Animated Claudia

Animated Claudia

Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. Thanks to
Mesmer Eyes for
help. Enjoy.

In four years of working on a sci-fi TV series, Claudia Christian had
assumed she had seen
just about every effects trick possible and had even taken center stage for a
few of them.
However, becoming an animated character necessatied a new set of tricks that
Claudia was
getting used to.

Claudia had never done animation before and it took a bit to get used to
the process. She
was so used to doing week in and week out shootings for “Babylon 5” that the
idea of doing a
few weeks of work and not being able to see the finished product for a few years
was a tad
daunting but she took it.

“Atlantis” was a departure for Disney, an animated movie that was more
boasting no song and dance numbers and a bit more thrilling than the standard
Disney fare. In
other words, it was just up the alley for the woman who played Susan Ivanova on

One thing Claudia liked about animation was how the producers often cast
purely on voice
talent, ignoring looks and big names, which opened up an opportunity for her.
The producers
evidentially thought Claudia would be perfect to voice the sultry and seductive
Helga for the film
and Claudia enjoyed it, seeing Helga as a somewhat darker Ivanova, albeit
without the big lesbian

That was one thing Claudia could never understand, how come she got such a
following among gay women for the show. Okay, so maybe the episode that broadly
hinted she
and Andrea Thompson’s Talia had spent a night together added fuel to the fire
but Ivanova had
been seen with men in the series and it just threw her a little that whole fan
sites were devoted to
her character’s gay exploits. At least Disney didn’t take that into account when
hiring her.

The voice work had gone well, Claudia spending a few weeks in the booth
getting her
lines right. It was a little tricky working by herself. She was so used to being
able to see the
person she was acting with and gauge her own reactions with responses but she
supposed this
worked out well. Videos were taken of her performances to help the animator of
her character get
ideas for how to draw Helga, work out mouth movements and maybe even throw some
Claudia’s characteristics into her.

The voice work had been done in late 1998 and Claudia had been keeping a
somewhat low
profile since, with the exception of an appearance in the October, 1999 issue of
“Playboy” that
not only provided her her first opportunity to plug the movie but also finally
treated fans to a nude
layout. Claudia had no doubts about the spread. The money had helped, it boosted
her fame a bit
and she liked showing that actresses didn’t need to have surgically enhanced
chests to be
successful and sex symbols to boot.

That had all been a while ago though and now, “Atlantis” was finally on its
way to the
theaters, Claudia getting ready to do some publicity for it, interviews and talk
shows to boost the
film but first she wanted to make a quick stop and see it for herself. Oh, she’d
wait for the big
premiere to take in the actual film, she just wanted to figure out a little peek
at her finished

Claudia had been to the animation studios before and had no problems
getting in, heading
to the main studio. It was made of a set of cubicles, each one with a drawing
board, covered with
pages of drawings and each bearing the unique traits of their animators. Claudia
had no problems
finding the one she was looking for, covered with sketches of Helga, along with
some she didn’t
recognize, probably upcoming projects. She looked around the cubicle and was
surprised to see
the person sitting at the table. “Amy?”

The young blonde looked up, smiling up at Claudia. “Hey, Claudia, what
brings you by?”
She stood up, revealing her petite form wearing a pair of slacks and loose
shirt, a contrast to
Claudia’s nice pale dress, her long curly brown hair brushing past her
shoulders. Amy was pretty
in a small-town way, not quite reaching the cool beauty of Claudia but managing
to get some
glances from guys all the same.

Amy was an assistant to the animators around here and Claudia had met her a
few times
when she dropped by to check out the progress of her character. Amy seemed to be
a big fan of
Claudia’s and Claudia had learned to deal with her requests for info on the show
and such. Amy
was studying to be an animator herself and was hoping this would be her big
break to do more.

“So, what are you doing here?” Amy asked.

“Just wanted to check things out before the big rush for the film starts,”
explained. “Probably the last time I’ll be able to drop by here.”

“Too bad,” Amy said. “I’ve enjoyed our visits. Oh, in fact, I was hoping
someone would
drop by so I can show this.” She led Claudia over to one of the computers, which
seemed to be
running a program. “I don’t know if they’ve ever shown you this,” Amy started.
“It’s the
computer we use to start putting images together. Back in the old days, they had
to photocopy
every single drawing and move it to film.”

“Does this speed things up?” Claudia asked, genuinely curious. She’d grown
to respect these
animators, who usually spent hours upon hours drawing for what would turn out to
be one minute
of screen time.

“Well, not with drawing, they still have to do every move by hand,” Amy
shook her head.
“However, it does help put them all together a lot faster and saves space on all
the pages. So, you
don’t have to flip page after page to get the images going, you just hit a
switch and you can see it
come to life. Here, check it out.”

Amy hit button on the keyboard and the screen came to life. It showed a
bright image,
probably some test effect thing, Claudia thought. She watched as the image
showed clearly. It
seemed to be a ball of some sort and as she watched, streaks seemed to come out
from it and
pulse outward while at the same time, a spiral like design turned in the middle
of the ball. Claudia
watched it, watched the spiral turn, watched the ball seemed to pulse with
light. It was so
fascinating to watch, to watch the spiral turn and the ball to pulse, it was so
eye-catching, so hard
to look away from it. She just stood and watched the amazing effect, watched it
spin and pulse,
spin and pulse, she just started to let everything else drift away and just
concentrated on the
amazing effect, just the amazing animated effect……

Amy felt a thrill as she watched Claudia’s face become slack, eyes
fluttering slightly as she
watched the effect go to work. It had taken a lot of pencils and papers to get
it all to work, but
Amy had managed to create a perfect hypnotic image, the computer causing the
sequence to
constantly repeat in rapid succession to quickly instill a trance. Adding to the
power were special
written messages inserted every few pages: “Relax.” “Sleep.” “Trust Amy.” “Obey
Amy.” “Love
Amy.” With the rapid fire succession of images, Claudia was being swiftly
entranced and brought
further and further into a nice state of relaxation by Amy.

“Can you hear me, Claudia?”

Claudia’s lips parted as she stared at the screen. “Yes…..” she
whispered, glazed eyes
fixed on the still pulsing image.

Amy wanted to take her and jump her like she’d been wanting to do ever
since she had
first watched “Babylon 5” but the Disney executives were understandably down on
such things in
their offices. So, Amy had to wait a bit, her mind already moving ahead as she
spoke. “Listen
carefully, Claudia. You won’t remember this but listen…..”

Claudia sighed as she got into her hotel room. God, what a day. It had been
a while since
she had promoted stuff and she had forgotten how much it took out a person.
Well, at least things
were working out with the film and she had a good feeling about her career now.
She started a bit
at a knock on her door. She hadn’t been expecting any visitors and peered
through her peephole,
surprised to see Amy on the other side.

“What’s up?” Claudia asked as she opened the door.

“Oh, I just had to show you this,” Amy said, holing up what appeared to be
one of those
animated flipbooks often sold in gift shops. Although it had been a long day,
Claudia decided to
let her in and check it out. She let Amy in, the blonde giving her the book to
look at. “Just check
it out,” Amy smiled. “Oh, I have to go freshen up, hope you like it.”

She headed off to the bathroom and Claudia looked down, flipping the book
to show it
had the same pulsing ball she had seen earlier. Her fingers let it flip and the
ball began to pulse and
spiral. When Claudia got to the end of the flip book, she flipped back, letting
it flow the other
way. And then the other. And the other. Again and again and again…….

Five minutes later, Amy stepped out of the bathroom. She was completely
naked, her nice
petite form shown, her pointed breasts showing. She smiled at Claudia. The
flipbook was lying on
the floor, Claudia’s head slumped forward, eyes still staring blankly downward,
the book carrying
the same animation as had entranced Claudia before, putting her back into a
trance state and ready
for Amy.

“Look up, Claudia,” Amy intoned and the actress looked up with blank eyes.
“Will you
obey me, Claudia?”

“Obey….Amy…..” Claudia whispered.

“Will you love me, Claudia?”


“Take off all your clothes, Claudia, so you can start.” Amy held her breath
as she watched
Claudia obey, her clothing slowly stripped away to reveal her body. Amy took her
in, the nice
shaved tuft between her long legs, her pert but still fascinating breasts so
alluring, her long hair
touching the tops of the mounds.

Amy couldn’t take it any longer, she had to taste her and moved forward,
Claudia and kissing her full on the lips as she’d dreamed of doing for so long.
Claudia responded
with passion, her lips pushed against Amy’s, tongue diving into her mouth and
hands moving to
her tight ass, squeezing it hard as she kissed. Amy moved her hands forward to
Claudia’s nice
breasts, squeezing them hard as they kept on kissing, palms on Claudia’s tits as
the star rubbed at
her ass.

Amy moved them both over to the bed, pushing Claudia down. She took a
moment to
admire Claudia, her face a mixture of bliss and rapture, framed by that gorgeous
lock of hair, then
moved down, kissing down Claudia’s body, moving her face towards the brown tuft.
She paused
to breathe in before pushing her face into the nice clit, tongue reaching out to
lick at the lovely
lips. Claudia moaned, feeling Amy enter her, licking at Claudia’s pussy, hands
moving to push
around her thighs as she lapped at Claudia’s waiting clit. The hypnotized
starlet moaned as her
thighs clamped around Amy’s head, holing her in tight and encouraging her to at
her swollen clit,
Amy answering the call, her tongue lapping furiously away at Claudia, hands
moving under the
sheets to squeeze at her ass, Claudia coming alive, withering on the couch as
Amy kept at it, her
tongue lapping away at Claudia’s pussy, lips soon spitting forth juices and then
unleashing them in
a rush into Amy’s waiting mouth.

Amy licked away all of the waiting cum, then moved back up on Claudia’s
body, kissing
her full, Claudia feeling her own juices on Amy’s lips as the other woman
pressed on her, their
pussies pushing together as they rolled around. Amy moved up on the bed, legs
spread as she
pushed Claudia down her body, moaning as Claudia’s tongue slid along her tits
before coming to
her clit. Amy held her in and Claudia had no choice but to start licking, her
tongue reaching out
and dragging along her pussy. Amy groaned as she hooked her legs around
Claudia’s head, holing
her tight inside and letting her tongue explore her pussy, working all the way
around her and
going to work. Amy rubbed at her breasts, pushing them together and gasping as
she felt Claudia
go at her. Oh, God, this woman had to have been in some lesbian experiences
before, no way was
she this good her first time eating carpet. She threw her head back, moaning
louder and louder,
building to a loud shriek as Claudia’s tongue finally hit home, releasing Amy’s
cum onto her face,
streaking her brown hair with yellow streaks.

Amy brought Claudia up and into another kiss, the two rubbing their bodies
against one
another, breasts and pussies merging together. Amy knew she couldn’t keep
Claudia under
forever, she’d have to erase her memory just like a drawing with maybe a little
something for
another encounter. For now, she was just going to stay here and let Claudia take
her to the

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