Anna, A Perfect Match

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Written by TMFU °2004

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Anna, a perfect match

Chapter One

Anna looked into the mirror and gave herself a nod of approval: the dark Porsche glasses nicely finished her disguise job.

Normally, Anna didn’t mind some attention, or even bucket loads of attention. In fact, she couldn’t live without it for extended periods of time. But sometimes, discretion was in place. Today
was one of those “undercover” days. Few realised how good she actually was in going undercover, since it usually didn’t make it onto the cover of tabloids!

To begin with, she had gathered up her hair in a surprisingly compact tuft. Who would suspect her famous long golden tresses hidden in there! Then there was the LA-Lakers T-shirt. She had never worn it before, and it would blend her perfectly into the crowd. With no bra underneath it, her firm tits could do well without, at least when she wasn’t bouncing around a court. With the minuscule shorts, she accentuated her nicely rounded ass, but she tied a sweater around her waist to cover that delicious asset for the time being. Panties weren’t needed today. Anna loved the special feeling of a free-breathing pussy anyway. It helped her to get in the right mood, especially having people around who had NO IDEA about the nudity underneath her thin layer of clothes. And what about the shapely legs? Oh well, you can’t have everything! This hot summer day would quickly become a torture if she had to hide THOSE also.

After a last once-over, Anna left her room. She checked out at the desk, smiling at the receptionist when he failed to recognize her under the false name. It was only after stepping into the non-descript rental car that she felt completely at ease, though. It was just very hard for her to avoid being watched, whether deliberately downgraded from goddess to anonymous chick, or not.

After all, that’s why she had chosen the grey Buick; any help to tone down her splendid brilliance was more than welcome.

With the printed road planner directions spread out on the passenger seat, she set off to cruise the LA highways. At the top of the first printed page, it read:


As she left the parking lot, Anna’s thoughts drifted to memories about the last few months.

This adventure had started way back, when Anna went to watch the LA Lakers in the NBA finals last year. Enrique had been able to fix some tickets for exorbitantly expensive seats, about as close as possible to the field. He saw it as a great investment in public visibility. It was still hot between them back then, she remembered. But thinking back, it also struck her that it could actually have been that very same day that things began to go downhill. The smile on her face only fainted momentarily. Anna had found out more than enough reasons in the mean time to realize that their current, temporary break-up wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

Anyway, as they were watching the match, after about ten minutes our Russian beauty had experienced a “revelation.” Not a religious one, but an *erotic* revelation. The man who joined the game at that moment had literally made her jaw drop and made her feel strange in her belly. Most of the players were big and powerful, but THIS guy was in a class of his own. He awakened feelings in Anna that she had never expected to be there. Feelings that even shocked her to some degree. His colossal appearance, one big black shiny block of muscles, reminded her of… It reminded her of something she barely dared to think of, and it wasn’t human for sure!!

The next hour or so, Anna concentrated on his muscles in motion. The cables that were running over his arms and legs. His powerful charges with which he blew away any opponent, sometimes three in one go! It was an awesome display of force and power. A man who made a girl feel SAFE. Not some wimpy Latino Casanova-wannabe!!

>From time to time, he would return to the bench, sitting just a few feet from her. He seemingly covered almost her entire field of vision with his impressive bull-neck.

Anna didn’t remember who won the game that night. But in her mind, there was no doubt!

Obtrusive honking of a car-horn forced Anna back into the present. Annoyed, she looked at the car in the lane next to her.

“Olé chica! Oleeeeey! Aye caramba, want to join our little party?”

A bunch of Latino machos, all but the driver hanging half out of the car windows, were cheering and whistling at her. They were clearly piss drunk as hell. She had concealed her identity, but certainly not her divine looks! She still looked as nubile as they come. And it worked like syrup works for all kinds of flying vermin…

That’s how things always went when she ended up in yet another traffic jam. The LA roads were no different from Florida in that respect. At least, at home she had the Porsche. But the powerhouse in the back that she so often used to get rid of morons like these wasn’t of any use in a traffic jam anyway.

“You lookin’ lonely, senorita. Why not come with us? You like! Tequila, tequila!”

What a bunch of retarded morons! Almost as she decided to go into “total ignore” mode, she realized she had to take the first upcoming exit. Immediately, Anna’s mischievous side took the upper hand and came up with a naughty plan.

“Caramba, baby! Your gringo is one lucky bastardo! Hahaha.”

Some temperaments were seriously overheating. Time to blow their fuses!

After checking that the exit was completely free, Anna made sure to remain side by side with the car of the annoying gang. Instead of acting like they didn’t exist, she played the card of provocation; the guys burst out in ever louder cheering when she turned towards them and suggestively licked her lips.


“MADRE DIOS. Come play with us, senorita!”

Then, at the very last moment, Anna not only lifted her shirt up, but immediately afterwards also took off her glasses, and winked!

It was comical how the tough bunch silenced completely in utter astonishment.

Anna stuck out her tongue as the final number of her little show and yanked her steering wheel to the right. With full throttle, she left the highway behind. In the rear-view mirror, she could see how one of the guys landed with his face flat on the blacktop.


She couldn’t help bursting out in laughter, barely able to breathe! It was good for the poor guy that they were almost standing still when he lost balance, hanging out of the window.

When her belly finally calmed down, she wiped the tears from her eyes.

“Damn that was fun. That was REALLY fun.”

Even if the rest didn’t work out as planned, she would still have enjoyed her share of thrills today.

“Yup Murzik baby, you still have a naughty side!” she spoke to herself. “Maybe you should do this more often.”

If it wouldn’t have been so awkward, she would have loved to even flash them her pussy. Now THAT would have been something. As for the risk of it getting public, it was so surrealistic that nobody would believe them anyway.

Anna knew all too well that she was one hot little number, and she had always enjoyed a tease. She loved to tan topless in the backyard when her cousin Iwan was on visit. To watch him drool all over her each time was a delight. One could swear the bulge in his swimming pants got bigger with every next family visit! One day, she would put him out of his misery, she pondered. But first he had to simmer a little longer in his own boy-cum. He was still a bit too young, but once he would reach the age of some of the ball boys she had seduced, it would be rather unfair to not grant a family member the same as them, wouldn’t it? (*note: read the author’s first Anna story to learn more)

Back to the Lakers…

After that exciting evening in LA, she had found out that she wasn’t the only female with secret fantasies about this awesome hunk. For example, the ladies on the exhibition tour she was playing, because of her injury, turned out to be surprisingly well informed about him; many a giggle was exchanged in the dressing rooms while they talked about his 7″1 and 340 lbs. About his big, skilful hands and fingers, and his athletic abilities. All properties that made these girls nervously chuckle with a glimmer of desire in their eyes. Assumptions about “certain” body parts got the biggest share of discussion, though. Picture those scenes as a bunch of fisherwomen boasting about the size of their biggest catches…

Every girl wanted Shaquille O’Neal, the imposing center of the LA Lakers.

And Shaq wanted every girl. It was the perfect symbiosis. Free market economy at its best.

But none of the other players had any real ambition to go beyond just dreams and fantasies. That’s where Anna was different. Anna was ambitious in everything. And Anna usually got what she wanted: either through money, with a smile, or just with her looks and a “if you help me with this, you might make a chance” attitude. The Russian had also the benefit that at her level, her sport had taught her to work meticulously towards a goal.

Indeed, her determination often stunned people who only knew her superficially. It was a determination that had its roots in more than just one breeding ground. One could point to how her parents raised her, and undoubtedly also to some genetic influence. It was not John Doe who had the guts to move from Moscow to Florida. Parents Alla and Sergey had shown great courage and persistence to endure the horrific bureaucracy. It was both an example for their daughter, and a proof of predestination.

Once the dollars of prize money and, foremost, endorsements and photo-shootings started to flood in, yet another factor became involved. All the success and idolization threatened to turn the young Anna into a spoiled brat. When you’re used to getting everything, everyone and everywhere by merely issuing a command, venting a wish or faking a smile, a “no” becomes hard to swallow.

Although Anna was already a few years beyond this almost inevitable phase in the life of a young celebrity, she still suffered from some leftover conditioned behavior. She tried hard and honestly to not lose her temper when things didn’t go her way. But the nagging feelings of frustration deep inside, she couldn’t eliminate completely yet. She was determined to get exactly what she wanted, no less!

Not that she was often in such a position. Her natural charm and beauty were spearheaded by a cute smile that made men, bar none, melt on the spot. Not only figuratively, but sometimes also literally, since some seemed to actually PRODUCE a spot in her presence. As a result, she was treated like a princess, and words like “no”, “difficult” and “impossible” were almost extinct in Anna Kournikova-land.

Nearly the same had happened to the word “wish.”

Anna still used it, but somehow it had become an empty word for her. Whereas ordinary people reserved the term for really special occasions or desires (and had an abundance of unfulfilled ones), the Russian had a hard time to still come up with one. Whenever she saw a falling star, she just gave up trying after a few minutes!

It had dawned on her only a few months ago. One day, she was surfing the Net when she stumbled upon a list of things people absolutely loved to experience, at least once in their lives. #1 on the list was, by quite some margin, “swimming among dolphins.” An eerie feeling struck her when reading this. It was precisely what she had done a few years ago already, at the age of 17, in the Melbourne Zoo. Yet another sponsor gift during a Grand Slam. Could this be any more symbolic?

She had also flown a MIG jet airplane. She had petted a tiger. She had met the President of the United States in person. She had worked with the best photographers in the world in the most exotic locations. She had worn creations of the top couturiers. She had driven an Indy car and even a bob sledge. The list went on and on…

Had she ALREADY consumed the icing on the cake of life?

There had been plenty of examples of other people, in such a position, who had reverted to drugs or even suicide in extreme cases. Strange things can happen in the heads of people who thought they had seen it all.

And indeed, the months that followed hadn’t been the happiest in Anna’s young life. Those few targets she had still set, like winning a tournament for once, seemed elusive now that she was hit by injuries and the evolution in women’s tennis. Objectively speaking, there was still hope. But since she had attached herself to ‘Latin Lover’ Enrique Iglesias, it had become harder to focus on her game. She had unconsciously scrapped a tournament victory from her list of remaining wishes. Instead, she now focused on… Yes, on what? Nobody, including Anna herself, seemed to have a clue sometimes. But in the new biotope Enrique dragged her into, this seemed the norm. Spicing up celebrity parties and ‘being noticed’ in general, raised your status in those circles.

Indeed, she seemed to focus on her fame instead of her game.

For a while she had joined her new flame in that artificial rollercoaster, but it was hardly satisfying in the long term. It only made her mind go number and number, her joy in life becoming smaller and smaller. Smiles were still there, but only in front of the camera and after considerable effort.

But then, there was that night at the Lakers…

For the first time in a long period, Anna had felt her heartbeat speed up. Her hand palms became sweaty. A blush of excitement appeared on her puffy cheeks… and between her legs it got rather soppy!

That’s when she realized, in a flash, that the Internet poll had only covered the ‘politically correct’ desires. There was ANOTHER list, in the back of the heads of people. She knew all too well she figured on many of those lists herself. And the top entry on her personal secret wish list was parading in front of her, on the field.

What she also realized was that this wish was not a matter of simply asking or demanding from her staff. This had to be WORKED for. This needed a PLAN. FOCUS. A new challenge to put her teeth into. JUST what she needed.

Chapter Two

Anna stopped for traffic lights and tried to concentrate on the directions. That’s harder than you think when you’re horny! On days like this, when she had her mind set on sex, almost anything seemed to trigger her. Recalling memories about Shaq, her little adventure with the Latino gang, combined with the stimulating feeling of her bare pussy against the fabric of her shorts had all accumulated and started to improve the blood circulation around certain private areas. And Anna felt her blood was not the only body juice that was streaming well.

This girl was glowing in anticipation! Even on a cold winter’s day she would have been sweating.

The fact that one of those Latinos on the freeway had, from a distance, actually resembled Enrique a bit (or was it her sexed-up mind playing tricks?) didn’t help. Yeah, they had decided to give each other a little freedom. But she had fallen for his looks in the first place and still had a soft spot for his type. Taste, even BAD taste, doesn’t change overnight!

Her crush on her newfound Black Stallion was of a different order still; while she could at least IMAGINE Enrique as the father of her offspring, her new obsession was merely the work of the Selfish Horny Gene inside her.

Soon after her desire had started materializing, she had worked out her strategy and undertaken the first steps. That was after discarding her initial idea to infiltrate the “Lakers Girls,” the traditional cheerleader club of the Lakers. She realized she was too famous to make THAT plan work. And besides, she probably would be fucked by all the other players, too, in that case. She wouldn’t really mind with most of them, but still…

But it was via those Lakers Girls that Anna got the bulk of the information that she was going to need. Naturally, she started attending as many Lakers’ games as possible, and took every opportunity to socialize with the unofficial players’ harem. They turned out to be quite nice girls, really. They couldn’t quote Shakespeare or name two South American countries, let alone dance, but they were great at smiling artificially and giving head! They also sucked at saying “NO.” Careful interrogations showed Anna that every single one of them had joined the Girls via the same procedure. Now all she had to do was to follow the same recipe…

And it looked like she was a perfect ingredient.

Step one consisted of showing up to cheer the players’ cars after a training or match, in scanty textile. Usually, there would be a large group of semi-naked girls crowding around the exit of the Lakers’ training centre parking lot. The parade of limos, Rolls, SUVs and Italian sports cars would then drive by at a snail’s pace and invite chicks by stopping at their height. One simply had to look plain gorgeous and/or sluttish enough to be noticed.

That part couldn’t go wrong in her eyes.

Step two? Step two took place in the backseat and was for most not only a means, but also the eventual goal. Naturally, Anna was no different in that respect, and again had no doubts about the positive outcome. She just had to make sure that only the front car would stop, since this was the Shaqmobile, of the man who had naturally imposed himself to draft his fuck toys first in line.

“SHIT. Why are these damn printouts always so confusing!”

Anna had pulled the car to the side of the road and was trying to locate landmarks on her map… in vain! Normally she was driven wherever she went and didn’t have to figure out directions on her own. And it looked like she didn’t have much talent for it, either. Or maybe it was just the usual female lack of orientation in our complex 3-D universe. The 2-D map proved challenging enough already, as illustrated by her frustrated sighs.

The sound of ticking against the windshield made her look up.

“Having problems, miss?”

A police officer was peeking inside, through the open window, and probably also into her loose shirt. That was just a guess though, because of the dark glasses he was wearing.

“You know you can’t park here, darling.”

Anna loved his condescending tone. NOOOOT!

“Oh, hi officer. I’m sorry but I…”

“WAIT! DON’T say anything. Give me your lovely hand, if you don’t mind, miss, please?”

“But… what?”

“No worries. Chief McNamara just wants to read your hand. A little hobby of mine.”

“Eh, sure… Why not, eh?” [What a moron!]

Chief McNamara pulled Anna’s hand through the window and started “reading,” with far more stealthy desire than Anna found decent for a law enforcer. He looked more like a hand-fetishist to her, the way he was gently stroking the back of her hand and her palm.



“Right… Miss Gradenko has no secrets for me. Your lines tell me that you’re here to become a Lakers Girl. Am I right or not?”

Anna looked stunned, and didn’t need to answer.

“And she is lost. She needs to turn around and go left at the previous crossing if she wants to find the training center.”


“Have a good day, miss. The lines look promising; just make sure to always cover your back!”

He turned around before Anna would notice the fun he was having. Little did she know that he brought this act here just about every Wednesday. Each and every week he had to drive out to pick up stranded blondes (not that anybody FORCED him to), like kids that had gotten lost at the beach. And bring them to the Lakers Gods when they descended from their Olympus.

But he wasn’t jealous. Every once in a while, he could get a piece of the pie. The Lakers not only brought a lot of money to the city, but also a lot of sex.

Anna drove off, still wondering about the hows and why’s, but soon found the right route now. Only minutes later, she mixed with an army of other girls who were going into battle.

As the parade of player-cars approached, the road was lined with a seething tapestry of bright bikini colors, and skin tones from the palest pink to the deepest black. An ear-deafening wave of cheers built up the closer they came, as collective hysteria took hold of the crowd. Girls seemed to lose their minds, some even (intentionally?) their bikini-tops as the first cars drove by, slowing down to better inspect the assorted meats. The sound and excitement were soon becoming almost unbearable, and started to pull more and more girls into downright delirium.

Anna stood out, as she remained calm and composed. She was tried and tested against several kinds of hysteria, mostly involving hordes of teenage boys. It all passed above her head, and she felt superior to the chaotic armada of bimbos and cheap amateur whores around her. She had everything to be a true beacon of class and natural beauty in a turbulent sea of future also-rans.

This was going to be easier than she could have hoped!

Although it may have looked like a formality, tennis had taught Anna to take no chances. Among chickens, a peacock doesn’t need to unfold its tail, but nevertheless he does it anyway! Likewise, she released her long blonde tresses to reveal an awesome golden waterfall, dropped the sweater to better display her tight ass and fit upper legs, and put on her famous bright smile.

With all weapons on edge, nothing could go wrong.

Thus, Anna was only *slightly* worried when the lead car stopped the first time well ahead of her area. She knew it was her target’s car. A big black modified van, the license plate started with “SHAQ”. The windows were blinded, but she imagined him with his nose pressed against them on the inside, licking his lips while checking out the goods on display.

Surely he had good taste and an eye for quality? There was no reason to panic, Anna told herself.

Nevertheless, she became a little restless next, as a window was pulled down and a pair of ultra-sluttish, large-breasted black bimbos went totally crazy. Apparently, His Greatness was signaling THEM to join him inside!

Anna couldn’t believe her eyes when the driver stepped out, with the engine still running, walked around the car and let the hysterical pair into the back. Their exciting screams filtered out of the cacophony as soon as the door closed behind them.

The van quickly picked up speed again and whizzed by… past a dumbfounded and speechless Anna!

Immediately, the Russian could feel the usual frustration build up inside. It looked like she wasn’t going to get what she wanted, and this could mean only ONE thing: she was going to SCREAM it out!!


Anna’s head looked like a red beet. It was an outbreak of helpless anger, devoid of any hope. She had traveled all that far, for NOTHING. What a nightmare this day was turning into! What a pitiful life she had! And those NBA stars were all just primitive cavemen!

But about 30 yards further, the van suddenly came to a halt in a cloud of burning rubber, the screeching of brakes ripping through the air. Still in a state of shock, Anna witnessed how the door on the other side was opened and the busty couple was thrown out, protesting loudly. A second later, the driver put the car in reverse and delivered it right in front of our girl.

Once more, the heavy door swung open. This time there was no hysteria and no confusion; as soon as the two babes had entered Shaq’s van, the crowd had concentrated on the next in line, leaving Anna alone at her spot.

Had Shark Shaq bitten the bait after all?

As the door opened, the loud tones of a typical second-rate rap song joined the chugging exhaust and the roaring engine. Then everything got silent. For a second or two, Anna stared into the empty blackness. Then she cut the knot and jumped inside, engulfed in total darkness as the door closed behind her.

Chapter Three

Gradually, her eyes started adjusting to the lack of bright daylight. First, two shiny white rows of teeth, the symmetry broken by a single gold one, materialized. Then she picked up a variety of flashy gold plated necklaces and rings. Finally, the gaps were filled in by an enormous silhouette.

It spoke…

“Welcome to the Shaqmobile, young lady!”

The welcoming speech, short and to the point, was followed by a CLICK. Suddenly the interior bathed in atmospheric pinkish light, revealing the identity of the jewelry shop next to her. It was, indeed, the one and only Shaquille O’Neal himself, who saw his grin reflected in his young pickup’s dark glasses.

Anna let her eyes wander around; the interior of the back of the van seemed completely adjusted to its owner’s scale and decadence. On the backside was a luxury brown leather seat over the entire width. Then, facing it, there was another single seat on the driver’s side. The leather was hemmed up with gaudy purple material, stitched to it with gold wire. Behind the passenger seat, a fridge and bar were installed while the gap in the middle contained a flat screen with apparently a computer connected to it (at least there was a mini-keyboard visible).

Shaq himself was sitting on the skin of some close-to-extinction feline. Apart from the jewelry, he was stripped to the waist, wearing only a reversed baseball cap and boxer shorts. Both were in the well-known Lakers colors. With his albatross-arms stretched out on top of the back seat, his torso seemed to fill the interior completely. That’s what they call ‘wall-to-wall’!

Anna tried to catch her breath, her mouth half-open. The strong impression Shaq made on her right now, from this close, surprised even her. She should have realized that something that looks so big, even from a distance, turns out to be intimidatingly giant when you get anywhere up close.

Startled, she was looking for words to break the silence.

“Well, aren’t you going to introduce yourself to Shaq and his buddy Wilson? Sweetie, meet Wilson, my personal driver. Wilson, this is…?”

Only now that the basketball legend pointed at him, Anna noticed the driver peeking between the two front seats.

“Hello, miss!”

Somehow, the idea of having the company of a third person, seemed to comfort the otherwise so extrovert girl and loosen up her tongue.

“Anna, my name is Anna. Glad to meet you, Wilson.”

She did her best effort to hide her disdain with a smile. The big guy who’s warm and sticky hand she was shaking, reminded her of one of those cliché fat rappers. The type that hired lingerie models for their videos, in the hope to turn the shootings into filthy orgies.

Wilson was BIG indeed. For most, it was difficult to believe that he and Shaq once formed a reputable basket-duo as youngsters in the slums. Drafting them for the neighborhood championships was an assurance against defeat. Shaq had gone on to become an NBA legend, but Wilson had apparently lacked the talent and character. Or maybe it was that every time his mate got a vertical adolescent growth spurt, Wilson seemed to get a horizontal one.

It hadn’t managed to drive them apart though. After all those years, they still got along with each other as if nothing had happened since their childhood. They were hand in glove. Shaq had no problem sharing some of his success with his buddy, who he had adopted as his driver/personal security guard. While Wilson only allowed the Chosen Chicks to approach Shaq, Shaq did him favors back. His $65 million-contract with Reebok, for example, contained a special clause. And so it happened that Wilson appeared in his very own donut commercial.

“Enough formality. What can Shaq do for this lovely lady?”

The silhouette turned towards Anna and landed a big warm paw on her left knee. Humming the tune of “Crazy in Love”, he drummed along with his fingers and slowly crawled up Anna’s thigh. His eyes lustfully focused on the area where her soft skin tunneled into the loose shorts.


Shaq froze, clearly surprised.

“Are you afraid to look me in the eyes, or what?”

Anna pointed at the dark glasses she was still wearing. Shaq laughed, a bit relieved. For a second there, he thought it was again one of those annoyingly late “NO”-girls. There should be a federal law against that kind of cruel teasing! As a girl, you knew what to expect when you boarded the Shaqmobile.

“Of course not! You’re right; it’s no style to keep those enchanting eyes hidden. Let me help you.”

His hand left Anna’s thigh (already she longed after the return of his warm touch) and lifted the glasses from her face… only to drop them instantly on the floor!

“By the God Almighty Wilt Chamberlain!”

Wilson joined his boss in his surprise. The girl with the sheepish grin on her face was now finally recognized by both as the world-famous tennis babe.

“To be more precise: Kournikova, Anna Kournikova. But friends call me ‘Murzik’.”

She enjoyed the amazement she caused in the two men. Anna craved little ego-boosts like these. Even more so because Shaq was probably a lot harder to amaze than ordinary guys.

“Well, aren’t you going to say something?” Now she also gave him a taste of his own medicine…

Surprisingly, it was Wilson who recovered first.

“Gee… Welcome, Miss Kournikova. Something in the back of my mind had already recognized you. I’ve heard a lot about you, and I am even a bit of a fan! Welcome aboard our little driving sanctuary.”

“Euh, yeah! Pleased to meet you,” Shaq now also contributed.

“Glad to hear that I’m welcome.” (It would have been earth-shattering for Anna to find out that she was NOT welcome somewhere!)

“Certainly, certainly! Wow, you can say that it’s a bit of a surprise. Why not just pay me and the mates a visit in the dressing rooms after a match? I mean, I’ve noticed you in the stands quite often lately. We don’t BITE, you know. And just about everyone in the team is a fan.”

“Ah, you know all too well how it would go in that case. The media would be all over it. We wouldn’t be able to do the things we want to do, or talk about what we really want to talk about, would we? It’s much better like this, incognito, in the privacy of your own van.”

A strange atmosphere settled itself now. Shaq was acting rather reserved and stiff, not sure how to behave himself. Each word he spoke gave away a growing disinterest and apathy. Not only didn’t he associate this place with normal conversations, he was also puzzled about the Russian’s intentions. In any case, he didn’t expect much exciting to happen, so his libido was put to sleep, at least temporarily.

As for Anna, she found out reality can be slightly more complex than the simple scenarios developing themselves in a horny girl’s brain. Her numerous nightly fantasies, hands between legs, had never contained a Wilson. They DID contain a horny and “energetic” Shaq, not a lethargic bear in hibernation.

While chatting, she was trying to figure out how to elegantly bridge this gap between fantasy and reality. And how to write the Fat Pig out of the scenario, as he ruined her appetite!!

“So, doesn’t it sometimes get too much, all this over-the-top behavior of your fans?” Anna nodded in the general direction of the hysterical mass.

“I know *I* sometimes feel like having a break.”

“Oh, of course it can be annoying at times. But they are my fans, so I try my best to always treat them with respect. I’m sure you try too?”

“Yeah, I know the struggle. Especially the ball boys can be quite pushy at times. You wouldn’t *believe* some of the silliness I’ve experienced with them. Sometimes they expect more than a signature, if you know what I mean.”

She gave Shaq a naughty wink.

Whatever she was going to come up with, it was important to keep him at least lukewarm, so he would be easy to get up to working temperature. She had to keep the conversation going, and try to throw out some bait in the process.

“Oh yeah, fans can be really obtrusive at times, you don’t have to tell me!

“Say, I was wondering what went wrong with the two ladies you let out?”

“Oh… they… didn’t go in the same direction as we in the end.”

“Were they trying something? Did they bother you?”

“How do you mean? No, no… They expected a lift to the city, but we were heading straight to Shaq’s Palace, outside town.”

“Ah good… You know, when I saw you sitting there without a T-shirt, the first idea I had was that they were hunting memorabilia with a bit too much enthusiasm,” she grinned. “You know I once had a fan pull down my mini-skirt, while I was entering a practice-court through a thick row of spectators. That was a bit of a scare, I can tell you. And quite embarrassing how I was standing there in my panties.”

“I’d kill if anyone did that to me!” Shaq chuckled. He looked like he was loosening up a bit already. Anna’s female intuition told her Shaq had already effectively pulled down her panties in thoughts.

“He he, I guess it depends when it happens, and who does it.”


“With a bit of bad luck, I would have lost my panties as well! Since that day, I’ve doubled my bodyguard staff. A body like mine needs to be guarded well, it seems. I’m sure, with a Hercules-frame like yours, you can take care of yourself?”

Anna made sure to inject an unmistakable tone of desire into that last comment. At the same time, her eyes were practically eating “Hercules” alive. For the moment, she kept her hands to herself though.

“Hahaha! Thanks for the compliment. I guess you can say that. But when there are as many as on days like this, they could overpower even Shaq. No, the only time when I have trouble handling fans is when they ask for money.”

“How’s that?”

“Well, last week for example I had this kid asking me to pay the kidney-transplant of his brother. They just know I can’t say ‘NO’. Good that I signed that $65 million contract last year!”

“You WHAT???”

Shaq repeated, with an intonation as if he was talking about the weather: “Like I said, I signed a $65 million dollar contract with Reebok last year. Or was it 67? Can’t remember.”

Immediately, Anna fell out of her role; the careful teasing, the suggestion… it was wiped out of her brain by genuine shock and indignation.

She had always been proud about being one of the best-paid people in the sports world. In fact, sometimes she put more energy and determination into THAT than into her game. And now she was – seriously – overpowered in that area by some lousy basketball player.

“You’re JOKING, right? Nobody can wrest THAT much money!”

“Shaq never jokes about money. And he’s paid according to his value. His TRUE value.”

“Ah, come on! I’m in the spotlights on AND off the court, ALL the time. AND Mister, in an INDIVIDUAL sport, where matches often take almost two hours!”

“YOUR matches also?” Shaq produced an evil grin.

Anna didn’t pay attention and droned on: “… while you play a stupid team sport. And still you would make more than double of what I do? That’s just not honest! What did I say? It’s downright IMMORAL!”

“Hahaha! Don’t make me laugh. It’s perfectly normal for Shaq to have everything that other people have, but BIGGER. It seems you still have to get used to my scale, young lady!”

“So you think, because you’re bigger, you’re BETTER at everything, eh? Or maybe because you’re a *man*, even?”

Anna, competitive as she was, couldn’t just take that. She was going to show him!

“Well, let me ask you THIS: did anyone ever write a SONG about you, eh? I have my own SONG, buddy!”

Shaq didn’t utter a word, but instead he turned on the stereo again and put the volume on 10. The same ordinary rap tune as before rang out of the speakers, torturing Anna’s eardrums.

“Yeah, blaq supaman (blaq supaman)

Everybody know yeah, yeah

(Shaq supaman)

Future above them all

Barney Rubble (everybody know)

(Shaq supaman) future flex

T.W.IsM. the world is mine (everybody know) all mine

(Shaq supaman) yeah, yeah

Uh (Shaq diesel) yeah (everybody know)

Yeah (Shaq supaman) ”

Shaq shouted to get on top of the unbearable racket.


Then he opened up a small drawer in the middle console and took out three CD cases. He waved them right before Anna’s eyes and turned down the music.

“… and these are the three CD’s that I produced thus far. 750,000 sold presently. Not bad eh?”

Anna tried to say something, but at first the words remained stuck. She was growing beet-red again.

“BIG DEAL! That ‘music’ is always the same boring shit. Latino Rock, on the other hand… Anyway, I bet you don’t have a decent website. MINE is one of the most-visited on the web. The computer guy told me last week that they had upgraded to a 69-bit machine because the old one couldn’t keep track any longer!”

Shaq kept smiling. He couldn’t help thinking by himself that he wouldn’t mind a bit of 69 with this “girl of 69-bit”… Again, he remained silent. But now he fetched the wireless keyboard and put it on his knee.

He tapped a few keys, and the flatscreen lit up. A browser window appeared, and five seconds later Anna was staring at the front page of over a satellite connection. It was just as flashy, and had just as many useless features focused on selling stuff as her site.

The deep tan of Anna’s face had acquired a distinctive red shine. For a stubborn and proud girl like her, all this humiliation almost equaled a declaration of war! She had meanwhile completely forgotten about what she was here for with Shaq.

Agitated, she snatched the keyboard from “that moron”‘s hands, and typed the address of Octagon, her agency. As if it was her own homepage, she purposefully navigated through some pages until a list of “estimated revenues for 2003” appeared.

With a triumphant look in the eyes, she pointed to the top of the list;

“What does that read, Mr. Shaq?”

“KOURNIKOVA A. W TENNIS $150,000,000 40%”

“I practically keep the whole business running on my own. I have RESPONSIBILITIES, Mister!”

Against her expectations, Shaq’s smile still didn’t fade for a single moment. Instead it only got wider! He calmly took the keyboard back on his lap and used the trackball to click through a few more links.

“Before you continue bragging, maybe better read this?”

THIS page also contained a list…




2. …”

It took Anna a few seconds to realize what she had just read on the first line. But Shaq had no trouble identifying the exact moment that it got through to her, as her bottom lip started trembling.

It was clear that she could burst out (into tears?) any second now. Right under that lovely surface was a volcano of frustration waiting. It definitely gave her something sexy, Shaq noticed. Anna became twice as attractive when she developed a pout. Or, to be more precise, when her continuous pout got more pronounced.

Meanwhile she had arrived at a point where she would do ANYTHING to avoid defeat. Or to at least momentarily paint an expression of astonishment over the irritating smile on his mug.

With unconcealed amusement, Shaq watched how she finally snatched the keyboard back once more. He was curious also, about what would be her next move in this silly battle of egos.

Anna’s pretty face was one big thundercloud as she rammed the keys with remarkable aggression. After a good number of visits to the backspace key, she had typed a URL.

“Money is one thing, but when it comes to honest and true devotion by fans, I wipe the floor with you, matey!”

“WHAT THE F… I mean, JEZUS CHRIST! Is that YOU???”

Slowly, the screen filled itself with Anna Kournikovas in varying degrees of nudity, ranging from rather tame men’s magazine type of stuff, to the filthiest XXX-footage.

“Of course not, innocent toddler that you are! These are photo-manipulations by some of my biggest fans. The ones who truly appreciate my qualities.”

There was not a hint of irony in her voice.

“But, but… Aren’t you going to sue them or something?”

Just seconds ago, Shaq had been determined to remain stone cold, whatever Anna was going to throw at him. But when you’re shocked, you’re shocked! The wonder and astonishment splattered from his face, making Anna instantly feel much better again.

It was really refreshing to actually hear him STUMBLE for once.

“Oh well… I’ve talked about it with my lawyers. But it would be such a hassle, and they don’t make money with it. It would create even more attention for something that I can’t possibly officially endorse. Even though I quite like some of them myself! Just look at the one where I sit on the car; the color of the Porsche is the only thing he got wrong. But isn’t it funny?”

“The ONLY thing?”

Staring right into the spread-open pussy on the pic, Shaq had to swallow.

While he was staring at the screen, totally fascinated, Anna’s eyes inadvertently wandered to his groin area, attracted by a subtle movement under the yellow-purple fabric. Something was growing in there. Something BIG. That was the little hint she needed to refocus her thoughts on her mission. A mission that suddenly seemed well under way by this time. Remarkable how the natural flow of things sometimes helps you out when you don’t know how to handle a situation!


The feeling of a delicate female touch on his bare chest got Shaq out of his trance. It made him look away from the arousing images on the computer screen, right into the naughty look Anna was throwing at him. This promised MORE than just a simple chat! He answered her touch with the broadest of smiles. At last the complicated situation cleared up. As a man, impossible to misinterpret lighthouse signals were what he needed. Girls who came with a manual didn’t last long on board the Shaqmobile.

Anna continued rubbing, and circled her fingers around Shaq’s nipples, sending shivers throughout his entire chest, and lower…

Chapter Four

Behind his steering wheel, Wilson adjusted the rearview mirror to watch the scene in the back. His grin was possibly even broader than his boss’s. He had seen enough already.

In the end, all girls are born equal. That much he had learned since he was driving for Shaq. Black or white, red or yellow, voluptuous or hard bodied, rich or poor, young or old… You name it. Over time he had observed them ALL on that backseat, and they ALL were after just one thing: BLACK COCK. In ample size please, thank you. Wilson could now add one entry to his list: “Famous, or a nobody.”

In the absence of other thoughts, the amateur anthropologist within him often pondered about what it was with girls. Did they get up in the morning with the image of big black penises in their minds, or was it only while eating a banana? Whatever, it meant that being Afro-American had at least ONE advantage in the end. Michael Jackson had to be MORE nuts than nuts!

On the backseat behind him, Anna meanwhile bent over towards Shaq until they were cheek-to-cheek. Her luscious lips almost touched his earlobes when she whispered:

“You’ve seen already most of me now. So, when are you going to show it?”

“Show what??”

“Your ebone-er of course,” she added with an arch smile, and quick as a weasel she gave the ridge in his pants a gentle queeze.

Shaq was caught by surprise and made a little jump in his seat. Yes, his cock had been touched and handled many, many times before in this car, on this seat. Even without shorts around it! But never unanticipated like this.

Anna sniggered.

“A-HAA! Did I find your Achilles’ heel?” she laughed.

Then, with a roguish look in her eyes: “I’ll promise not to tell anybody. IF we can have some fun together, that is!”

Shaq’s eyes continued growing wider; since the very second when the sexy blonde had transformed into Anna Kournikova by putting off her glasses, he had switched from “fuck”-mode to “conversation”-mode, which was not to his liking, so he had forced a wry smile all the time (Anna was much better at faking it for the camera).

No, he didn’t mind meeting Anna, far from. But his agenda for this afternoon had originally contained a good solid fuck and that was the last thing he expected from her. Yeah, it had been often talk-of-the-day in the dressing rooms, after yet another match where she had shown up as spectator. They jokingly speculated about when she was going to join the Lakers Girls. Not one single player didn’t want to fill her every hole, it seemed. But that was guy talk, and this was REALITY. Lakers stars fucked cheerleaders or candidates, but that’s as far as their privileges reached. Girls like Anna, or Beyoncé for example, remained elusive even for them. Even NBA stars can still dream. Or you had to get very lucky.

And Shaq started to realize that maybe he HAD gotten very lucky!

“Hey, are you ASLEEP or what?”

If it hadn’t dawned on him yet by now, Anna was soon going to make sure it would; she didn’t wait for Shaq to answer, but playfully pushed him with his back against the seat and mounted his right knee, wrapping her athletic legs around his enormous thigh. She kicked off her slippers and shifted higher up, rolling up his boxers as she moved close enough to whisper into his ear again. Her loose shorts got stuck between them and exposed her bare pussy ever so slightly. A slick trail was left as her damp pussylips dragged over Shaq’s hairy skin.

“Why don’t you suggest to Wilson he park the van and take a breath of fresh air. What do you think?” she purred.

Shaq’s brain needed a second to process that she didn’t wear any panties; oh boy, did it make his erection jerk!

“Good idea!” he immediately responded, surprising himself with the loudness of his own words. He also had to clear his throat before continuing.

“Wilson?” Shaq shrugged again.

“Yes, Mr. O’Neal?” (In the presence of important people, Wilson reverted to more formal communication.)

“We have been driving for a while now, and it’s still some way to go. So I suggest we pull out at the next parking area, and you take a walk to inhale a breath of fresh air.”

“Not a bad idea, sir.”

“I’ll page you with the mobile when you’ve cleared your head.”

Anna chuckled; they all, no doubt Wilson included, knew full well what exactly was going on, underneath a thin layer of make-pretend. But each played the role expected from him or her. So, Wilson was going to “take a breath of fresh air” until his “head was clear again.”

And Wilson wasn’t to object. Usually, Shaq’s fuck toys didn’t care in the least whether he watched, recorded things on video or even threw in his own $0.02. But he accepted that the Kournikova girl was a different breed. This was not a mongrel. This was a thoroughbred! And she needed to be handled accordingly.

“As you wish, sir.” He would hear the raunchy details later.

Shaq meanwhile realized he was not only talking loud but also breathing rather heavy and jagged. He was really and truly becoming excited, it seemed! These routine backseat fucks had become a bit of a rut over the years. The highs, represented by a few favorite girls who returned from time to time, were becoming fewer and fewer among the usual mediocrity. It was almost auto-pilot most of the time, a “compulsory act.” But now, it was different. Here he was sitting, mounted by a girl who actually matched his excellence, in her own territory, with beauty and downright hotness. Was it *respect* he was feeling? It was awe, and a deep awareness of the unique chance he was offered. He was going to screw Anna Kournikova, and he was going to love every single second of it!

Hopefully for Anna, who was wiggling her saddle wet, he would leave some seconds for her, too.

Chapter Five

Wilson took the first small road that looked suitable and parked in a spot that seemed rarely frequented by pedestrians, yet not a weird place to halt your car.

He looked over his shoulder, to face the contrasting couple, “ebony and ivory.” Even though Anna had a delicious tan all over her body, the difference was quite obvious.

“Have fun while I take a breath of fresh air,” he grinned.

Then he took his mobile and got out. Shaq immediately activated the central door lock. He hadn’t even pulled his arm back when Anna was all over his body with her hands, driven by an inextinguishable lust.

“My Goooooood, you’re so…so strong!!! They feel almost like steel! Let me TOUCH them!”

She eagerly traced the contours of his massive shoulders, squeezed his biceps and encouraged him to puff them up.

“Like I said… Hercules, man. Hercules!”

She put her hands behind his head and tried to pull, only to find out that it was steady as a rock. She wandered all over his chest with her hands, sucking up the body heat that was radiating from its surface, tugging his curly chest hair. She balled her fists and thumped them forcefully into his chest. Judging by how her tongue was flicking unconsciously over her full lips all the time, she was having a ball doing it! Each of her explorative actions confirmed and amplified what she had expected – and hoped – all that time: Shaq was an ANIMAL. He could snap her in two, he could crush her every bone if he wanted. One solid block of primal brute force.

If he suddenly decided to rape her, she probably wouldn’t stand a chance, and wouldn’t survive it. Maybe it was this idea of DANGER that got her adrenalin running. One of the few things she could still get a kick out of. But of course, considering he was a public person and not a nutcase (as far as his behavior suggested), the danger was merely an illusion anyway. Or was it?

Still, the idea of being in the presence of it, so close that she was completely in its power, had an almost perverse effect on Anna. She had been able to keep cool, and cover up all these effects thus far (except that she was juicing up). But now the excitement was bubbling up unrestricted. She almost lost control of herself.

“1,2,3…” She let her index finger glide over Shaq’s washboard. Her heart was beating wildly.

“Shaquille, you’re a hunk, did you know that? I mean, my God, you’re strong as… as a horse. Yeah, that’s it!! A horse.”

Anna was glad she was finally able to properly word what she meant. She loved horses; from when she was just a little kid, she had always felt strongly attracted towards them. Whenever she saw the chance, she tried to ride one as a relaxing pastime. Was she expecting the same from Shaq? At least he was a decent match in terms of sheer power and size.

Her black stallion gladly put up with her pawing, wearing a silly smile on his face. Sure he understood by now that Anna only saw him as a lust object. But after all, the feeling was mutual. At this moment he didn’t see her as much more than a pleasure toy to wrap around his dick, either. A sentiment that he didn’t expect to evolve much over the next couple of hours.

After she had had her first good look and feel, Anna backed off and nestled herself on his knee. Immediately, her eyes were drawn towards the yellow-purple boxers again, right in the center of her view.

“Oh, damn!”

Her mouth fell open. It had to be a truly magnificent piece of equipment that was now slowly unfolding itself in there. Focusing her eyes on the swelling, she got that same tingly feeling again in her belly and underbody, only much more intense now than while watching Shaq on the field.

“Are you sure you stopped growing already??”

Shaq laughed with the witty remark, but Anna kept a stony face. She was totally mesmerized.

Pale spots appeared on her bottom lip as her teeth pushed the blood out of it. And with a hungry look in her eyes, she relaxed her tense fists, planning to release the mythical Thing that most girls could only talk about.

She reached out, questioning eyes directed at Shaq.

“M-may I? Can I?”

“Hehe.. Whatever you say, darling. Be my guest.”

He gladly cooperated by slightly lifting his back while Anna grabbed the waistband and pulled down shorts and panties in one go. She stood up momentarily to pull them beyond his knees, and drop them on the floor. To augment the tension even more, her eyes remained closed while doing all this. Shaq’s mammoth dick in itself seemed not enough for Anna! She was after maximum shock effect.

After taking a deep breath, it was time to face her destiny. She settled her hot little ass on his knee again and slowly opened her eyes…

“Oh h-holy sh…”

Anna had thought she had prepared herself, but still skipped a heartbeat when she established first contact. Spontaneously, her hand moved up to cover her pout, and her eyes grew wide.

It was bigger. It had to be bigger than what they all – seriously – considered “probable.”

Although she didn’t really trust her judgment skills under these circumstances, Shaq’s balls looked like chicken eggs, and the huge purple head on top seemed laid by an even bigger bird! The tip was already wet. Anna seemed to break eggshells by merely looking at them. The length remained inconclusive for the time being. Shaq was holding the base with one hand, slowly stroking with the other.

“Meet Johnson,” he grinned while he looked up at her.

Anna smiled back; why was it that all men gave their penis a name? She had never given her pussy one. But it sure was funny and got her in a more relaxed, playful mood.

“And Johnson is MINE!” she growled. And like an attacking tiger, she reached out with her claws to catch it, firmly clamping her fists around it.

Like a predator guarding its prey, she didn’t intend to let go of it anytime soon! Her delicate female touch made it look as if someone was pumping air into an inflatable boat. That’s how fast it seemed to grow, to her! She chuckled nervously, as soon, she could grip it with both hands together, and still she didn’t touch his balls or cock head.

“Mpfff… Oh yeah, knead me, baby!”

Shaq slightly shifted his position and grunted as Anna carefully squeezed his meat pole a first time. It felt warm and a little spongy. She took a deep breath and squeezed again, with a bit more force. By the time she repeated this a third time, it no longer gave a flinch! She really used considerable force (maybe not quite as hard as she COULD, but certainly as hard as her confidence allowed), and still she barely made a dent in it!

“How? I…”

For a moment, she looked a little startled, and a sheen of sweat appeared on her forehead. The tiger was far gone, all of a sudden. Would she ever be able to accommodate THIS?? Where oh where along the way had this crazy plan settled itself in that silly mind of her?

Shaq was watching – and enjoying – her every move and recognized her hesitation.

“You wanted to drive Shaq’s Little Red Corvette, but does Anna Kournikova have what it TAKES to drive Shaq’s Little Red Corvette?” he teasingly whispered.

Anna chuckled. Little? Yeah right…

But she never refused a gauntlet that was thrown at her. Challenges like these were exactly what she needed to get going. She didn’t answer with words, but with deeds; without loosening her grip, she stood up from Shaq’s lap and then slowly pulled Johnson towards her.

“There’s only one way to find out, isn’t there?”

Her eyes remained focused on Shaq’s face and she kept grinning evilly all the way. He liked her naughty! He had to move with her, sinking deeper into the seat. Until his rigid pole ended up right between her slender legs, almost touching her shorts.

Without saying another word, Anna used one hand to pull her left trouser leg wide, and bent through her knees. Teasingly slow, she let Shaq watch his dick crawl under the fabric towards Ground Zero. When she felt the enormous hot head plant itself against her pussylips, she bent a fraction further still to steady it, and then used both hands to stretch her cunny open as far as possible.

She puffed, and her breaths shortened while she continued bending.

The shorts were covering things up, but Shaq could do without pictures; he could feel her pussy slowly nibble down on him, like eating a big veined sausage for lunch. Once her meaty labia were pushed aside, Anna let them close themselves back around his bulky mushroom. Once more she took a deep breath, and continued lowering herself further on her lover. But with every inch, more doubts crept into her mind.

“Ooh God… help me…”

She gritted her teeth and was fighting the tears; this phase was far from comfortable. Trying to reorganize internally to adjust around Shaq proved a little more challenging than hoped for! Over a minute of fruitless gymnastics must have passed, after which STILL more than half of Shaq’s battering-ram was sticking out. The undeniable conclusion was, that there was no progress to speak of.

With tears running down the cheeks of her red face, Anna finally shouted in frustration.

“Arghhhh! It DOESN’T WORK!”

Disillusioned she stood up, guided his dick out with her hands, and stepped aside.

The horny teen had lusted so long after him. She had gone through so much planning and effort to spend some quality time with the dangerous big teddy bear of her dreams. And now it turned out he was of a different scale!

“I’m so sorry. What was I thinking, what was I THINKING? I should have known right from the start that you are just too big.”

She was almost sobbing in impotence.

“This was just not meant to be. But the dildo I practiced with was the biggest they sold; what more could I do? TELL ME!”

“Now, now, now…” Shaq replied in a fatherly tone.

“Don’t tell me our tennis star is already giving up! I wanna fuck you today, sweetie. Just relax and leave this to Shaq.”

His voice was calm and confident.

He flashed his pearly white teeth, and the golden one. It served to divert Anna’s attention while he secretly piloted one hand through the curtain of hair she had draped over his chest. She gave a little squeal of surprise as she felt his warm fingers slide over her flank, by touch searching for her (too) tight pussy. She smiled through her tears when she understood, and adjusted her position to help his seeking hand; in response, he flattened it and smoothly slid it into the shorts.

Anna got goose bumps from the sudden shell of heat over her sex. A pleasant and comforting feeling. Almost immediately fingers started to wriggle, tickling at her mound. It made her pant in anticipation.

“Dr. Shaq thinks he recognizes your condition, and will now proceed with the standard treatment.”

It sounded almost official!

A shiver crawled up Anna’s back when the strong guy suddenly lifted his hand into the cleft of her legs, with such incredible force that she almost became weightless.

“Ooohh… SHIT!”

It was not all that clear for her what exactly was going on down there. But it felt as if, under gravity’s pull, his knuckles were slowly swallowed by her fat labia like in quicksand. Next, something that couldn’t be anything else but his middle finger got deployed, poking into her. Using the knuckles as extra support to carry her weight, Shaq then started finger-fucking the Russian. Like a small but very rigid dick, his digit stimulated all the right spots inside her.

At least SOMETHING of Shaq that fit into her!

“Mmmmmmmhh… Yeah! Whoa!”

Anna’s breathing got heavier and she was panting through her cute little pouted lips while Shaquille kept probing into her. Again and again he lifted her up, putting her on the tips of her toes and making her raise her ass as high in the air as possible.

“S-Steady… Hooo!”

She could barely keep her balance by holding onto Johnson during the entire ride on Shaq’s Shovel.

Her heat was really rising quickly under his expert touch, coming up with new surprises every minute. A comprehensive anthology from his oeuvre of inventive pussy-poking, circling and stretching. And was that his thumb circling around her clit? Whatever it was, it turned up the volume of her moaning and enticed her to eagerly knead the dick in her hands.

“Oh FUCK yeah… Don’t stop now! JEZUS!!”

If she was raising her ass, it was not to escape his touch, but to fight a premature climax. This ride deserved to last awhile!

“SLOWER…no…shit. DON’T… Yeah, keep…keep it like THIS!”

Shaq grimaced and grinned. Another lady wrapped around his finger! Yes, he was popular because of his size. But size wasn’t EVERYTHING. You need to know how to please the ladies, he thought while skillfully teasing her clitoris to further juice her up.

“FUCK, you’re GOOD Shaq. Whoa!”

The rubbing and poking drove her out of her mind, and only stopped when Shaq could feel the first modest spasms shoot through her pussy. The telltale signs of a girl approaching the finishline.

No need to orgasm already.

Shaq retracted his hands out of Anna’s shorts, causing some soppy sounds. Several of his fingers were coated in thick girl-cum.

Anna was still squeezing Johnson. She looked a bit distant and had a contented smile on her face. She giggled and seemed naughtier than ever indeed. No question that Shaq’s little manual intermezzo had brought her back in the right mood. Gone were those negative feelings!

“G-Good. GREAT! And…now it’s MY turn, Mister!”

Damn, was SHE horny!

In anticipation, Shaq watched her lock her eyes with his; she licked her lips, and moved towards the dick she was still firmly holding. All her spontaneous squeezing and kneading had pumped a considerable amount of precum out of Shaq, and he was convinced she was so turned on that she was planning to lick it off. To the very last drop, for sure!

Her sexy lips parted and her tongue curled out, ready to lap his slimy dickhead.

Shaq saw it coming but was too late.

“Hey, lady!”

Anna attacked him sideways, like when your ice cream has started leaking, and managed to suck the bottom of his glans clean in one swift move.

“Better not suck up all the Oil of O’Neal, pumpkin. We’re going to need it soon!”

He sure liked the feeling of her soft tongue lapping him, but still he had the clarity of mind to hold her off when she ignored his command. “Slap, slap.” Shaq gave Anna’s cheeks some wet slaps with his prick. Threads of male liquid covered her face.

“I said DON’T. I don’t remember a tactical briefing with these guidelines, do YOU?”

Anna moaned in protest.

As consolation, he encouraged her to suck the fingers that were soaked with her own nectar. And just ONE portion; they weren’t going to spill ALL the results of his groundwork.

“Hmmm… So THESE little fellows have been at work down there, eh?” Anna managed to giggle before she wrapped her full-lipped mouth around them.

She happily sucked her juices from his fingers, but also moaned in disappointment once she had cleaned them. Far too soon. It was downright cruel to heat her up like that, without giving her the chance to PROPERLY release all the piled up lust. It was SHAQ she wanted, not some poor masturbation-upgrade!

But they were following Shaq’s game plan. And Anna was the ball that needed to be netted.


Again Anna yelped in surprise as this time the center’s hands grabbed her love handles and unexpectedly lifted her up like a feather. She found herself straddling his waist for the second time. Before she could even protest, Shaq dug his fingers between her smooth flesh and the waistband of her boxers, and totally shredded the measly piece of textile. Rags were flying in all directions. He wouldn’t have admitted it, but Anna was not the only one with piled-up lust. And Shaq could pile up quite a bit more than she! The fact that her pussy had been hidden from his hungry eyes all the time was driving him crazy. He hadn’t even seen her TITS yet, for Christ’s sake!

“HEY, what?!?” Anna complained.

In a strange reflex of shame the Russian shielded her cunny with both hands. A cute coy smile flashed over her face as a surprised Shaq stared at her. Was it because she hadn’t been prepared for his bold move?

He laughed when he spotted the spontaneous blush on her cheeks.

“Hahaha! I can’t BELIEVE it. Hahaha! Say it isn’t true!”

“Now, why did you…”

He didn’t let her finish, but put up a falsetto and squeaked:

“Don’t be afraid of Big Shaq, darling. He won’t hurt you, LOL”

It had almost looked as if Anna was going to pull down the T-shirt to protect her flower! Only very slowly, her confident self returned. What was left was a slight embarrassment about her “little girl” reflex.

“Now show Shaq what you have in store for him.”

With his hand, Shaq tried to encourage Anna to remove her shielding. But she backed off.

“Hohooo! Nooot!”

She now quickly regained her self-control and took over the initiative. Anna wasn’t going to lift her iron curtain just like that, now! NOT after Shaq had ruined her outfit. That deserved punishment of some kind. If he was thinking he could just TAKE her as he wanted, he would have to think again. That’s not how the game was played with Anna. She was only TAKEN if and when she WANTED to be taken. Multiple times MVP or not.

“Didn’t your mommy teach you patience, little Shaq? Paaaatience…”

“Stop acting stupid. How can I fuck properly what I can’t see?”

The giant center was no longer sounding amused. In fact, his current language didn’t exactly please her. Don’t they get fines for this kind of inappropriate behaviour?

Anna didn’t even lift an eyebrow. She was not impressed. Was it because she was brave, or stupid? Or maybe both? In a teasing super slowmo, she first pressed her hands tighter against her crotch, as if to guard it even better, and then sensually opened up the protective shell.

Shaq watched silently, fascinated by how her cunny gradually peeped through between her parting thumbs.

It was one hell of a mouth-watering show. What first struck Shaq was her bush, shaven in the shape of a heart. The exact same shape as the heart she was wearing on her delicate necklace. If there was one thing that was absolutely sexy, it was this! A beautiful example of careful and tasteful trimming. The fluffy blond curls looked like God himself had stroked them down with his pencil. They fit perfectly into one of the most elegant pubic clefts ever to be found between a girl’s hips. Anna was an ambassador of stylish aesthetics, both between and around her legs. If it was true that the perfect girl didn’t exist, it almost had to mean that her feet were ugly!

“Shit, baby…”

As if hypnotized, Shaq was holding his breath while he followed Anna’s hands retract further. She pressed her index fingers into the skin folds on both sides of her smooth mound, dragging her puffy labia along as she moved higher up.

He swallowed when the meaty outer lips bounced back after stretching. For a short moment, he had the rare privilege to descry her pink petals before they were warmly tucked in again.

“Holy shit… holy shit… holy shit…”

He was whispering a mantra of desire to himself, and swallowed again. Most pussies he had fucked felt hot and soft, but rarely did they advertise this on the outside as efficiently as Anna’s. The LA center was starting to sweat like a horse from all this visual stimulus, now also backed up by Anna’s soft moans.

“Oh man, it’s getting hot here, phew! IMPOSSIBLY hot.”

If he had been wearing a tie, he would have no doubt loosened it! In the absence of one, his reflex was to use the piece of Anna’s shredded boxers, that he was still holding in his hands, to dip his forehead. When a sweet, musky fragrance penetrated into his nose, he understood he was sopping his forehead in girl-cum from the soaked textile. The same pussy-juice that was leaving glistening traces on her lips in the center of his hypnotized stare.

“Succulent, just succulent,” he mumbled.

At long last, Anna seemed wet enough to be fuckable.

Oh yeah, the manual intermezzo and the purpose behind it… Already it had almost disappeared in the sensual fog covering his mind.

Now it was HIS turn to fight his instincts. If he still wanted to smoothly run his sword through her, he couldn’t afford to succumb. Succumb to the strong visual messages that Anna’s ravishing flesh was printing into the lowest layers of his brain: EAT ME OUT.

He truly was fighting one of the toughest battles men are faced with: holding yourself together while your senses are bombed with signals of readiness, health, fertility… The whole female seduction-gamma. And all of that just there for the tasting. A glass of water would have helped right now, when poured out over his head, that is.

“Owww… you LIKE that, don’t you, Big Boy?” Anna hissed.

She felt like pulling the strings of a puppet when she watched his bulging eyes track her under body, as she sensually swayed it from side to side. It was not that much different from a mule chasing a carrot on a string. Rather amusing. Men were SO easy to play with.

Shaq groaned. He sniffed loudly and gave himself a slap in the face to break the spell. There was WORK to be done.

He presented the giggling Russian an inviting gentleman-hand.

“The Shaq Express only stops once, lady. What will it be? Do you want a free ride, or do you wait for the next train?”

“I think I’ll take the ride, Big Boy.” Anna smiled. She was truly pleased by Shaq’s sudden change in style. This was more like how she was used to be treated!

Docile, she let Shaq guide her hand towards his dick, assisting him to line it up again between her slender legs. She had learned her lesson: her disastrous first attempt had convinced her to put the expert in control this time.

“Hold it like this. Yes, and now keep it that way.”

Anna did as instructed. A blend of doubt, curiosity and a little bit of fear washed over her as she felt Shaq’s size and hotness. She used her own free hand to lift her shirt so she could keep a close eye on progress.

It still looked impossible.

Now Shaq’s other arm stretched out. He stuck out his middle and index finger and pressed them together, and then up against Anna’s plump lips. Not as hard as before, pushing them in just a little. The intimate touch caused a shiver of anticipation in Anna while she listened to his countdown.


Anna gasped in surprise at the count of zero; Shaq started a series of faster and faster scissor-like movements. He pushed up, spreading his two strong fingers, then dropped while joining them again. Again and again and again, and again. Faster and faster. Spreading his scissor – and Anna’s love-pillows – wider each time. It was outrageously arousing, and she couldn’t help following his every move with her body. Her pussy had never, well, “fluttered” like this.

“Oh God!!! Oh GOD!!”

She barely seemed to have time to breathe. Two or three times during her dance, she had to let go of Johnson and grab him back.

“S-slow down!! Slow-w down!”

Shaq was applying the right tactics yet again. No matter how unsure Anna had been just minutes ago, now she was starting to feel more receptive than ever. She lost some of her much-needed juices in the thorough intimate massage, but immediately oozed new ones from deep inside. It was like Shaq was handling a fruit press.

“Keep dancing, baby. Move that ass. Yeah! That’s the way to do it, sweetie!”

Shaq didn’t slow down at all, and pretty soon a hot glow shot through Anna from the inside. It seemed to turn her lower body into one hot molten mass. With a cavity in it that desperately needed to be FILLED. The treatment had awakened a deeply hidden, sleeping female instinct in Anna: an urge to tightly wrap herself around something. If someone would have asked her to sink onto a baseball bat, she would have thought it possible. ANYTHING was acceptable now.

Even Shaq.

Who was meanwhile keeping cooler than cool, coaching “Project Touchdown” with his usual, commanding voice.

“Bear… down… NOW!”

The shot was lined up with laser accuracy. His timing was flawless.

On the word ‘go,’ Anna relaxed all her muscles and slid down on Shaq precisely during a pussy-maximum. In one single smooth move, she slipped over his dick, ending up about three quarters down. Even with a quarter left, that meant Seriously Stuffed.


It truly knocked the air out of Anna’s lungs, and pussy. She threw back her head, eyes closed, and uttered some deep guttural moans. In and under her, Shaq was also breathing heavy. Those were some quite intense moments for both!

“Well done, baby. WELL done!” Shaq whispered after a few seconds of recovery, and encouragingly smacked her ass-cheeks. They quivered like two sexy heaps of Jello.

Slowly, an impaled Anna tried to come to grips with her current state; she had never felt as *complete* as this, for sure. Her mind started flying circles around this new focal point, seated deep inside of her. Already it seemed to BELONG there: the missing piece of her personal puzzle, lost since the very day of her birth. It was a happy reunion that made her speechless.

With some imagination, one could spot a small bulge stand out in her flat tummy while her chest was heaving. Shaq grinned and gave it a playful poke.

“Hey buddy, how are you feeling there on the other side?”


Anna’s bottom lip quivered as the vibrations resonated up and down around his rigid pole inside her, acting like an antenna. The resulting micro-contractions along Anna’s pussy walls finalised the first part of her “docking sequence”, by lowering her another few inches onto his stake. Shaq was doing MORE than just jokingly playing around; each of his moves, each of his touches had its precise purpose. He grinned, satisfied. No matter how often he had done it, every time he was still amazed how each and every girl, given sufficient attention and stimulus, would finally fit around his girth this far. Just the last 20% proved to be a matter of hit and miss. But let’s see about that later!

Chapter Six

Anna’s breathing had started slowing down a little and she flashed her eyes. She still looked a little dazed, but was nevertheless slowly getting used to the “presence”. The classical symptoms of the ShaqCockShock were starting to fade.

“How does my little tennis princess feel?”

It was not a question out of interest; Shaq’s conceited smile illustrated that he obviously just wanted to hear her stumble in her own words how “impressed” she was. He loved to confront his love toys with their own disorientation.

“G-g-good… I-i-it feels great.” Anna stumbled, like all the others before her. Her breathing was still coming in short pants.

“Of course it does, sweetie, of course. But…”

Shaq moved his hand between their legs and made a few stroking movements along the 20% that hadn’t penetrated yet into the Russian, slapping against her intimate flesh.

“… but I’m afraid we aren’t quite there yet.”


One extra frown developed on Anna’s distorted face. Her body communicated to her that she was completely stuffed. That was one of the few things she was absolutely certain of, under these otherwise confusing circumstances. It was almost unthinkable that she had understood Shaq correctly, like a shock to your belief system.


Shaq didn’t answer but let his body sink lower into the backseat so it ended up more horizontal. Anna was totally connected and had to shuffle backwards to follow. Then he put his hands behind her back and made her lay down on his enormous chest. Within seconds, she could feel the comforting heat of his body seep through the thin T-shirt into her tits. It was cozy for sure! She wouldn’t get much time to warm them, though.


Anna grunted and flashed her eyes wide open when Shaq suddenly pounded into her with a few quick movements of his hips. Just before she would rebound from his last slap, she could feel a warm hand palm cup her left buttock. Shaq had frozen her in the middle of the action, at the point where a maximum of cock-clenching pussy flesh was dragged out.

“Wadda you… hmmmm…”

Anna underwent all this quite passively, still dazzled, lying with her cheek buried in his ticklish chest hair.

“Give Shaq a moment, sweetie.”

With his giant reach, he now piloted his other hand between her butt cheeks; first he used his index finger to slowly trace the ring of pussy tissue that sealed off his penetration. Anna tightened around him, and produced some faint murmuring in response.

“Little Anna likes this, doesn’t she? Haha…”

Then he started gently squeezing the delicate and nerve-saturated tissue that otherwise remained safely hidden inside her.

“O-o-ooohmm-m-m…Oh fuck..oh”

Unprecedented sensations crawled up from between Anna’s thighs. Spontaneously, her body started writhing against Shaq while her pussy rippled along the entire length of his shaft, milking what had to be the last drops of precum out of it. It was in a trance of lust that Anna now repeatedly pushed down on Shaq with all the power in her arms, fucking herself onto his tool. Self-service like you never saw!

“O-o-ohh. F-FUCK y-yeah!! FUCK'” she shouted while she continued humping him like mad, her face wrinkled by waves of lust.

“That’s more like it! Yesss baby…you’ll get there, GO ON! Aaaahhh.”

Shaq carefully lined up his body to give Anna the best chance to bear down as deep as possible, to make her gain those precious couple of extra inches during her explosion.

“Keep going baby! Shake Shaq!”

After a short but intense workout, Anna finally collapsed exhausted onto his chest again, panting and gasping from all her push-work. Her shirt stuck to her skin, soaked in their sweat.

“Good work, baby. Good work…” Shaq panted, as he softly stroked her hair and planted a kiss onto her forehead. “You done well.”

He had silently hoped Anna would be able to embrace him completely. But although there was SOME progress, his trained senses told him that would be out of reach with this format of girl. Unless he would almost split her in two, but he figured she didn’t fancy that idea. At this moment at least.

They had reached base camp though, and it was time to overview the battlefield.

Putting his strong hands under her armpits, he straightened her limp upper body so she ended up sitting upright.

“That’s my girl…”

Anna had her eyes closed again and her mouth was opened as if frozen in the middle of a scream. No word escaped her trembling, drooling lips; it would have been incomprehensible gibberish anyway. There was simply no place for high-level brain activity; the rapid heartbeats of her lover oscillated through his walled-in cock, transferring the vibrations directly to her female core. It constantly steered her thoughts inwards, forcing her brain to concentrate on this ‘guest,’ the most important thing in her private little world right now. Her third heart was pumping like crazy, as if it had to feed the additional organ.

She needed several seconds to acclimate again to the presence inside her, now that it was even DEEPER. Finally, her eyes opened and a silly smile settled itself in the middle of a bright face. It was starting to feel good, REAL good.

“Is…is…is it all in?” she inquired with some difficulty.

Shaq nodded in confirmation.

“I can feel you squeeze aaaaall around me, baby.”

Anna tried to mobilize all her mental powers to concentrate on regrouping herself. And, as if she hadn’t lost control for even a single second, she started giving directions right away.

“L-Listen to me.”

With both hands, she clamped Shaq’s wrist and guided his hand under her T-shirt, towards her tits.

“Touch me here, KNEAD me.”

She started encouraging Shaq to mould them and stimulate her nipples which were firmly standing out by now.

“I want to feel your desire shoot through me. Through your hands.”

Shaq slowly regained control over his own hands, and started a completely blind, manual evaluation of Anna’s breasts.

“Aaah YES. THAT’s what I want. THAT’s it, do you understand?”

Sure Shaq did; with purposeful little pinches and kneading, he determined that Anna’s two hidden treasures weren’t big, but well-shaped and firm. He still preferred hooters, but these had their own charm.

“Oh FUCK yeah. You black guys know how to touch a girl!”

Anna moaned loudly. Shaq’s touch seemed to stimulate nerves that reached right down to her pussy. At long last, she crossed her arms and lifted the shirt over her head. She had to chuckle when she noticed the flash of desire in Shaquille’s eyes the moment her beautiful athletic body was finally revealed to him. She flicked her hair behind her back to give his hungry eyes full access.

“Oh my…Thank…you…GOD!”

The words seemed to find their way out of Shaq all by themselves.

While her lover paused to devour her visually, Anna started a slow ride, holding back at first because hopping looked out of the question with a snug fit like this. She really didn’t feel like turning her reproductive system inside out.

Anna was in control of the pace and carefully listened to her body to reach a perfect soothing resonance. She cooed softly each time Shaq’s cock head stimulated the right spots on her inside. After every two to three normal wobbles, she would raise on her toes a little to make a small hump. She was learning the finesses of riding Shaq, and she was learning fast. A great example of reward-based training!

Meanwhile Shaq actually didn’t feel all that much himself, but he enjoyed the panorama.

It wasn’t hard to spot that she was glowing. The fur of a kitten acquires a sheen when you stroke and pet it. Likewise, Anna’s body seemed to optimally present itself once she had planted herself fully onto a penis of this magnificance. A healthy blush spread all over her soft skin, her hair feeling silkier than ever. Her nipples were budding quite spectacularly, and seemed to vibrate even when Shaq merely breathed in their general direction. Her smooth skin looked like it was tightly stretching itself around her entire body, in particular around those delicious butt cheeks. The rather stressed grooves in her face had given way to an expression of complete relaxation. With those bright eyes shut down, she looked so soft and innocent!

At the same time, she was one big nerve at the moment, and Shaq craved the idea that he was responsible. Watching and feeling her shine brightly was quite stimulating. He noticed that she was an unusual mix of hard and soft. Her body was taut and trim, but he could feel with his own hands that she was padded and cushioned in all the right spots for sex without sharp edges. He was confident that, once he was REALLY going to fuck her (!), it was going to be nice and comfortable for him, without feeling like pounding into a sack of blubber. Furthermore, her athletic qualities convinced him he wouldn’t have to hold back, either. Her arms were pretty muscled for their slender appearance, and ended in rather broad shoulders. He also noted her sturdy bone structure; contrary to Anna’s belief, he would have a LOT of trouble to crush them if he wanted to! She could handle a thorough fuck for sure. Let’s say a 9 on the Scale of Shaq.

Anna was a perfect match for Shaquille O’Neal… to give free rein to his passions.

It would have been interesting to find out what the object of his desire itself would have to say if he wouldn’t keep those thoughts for himself!

Chapter Seven

That object was still riding him slowly, and now bent her body over to hold onto his shoulders. She kissed him passionately, massaging his neck and shoulders when the pleasurable feelings made her ball her small fists. After their lips parted, he squeezed those thick little cheeks of her.

“Do they call THAT training?”

Anna had to laugh. Which said a lot about the state of mind she was in. Normally, a remark like that would make her explode in furious anger.

“I like it, though. You’re definitely softer than the other athletic types I fucked.”

As an illustration, his lustful hands wandered all over Anna, touching her in her special places.

“Murzik can be as hard or soft as her partner likes, Big Boy.”

She made another small hop, and gasped.

“But NOT quite as… as hard as that piece of you in here,” she murmled, stroking with her hand over the small bulge on her flat tummy.

“I’m starting to understand why the Girls were always talking about ‘Magic Johnson’.”


Anna’s comical mixup made Shaq shake with laughter. Which of course, in turn, made Anna shake as well, on top of him.

“Wha-ha-hat’s so-o f-fun-ny?” she stumbled.

“It shows you haven’t been into basketball for all that long, sweetheart. I think there’s some confusion here with one of my childhood heroes; but let me add it’s safer to ride Shaq’s Johnson than it is to ride Magic’s, nowadays.”

Anna decided to not even attempt to make sense out of this. Her mind had to go in overdrive to do more than just handle the pleasure signals.

“So, are there maybe any other black guys you would have liked to fuck you? Or did you only dream of me?”

Anna produced some ripples in her forehead. “I don’t know. It’s not just that you’re BLACK, you know.”

She still kept rocking back and forth in a steady pace, trying not to break the comforting rhythm of the throbbing inside her. She paused long between her lines.

Then, in a boyish way, she whispered: “They say it must be awesome to fuck Mohammed Ali, though.”

“Oh yeah? How’s that? He’s another one of my big heroes, actually. We grew up with guys like him, Magic, Martin Luther King and B.A. Baracus.”

“Well,” Anna continued in a conspirational tone, “he must be like one big VIBRATOR, LOL.”

Now it was her turn to burst out in laughter; her voice resounded through the roomy interior, but quieted down rather quickly. It was kinda spooky how Shaq didn’t seem to react at all. In fact he had stopped cooperating with her relaxing fuck-rhythm and his face looked serious and (almost) pale. Anna stopped completely in her tracks now, too. The confused girl kept her breath, and a few infinitely long seconds of total silence followed.

“DON’T YOU FUCK WITH SHAQ’S HEROES, you little minx!”

Shaq’s thundering voice made Anna’s belly shake, and she had a mental image of her hair being blown away by an explosion, like you see in those cartoon movies.

“Seems like Shaq needs to teach this hussy some respect for her black brothers, young lady!”

The echo of his tirade hadn’t even died yet, as he immediately took the lead in their love-ride and imposed a totally CRAZY pace.

“Wai-ait! I thi-i-ink…”

“Think? THINK? On board the Shaqmobile, girls don’t need to worry about anything. They are BEING taken care of by Shaq. HE does the thinking. And what HE thinks is that it is time for some action that is enjoyable for HIM.”


“You’re going to be shaken by Shaq, not stirred. Just the way Mr. Bond likes it!” he laughed evilly with his allusion on the offer by Anna’s management to make her the Bond Girl in the latest in the series.

And James was not there to save her; he had his hands full with Halle Berry. Nobody would stop the Shaq Show.

“Ladies and gentlemen. This is your Shaq speaking. Fasten your seatbelts, there is turbulence ahead of us. SHAAAA-A-A-Q AT-TAAAAA-A-ACK!”

“Are you cr… ugh!”

Anna’s useless complaining was choked in another wave of bone-crunching penetrations.


Shaq paid no attention to her chopped-up pleas, but instead kept pounding into her with all his power. Clamping his shovels onto her love handles, to keep her from being launched into space with each smash of his hips, and to pull her back onto his stake.

The impudent brat wanted it rough? She would GET it rough. He would stuff her with her much-wanted black cock until she had indigestion. Anna had accidentally removed his trigger lock, and she was going to pay the consequences. No wailing in the world would help her.


Anna thought she experienced a mini-NDE each time Shaq blasted through her. Everything went black on the way in, and before it cleared up again the next blast already arrived! Tears were welling up from behind her beautiful green eyes, from seeing Heaven and Hell at the same time. A new experience for her, since it seems Enrique had shown her Purgatory at most.

She looked like throwing up each time the head of his cock planted itself violently into the sensitive tissue at the back of… was it her womb? To her, it felt like he was sticking his blunt hammer into the back of her throat – from behind!

Indeed, all of a sudden it seemed no longer such a problem for Shaq to bottom out into “a girl of this format.” Where there’s a will, there’s a way! Her firm tits, no matter how sturdy they normally were, were liquefied by the intense movements and swayed in all directions. Shaq was truly pistoning in and out of the Russian, producing rubbery noises as his tool made its way inside. What was he drilling for? Whatever it was, even for Anna it came as somewhat of a revelation how DEEP she actually was. She had no idea, simply because she had never been exploited properly. Shaq indeed opened up new internal vistas by plowing into her. Judging by her miserable groaning, she didn’t exactly enjoy those new vistas.

“Uugh…have m-mercy!! Nngh…”

But her hard athletic body could handle it, and responded well. Slowly, a warm feeling of well-being started to swell up from the depths of her lower regions and extinguish the pain. Numbness was soon replaced by an overwhelming sensation: a sparkling that started small, like a tiny piece of fireworks that was lit up, but seemed to rapidly ignite a whole cascade throughout her battered body. It made her forget all the discomfort in a wink, and scream in bliss.

“F-Fuck YEAAAH!”

Her orgasm immediately detonated in full glory, and as Shaq kept pounding into her throughout, she was actually caught up by a second one before the first could fade away.

Shaq, almost rubbed senseless by the Russian’s tight anatomy, now also couldn’t hold it any longer. The piled-up cum had made his balls ache like hell for quite some time already.


His hips bucked up one last time, as he clung Anna down on them. Then his white-hot spunk shot forward, coating every small cavity inside her. The residue seeped through the rare cracks between his pulsating dick and the surrounding pussy walls. It was a weird feeling for Anna, but also mild, like a spraying warm-water showerhead implanted deep into her.

Many powerful spurts later, the LA Lakers giant gurgled and collapsed.

At last Anna was now also given the chance to come down from her high. It truly was something different. A rocket in orbit doesn’t quite come down like a regular airplane. With a loud sigh she collapsed on top of Shaq.

Chapter Eight

Perhaps surprisingly, Anna showed no intention to run. There was not a trace of panic or fear left in her eyes or pose. Yet, she hadn’t ACTED those strong emotions just seconds ago, when Shaq went out of control. She had fruitlessly pounded into him with bare fists; she had bucked and writhed her body to escape from his grip. But if she was REALLY honest with herself, she had to admit (and Shaq had sensed it) that the fight she put up had been a mock fight. Her claws were pulled in.

It was self-deception of the highest order to not admit to herself that a subconscious, primal desire had taken possession of her, months ago. The night when the little horny devil, whispering into her ear on her left shoulder, had won from the peaceful angel on the right.

“Of course there’s nothing wrong with giving in to your desires, Anna.”

And where was the expected backlash? There was none, apparently. She had been a naughty girl, she had cheated on Enrique and she had enjoyed it, and she was going to get away with it! A princess could get away with anything. It was proven yet again, and she made a mental note of it. Good to know for her next escapade!

EXHAUSTED she was, yes. Barely able to lift her head off Shaq’s heaving chest, even. No more workouts needed for the rest of the week for sure.

In the warm soothing afterglow, she enjoyed Shaq’s soft caressing of her body, that was draped limply over him. Digging the awareness that, even now, he just couldn’t stop exploring it. How he used both hands to delicately knead her bottom, to relax her after the tension he had put her through. How he then gently spread her butt cheeks apart. How he then used his finger to sample some cum from her soaked pussy, and rub it around her little brown hole. How he teasingly circled around it. How he then proceeded splitting her buttocks even wider and gently dipped a finger into…

Wait a sec??


Anna tried to protest but Shaq quickly silenced her with his huge hand.

“Shhhhh baby…”

There were a few TOO many hands working on her ass. And Shaq was not an octopus. But, dazed as she still was, it had taken her a while to figure out that a second person was fondling her. Suddenly, she could feel a warm cushioning feeling in her lower back. It was Wilson’s donut-belly settling itself in the sensual curvature. He had moved in behind her, and was bending over to enclose her in a human vice.

She never heard him return. Wild sex had completely occupied her senses. His head was clear by now, but no doubt his nuts were full!

“Ho-ho, baby! Wilson’s going to enjoy humping this HOT little body!”

His big filthy hands were touching and feeling all over her, while Shaq held her arms tight.

“P-please don’t!”

Her eyes were shooting fear and panic, pure and 100% genuine this time, as the LA center whispered into her ear:

“Shaq is a team player, sweetie, and if you want to play with Shaq, you have to be one too; forgot to tell you.”

Wilson was still on Shaq’s team…

“Let…let me go!”

“Shhh… Relax, baby, relax or it might hurt. We don’t want it to hurt, do we?”

Anna tried a variety of muscles to plan an escape-route, but quickly realized she was completely caged. They made sure she wasn’t CRUSHED, but she also couldn’t move. One could argue that it was a perfect source of stability and safety during the thorough fucking she was no doubt about to receive. Putting negative emotions aside, Anna would have recognized that it also felt rather cozy and secure in some way. But at the moment, she wasn’t quite open-minded enough to look at it that way.

Wilson didn’t say much but went right into business. He obviously was more interested in Anna’s sweet ass than in a conversaton with the tennis star.

He pulled out the cum-drenched finger he had been sopping into her up to the knuckle, and now aimed his willy for the same target.

“No please, don’t…Pl…Ugh!”

Anna moaned again when she felt the blunt tip resolutely work its way down her tightest hole. As far as she was concerned, she had HAD her share of ground-breaking kicks for today. Adding a first anal penetration PLUS a first double penetration was a bit too much. Those were planned for another date. In fact, because of the fresh memory of what it meant to be taken by Shaq ALONE, the idea of having a second dick mess around in her at the same time made her slightly nauseous. Horror thoughts of being ripped apart filled her panicked mind.

‘He that mischief hatches, mischief catches’. And yes, even princesses get caught, in the end!

“You can’t…can’t do that. I can’t take this!!!”

For the moment, her body was still thinking the same. Her sphincter tried to crush the hard nut that was forcing itself inside, but instead only caused a pleasurable massage. Wilson slowly moved back and forth a few times, just to guide Anna’s anal grip over the right spots, in the right rhythm. It helped to stretch her a little, and at the same time it enabled him to inject a useful reservoir of precum into her. Both would facilitate further penetration. Once the head was past a certain point, Anna’s body was no longer rejecting his dick, but instead hungrily sucking it in.


Anna gritted her teeth; she hated the realization that her body was following its own course now, welcoming the new guest. And that, of all people, it was WILSON who was brutally invading her like this against her will. Anally fucked by a FAT PIG! The pain was one thing, the humiliation much worse.

Wilson closed his eyes and concentrated on the mental image of a ring, made out of pure pleasure, moving over the top of his dick. Meanwhile he kept massaging Anna’s titties with his hands, gently twisting her nipples between thumb and index finger… It almost looked like he was tuning her anal caressing like a transistor radio. Inch by inch, he conquered her tightest channel, concentrating on the goal at hand: a handshake between his and Shaq’s awakening cock head, deep inside unconquered territory.

“Dr. Shaqcock, I presume?”

Slowly, he started moving in and out, progressing further with each thrust.


Anna’s sexy little squeals and grunts were a joy to the ears and now also started to turn Shaq on again. He had been holding her hands up in the air, in his own giant paws, holding her body stretched upright and absorbing the energy when she forcefully responded to her anal probing by clenching her hands together. He could feel his cock come to life once more. Even in its half-flaccid state, it had been filling Anna almost like an average erected male organ. Now it was slowly dilating her from the inside again.

When Anna felt how her new guest, and Shaq’s solidifying member slowly got going together, she tried to stumble a final futile protest:

“Uughhh.. Pl-pl-please guy-guys, please STOP IT! I…I can’t take thiiis!”

Sure she could, just like the numerous others who had preceded her.

With increasing pace, the two large dicks began battering in and out of her love receptors. Their penetrations started perfectly timed together, but slowly got out of sync. As a result, Anna was treated with a new unique combination of fucking dicks from one moment to the next. After each 30-second period, the cycle would start over again, too long a time for her busy mind to recognize a pattern and adjust to it.

“Take it, baby… Yeah, wrap them up GOOD!” Shaq was trying to coach her, unaware as he was of her reputation of being hard to coach.

“Ooohchgchgr… Grrlll..”

Anna’s last decipherable words were replaced by some kind of Moscow dialect first, and primitive groans soon afterwards, occasionally interrupted by a loud shriek when some sensitive spot was hit. Ample perspiration, which greased the action, illustrated that her body was taxed not unlike during some of the toughest matches she had played in her career.

Still, even to Anna, in all her discomfort, it had become clear that the duo formed a well-oiled team. The carefully choreographed dual penetrations gave away years of disciplined training. A flawless fucking-machine, designed to push girls to unseen heights. (Actually, the concept was in the first place designed to push THEM to unseen heights, but the female orgasm was a nice little side effect)

“OH GOD…Uuuuh… OH GOD.”

Anna just didn’t know where she had it, as her entire lower internals seemed to be stretched and molded like a piece of tough chewing gum. She repeatedly tried to turn her head far enough to actually SEE what was being done to her lower half by the two men, but of course never was quite able to do it. She would have to visualize it…

Her pussy and ass sucked themselves to their dicks. The combination of all the friction, the stretching and the poking seemed to reach into the back of her throat. It was an explosive cocktail that was rapidly leading to the Mt. Saint Helens of female orgasms. And made her face even more wrinkled and distorted than during a service return.

“There you go, THEEERE you go!” Shaq diagnosed her by reading her expression.

A few hoarse coughs was all Anna managed to produce when finally wave after wave of intense shudders passed through her. Awash in her third orgasm, she didn’t even feel Shaq slam into her one more time and deposit another load of sticky cream into her womb.

At last, the machinery stopped. The wet slapping sounds and horny grunts were replaced by a choir of heavy breathing. The atmosphere was damp and the whole place smelled of musk. Two randy guys had had their way with a girl here, and it showed.

Wilson hadn’t quite climaxed yet, though. Probably because the nerve-cells in his pecker were embedded in too much fat-tissue, he needed that little bit more stimulation. That’s why he mostly took the narrower ass of their sparring girls. But with his lousy physical condition, he needed to catch his second breath before going all the way.

“Gimme a second, baby. Gimme a second, phew!”

Though nearly exhausted, he already secretly enjoyed the prospect of surprising Anna with some extra unanticipated bonus action, after his heartbeat had slowed down to a bearable rate again. It was a surprise that always worked.

For the moment, Anna was still too affected to realize anything at all.

Wilson put his hands under her armpits and slowly lifted her up from his mate’s spurting dick, his own Johnson still buried in the tennis babe’s ass. Thick drops of white cream seeped from her pussy as it kept spasming in the void, fruitlessly craving for the stake of hot meat it had been clamping at just seconds ago.

“Hey, don’t spill the Milk Shaq, young lady!” Shaquille chuckled, between pants.

“Hold her right there!!” he instructed Wilson, as Anna herself wasn’t exactly in a state to obey orders yet.

Wilson steadied her in mid-air and Shaq straightened his dick right below the dripping lips, catching the hot fluid on his dickhead. He rubbed it into Anna’s blond curls with it, making them stick to her mound. What a lovely dirty sight it was!! He hooked first one, and then two of his enormous fingers into her quivering pussy, giving a few quick jabs from left to right to coat them with some more creamy cum, and finished off by playfully rubbing it over her fleshy labia and clit hood.

“Who wants a piece of Russian cream pie, tadadadie, tadadaaa…hehehe…” Shaq flashed his big white teeth while Anna moaned aloud under the continued palpating of her most private parts.

“Looks like you’re starting to run hot!” he joked when he felt the hotness of her flesh.

Finally, after enjoying the view for a moment or two, Shaq maneuvered himself away from under his intimately coupled companions.

“She’s all yours, Wilson. Gotta make a phone call, but I’ll be back,” he grinned to his mate.

Quick like a dog that gets clearance from his boss, Wilson immediately pushed Anna down on her knees on the floor, face pressed deep into the leather seat. Holding her arms behind her back in the least painful way possible, he continued ferociously humping the girl’s tight ass while Shaq took his mobile.

“FUCK man, oh FUCK…..pfffff…….. YEAH!… FUCK!!… mpffff. Tight sweetie!!! I hope you like this as much as I do!!”

The sound of dial tones mixed with the loud groans and moans of the fucking couple.

“Hi Kobe! Shaq here… What you’re up to, bud? …. I see…. So Carl and Horace are also there and you guys are having fun with the Lakers Girls, HAHAHA!! That’s how I know you!!! Wadda you say, can you repeat? What that noise is? Wait a sec, brot’r…”

Wilson was still humping Anna for all he was worth, turning the seats into one big mess. With each deep thrust into her virgin bowels, more of Shaq’s spunk gushed out of her pussy that was oscillating under the anal battering.

“Hey Wilson, turn your volume down a bit, will you? You KNOW Kobe’s as deaf as a stone, man, LOL. And it’s time to give the young lady some rest, because it’s goanna be a busy night for her.”

At that very moment, Wilson orgasmed and shot his load into Anna’s ass, producing a primal howl that made the windows of the van shudder.

“Kobe….you still there buddy? Yeah… tell the guys to get their asses over to Shaq Palace. And bring some beer with you, will you? No… You can leave the ladies there; we have one here. CU there, man!”

Barely conscious and dripping in sweat and cum, Anna was dropped onto the seats.

A strange mixture of panic and impatient longing filled her, as the van drove off in the capable hands of Wilson, heading towards Shaq Palace together with at least four other cars.

It was going to be a busy night indeed…

The End

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