Anna’s Chubby Present

Title: Anna’s Chubby Present

Author: The Artist

Celebs: Anna Kendrick, Zooey Deschanel

Codes: FF, cons, rom

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.


Anna Kendrick was looking forward to spending the weekend with Zooey Deschanel. The two clicked during the filming of Trolls but didn’t see much of each other because of the nature of the film. Working on a new project would give them a chance to hang out a little more. Anna was worried that Zooey wouldn’t be herself. New Girl was over with and she figured Zooey might be down in the dumps about this.

When she heard a knock at her door, Anna was excited to greet her weekend guest. What she hadn’t counted on was how different Zooey looked. The end of New Girl must have hit Zooey harder than Anna realized because Zooey had clearly let herself go. As she saw Zooey, Anna was thinking “Don’t mention the weight, don’t mention the weight, don’t mention the weight.”

Preferring to be a little more tactful and friendly, Anna instead said, “Zooey, it’s so good to see you.”

“Thanks Anna, it’s good to see you.” Zooey sounded still sounded warm and friendly. But there was an undercurrent of “I know I’m a fat cow, you don’t have to rub it in” present in her voice.

“So you want some… dinner?” Anna realized how tactless that question was after she asked. Under normal circumstances, it would’ve been an appropriate question. But under the circumstances, it may have been hurtful. It may have just been too hard to ignore Zooey’s extra pounds.

Zooey seemed unoffended but just solemnly replied, “Nah, I think I’m going to go to bed early.” Anna was disappointed. She had plans for a much more fun evening – maybe like an adult slumber party. But it was obvious Zooey was feeling sorry for herself. Anna felt bad for her too – not just the obvious the reasons. But even a little chubby, Anna thought Zooey still looked really cute.

The next morning, Anna was up. She could tell Zooey was up first. Made sense since she went to bed first. Making her way through her apartment, she heard what sounded like Zooey struggling. Already realizing that Zooey could be emotionally reserved if things were bothering, Anna decided to check on her.

She walked in on Zooey  who was still trying to fit herself into her trademark tights. Anna tried to back out, but found herself strangely drawn to the site of Zooey’s now big ass jiggling as she tried to squeeze herself into her clothes. Anna wasn’t exactly proud of spying on her friend, but the feelings she really couldn’t reconcile was how turned on she was. What was it about Zooey’s plump, meaty ass shaking that aroused her so much?

Not wanting to get caught, Anna quickly returned to her living room. She sat quietly, watching TV. A sea of emotions was running through her mind. First she had to contend with her sudden attraction to another woman.  Maybe that had always been there. After all, why else would she want to spend the weekend with her friend so badly? Even harder to cope with was her sudden attraction to a chubby girl. If her Sapphic desires were already taboo, this was more so. Maybe there was just something beautiful about the way Zooey carried her extra weight.

Fully dressed, Zooey emerged from the bathroom. For the first time she sounded like herself, Zooey asked “You ready?” Anna nodded.

The two decided to go on a shopping date. Anna tried to put her sudden attraction to her friend out of her mind. But it wasn’t easy. Shooting the breeze and being reminded of just how adorable Zooey was only drove Anna wild.

The two stopped at a mall. Anna raised an eyebrow when she saw Zooey eyeing some lingerie. Not only would she have loved to have seen Zooey in that outfit, but she was wondering why self-conscious Zooey was checking out such a skimpy outfit.

Not wanting to tip her hat, Anna snuck up to Zooey and coyly asked, “Looking to buy something?”

“Nah, I don’t think anyone wants to see a fat cow like me in something like this.” Anna was a little dejected to hear Zooey throwing herself another pity party.

“Hey, why don’t we meet back up in…” Anna thought don’t say food court, don’t say food court, don’t say food court. “Why don’t we meet in Barnes and Noble? I gotta do a little private shopping.”

“Yeah, your tiny body would probably look a lot better in one of these than mine.” It was a self-deprecating comment, but at least it sounded warm and friendly. Anna watched her on the way out. It was more than just an excuse to watch her fat, jiggly ass. Anna wanted to size her up.

The moment Zooey was gone, Anna fetched a store clerk. With the lingerie in hand, Anna said “May I have this gift-wrapped please?”

That evening the two made it back to Anna’s apartment. Anna remained fairly calm about her little present. Still there was an undercurrent in her mind as the two ate dinner. After dinner, the two were splayed across the couch. Anna decided to finally make her move: “Hey, I got you a little something at the mall today.”

Zooey was perplexed that her friend would get her something. There were no markings to give her any clues what it was. With some reluctance and curiosity, Zooey unwrapped the box and had a hard time believing what she saw. It was a cute, red teddy with white frills around the edges, red thong, black stockings. Zooey looked at these items in complete disbelief.

“Did you get these for yourself?” Zooey asked.

“No, I got them for you,” Anna said quite coyly.

Zooey still couldn’t believe her friend got her sexy lingerie. Examining the outfit helped Zooey realized these were definitely not clothes for Anna’s petite frame. “You really want me to wear these?”

“Yeah, I mean… I know you’re a little self-conscious about… your weight. And I thought maybe this would help you feel sexy again.”

Zooey blushed. “I mean are you a chubby chaser or something?”

Anna pretended to think about it. “Maybe” was all she said, coyly with a grin.

Zooey thought this was also so crazy. Then again, she was a little crazy. And the idea of putting on a little show for Anna and maybe getting a little frisky sounded like a lot of fun. So Zooey found herself in the bathroom, changing into Anna’s present. She was gonna give Anna a present to unwrap on her own.

Zooey emerged in her sexy red teddy. Wearing it made Zooey realize that Anna had picked an outfit for her that really accentuated her soft, sexy, hour-glass shaped body. As Zooey sashayed her way over to her petite friend, Anna tried not to get too giddy. But her excitement was still showing in a wry smile.

Zooey wiggled around, occasionally tugging at the straps of her teddy and lifting the skirt just enough for Anna to see a little bit of her butt. Anna was getting so turned on, getting more and more teases of Zooey’s sexy body. It was also painfully obvious Zooey couldn’t actually dance. But there was something charming in her attempts. While Anna was getting hornier at watching Zooey’s meaty behind jiggle. For the first time since putting on the extra weight, Zooey was starting to feel sexy again.

Much to Anna’s surprise and delight, Zooey turned around started bumping and grinding into Anna’s lap. Zooey’s curvy body felt just as good as Anna dreamt it would. She began rubbing her hands across Zooey’s thick thighs and meaty body. Anna was being treated to Zooey’s body all over as Zooey’s plump behind grinded and gyrated into Anna’s lap.

Anna started gasping, unable to bottle up just how turned on she was with Zooey bumping her soft, warm body against her own. “Hey Anna, I got a little gift for you” Zooey cooed. “The gift of BOOBIES!”

Zooey grabbed Anna by the back of the head and stuffed her petite friend’s face into her ample cleavage. Anna’s laughter was muffled under a mountain of big titties. Anna couldn’t stop giggling from the whole experience. But she lifted the straps on Zooey’s teddy with a look that said “May I?”

Zooey nodded, and Anna got her first look at Zooey’s larger jugs. She enthusiastically sucked on Zooey’s big nipples and licked the soft flesh around them with such ferocity, like they were going to be taken away from her. Zooey was in seventh heaven.

“Hey Zooey I got another present for you.” Anna held out a red velvet cake cookie. She lured Zooey away with it, toying with her just a little. Anna put the cake in her mouth and Zooey chewed on it until she reached the finish line of Anna’s lips. Sharing a treat that was even sweeter when the two kissed passionately.

Anna guided Zooey to her bed. “You know Zooey, I think you’re a little overdressed.” Zooey took the cue and with a team effort, Zooey was out of the lingerie. Having worn it already, Zooey felt empowered enough to flaunt her sexy voluptuous body. Seeing Zooey’s round full belly turned Anna on more. There was something sexy, something feminine about that plump belly.

“I’m gonna smother that tummy in kisses.” Anna made good on her word and started kissing all over Zooey’s belly. Zooey arched her head back, never knowing just what an erogenous area her stomach was.

Anna sat back up and started rubbing the belly she had been kissing so much. “This is what I love about your weight. You’re so soft and round and warm and cuddly. It’s so much more fun to snuggle with a chubby girl like you.”

Zooey laughed. “Yeah, but I love your tiny body.”

“You know what I love? Why don’t you turn over and let me see that booty?”

Zooey crawled on all fours. Anna may have seen Zooey’s behind a lot that evening, but she finally had a close, personal look. Anna loved everything about Zooey’s butt – how meaty it was, how round it was, how pale it was, but there was one more thing she needed to see.

“Shake it” was all Anna said. As if she hadn’t done it enough that night, Zooey gave her ass a shake, turning Anna on even more with her jiggle – the jiggle that inadvertently seduced Anna in the first place. Like a child opening a present, Anna reached over and started caressing Zooey’s meaty behind. Anna loved the feeling of Zooey’s soft, warm lady flesh as much as Zooey loved her friend caressing her. Anna couldn’t resist giving Zooey’s bum a playful slap. Or two. Or three. Zooey just had the cutest yelp.

“Your ass is just so beautiful.” Anna showed how beautiful she thought it was by showering soft sweet kisses all over Zooey’s booty. These weren’t selfish kisses. These were tender, loving kisses. Anna wanted to show Zooey how much she truly loved Zooey’s fat, jiggly ass and was going to worship it. Zooey reveled in the feeling too, both the amazing feeling of another woman’s soft lips on her tush, but also the thrill of being worshipped like a queen.

Zooey sat back and gave Anna a look. It was time for the climax, literally. Anna crawled her way through Zooey’s legs, kissing her thunder thighs along the way before making it to Zooey’s pussy. Anna inserted her tongue and Zooey started moaning in approval. Anna worked her magic around Zooey’s pussy. Zooey had to wonder if this was really Anna’s first time with another woman. She was too good to have never done this before.

After some work, Zooey came. Zooey crawled back on top of her plump friend and pecked her on the lips. “You know, Zooey?”


“I think we’re gonna have a lot of fun on this project.”

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