Animal-bang: Brooke Satchwell And Nicola Charles

Animal-Bang: Brooke Satchwell and Nicola Charles

By Blindside212

As always this is ment for people over the age of 18. It is for people who

have a interest in such acts. I have never met these women and don’t know

if they would be in for this.


Neighbors stars Brooke Satchwell and Nicola Charles had been friends from

day one. The two stunning beauties did everything together. Nicola kept

her tight body fit by working out every day and she had convinced Brooke to

do the same. One hot day the two went for a jog around the park of a

ground. They both wore very skimpy outfits. Nicola had a black

top and shorts that clung to her firm body and Brooke wore a gray top and

black shorts. Both were sweating and breathing after a few minutes. As

they rounded a corner they saw that the local team were just ending a

training session. They stopped out of sight as they watched the men, all

of which were very good looking finish they’re run and go into the change

rooms for a shower.

“Want to watch them shower?” Nicola asked seeing the look of lust on

Brookes face.

“How?” Brooke asked puzzled.

“Come on.” Nicola said with a wicked smile on her stunning face.

She led Brooke to the rear of the change rooms which was lower then the

front and stood in front of what looked like a vent in the wall.

“I come here and watch them all the time. They never know.” Nicola said

reaching out and pulling the outside of the vent open to show the inside of

the change rooms. The team where already getting naked and the two girls

had a clear view at them. One of the guys dropped his shorts and the two

girls gasped as his cock came into view. It was at least ten inches long

and had a massive head.

“Holy shit!” Nicola said watching the guy cross the room to the showers.

“Wouldn’t you like to get that in you?” She asked Brooke who watched the

man with wide eyes. She had never seen a cock that big.

“I bet he fucks like a jackhammer.”

“Yer.” Was all Brooke could say as she felt her young pussy grow wet at the


“Imagine having that up your ass. He would split you in half.” Nicola said

and Brooke turned to see her cupping one of her large breasts in her hand.

“What are you doing?” Brooke asked as Nicola started to rub her pussy

through her thin shorts.

“Oh come on Brooke.” Nicola said.

“I know you want to too. I won’t tell anyone.” Brooke turned back to the

vent to see another man drop his trunks. His cock was not as big as the

first but was still huge.

I’ve just never done it with another person watching.” She said feeling her

cunt getting wetter every second.

“Just let yourself go.” Nicola said. Brooke slowly reached down and

brushed her long fingers over the front of her shorts. A tingle of

pleasure shot up her spine and she closed her eyes and moaned softly.

“That’s it baby.” Nicola whispered in her ear.

“Just put your hand in there and give yourself a good finger-bang.” Brooke

pulled the front of her shorts out and stuck her right hand down into her

crouch. Her panties were so wet and her hand came out soaked.

“Looks like your really hot for it.” Nicola asked as Brooke put her hand

back down her shorts and started to rub her pussy.

“Feels good doesn’t it?” Nicola said as Brooke rubbed harder.

“Knowing that they can’t see you while you give yourself a good seeing to.”

Brooke wasn’t hearing her. She was thinking about the men. Seeing them

naked was driving her mad.

“You know what I’d like to do?” Nicola said putting a hand on Brookes shoulder.

“Walk in there, take off my cloths and letting all those men fuck me like a

whore.” Brooke turned and looked at her with wide eyes.

“Really?” She said.

“Oh god yes.” Nicola said turning back to the vent and putting one of her

hands down her shorts to rub her own pussy.

“I’d let them all fuck my tight little body. Stick their huge cocks in my

cunt, mouth and up my ass. I’d jerk them all off and get them to fuck my

tits. And when they were done I’d let them shoot there cum all over my

body.” Brooke started to rub her pussy harder at this thought and slipped

a finger into her slit.

“It would be even better if we both went in there.” Nicola said.

“They could pass us around and have their way with us. I bet you would

have a great time letting those guys fuck you hard. I think you’d let them

take you every way they could and then let them cum in your face.” Brooke

just stared at Nicola and then started to think about it. She felt her

pussy grow even wetter at the thought of the men fucking her young body and

she added two more fingers to the one already in her cunt.

“See.” Nicola said with a grin.

“Your just as horny as me.” She then stood back from the vent and pulled

off her top to show her large, firm breasts.

“What the fuck are you doing? What if somebody sees you?” Brooke said in


“I’ll fuck them.” Nicola said plainly before pulling off her shorts and

running her hands over her body. Brooke looked up and down Nicola’s

body. She was beautiful. Her tits were amazing and her pussy was

swollen. Nicola saw the look of wonder in Brooke’s eyes and reached down

to stick three fingers into her pussy. Brooke watched as Nicola started to

frig herself hard and fast as she moaned. Suddenly, Nicola stopped and

walked up to Brooke and before she could move, planted a soft kiss on her

mouth. Brooke froze. She had never kissed a woman before. And she

enjoyed it. Her fingers started to ram in and out of her pussy as Nicola

started to kiss her neck and play with her breasts. Brooke threw back her

head and said.

“Oh fuck! I’m so fucking horny!” Nicola stood back and said.

“Come on Brooke. Let’s have fun. Take your gear off too.” Brooke looked

at her for a minute and then started to strip.

Five minutes later the two girls were in a full fuck frenzy. Nicola took

charge, kissing and stroking Brooke’s tight, young body. Cupping her

breasts and running her fingers over the opening to her tight cunt.

“Hey. Look at that.” Nicola said looking over Brooke’s shoulder. Brooke

turned to see through the vent that the team were all out of the shower and

were getting changed. Brooke watched as the guy with the ten incher dried

off and put his shorts back on. Suddenly she felt Nicola’s slim hand

between her thighs.

“Want me to give you a finger fuck?” Brooke just nodded as she parted her

legs to let Nicola in. Nicola put three long fingers deep inside Brooke’s

tight cunt. Brooke gasped as Nicola started to ram them in and out.

“Come on baby. Cum for me. Let me hear you scream.” Nicola said as Brooke

moaned loudly. She put her hands on the wall and spread her legs wide to

let Nicola in further. Suddenly, Brooke thought she heard something moving.

“What was that?” She asked as Nicola continued to frig her.

“It looks like we have a guest.” She said before pulling out of Brooke’s

pussy and moving away.

“Don’t turn around. It looks like he wants to have fun as well.” Brooke

stood there, legs apart and not caring if every person in town saw

her. She was so turned on that she would fuck anything.

Nicola came back and said.

“Brooke, this is Jet. Okay if he joins us.”

“Sure.” Brooke said wiggling her ass.

“Come here and show me what you’ve got.” She couldn’t believe she had just

said that but she was so hot at that moment she would have said anything to

get a cock in her.

“You dirty little slut!” Nicola said.

“Go on Jet. Lick her pussy out.” Brooke felt hot breath on her pussy and


“Shit!!!” She shouted. It wasn’t a man. She turned her head to see a

large Black Doberman standing behind her. His long tongue hanging out of

his mouth.

“Come on babe.” Nicola said as Brooke closed her legs and turned around to

face her.

“Dogs lick pussy better then men.”

“You’ve.” Brooke said.

“Sure.” Nicola answered.

“They just keep going. They make me cum again and again. And their cocks

feel so good in your pussy and ass.” Brooke couldn’t believe what she was

hearing. Her best friend fucked dogs!

“Here. Let me show you.” Nicola said before sitting on the ground and

calling the dog over to her.

“Good boy.” She said as Jet licked her face and neck.

“Give me that fat tongue of yours.” She lay back on the ground and spread

her long legs wide. The dog licked her breasts and belly before moving to

her cunt. Brooke watched on as the dog lapped at Nicola’s sopping pussy as

she moaned and grunted.

“He’s done this before.” She said through gritted teeth.

“He’s very good at. Fuck!!” She climaxed. Her body jerked and bucked as

the dog continued to lap at her.

“Come over here and take a look at his cock.” Nicola said after getting her

breath back. Brooke looked at the two for a second and then walked over

and knelt behind Jet. She reached a hand out and patted his hindquarters

and Jet lifted his tail to reveal a massive cock. It was as long as the

man in the change room with the ten inches. A drop of pre-cum was hanging

at the tip of its large and swollen head.

“Give it a tug baby.” Nicola said as she had another orgasm. Brooke let

her fingers brush the liangh of Jet’s cock and she felt him move back to

get more.

“This is unbelievable.” Brooke thought.

“I’m playing with a dog’s cock. And I like it.” She grabbed Jet’s cock and

started to gently pull on it.

Jet grunted and stopped licking Nicola’s pussy.

“That’s it. Jerk him off.” She said sitting up and moving around to

Brooke. Brooke started to jerk Jet’s dick harder as Nicola began to rub

her breasts and kiss her.

“I think he likes it.” Nicola said seeing the pre-cum on the tip of his

knob. She reached a long finger and wiped the cum onto it. She drew it

back and stuck it in her mouth.

“I love the taste of Dog cum. It’s so thick.” Brooke smiled and kept

jacking the Dog.

“Roll over boy.” Nicola said reaching out and stroking Jet.

“Roll over and let us suck your big cock. Jet did as he was told and his

cock stuck up like a flagpole.

“I’ll go first.” Nicola said.

“No.” Brooke said. She didn’t know what had come over her but she just had

to have this cock in her mouth.

“Me first.” Nicola lent back and let Brooke go down on the dog. Her full

lips wrapped around the head and started to suck hard.

“That’s it Brooke. Suck him dry.” Nicola said putting two fingers into her

own pussy.

“Choke on it.” Brooke started to bob her head up and down on Jet’s tool and

after a few minutes she felt Nicola’s hand on the back of her head.

“Stay there.” She said as Brooke took in about seven inches of dog cock.

“I want to hear you gag on it. Can you take more?” Brooke answered by

sinking two more inches into her mouth. The head hit the back of her

throat and slipped down her gullet. She started to gag and splutter.

“That’s my girl.” Nicola said as Brooke started to choke. She couldn’t

breath. But she didn’t care. If she passed out with a cock this good in

her mouth it would be worth it.

“Do you want to have him fuck your tight little cunt? Nicola

asked. Brooke took the cock out and said.

“Oh god yes.” Nicola got Jet to get up and led him around to Brooke’s

ass. She moved him so that he knew what to do and he mounted her. Brooke

screamed as his cock drove deep into her pussy and started to pump in and

out. Jet locked his front legs around her and started to fuck her so hard

that Brooke thought she was going to fall over.

“Take it baby!” Nicola shouted as Brooke moaned and bucked under Jet’s

powerful strokes.

“Let him make you cum!” And she did. A minute later Brooke shuddered as a

violent orgasm ripped through her young body.

“Ahhh!!! Ahhh!!! Fuckkkkkk!!!” She collapsed to the ground as Jet’s cock

slid out of her pussy. Brooke rolled over and stuck four fingers into her

pussy and started to fuck herself.

“My turn.” Nicola said turning around and shaking her tight ass in the

air. The dog moved to her and licked her crack and mounted her.

“Not there.” She said as he made to ram his cock into her cunt.

“Here.” She reached back and moved the cock to her asshole. Jet sank his

cock as far as it could go up her ass as she screamed.

“Oh fuck!!! That’s a good boy!!! Fuck my hot ass!!! Make me bleed!!!”

Jet pumped harder and faster then ever and Nicola soon fell to the ground

as a huge orgasm shoke her body.

“I think he’s ready to blow.” She said as she saw his cock twitch. She got

him to roll over again and deep-throated him, gagging on his thick cock.

Brooke moved over and grabbed a fist full of Nicola’s hair and pulled her

off the cock.

“I want some too.” The two girls licked and sucked on the cock and soon it

started to spasm and shake as the dog hit climax. Jets of hot cum shot out

of the head and the girls caught as much as they could. It landed in their

hair, on their breasts and in their mouths. Jet just kept on cuming and

soon they were both covered in sticky cum.

After he was done, Jet stood up and just walked off. Nicola and Brooke

didn’t notice though. They were busy licking the cum off each other.

After that day Brooke Satchwell and Nicola Charles were closer then

ever. And they had a lot more fun with members of the animal kingdom.

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