AnnaSophia Robb’s Ordeal, part 2

Title:  AnnaSophia Robb’s Ordeal, part 2

Author:  Tori


Subject:  AnnaSophia Robb

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal

AnnaSophia Robb had lost all track of time.  She had been kidnapped off the street by a gang of Latino’s and subjected to unspeakable acts of sexual assault and humiliation.  She was being kept in a cage in the dark corner of a filthy garage somewhere in New York City.  The men had been raping her repeatedly since they abducted her and had even started selling her to other men that were willing to pay the price to fuck the blonde movie and TV star.  AnnaSophia was a slut at heart but even this was too much for her to handle.  She used to like to pick up strangers off the street for sex but now, the beautiful blonde only wished for a quick end to her suffering.

In reality, it had only been four days since she was taken.  The police and FBI had begun a massive search for the starlet but after a few initial leads, they were nowhere close to finding her, that is, until a break in case came when they picked up a drunk driver.  He told them that he was coming from a place in Brooklyn where he paid $500.00 to fuck a movie star.  After numerous interviews with the DA’s office and a grant of immunity, he told them where the girl was being held.

The FBI and local SWAT teams surrounded the garage and with a search warrant in hand, burst into the building a little after 9pm on her fifth night of captivity.  What they found made even the most seasoned law enforcement professional sick to their stomachs.  AnnaSophia was in the middle of the floor on a large filthy mattress getting raped by a dozen men.  She was being fucked in her pussy and her ass while another man was slamming his cock into the throat.  She had her hands wrapped around two more cocks, jerking them off while the remaining men stood there stroking their cocks and waiting for their turn to fuck the pretty blonde.  They yelled for the men to get off of the girl and had them line up against the wall.  One of the female officers rushed over and covered the girl in a blanket and held her as she started to cry and thank them for saving her.  She was led out of the garage and taken to a nearby hospital by ambulance.  The men, including the four that kidnapped her were taken into custody and booked that night for kidnapping, rape and sodomy.

The story immediately hit all the news outlets.  CNN, FOX and MSNBC all had live reports from the hospital reporting every sordid detail of the young actress’ ordeal.  After several days of care in the hospital, AnnaSophia returned home with her parents and friends to begin her long recovery.  Friends and family stopped by and visited the broken girl and tried their best to console her and also to prepare her for the upcoming trial.  It was discovered that the men had made videos of her being raped and had also been selling them on the black market.  The videos began showing up on the internet and although the police were able to squash some of them, many of them continued to run for anyone to watch.

The trial took place three months after the rescue.  It was a field day for the media.  The trucks were lined up outside the courtroom and they all waited for a glimpse of the star witness for the prosecution, AnnaSophia Robb.  They continually ran clips of the videos from the internet, clearly showing the pretty blonde star getting raped.  The men had their faces obscured but AnnaSophia’s face was clearly visible to everyone that watched.  Rumors began to circulate that AnnaSophia staged the entire episode as a publicity stunt to help her career.  Several of the men that she picked up and had sex with were on the witness list for the defense which hoped to show her as a sex hungry whore who would fuck anyone.

The videos were shown over and over again in their entirety during the trial.  AnnaSophia was on the stand for three full days reliving every second of her captivity.  She told the story of her kidnapping and rape in remarkable detail while staring straight ahead.  She never deviated from her story and no matter how much the defense attorney tried, he couldn’t shake her testimony.  The jury deliberated for only two hours and then came back with verdicts of guilty on all counts for all of the defendants.  They were each sentenced to 25 years to life for their crimes.  In the aftermath of the trial, AnnaSophia Robb made the talk show circuit and even wrote a book about it.  By the end of the year, the story and the notoriety had died down and practically disappeared from the news.  AnnaSophia’s show had been cancelled and her career appeared to be finished.  She couldn’t even get a reality show on E!.  Even that hack of a network wouldn’t hire her in order to exploit her kidnapping and rape.

AnnaSophia began drinking heavily and was soon using drugs.  She lost her house to the creditors and her family put her into rehab several times, only to have her relapse.  She began hanging out with rap stars and was soon a fixture at their parties.  She let herself be used by them for sex in return for drugs.  She had come full circle and was now nothing more than a whore for them to use.  The parties were attended by a lot of porn stars as well and they were more than willing to let the former starlet into their business and it didn’t take long before AnnaSophia Robb to begin showing up in mainstream porn movies.  She made a parody of her Sex in the City TV show and then was starring in BDSM and bondage videos, each one more hardcore then the last.  Her videos were selling like hotcakes.  She was making a lot of money which she immediately spent on drugs and alcohol.  Her new manager suggested she start turning tricks and she agreed, simply because she needed the money.

AnnaSophia began making the rounds at several high class hotels in LA.  Even though she was no longer a star, she was still recognized.  The men paid a lot of money to spend the night with her and she didn’t disappoint them.  She was one of the best fucks they ever had.  One night, she was sent to the best hotel in town.  She wore an expensive black dress and had her hair and makeup was done to perfection.  She knocked on the door and when it opened, she saw that her trick for the night was Charlie Sheen.  She walked in and saw two very young blondes sitting on the couch.  Charlie introduced them.  One of the girls, Chastity Lynn, had worked with her in a prison bondage video she made a month earlier.  The other girl was about 18 and looked like she just got off the bus from Nebraska.  Charlie offered her some cocaine and she snorted down two huge lines.  When she looked up, Charlie had his cock out and was stroking it in front of her face.  She willingly opened her mouth and took him down her throat.  Charlie grabbed the sides of the head and started to face fuck her.  He was slamming his cock in and out of her mouth for several minutes when she felt Chastity underneath her licking her pussy.  Chastity soon got her off with her tongue just as Charlie pulled out of her mouth and covered her face with his hot load.  Charlie led the three blonde beauties into the bedroom.  AnnaSophia removed her clothes and got on the bed.  Charlie pulled the youngest girl on top of him and slammed his cock into her pussy.  AnnaSophia and Chastity got into a 69 position and started eating each other out.  Chastity was bringing her to her first orgasm when she felt Charlie slide his cock into her ass.  Charlie began to fuck her hard while Chastity continued to lick her pussy.  She felt Charlie pull out and looked down to see him feed his cock to Chastity, which she sucked deep into her throat.  Charlie continued to sodomize her while the younger blonde went down on Chastity.  Charlie’s cock felt huge inside of her ass and she was soon having another orgasm.  This time, she squirted her pussy juices all over Chastity’s face.  Charlie had the three girls get on their knees side by side and took turns ramming his cock into each of their assholes.  AnnaSophia stayed the entire weekend with Charlie and the other two girls.  They fucked each other and did drugs the entire time.

Early Sunday morning, there was a knock on the door and when it opened, they found several LA Narcotic Officers standing there with a warrant.  They were all arrested and taken to jail.  Once again, AnnaSophia Robb was back in the headlines.  The next phase of her ordeal was only beginning.

To Be Continued…….

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