulled gently on the back of her head, but the force was no longer necessary. Poe was now resigned to her fate, and working on auto-pilot. Once she had taken the head fully into her mouth, she wrapped her lips tightly around the shaft and began to move her head slowly up and down, letting her tongue massage the underside of his prick. It wasn’t so bad, she thought, ruefully…he did, as she’d thought earlier, have a nice cock…if this is all he wanted, then she could suck him all night (or at least until someone got back!)…it’s not as if she hadn’t done it before. Gradually, she began to move down the thick shaft, trying to take as much into her mouth as possible. She knew that’s what Johnny wanted, and while he seemed satisfied at the moment, she wasn’t about to give him another excuse to hit or choke her. As he began to move his hips gently back and forth, she got into a slow rhythm of sucking. Her thinly-stretched lips slurped around the edges of his thick manhood, while her tongue continued to explore the underside…she could feel every ridge and crevice, every vein pumping blood into the engorged head that now poked at the back of her throat.

Poe figured she’d be able to tell when he was ready to cum, and prepared herself for the inevitable. The first time she’d been made to swallow cum, it had shocked and sickened her…it felt as if someone had poured glue down her throat. Eventually, though, she learned to take it like medicine…knowing it was good for her if she could make “him” happy. By the time she got to college, she had actually come to enjoy and anticipate a man’s ejaculation. She would bring them right to the edge, where some nervous guys would warn her and try to pull out, but to their surprise, she would always renew her vigorous sucking and licking until the poor brute couldn’t help but explode into the warm wet cave of her mouth. After that, they were always hers to command. The combined guilt and pleasure that she gave them was usually enough to keep them wrapped around her finger for as long as she was still interested. She hoped that giving Johnny the same experience might keep him from wanting to hurt or violate her further.

To her surprise, however, he suddenly yanked her head back, long before she felt the tell-tale throbbing at the base of his shaft. She was so focused on her task and lost in her thoughts that she didn’t even have time to loosen her lips, thus causing his cock to exit her tight socket with a sickly slurping sound and a ‘pwap”. A long, thin strand of cum hung suspended from her lower lip to his penis head as he spoke aloud, “Enjoying it a little too much weren’t you?…You always were Daddy’s little slut…”. “Always”? What did he mean by that? She’d never seen this man in her life! Had she? Could it be that she had, and simply forgotten? Not likely, she thought…How could I ever forget a monster like this? He must just be fucking with my head (so to speak!). “You don’t get off that easily, though, puddin’…you know how Daddy likes you to do it…you remember…” Again…remember what? Could this man have known her from her college days? Or even…before? Certainly, there were parties and men she couldn’t clearly recall, but this was something different. He acted like he knew her intimately, and she him. But she definitely didn’t remember who he was or what he wanted! She looked pleadingly up at his face for some clue…His gaze could have stopped a pit-bull in its tracks. “Do it!” he ordered.

Poe looked back at his crotch and noticed that he was holding his cock aloft to reveal the bulging sack beneath. She thought she knew now what he wanted, and slowly lowered her mouth to his scrotum. She licked it lightly for a moment, and after receiving an “Nngh” of encouragement from Johnny, she proceeded to give his balls a thorough tongue-bath. Somehow, this did seem…familiar. As if she’d done it before a thousand times. Of course she had, with plenty of guys, but this feeling was more intense…like deja vu. As he started to slowly stroke his cock up and down, she seemed to know that he wanted her to give his massive globes some individual attention. She sucked one gently into her mouth and began rolling it around on her tongue. His increased rhythm of stroking let her know she was doing a good job, so she took turns licking, sucking, and pulling lightly on the skin around each testicle with her lips. Johnny started to jerk himself harder and faster, and took hold once again of the hair on top of her head to hold it still while he masturbated. “Keep sucking them!” he commanded in a breathless tone that indicated that he was on the verge of spewing. So she renewed her efforts with just a twinge of the old excitement that this had once brought her–as if she’d forgotten for a moment where she was and who she was servicing.

Without warning, Johnny released a hot stream of thick cum that struck Poe right between the eyes, dripping down either side of her long nose and along her cheek. “Ah!”, she let out a surprised gasp, and before she could close her mouth, his dick was once again shoved against her thrashing tongue. He released another thick gush of semen onto the roof of her mouth and it ran down her throat like syrup. Johnny forced the back of her head harshly down onto his pulsing rod, and finished shooting his load deep into her gagging throat. He pumped it there for a minute, while she closed her eyes tightly and tried to focus on not throwing up…Just swallow slowly, she thought…breathe through your nose…don’t gag…He held his softening cock inside her mouth for what seemed like an eternity, but she didn’t try to pull away. She just sat there with her arms hanging by her side, her whole body held up by the hand on the back of her neck, slowly sucking down the remnants of his orgasm. Johnny moaned with pleasure, and stroked the back of her hair with his free hand. “Good girl…good girl…you’ve always been a good girl…” Poe hardly noticed when he withdrew his semi-erect cock and rubbed it across her chin and cheek in an almost loving caress. She was in a kind of trance now…totally given over to this dominant force. He had used her mouth thoroughly, and she hoped he would now be satisfied and leave her. But she had given up hope of rescue (it was too late anyway), and merely sat motionless awaiting his next move.


What came next was somewhat unexpected. Johnny bent down suddenly and scooped her up in an enormous bear-hug, crushing her to him like a child– lifting her with one hand cupped around her firm ass and the other holding her back and neck. She was so surprised to be lifted into the air that she instinctively wrapped her long legs around his waist and clung to his neck with both arms. For a long moment he just stood there holding her and stroking the back of her head with his rough hand. “This is so weird!” she thought to herself, “what’s he doing?” Even weirder was what she noticed as he began to rock her lightly from side to side. Was he…humming? He was! And a lullaby at that…like one would sing to a child who was scared by a bad dream. The tune seemed vaguely familiar, but unidentifiable. All Poe knew is that it did have a strangely calming effect on her…her breathing became deep and regular and her eyes began to droop with fatigue as she rested her head on his large shoulder… she almost wanted to drift off to sleep in this crazy bastard’s arms!

Finally, he started to move back towards the cushioned chair she’d been sitting in before he so violently interrupted her. He carried her slowly, then laid her gently down on her back, with her ass just resting on the edge of the seat. Still in shock, Poe neglected to let go of his neck, and as he pried her arms loose, he nuzzled her ear with his bearded mouth and whispered, “It’s okay, Annie-bel, you can let go of Daddy now.” Hearing her name once again from his perverse lips caused her to release her grip immediately and fall back into the chair, as he rose above her menacingly. He gazed at her long, lean, muscular body, just loosely covered by the thin silk pajamas, and the unquenched lust in his eyes was obvious…he wasn’t finished with her by a long shot. Still holding her eyes in his, he reached down and unlaced his boots, removed them, and then followed with his jeans and boxer shorts. Now he stood in just a t-shirt, his semi-hard member already starting to revive at the sight of her lying helpless before him. “Take your pjs off, sweetie.” he told her, without a doubt in his voice that she would obey.

Of course, she did–there was nothing to do now but obey. Still trembling and silent, she slowly pushed her silky pants down as far as her knees before he took hold of the ends and pulled them the rest of the way over her slender, white legs. Then she began fumbling with the shirt buttons that she’d modestly tried to close earlier, but her fingers were too clumsy with terror. Here again, Johnny helped by reaching down and ripping the top open with one quick tug. The buttons flew everywhere and Poe gasped in fear, thinking, perhaps, that he was angry at her for being slow. There was no anger in his eyes, though, as he pulled the remnants of her shirt over her head and then paused to examine her lovely, round breasts. As usual, she wore no bra beneath her pajamas, so her softball-sized tits now bounced freely under his lurid gaze. The only thing remaining to cover her was a pair of small, black lace panties that snugly covered Poe’s delicious pubic mound. Reaching down, Johnny pushed her trembling knees apart, and stepped between her legs. Then, he took two fingers and ran them along the inside edge of her of her panties, from her hip down to her warm, shaved snatch. Feeling his fingers rub across her pussy gave Poe goosebumps all over her body, though the slight tickle also made her clitoris stand up and take notice-it, too, hadn’t been touched except by her own fingers in months.

Johnny pulled at her panties from the crotch, and they slid freely down her bare thighs and over her feet. Rather than throwing them away, as he had all of her other clothes, Johnny instead twisted the material into a thin strand. “What’s he going to do with….” Poe didn’t have long to wonder before he spoke sharply: “Sit up.” Too slow to catch his meaning, Poe suddenly felt herself jerked up once again by her hair into a sitting position. When she reached up instinctively to defend herself, Johnny grabbed first one, then the other wrist and twisted them roughly behind her back. “Shit,” she realized, “he’s tying me up.” Sure enough, in seconds, both wrists were bound firmly at the base of her back, and she was then shoved roughly back onto the seat. “Ow!…you don’t have to…” Smack! Another clean blow landed across her cheek and silenced her quickly. “I said keep your mouth shut, Pretty…do I need to remind you again?” Poe shook her head vigorously, but stayed quiet.

Again, Johnny watched her intently for what seemed long minutes. Poe closed her eyes and turned her head away from him, but she could still feel his eyes roaming along her exposed body, while she squirmed uncomfortably in the chair. Leaning her head back and twisting in her chair to try and relieve some of the pressure on her bound arms, Poe finally got most of her weight balanced on her shoulders, though it required raising her hips slightly into the air. She opened her eyes and saw Johnny watching and smiling as if amused, and… something else…almost proud…of himself or of her, she wasn’t sure. But finally, he broke the silence: “I know, precious…I know what you want…and Daddy always takes care of his little girl…doesn’t he?” Poe had no idea, but her skin crawled at the idea of how he might intend to “take care” of her.

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