Animal Magnetism

Animal Magnetism (FF, cons, beast)
by Number One (
Pairing: Rachel Reynolds & Eve Torres
Disclaimer: Do not read one word of this if you’re under 18 and/or offended by the material.

Rachel Reynolds, “The Price Is Right”‘s resident blonde bombshell, was in her living room doing what she always does every Monday night: watching Raw on her TV. She never missed an episode of Raw. She has admitted to having a crush on a few of the superstars, especially John Cena.

Lately, Rachel has developed another affinity for a member of the Raw roster–a Diva,
at that. She watched intensely, eagerly waiting for the object of her sudden affection to appear. Finally, she appeared; one of WWE’s hottest Diva’s–the lovely and curvaceous Eve Torres. Rachel couldn’t figure out why she was suddenly so smitten over Eve. She just simply watched her with a look of romantic adoration in her eyes.

“She’s so beautiful,” was all she said every time she watched Eve on television.

After Raw ended, Rachel shut off the TV and raced upstairs to her bedroom. Once there, she opened the curtains and her bedroom window so she could get a good look at the night sky. The young blonde watched as the dark clouds shifted–revealing a bright, full moon. At that moment, Rachel began breathing and moaning loudly as she walked towards her mirror. She looked at her reflection, only to see that her eyes displayed a bright, animalistic color.

Rachel tore off her clothes and watched as white fur was covering every facet of her body. Her manicured fingernails became sharp, black claws, and her fangs elongated from her once soft lips. The bestial beauty stared at herself in her mirror, liking what she was seeing. In no time, she had transformed from a blonde bombshell into a fierce, female werewolf. After admiring herself in the mirror, Rachel leapt out through the window and landed outside on all fours.

This wasn’t Rachel’s first transformation. She had been a werewolf for nearly a year, but because she works during the day plus her being virtually unseen when she’s out in her beastly form at night, no one knew. As she prowled all around her surroundings, she heard heard a noise from behind her. Rachel quickly turned around to see what was going on.

“Who’s there?” the vocal she-wolf called. Hearing no response, Rachel continued on her way. But despite seeing nothing, she could still sense that someone–or something–was out there. Rachel walked around slowly, hoping to catch whatever was there…before it catches her. In a split second, she saw a huge blur whiz right past her, nearly knocking her down.

“What the hell was that?!” Rachel asked. Just then, she was suddenly knocked down and tackled by what appeared to be that same blur. Angered, the lycanthropic beauty looked to cause extreme bodily harm to her attacker. She looked up, and was stunned at what she saw.

“Oh my God.”

Standing over Rachel was another werewolf–a female at that. She was fully covered with brown fur and wore tattered, torn clothes. At that moment, as Rachel stood face-to-face with her fellow lycanthrope, her mood changed from that of anger to feelings of admiration. Just as she was about to embrace her, the mysterious she-wolf ran off into the darkness, letting out a loud, ear-piercing howl as she disappeared from sight.

The next morning, Rachel woke up in her bedroom, as naked as a jaybird. Though she was out nearly all night, the only image in her memory was facing a second female werewolf–one that immensely captivated her. As she dressed herself, it was all the young blonde could think about. Rachel’s train of thought was interrupted by a knock at the door. She rushed downstairs, wondering who could be at her door at this hour.

“Who is it?” Rachel yelled. Receiving no answer, she opened the door, and was in total shock when she saw who it was. Standing before her was the very woman that she developed a mysterious affinity for–WWE Diva Eve Torres. Rachel couldn’t say a word; she was too busy attemping to decipher what was happening.

“I’m sorry,” said Eve. “I must have the wrong house.” As she walked away, Rachel, figuring this may be her one and only chance to meet her crush, ran after her. “Wait up!” she shouted. Eve quickly turned around and saw Rachel running towards her. The golden-haired beauty took the time to catch her breath before she spoke her piece.

“I just wanted to say,” said Rachel, “that I watch you every Monday on Raw, and that I am a huge, huge fan.”

“Thank you, I appreciate that,” replied Eve.

“I’m Rachel, by the way,” said Rachel.

“I know who you are,” said Eve. “I’ve seen you before.” That last statement made Rachel a bit nervous. “What do you mean?” she asked.

“You’re one of the Price is Right models,” answered Eve. “I never miss a show.” Rachel breathed a slight sigh of relief, which Eve happened to witness. “Don’t be nervous, Rachel,” she said. “I truly appreciate your admiration. To be honest, I was kinda hoping to meet a female fan…especially one as beautiful as you.” The seductive Diva walked closer to Rachel and it appeared that the two beauties were going to embrace, but Eve stopped herself.

“Not here,” said Eve. “I have a better venue in store for us. There’s a park not too far from here that is usually uninhabited late at night. Be there at close to midnight. I’ll meet you there.”

“OK,” said Rachel.

“Just think,” said Eve. “It’ll be so romantic. Just me and you…under the full moon. See you there.”

That nervous chill that Rachel felt before returned with a vengeance. She was elated that she was going to be spending time with her favorite Diva, but a full moon? Rachel should have been concentrating on tonight’s date, but all she could think of doing was how to appropriately tell Eve that she is a werewolf.

It was about ten minutes before midnight by the time Rachel arrived at the park to meet Eve. She wasn’t kidding about the park being uninhabited–the young blonde was the only one there, until Eve popped up. “I am so glad you decided to join me, Rachel,” she said as she walked towards her. Rachel was quick to notice that Eve wasn’t wearing much–just a trenchcoat and a pair of heels, the latter of which she quickly removed.

Rachel knew that it would be a matter of very little time before her secret would be revealed, and that made her intensely nervous. She kept looking up at the night sky nearly every few seconds. The only slight distraction she had was her attraction to Eve, which was also growing. “You are so beautiful,” said Eve. “You are just as beautiful as you were last night.”

“Last night?” asked Rachel.

“That’s right, Rachel,” replied Eve. “I told you that I’ve seen you before. You saw me that night, as well.”

“What are you talking about?” a nervous Rachel asked. Eve closed her eyes and gave one intense deep breath. She quickly opened them–revealing animalistic, yellow pupils. “Now do you remember?” the smirking Diva asked. Rachel stood before Eve, speechless and stunned to know that Eve was the mysterious she-wolf that she encountered last night.

“I have been a werewolf for over a year,” Eve went on, “and I have waited that long for another to come along. When I saw you, I knew I had to pursue you.” The young Diva walked closer to Rachel, whose amorous feelings began to grow as her crush drew closer.

“Your feelings toward me,” said Eve, “are beyond normal admiration. It’s that sense of pure lust we get when we are attracted to one of our own.” Eve began making out with the blonde bomshell, just as the full moon began to reveal itself. “Tell me, Rachel,” she said, “what do you experience when you change?”

“Some slight pain,” said Rachel, while Eve was undressing her. “Followed by a feeling of orgasmic pleasure.” After Rachel was thoroughly undressed, Eve removed her trenchcoat and began caressing her lover’s body. Rachel was the first of the pair to start her metamorphosis, beginning with her glowing, yellow eyes.

“The pleasure you feel,” Eve said while fondling Rachel, “is nothing more than pure animal lust.” Eve spent a good amount of time playing with her lover’s firm breasts, all the while both ladies grew their fangs out in a moment of intense passion. The seductive Diva nuzzled the back of Rachel’s neck while her newly clawed hands were slowly moving down her body.

“Ahhhh…ahhhhh,” Rachel softly moaned as she slowly kneeled down to the ground. Not wanting to wait to assert her dominance, Eve shoved her lover down on the grass and stood over her as she completed the remainder of her transformation. A half-human Rachel watched as thick, brown fur covered her beautiful, toned body, Rachel completed her change as well and was about to pounce on her lover–only to be stopped in the process by Eve.

“Let’s get one thing straight,” the lycanthropic Diva said, “I am the alpha female here, and don’t you ever forget it!” Eve then pinned Rachel down on the ground and stared intensely into the eyes of the bestial beauty. “You are so beautiful,” she said, right before she passionately made out with her. The seductive she-wolf began kissing and licking every part of her lover’s fur covered body–from her breasts to her waist.

Rachel gave a number of orgasmic low growls as Eve continued her act of lovemaking. The Latina vixen decided to turn it up a notch by inserting her inhuman tongue inside of her wet and supernatural pussy. “OHHHH!!! AAAHHH!!!” Rachel loudly moaned while receiving some intense oral pleasure from the very woman she carried a torch for. The act became even more intense as Rachel suddenly felt Eve’s tongue lengthen inside of her.


Rachel’s human moans quickly became not-so-human growls and snarls as Eve continued to tongue-fuck her brains out. Despite her sheer enjoyment at being on the receiving end of some hot and heavy oral/anal penetration, the feral beauty quickly overpowered her lover and finally pounced on her.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” an angry Eve shouted.

“Sorry, alpha female,” said Rachel, “but it’s my turn now.” With that said, the game show goddess began pawing all over her lover, and wasted no time getting her clawed hands on her inhuman pussy. Rachel gently rubbed Eve’s soaked snatch, causing the wrestling vixen to have fits.

“AHHH!!! ARRRRGH!!!” Eve wildly bellowed while her pussy was being feasted on Rachel. “More! MORE!!!” Rachel did as Eve succinctly instructed and turned it up a notch by delivering the same thing she just received: some intense tongue fucking. At that moment, Eve’s loud orgasms became blood-curdling roars, and eventually…


…she, along with Rachel, emotionally bayed at the moon.

Morning arrived with Rachel laying on the grass, nude and exhausted. She was also alone–Eve was nowhere to be found. “Eve?” she said. “Where are you?” She looked all around for her lover until she finally heard her from behind.


Eve was hiding behind some bushes, wearing her trenchcoat–and holding an extra one for Rachel. The young blonde ran towards the wrestling vixen and quickly covered herself up. The pair of lovelies kissed passionately for a short while, before Rachel stopped herself. “Wait a minute,” she said. “We can’t do this here. Besides, the next full moon is four weeks from now.”

“I know,” said Eve, “but as horny as I am, I don’t need one.” The Latina bombshell licked her lips and wore a wicked smile on her face as she said the following:

“Your place or mine?”

The End

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