Anna, Martina And I

Anna, Martina and I
by fqwarrior

Anna Kournakova and Martina Hingis had just finished a hard tennis
match. Due to a screw up with the organizers, both the sweaty girls had
to share a single dressing room. Martina followed Anna down the corridor
after the match to the dressing room. In there, Anna who had lost the
match started throwing her racket and her shoes as she pouted. Martina
who had no love loss for the Russian beauty turned round as she pulled
her t-shirt over her head and told Anna to grow up and not be a sore
loser. Anna pulled her tight top
over her head as well, exposing her
sports bra as she told Martina to mind her own business. Martina
stripped off her skirt leaving herself in her white bra and panties.
"Bitch" murmured Martina under her breath but she said it too loud and
Anna heard that. Anna still wearing her cycling shorts approached
Martina and said "what ?" "Nothing" snapped Martina. "I heard you you
fat cow" said Anna to Martina. Martina turned round to face Anna both
girls still sweaty from the match. "Fuck you you slut" replied Martina
to Anna. "Fuck yourself you fat bitch" said Anna pushing Martina with
both hands in the chest. With a cry of rage, Martina leaped at Anna
grabbing two handfuls of blonde hair and Anna replied the favor grabbing
one of Martina’s bra straps and a handful of hair. Martina pulled Anna”
blonde hair forcing Anna” head back and Anna to look at the ceiling.
Anna yanked on Martina” dark locks and pulled her bra strap, the bra
cutting into Martina’s fleshy body. As the girls jostled for position,
they traded insults basically spitting in each others faces. Martina
felt one side of her panties ride up her ass, exposing her meaty right
ass cheek.

I was working as a ball boy and had the good fortune to be passing their
dressing room at this point and heard the cries of pain and anger from
the dressing room. Without thinking, I entered and what a sight greeted
my eyes. Martina in her sweat soaked white bra and panties, the material
becoming translucent and her dark nipples and her dark patch of public
fur on show. Her right ass cheek was exposed as that side of her panties
had gone up her ass. Anna in her sports bra with her nipples poking
through, sweat pouring down her flat stomach into her cycling shorts.
Being hot blooded and not thinking, my prick hardened at the sight and I
just whipped all eight inches out, rubbing it back and forth as I watch
the girls fight.

Suddenly, Anna caught sight of me and stopped tugging at Martina and
Martina automatically stooped as well to look at me. "Fuck, I was in
trouble now I though". Instead, the girls just looked at my hard dick
and then looked at each other. Anna dropped her hands and started
massaging Martina’s tits through her bra, Martina dropping her hands to
do the same to Anna. Thinking that opportunities like this never came
about, I approached both girls putting one hand on each girls ass and
started squeezing. Martina released Anna’s tits and using two hands got
a grip on my prick and started jacking it. I put my hand on her head and
pushed her to her knees and she took my prick in her mouth and what a
feeling. In the meantime I started French kissing Anna and she reached
round to draw my t-shirt over my head. I grabbed her bra and pulled it
over her head exposing her pert tits. I bent over and started sucking
the already hard nipples as Martina continued slobbering over my prick.
She had been salivating since she saw it out of my pants, and now that
her tongue was lapping at my cock, her sucking was wonderfully sloppy.
Drool was sloshing out of her stretched lips as she pumped my meat in
and out of her mouth. When my balls hit her chin and my pubic hair
tickled her nose the sloppy bitch was gurgling her spit all over her
face and my body. I was stunned. What a cock sucker! I had never seen a
chick take it all, much less with this kind of wild enthusiasm! This one
was an animal! Martina held the base of my dick with both hands as she
stuffed it in and out of her now contorted face. Martina was moaning and
slurping as she drooled and sucked on my schlong. Her chocolate eyes
were no longer sparkling with tease and wit–they were slutty and wild.
It was obvious she was gone, just like that. The pressure was incredible
and I knew I would not last long at this rate. I quickly pulled down
Anna’s cycling shorts and panties in one go and had her sit on the
bench. I pulled my wet dick out of Martina’s mouth and got her to take
off her panties, showing her matted pubic fur. Anna leaned back against
the wall and with one hand stroked her tit and the other rubbed her now
wet slit. Martina was still on her knees and I pushed her head down into
Anna’s groin. Her head fought me for a split second and then Anna put
both hands on Martina’s head pushing her face down into Anna’s hot
sweaty wet cunt. Anna groaned as Martina gave up and plunged her tongue
into Anna’s wet slit. As I approached Martina’s wagging ass, she felt my
hands on her and tried to look back at me. Her face was so deep in
Anna’s cunt that she couldn’t turn all the way and Anna was now holding
her by the hair anyway. She tried to reach back to grab my prick and say
something but the only sound that escaped her distended lips was a
thick, loud gurgle. She waved her arms toward me as I positioned my dick
against her drenched pussy and spread her puffy lips with my bulbous
head. At the instant I had her lips spread, I plunged that thing as deep
into her burning pussy as I could. The slouchy sound of my entry was
drowned out by Martina’s loudest gurgly groan. Her watery eyes rolled
into the back of her head with the pleasure ! I began slamming her like
the slut she was, my hands holding her fleshy flanks as they shook from
my thrusts. Anna’s eyes opened at the sudden shift in Martina’s motion.
Martina’s fantastic, tonguing, pulsing mouth never stopped working on
Anna’s wet cunt despite the pounding she was getting from me. Martina
yelped as each slap stung down on her reddening ass. She just kept her
face licking at Anna’s cunt and was amazed to feel Anna’s scalding
orgasm blast hit her mouth. "ARGGGGHHHH" Anna cried out as she came
against Martina’s face. I kept slamming and smacking Martina,
rhythmically bumping her chin into Anna’s cunt. I was overcome with lust
too! I felt like an animal there behind this bitch-slut as she sucked
and fucked us both. She was slamming her ass back at me each time I was
thrusting into her and this was driving me crazy! Her asshole was
opening and closing as I shoved my dick into her. Her thick pussy lips
were clutching at my cock while I rammed her, not wanting to let go of
my enormous head as I would withdraw from her depths. I stared at her
winking asshole, all covered in her juices as I fucked her. Her back was
shiny with her sweat. I suddenly quit smacking the slut and grabbed both
her hips, pulling my cock out of her drippy, loosened twat. I aimed my
dickhead and with one hard thrust of my hips slammed my prick up her
ass. I felt a rush of triumph as I shoved my turgid head past her tight
wrinkles and all the way into Martina’s ass! It was the tightest thing I
had ever felt around my dick and far hotter than her pussy. She groaned
loudly but remained on her hands and knees, naked, with Anna’s wet cunt
inches away from her face, and my prick lodged all the way up her tight
asshole. She gasped for breath and pounded the floor with her right
hand. My eyes soaked up the view of Martina’s gorgeous, fleshy ass
cheeks parted by the shaft of my cock and I screamed in ecstasy.
Martina’s eyes were closed and her mouth opened as she tried to adjust
to the sensation of being stuck like a pig up the ass. After countless
fast and furious plunges into Martina’s tight ass, I hauled my dick out
of her and blew cum all over her quivering backside. I sprayed and
sprayed, thick globs splotching all over her flesh and her reddened ass
cheeks. The largest spurt landed in her crack and oozed into her asshole
and down into her gaping pussy. It dripped onto her solid legs and down
to the backs of her knees. I groaned and slumped back onto my heels,
listless with pleasure. Anna laughed and Martina shuddered. Her eyes
slowly fluttered open and she tried to refocus.

Amazingly, my prick, all shiny and wet with Martina’s juices did not go
down. The scene was too great and my prick stayed hard. Anna looked at
my prick and when I saw her looking, lust in her eyes, my prick twitched
by itself. Martina slumped down on her back, head against the bench as
she watched us, one hand rubbing a tit and the other rubbing her bushy
cunt. I got up and went toward Anna who was lying on the bench. I pulled
her sweaty body to me and inhaled her body odor deeply, licking her tits
and moving down between her legs and buttocks, tasting her as no other
would have, completely free of artificial cosmetics, and boy did she
taste good. I slid Anna toward the end of the bench, and lifting her
legs in the air, I plunged my cock into her pussy. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh."
she cried. "That feels so good. Fuck me.. yeah" she said. With her legs
in the air I was able to bury my cock to the hilt with every stroke.
Anna almost howled each time the head banged into her cervix. I was
still hot and desperate and the pace of my fucking was relentless. She
kept sliding back on the bench from the force of the strokes, finally
she gripped the end of the bench to hold herself in place. I fucked
Anna’s exhausted body and made sure that the session went on for many
minutes as I had just cum before. Martina now had her fingers up her
twat, mixing my cum that had dripped down into her cunt with her own
juices. Anna moaned loudly. Her chest heaved and her tits jiggled with
my trust. Her eyes were closed tightly and her mouth was open ready to
expel another moan. Roughly I slid Anna onto and off my cock. Her pussy
was now stretched wide open as I impaled her on my shaft. With each
thrust she moaned. Only a minute of this activity was all it took to
send Anna into a massive orgasm. "Oh fuck me !! Shove that big prick
into my whore cunt. Fuck me like a whore. Use me like the slut I am !!"
she screamed. I pulled out, then rammed my rock hard cock into her pussy
pushing her legs into her heaving chest. I pumped and pumped and her
hips slammed up as I slowed and circled, my cock slipped out and rammed
into her welcoming cunt with increasing tempo faster and faster. She
screamed and screamed as her orgasm shook her body.
"Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, uh….uh….fuck me, oh baby, fuck me harder, cum
on me, cum on my tits !!" she cried. This pumping took its toll on me as
well. I tried to hold back but he was looking down on Anna’s incredible
body and watching her take my cock in her pussy hole. Finally, I pulled
out of the Russian beauty’s sopping pussy and hosed down her beautiful
tits with my hot cum. “Oh, god!” she yelled as I shot my jism. I sat
back after I had drained all I had onto Anna’s chest and watched her
gather her senses. She was about as spent as I had ever seen a woman.
Her thighs were shaking as she lowered them. Her chest heaved as she
rubbed the sperm into them.

Reality hit me then and with my prick shrinking, I quickly put on my
clothes, leaving the two tennis sluts laying there, knowing that I had

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