AnnaSophia Robb’s Ordeal, part 3

Title:  AnnaSophia Robb’s Ordeal, part 3

Author:  Tori


Subject:  AnnaSophia Robb

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal

AnnaSophia Robb was sitting in a holding cell waiting to get processed and arraigned.  She had been arrested earlier that morning along with Charlie Sheen, Chastity Lynn and another young blonde teen at Charlie’s hotel.  So far, news of the arrest was focusing on Sheen but it was only a matter of time before the press got wind of her participation.

The young beauty had pretty much fallen to rock bottom since she was kidnapped and gang raped a little over a year ago.  Her acting career was gone and she was making a living doing porn and turning tricks.  Her alcohol and drug habits were out of control and she had been abandoned by her family and friends.  She was still a very beautiful girl but God only knew how long that would last.  Right now though, the only thing she was thinking about was how she was going to get out of this situation.

AnnaSophia was kept waiting for almost two hours.  The door opened and a large deputy came in and escorted her out of the cell and down the long corridor to central booking.  Her cuffs were taken off and she was ordered to strip.  She proceeded to get undressed in front of six male and two female officers.  One of the female officers told her bend over and grab her ankles.  She then put on some rubber gloves and did a full on cavity search while the others watched.  The officer stuck her entire fist into a jar of Vaseline and then stuck her fingers inside the young actress’s pussy.  First one, then two until she had her entire fist inside of her.  This wasn’t the first time she’s been fisted, in fact, she enjoyed it.  One of the things she had become known for in her porn movies was that she got fist fucked in every scene.  The officer pulled her hand out of her pussy and then started in on her asshole.  She coated the glove with more lube and then entered AnnaSophia’s ass.  She told AnnaSophia to reach back and spread her ass cheeks apart and she did as she was told.  The officer pushed her entire fist up her ass to her wrist and then started to pump in and out.  With that, several of the male officers unzipped their pants and pulled out the cocks.  One of them walked over and grabbed the pretty blonde by the hair and shoved his cock down her throat.  He began his assault on her mouth just as AnnaSophia reached her first orgasm.  The female removed her fist and was quickly replaced by a second male officer who shoved his rock hard cock balls deep into her gaping asshole.  They spit roasted the former teen starlet for almost ten minutes to the cheers of the other officers watching.  They both came inside the girl at the same time and when they pulled out of her, she fell on the floor.  AnnaSophia layed there with cum oozing out of her ass.  She smiled and swallowed the hot load in her mouth.  She reached behind her and scooped up the cum from her gaping asshole and licked her fingers clean.

The female deputies pulled her to her feet and took her into the shower room.  There she showered off the remains of the sex she’d just had and was deloused and given an orange jumpsuit and paper shoes to wear.  She was escorted to the court room and stood before the judge for arraignment.  Bail was set at $100,000.00.  Since she was unable to pay the bail, she was taken to the county jail and thrown into general population.  Her fellow prisoners looked at the tiny blonde beauty as she walked to her assigned cell.  She saw several of them whisper to one another and a few of them were licking their lips.  Her cell mate was an older, black woman with tattoos and piercings covering most of her body.  That night, AnnaSophia was brutally raped in her cell by the woman, even though she told her she would willingly have sex with her.  The woman told her shut the fuck up.  She was tied spread eagle on her bunk and beaten and defiled until she passed out.  Her screams for help were ignored by everyone, including the guards.  The next morning, she was taken to the hospital with three broken ribs and more cuts and bruises on her body then they could count.  She spent a full week in the hospital before she was returned to her cell.  Her cellmate was confined to solitary for the rape so she had the cell to herself.

Three nights after she was taken back to her cell, two male guards came and took her out of her cell at two in the morning.  She was taken into the laundry room and both of them fucked her for over an hour.  She let them do her in all of her holes and she willingly swallowed load after load of their cum.  The nightly fuck sessions became the norm and every night the guards would come for her, take her to the laundry and fuck the shit out her.  Several of the other females in her block were also brought in for sex and a few times, she was paired with them to perform lesbian sex for the guard’s amusement.  AnnaSophia Robb quickly became everyone’s favorite fucktoy in jail.  Prisoners and guards both took advantage of the pretty blonde’s holes.  AnnaSophia loved it.  She was a complete sex addict and she couldn’t get enough.  This continued for several weeks before her trial.

On the day of her trial, she was given a blouse and a pair of jeans and taken over to the court house.  The judge took into consideration the fact that she had been kidnapped and raped and understood that this ordeal probably had some play in her downfall.  Her court appointed lawyer asked the judge for a private meeting in his chambers.  He called for a recess and AnnaSophia was escorted to meet with the judge.  The judge told everyone to leave the room and the door was closed and locked, leaving AnnaSophia and judge alone.  She didn’t say a word.  She undressed, bent over one of the large chairs and spread her ass apart.  The judge didn’t even bother to take off his robe.  He just unzipped and shoved his cock up her ass.  He pounded away at her for almost 15 minutes.  He pulled out of her ass and had her get on her knees and swallow his cum.  AnnaSophia quickly got dressed and the judge directed everyone back into the court room.  He sentenced her to time served and placed her on one year of probation.

The press was waiting outside the court house when AnnaSophia emerged.  She gave a brief statement and refused to answer any questions.  AnnaSophia continued her porn career for several more months.  She also continued to turn tricks.  When her looks began to fade and the drugs completely controlled her life, she was forced to live on the streets, turning tricks with anyone that had a few bucks for her to buy drugs.  Many times, her tricks would fuck her and then beat her up and leave without paying.  The once beautiful starlet was found dead in a dumpster in Hollywood three years after she was kidnapped.  Cause of death, an overdose.  No one, not even her parents, came to the funeral.

The End.

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