Anna And Her Ballboy

Story codes: (mf/cons/oral/voy/1st/humor)

Anna and her ballboy

Apologies to anyone who is too familiar with Flushing Meadow 🙂

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“I always told you, you have the greatest dad in the world, Josh!”, Stephen tried to convince his friend. “It must have been quite an undertaking to get those tickets. They’re worth at least 10 times their weight in gold, for God’s sake!”

“Your friends’ dads are *always* cooler, Stephen. I’d think you would know that
by now? But yeah, I guess he really wanted to surprise me. Sometimes, my old folks get it right by accident.”

Josh was in the middle of his puberty crisis, with a copybook generation-conflict striking. But *some* things you just can’t deny even when you’re chock-full of hormones that cloud your mind…

He had just turned 16. And it looked like this would become one hell of a birthday! Tickets to this year’s US Open guaranteed the best afternoon of their lives, Josh thought. They weren’t ordinary tickets, but a couple that would give them access to an Anna Kournikova match! Tennis turned into total entertainment … And that’s why they were now part of an enormous crowd, marching towards Flushing Meadow Park.

Kournikova was not just another player to Josh. Suuure, he liked to watch tennis… But ever since he first saw the Russian conquer the courts&crowds of Wimbledon about a year ago, he had been in some kind of trance. He couldn’t remember even a single hour that she hadn’t been in his thoughts since then… Even at night in his dreams. “And great dreams they are!”, Josh mumbled with a smile on his face.

“You think she’s going to wear that skimpy yellow outfit again of Roland Garros? Man, when I think about how her nipples will show through when she gets sweaty !!!”. Stephen was just as big a tennis-fan as his mate…

“No, no, no… She always shows a new collection at each Grand Slam. Fashion is one of her passions. She’ll wear a totally new one. Can hardly wait to see her showcase it!” (or was it the outfit showcasing *her*?)

It sounded *more* than just a little pedantic. Actually, Josh was feeling slightly superior to his friend when it came to this subject. Stephen was just an ‘ordinary’, 13-in-a-dozen fan. But Josh, he was so much more… He almost felt like knowing her personally, although they never met. Other teens were walking car-encyclopedia, or computer experts. Josh was a walking -and talking- Anna encyclopedia. He was more than happy to cite the month-by-month evolution of her WTA ranking if you insisted!

His Anna-memorabilia collection was quite impressive. Posters, magazine articles, calendars, coffee cups, fake erotic pics from the internet … You name it! He giggled when he thought about all the physical pleasure she had given him in return for his “investments”, without even being aware of it herself. He often wondered about her reaction if she would know that she had been his virtual lover over the last year… “Damn, she HAS to know that this happens!!” The idea of her realizing this, undoubtedly shocking, truth made him slightly excited.. How would she deal with the image of guys jerking off to her pics, to put it frankly?

“WATCH OUT!” Stephen pulled Josh, who was still in dreamland, by his arm, just in time to not get run over by a large black limo that came speeding by.


“Calm down, man.. The idiot missed you.”

It was as if lightning struck Josh. Make that a pillar of salt that got

struck by lightning! But not just because of the near-miss! Was his imagination getting away with him, or was that KOURNIKOVA sitting in the back of that limo???? Although it was driving fast, Josh had an eagle-eye for anything(mostly girls of course) looking like her, and he was quite sure of himself.

The car had turned into a small side-alley and they saw it stop at a gate a few hundred metres further down. The front window sunk and someone showed a security card to the gatekeeper. Seconds later the gate opened and the car drove on… Josh realized that they were looking at a back entrance of the US Open complex. “..and what does this mean??” He could barely breath from excitement. It had to mean that his eyes had NOT betrayed him!

“Let’s go on, man. We could miss the match if we don’t hurry up!” Stephen pulled the arm of his friend again. But Josh, who was still staring at the gate in utter silence, wasn’t paying attention to him. As if a mysterious unknown force had taken possession of the teen boy, he started walking towards the gate…

“What are you doing, man???” Stephen had not even seen Kournikova inside the limo. And anyway, he had no idea of the real significance of Josh’s obsession. So it’s rather unsure that he would have linked it to his friend’s odd behaviour.

With Stephen trying to drag him back and talking into him, Josh wandered closer to the gate. Acting as casual as his limited acting talents, and his confused buddy, allowed him. At that very moment another car, a big van this time, arrived. In what was more like a sudden split-second inspiration than anything planned, Josh broke loose from his friend’s grip and hid behind the van. As it slowly drove inside the gate, he walked along and found a route out of the line of sight of the gatekeeper…

He left his confused buddy standing outside, watching him with an expression of total disbelief on his face… Meanwhile the gatekeeper turned his attention to his magazine again, like all gatekeepers seem to do all the time… Nothing to fear from that side!

“Josh, buddy… WHAT are you DOING here???” For a second, a fragment of reality seemed to get through to him. But he felt as if his instincts had taken control, as if he was watching someone else. Watching a silly obsessed teen just walk on, not even aware of what he was up to.

As a few people walked by without reacting suspicious, Josh’s heartbeat went down again. He got a bit more relaxed. “So, we’re in now… Let’s make the best of it, whatever “it” may be!” he encouraged himself. Although in some way shocked by his own impulsiveness, he also seemed to love the adrenalin-rush.

The complex was quite big; a collection of buildings spanning several generations, showing signs of a steady grow through time. A network of paths meandering between them, lined with lawns and implanted trees. Lots of busy folks on their way to everywhere. It was an ant-colony, and Josh started to seriously question his adventure.. There was just no beginning!

After some aimless strolling, he finally noticed two male players coming out of one of the buildings, down the steps. As he was only really interested in women’s tennis, Josh recognized the faces without actually being able to put names on them. That was not the thing that mattered, though. At least he had some place to start now!

As he got inside, matters didn’t exactly improve as he had hoped. He was again faced with a true maze of doors and passages. “Just where the hell am I going to find her??” was all he could think.. “Find her”?? “Find HER”?? Finally his subconscious motivations had started to surface… It was a totally crazy idea! You needed to be *nuts*, to be perfectly honest. Or have a tiny little bit of schizophrenia. To split off your crazy part just long enough to make the jump into the insane. In some way, Josh considered himself *lucky* that he suffered from that mild manifestation of schizophrenia…. It was sure to spice up your life sometime. Like…*today*!

He mustered up his courage , took a deep breath and started his quest. Walking around with brisk step, scanning the nameplates on the doors. Looking for a clue, *any* clue.


“Heheheee… Now THAT’S where I’d like to examine Anna a little closer… ” His overactive imagination clearly didn’t need much. At least not in things related to his favourite tennis princess…

“JUNIOR DRESSING ROOM” “TROPHY REPOSITORY”.. The list went on and on, but nothing that seemed to get him closer to his goal.

“HEY KID! What are you doing there?”

Josh was still completely captivated by his quest, when a thundering voice

made the blood freeze in his veins.. A huge uniformed security guard had taken him by surprise.

With his brain working full-speed, he quickly regained his composure.

“Euh.. I was looking for the ballboy dressing room, sir. I have a match shortly you see…”

Although he was plenty strong physically, being member of the school football team, Josh still looked quite young in his face. He was about 5″9, for 145 lbs. Yet, you wouldn’t give him a day over 15 without checking what was underneath his trainingsuit! A fact that he thankfully exploited in this emergency situation.

“BWAHAHAHAAA.. It’s for that Kournikova match, isn’t it? You lucky bastard!!! I can see it in your eyes, little brat. Aahhhh… how I wish I was still young like you. Back in my days, we had cows in tablecloths on the court. It was just another boring day at the office for us ballboys back then… Not the peepshow they’ve turned it into now!”

“I wouldn’t worry too much about your match. I saw miss Kournikova enter her dressingroom over there just a few minutes ago. I think her match has been put back by at least an hour so you should have plenty of time.”

Josh could barely hide his joy. “There indeed must be a God up there!!” he whispered, eyes focused on the door the guard had pointed his finger at.

“Regarding the ball-boy dressingroom you were looking after: it should be at the end of the 3rd corridor over there. By the way: better tie up your zizi before

you go on court, and don’t wet your pants! The audience has an eye for things like that, BWAHAHAHAA!!”

Roaring with laughter, the big guy smashed Josh’s back with his hand and continued his tour around the complex.

“Uh..! Eh, thank you, sir.”

Josh couldn’t help noticing how all the pieces of the puzzle seemed to together so nicely, and effortlessly! Putting on one of the ball-boy uniforms that hung on the coat-hooks in the dressingroom, he understood that this short moment of improvisation had handed him an excellent cover to get closer to his idol. Ball-boys weren’t suspicious around here *at all*, and there were many reasons why a ballboy would, “accidentally” if necessary, end up in her room. Just by mistake. Or to inform her about the start of the match. Or to beg for a signature. Or to help her get dressed? “Hi, miss Kournikova! Can I come inside? (now *that* sounded ambiguous…) My name is Josh Jenkins and I’m the one who was appointed to help you get dressed. Can you please strip down so we can build up your uniform from scratch?”

“Hold your horses, Josh!”, he grinned to himself.

It was just an attempt to fight the nerves, but they were now racing through his throat anyway!

Once he was disguised in the typical blue shirt and shorts, he gave his cheeks a few slaps and took a deep breath “You can do it, Josh! Just turn off that brain and walk to that door… NOW!”

The corridors towards her dressing-room seemed to stretch like rubber. Walls closing in on him and time slowing down while he was walking. The echos of his footsteps sounded like they arrived at his ears after going through a swimmingpool. This was pretty much how it would feel if you were approaching light speed according to Einstein, he thought. What was happening to him??? After all she only had two legs, two arms, a head etc.. like anyone else! Ok, maybe all slightly more gorgeous than average, but still?? She was a normal human being, nothing to start hyperventilating for!

Finally, there it was: “Miss A. Kournikova” the improvised plate said. It all suddenly became frighteningly real and close now! Fast action was required, before letting second thoughts enter his mind. Josh took the doorhandle in his hand, he inhaled another deep breath and finally took the plunge… He gave the door a powerful swing as if to pretend that this was a genuine “mistake”. Someone who really thought he was entering the right room. No holding back..

“I’m so…”

Even before he had spoken his prepared “excuse-line”, it was clear that he would only get utter silence for an answer here… There was no-one around. It WAS the right room, but she had probably gone out. Maybe to the toilet or something? It was a disappointment, but also a relief in some way. Maybe it was better like this? Maybe the world had been spared yet another mini-disaster?

With the excitement of his expected head-to-head fading away, Josh now took some time to give Anna’s player room a closer inspection. “Gosh!” he whispered to himself when he let the view sink in, “they sure know how to pamper their stars!” Although the room resembled a regular locker room near the entrance, with a bench (Josh noticed an Adidas sports bag with a couple of Yonex rackets sticking out, clearly Anna’s), coat hooks and lockers, it looked like it had been renovated and extended to accommodate more demanding guests. The back-wall had been removed and now gave entrance to some sort of living-room. A couple of comfortable armchairs arranged around a stylish coffee-table with some, apparently fashion-related, magazines on top. The long wall of the room featured a big television set with video and also a modern stereo, while the corners were taken by an expensive-looking fitness-bench and a home-trainer. At the back, the living-room changed over into a small kitchen, next to which Josh noticed a curtain. It all gave a bit of a “thrown together” impression; functional, but lacking a consistent style. Then again, this wasn’t supposed to be a hotel!

Suddenly, the resonance of footsteps approaching through the hallway interrupted Josh’s trance.

Instinctively, without giving it second thought, the boy responded by going inside and closing the door behind him. With bated breath, concentrating on

the footsteps, Josh awaited what would happen next. Did this person see him sneak inside? He tried to reconstruct the hallway in his mind, in an attempt to estimate whether he or she was already past one of the corners when he heard the sound. He wasn’t sure by any means. After all, the hallway had mostly been one big blur while he went to her room…

As he noticed no immediate change in the tempo of the footsteps, Josh calmed down a bit. Until the unthinkable happened! The footsteps stopped RIGHT in front of the door, and someone put a key into the lock! Probably the single most awful sound he could hear at that moment. Chalk scratching on a school-board would have sounded most agreeable compared to this!!!

During a short moment of feeling totally paralysed, he considered his options. There was only ONE: with a couple of long strides, he crossed the living room and dived behind the curtain. Just a second later, he could hear the door fall back into its lock.

Josh realised that it had been a close call… If the door had indeed been locked, like the unknown visitor expected, he would never have had enough time to hide himself. The short moment of confusion, as the key didn’t want to turn, had saved his teen ass!!!

But obviously the situation was still critical… He needed to think fast. The person on the other side of the curtain, whoever it was, could enter his safe haven any moment.

“Keep that head of yours together Josh. THINK!!”

The faint light seeping through the gap between the ceiling and the curtain allowed Josh to inspect the place. Looking around, he noticed that he had ended up in a bathroom. There were two robust washing tables with mirrors, a big laundry bin against the wall behind them, and in the opposite corner a shower with a towel rack mounted to the wall.

The sound of the door being locked warned Josh that he had to act really fast now… It obviously HAD to be Anna, and she was going to take a shower for sure!!! Under normal circumstances, like in his bedroom at night, the idea alone would have given him a boner. But these were ALL BUT normal circumstances, and instinctive panic got hold of the teenager…. Instead of the usual visions of Anna stripping her clothes off, he could now see himself caught by a girl that would NOT be happy with that!! “TEENAGER 2 YEARS IN JAIL FOR STALKING TENNIS STARLET”.. Josh imagined it as if it was already printed on the frontpage of some tabloid…

Stumbling noises behind the curtain now removed all doubts if he had any left: Anna was disrobing herself and ready to scream like nobody had done since “Psycho” if she would discover Josh, who had started shaking all over his body.

The young tennis girl was now completely naked indeed, and was softly humming some hitparade-song she clearly loved. Josh immediately recognized “Barbie Girl” by the Swedish band Aqua:

Come on barbie, let’s go party!


Come on barbie, let’s go party!


I’m a barbie girl, in a barbie world

Life in plastic, it’s fantastic

You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere

Imagination, that is your creation

I’m a blond little girl, in a fantasy world,

Dress me up, make it tight, I’m your girlie

You are my doll, rock’n’roll, feel the glamouring thing,

Kiss me here, touch me there, hanky panky

You can touch, you can play, if you say: “I’m always yours”


Despite his precarious situation, Josh nearly started humming along with this quite addictive song. Could she possibly hum something more appropriate??

Whatever, her murmuring gained in volume as she was moving ever closer…, and closer…, and closer…

Anna opened the curtain. Still humming her favourite tune, she first deposited a bunch of clothing in the laundry-bin and then she positioned herself in front of the washing table, switched on the light, and started untying her famous long blonde braid.

Josh? Josh had disappeared. Or rather, in a last-second moment of inspiration he had opened the laundry-bin and jumped into it, making sure to cover himself with some laundry that was already in there.

The first few moments, Josh hadn’t had the guts to move a single inch or even open his eyes, afraid as he was to alert the tennis-star. But after a minute or so, it was clear that Anna seemed not at all aware of his proximity. (what else did he expect anyway??) Obviously, it was also that his curiosity finally started to become the better of his fear.

With the hand of his most freely movable arm (the laundry-bin was rather narrow), he slowly removed some clothes from his face, careful as to not make a sound. Anna’s panties came sliding down his forehead… Time to inhale! Seconds later, after his eyes had adjusted themselves, his braveness was rewarded with the most stunning visual experience in his young life.. The laundry-bin had spokes so the wet clothes could catch some air to dry, which allowed Josh a nice view on the scene that was going to be shown.

Anna was standing in front of the far washing table, effectively enabling Josh to study her phenomenal athletic anatomy in detail from top to toe. There was so much to see at once, Josh felt like he was a little kid in a candy-store again.. Indeed he hadn’t experienced this kind of excitement and wonder since his childhood. He tried hard to concentrate on separate areas of Anna’s goddess body, but it was as if his eyes were living their own life, directed by a brain that was running on pure aphrodisiac. His increasingly thumping heart and heavy breathing didn’t make things easier as he found it hard to actually keep a steady view between the spokes of the laundry-bin.

Still, as always he was first attracted by Anna’s extraordinarily cute face. He loved her view in profile, with that lovely little turned-up nose and the full cheeks that gave her that kind expression. The typical pout with her full lips that always drove men crazy, and which she was showing even in here, in private (“So she doesn’t *act* it in public!” Josh thought). Then his eyes skimmed over her long golden hair that was falling over her firm breasts, the top part still braided while Anna was busy unknotting it in front of the mirror. Her titties were no larger than a moderate handful, but were perfectly shaped and carried a perky pair of mid-sized nipples. Following the braid, Josh recognised her strong shoulders and fairly muscled arms, witnesses of her tennis-game, and marvelled at the cute-ness of her small elf-like ears.

Anna has an overall hard body. She’s slender and quite thin, Josh thought, but not at all skinny. It was just an almost total absence of superfluous fat. (well, her chubby cheeks seemed to contain some left-over babyfat, but that was ok…) The best analogy Josh had been able to come up with, was that of a hind or a gazelle. These animals also needed to be strong and muscled to not end up as a lion-meal, still they remained graceful and agile at the same time. The whole “Eat or be Eaten”-thing. But for girls it was a little different, Josh philosophized. They LOVE to be Eaten!

It was clear that Anna herself was also proud of her body. The sexy teen was turning around all the time, inspecting her features in the mirror and every so often exhibiting a smile of satisfaction. Her little exposition gave Josh the opportunity to glance at her flat stomach, with a big round belly-button in the middle, and her skillfully trimmed bush. But never more than a split-second.. If he didn’t know better, Josh would have been convinced that she was playing a little with him, offering him bits and pieces but not the whole deal, just to drive him nuts!

Not that she *needed* that constant turning and wiggling, on the rhythm of “Barbie Girl”, to send him through the proverbial roof… The mouthwatering view of her tight buttocks was more than enough for that! In thoughts, Josh was moulding both her perfect peach-shaped butt-cheeks with his hands. Digging his fingers deep into her soft skin as he massaged her rounded ass. Slowly moving them inwards to search for her treasures and… and… A terrible feeling of frustration got to Josh when he realized that this fantasy and visual contact were all he could ever hope for. What a depressing thought!

The erotic washing-table exhibition took about five minutes…. Then Anna had finished loosening her hair, and barefooted she hopped gracefully to the shower-cell, getting out of Josh’s view.

While the bathroom filled with the sounds and steam from the hot shower, Josh decided to free the *huge* erection he had developed inside his pants and that had been painfully constrained during the last 5 minutes… A breath of relief escaped from his mouth when the enormous purple head popped out. He couldn’t help touching himself while he considered his situation.

“Ok,” he said to himself. “This is THE chance to get out of this bin. I can’t wait very long because once I’m out, I still need to find the key to the room somewhere!! God knows where she put it down.” Josh knew that this was the only *rational* option… But at that very moment, he was a swirling barrel of male hormones, about as far removed from a rational being as possible. So the *second* option, just remaining where he was and possibly enjoying another round of nude Anna from the front row, attracted him much more. Sure there was the risk of being discovered, or being locked up when Anna left the room. But ANY man clearly understood that this risk was of minor importance considering the rewards… Anybody in the room against this, please raise your arm!

When he looked back at his adventure, a few days later, he would understand that more than likely he had subconsciously stretched his “considerations” on purpose here.. Because suddenly there was no time left to consider other options, for already came an end to the sound of splashing water… Anna was clean!

After she had wrung out her long blonde tresses, Anna slid open the shower-door. Josh was still too cautious to move. But although he couldn’t SEE her, he could hear the splashing sound of her wet feet on the floor-tiles as she walked to the towel-rack.

“Come on!!!” Josh screamed internally. “Gimme some more value for money and get back into my range!!!”

His prayers were heard as the narcissistic blonde decided to wipe herself dry in front of the mirror again. Methodically, Anna handled the warm and soft towel, making sure to not miss the smallest spot on her glistening tanned body. The absence of tan-lines on her chest caught his eye now. And her pubic tan-line wasn’t exactly very pronounced either! Hopefully for her the result of a sun-bed, or she would become paparazzi-fodder pretty soon, Josh predicted.

The ballet of wiggling titties, butt-cheeks and muscle-groups all over her body turned Josh into a drooling pile of undiluted desire. When she turned towards him and moved her knees apart to dry off her most private area, his eyes almost popped out of their sockets… As she dragged the towel through her slit, moving her lips apart, Josh could just no longer hold himself and soon the first drops of precum streamed out of his dick-head. This sensual show was just TOO much for a healthy adolescent to withstand.

As if all this wasn’t enough, he was in for another surprise… Something caught his eye while Anna’s pubic area was illuminated by the tube-light above the mirror.


Judging by the sparkle of light that he seemed to notice momentarily between her legs, it looked like Anna had a piercing.

“A CLIT PIERCING!” Josh was downright shocked. Or rather daunted. This sure was something he hadn’t expected from Anna, who he had always considered a sweet and rather innocent little girl. But he had to admit: this unexpected naughty side of her turned him on big time!

He desperately tried to compose himself and get a grip on the waves of arousal that now more than ever seemed to spring from his abdomen. Something he would soon regret.. From one moment to the other, his thighs got into severe cramp, resulting in a painful yelp that he could *barely* suppress. This sure wasn’t the most comfortable situation he had been in. His distorted face said it all! He really needed to stretch his legs *soon*, or he might never get up on his legs again (he didn’t dare to think about which other nearby body-functions he could lose…)

But Josh was an overall lucky guy today; Anna left the bathroom as soon as she had dried herself, closing the curtain behind her.

This gave him a few seconds to do some quick gymnastics. With one hand, he opened the linen basket and not without effort he fully stretched his legs, trying to get rid of the painful cramps.


The cramps were gone alright… But a small dab of cum-precum mixture shot out of his fully pumped prick and dropped on the bathroom tiles…

This was not exactly anticipated… It could very well expose him if Anna would spot his juices! “F*ck! I gotta clean this up before she notices!!”

It was too late though, as Josh could hear Anna return to the bathroom already. All he could do was dive back into his refuge and pray… Pray that Anna was not one of those women who could spot the tiniest speck of dust, or cum for that matter, from a mile…

Anna had taken a hairdryer out of her sports-bag, and she now stood in front

of the other washing-table (there was no electrical outlet near the furthest

one). Josh could no longer see her completely, as the laundry-bin was no more

than 2 feet away.

The young lady, still wearing no clothing or towel, switched on the dryer and started working on her hairdo…. “This is going to take a couple o’ minutes!” Josh realized, and at the same time he also started wondering whether Anna could braid her hair all on her own, or would get some assistance?? The latter could mean serious trouble for Josh since it doubled the chance of being discovered. Being discovered… That nauseating thought hadn’t been on his mind the last few minutes.

But Josh’s eyes and attention were soon drawn towards lovely Anna again… Although he was by no means a typical foot-fetishist, he still enjoyed the close view he had… He had always dug her fantastic legs. Maybe her legs were the very first thing that had caught his attention when he discovered her last year. They were slender and smooth. Tanned in a delicious Florida-brown just like the rest of her body. Muscled also, but not overdone similar to her arms. Although the thighs were also nice to look at, especially her calfs made Josh wax lyrical. The perfect proportions and the smoothness of their curves were a joy to consume with your eyes. Nothing short of pure visual gastronomy, certainly when the muscles in there were at work! He could gaze at them all day without getting bored. And now he was also falling in love with her cute toes! In typical teenager fashion, she had painted them in some sort of fluo-purple, just like her fingernails. A bit sluttish for older women, but perfectly suitable for a sweety of her age. Josh had expected her feet to have lots of bruises, ripped nails etc. because of the strain that was put on them during hours of top-sport. But they looked in perfect condition, or better. It was obvious that she payed a lot of attention to them, planning regular careful pedicure.

Anna switched the hairdryer to her other hand and made a side-step… A sardonic grin appeared on Josh’s face. His sex-doll was now curling her toes in the fresh goo he had shot on the floor a few moments ago! Oh God, what a view!!! There she was, the pores of her soft skin sucking up the fluid and producing sticky threads of pre-cum as she lifted her toes from the floor. Inadvertently, he started licking his lips in response to this most exhilarating sight. This was as mouthwatering as it could get!!! Would she EVER stop unconsciously teasing him??

Completely unanticipated, the buzzing of the hairdryer stopped. The next second, Anna seemed to reach down with her hand. Josh, who quickly pulled some laundry over his head again, couldn’t really see what she was up to… But the continued silence rather worried him!! Had her sensitive little toes registered the wetness down there? The frenetically pumping blood in his ears drowned out everything as he could only passively await what would happen next

The sound of the laundry-bin cap being lifted went through him like a knife and petrified his heart!


Anna’s command made his courage sink even deeper into his sneakers…

“That’s it…”Josh thought. “Your life ends here, Josh, buddy…” A cold shiver ran down his spine.

Even more laborious than before, he slowly rose on his crampy legs. Holding his shorts up with both hands to cover his (now rapidly shrinking) manhood, he lost his balance and fell with his back against the wall…

No sound from Anna, as Josh stood there speechless, face pointed down. Afraid of the probably flame-throwing eyes that would be staring at him right now. Then, since nothing really happened?, he slowly straightened his head….

A strong feeling of confusion hit him: Anna hadn’t covered herself at all??? She was still standing there in full nudity right in front of him, as his view crawled up past her thighs, hips, tummy, titties… until finally he was looking straight into her big, hypnotizing, emerald eyes.

She was smaller than he had thought. Sure, the frog perspective had deceived him a little. But he wasn’t exactly among the tallest of his class and still Anna had to look up at him, be it only slightly. It reminded him how easy it was to overestimate the size of a slender girl like Anna…

He tried to decode the expression on her beautiful face. It was cute as ever, having retained a touch of childish roundness. But he observed lots of subtle more mature emotions shining through…. A mysterious smile, the edges of her mouth slightly curled upwards, with a trace of superiority mixed in. She didn’t look nearly as furious as a voyeur who gets caught would expect. “Amusement” came closer as description. Although Josh seemed to notice that she TRIED to look a bit angry as well.

“Y.. Yesss, mi.. miss Kournikova?”

No matter how hard he tried, the strong emotions of meeting his idol under these embarrassing circumstances rendered Josh into a stuttering pile of misery. Not exactly the impression that he wanted to make!!

Anna still didn’t say a word. Instead, she was checking the boy out, top to toe. She knew that crimson face under the short brown hair was probably not because of sunburn.. Her smile back caused an additional flash of blush. Turning into downright embarrassment as the little minx lifted his official US Open shirt to check what was underneath… Her investigating gaze was accompanied by a sincere whistle of admiration as her eyes met his worked-out chest and football arms and shoulders. Anna obviously liked her men to take care of their body. She further unwrapped her surprise package and dropped the shirt on the floor.

“A ball-boy, just as I thought! How cute!!” she finally cooed.

Josh stood perplexed! It sounded like that little slut (that’s how she sounded to him at that moment) must have seen him right from the start!!

“A rather BIG ball-boy, I might add! “Anna continued. “You’ve grown out of

your uniform, buddy.” It sounded as if she found that really funny. Probably

a girl thing…

It was all too true, though; in the dressing-room Josh had simply taken the first outfit he could lay his hands on, paying no attention to the size at all. He had other matters on his mind…

“You have been watching me, haven’t you?” Her facial expression climbed a few degrees on the “naughty” scale. “Wanna know what effect that has on me?” It was a rhetorical question…. Before the boy could react, Anna pulled his left arm. She turned it around and flattened his hand, then shoved it under her crotch and pressed it against her pussy.

Josh startled as the palm of his hand and his fingertips made contact with her moist bush and lips. This young lady was soa-king wet!!! And it was NOT from the shower. Although she had just a thin stripe of fur, the feeling reminded Josh of stroking Nessy, their Golden Retriever, when she had been out in the rain or swimming in the pool behind their house. But this felt BETTER… WARMER…. SOFTER, and just as wet! It made every single fiber in his body scream to put his fingers at work and explore her love-cave! If only he had the guts….

As if Anna could read his mind (ok, even a chicken could have read it….), she pushed his middle finger up and dragged it through her hot slit along the full length, back to front. All the way she had her eyes focused on Josh to monitor his reaction, while she was biting her bottom lip.

“Oooooooooh Goooooood… I hope nobody pinches my cheek to wake me up!!!” Josh, gasping for breath and on the verge of fainting, could feel a drip of hot pussy-juice flow from his finger. It leaked down the top of his hand onto the bathroom floor.

But a *piercing*, he could not feel?! What he had seen must have been the glistening of Anna’s juices on her curly blonde bush… “Man,” he thought, “to lubricate herself like that she must have been aroused right from the moment she was putting off her clothes!” The teen hotty had undoubtedly been boiling of lust all that time.

Josh stood completely mesmerized, staring into emptiness. He probably didn’t even notice that his growing penis had jumped out, freed when he had to drop his shorts on the left side. Anna covered her mouth with her hand and giggled girlishly; she enjoyed this tremendously, no question!

Although she was still not even 18 herself, she felt as if her relationship with Sergei had been going on for an entire eternity already. (it was a public secret that the Redwings’ star ‘didn’t mind’ her being underage, to put it mildly…) She had never had a serious physical relationship with anyone else and since he was more than 10 years older, he had always been the dominant factor in their love-life. Sure, the ice-hockey ace had always been real nice to her. Never treated her rough in bed, unless she felt like it. Yet when he fooled around with her she had always missed the excitement of discovering new sensations *together*. Or better yet: single-handedly introduce her lover-boy into novel territory! That was what went through her head when she had spotted the boy-in-uniform sneak inside her room. An opportunity to brighten up her solid, but in the end increasingly boring, love-life.

“Wake up, buddy. Hel-lo???” Anna waved her hands in front of Josh to get him out of his trance. “What’s your name?”

“J… Josh Jenkins, An.. eh.. miss Kournikova.”

Again she couldn’t suppress a giggle. His cute politeness enforced her feeling that at last she was at the other side of the fence this time; SHE would lead the dance. This was going to be fun…

Forcing her face into a harsh expression, she took the boy by the shoulders and pulled him closer. So close, that their noses were almost touching. In fact, Anna could feel his fast breathing on her face… and his erected cock push against her belly. The sticky head painted a random pattern of precum threads around her navel as she shook Josh. Hang it on the wall and you have abstract art…

As close as they were, Josh now actually noticed a faint streak of cum, HIS cum, running over her bottom lip into the corner of her mouth. It freaked him out totally!!

“Now you listen to me, Josh Jenkins,” Anna barked, sounding as decisive as she found possible. “You promise me to not, EVER, tell anyone about this, GOT IT?” Her eyes were piercing into his, quickly scanning his face in search for confirmation that she made an impression on him.

Josh immediately nodded his head. Not that he had heard even a single word of what she said… He was still too shocked, or rather fascinated, by the idea that his fantasy princess had dipped her fingers into the load he had shot on the floor, and actually tasted it. “TAS-TED!!” Josh repeated to himself.

Anna poked her tongue into her cheek while she was deciding where things had to go next… Obviously, her being a worldwide celebrity made it somewhat complicated and risky to give into sudden desires like these. But Holy Cow!, being aware of Josh’s eyes wandering all over her naked body while she was preparing herself, had made her horny like hell! Being watched (outside the court) was one of those secret fantasies she had never admitted to anyone, not even Sergei. He sure was too jealous to risk that!! Except maybe in some of the anonymous chats she had had on the Net like everyone who is shy to talk about something in public… (Anna actually regularly surfed the Net because it had always been kind of a turn-on to read what kind of effect she had on males – and females -)

After what looked like an eternity to Josh, Anna seemed like saying to herself “Screw them!” What could go wrong anyway? Who would even seriously CONSIDER believing a 16-year old hormone-filled teenager boy when he claimed having had sex with her? The Queen of worldwide tennis-courts? Without any evidence, the risk was close to ZERO. Anna smiled; she was satisfied with herself that she had been able to rationalize a decision that was really just purely based on raging hormones.. She had done this before. But still, she seemed to need that exercise each and every time to ease her conscience.

Now that that hurdle was taken, she concentrated on her love-toy again. “What do you think about having a bit of fun, you and I, Josh Jenkins?”

The reality of it all was now slowly getting through to Josh. He actually started to get a bit more relaxed and also felt a sudden boost in confidence. After all, Anna seemed to have *chosen* him. Examined AND approved! He decided to get his best “stud” pose out of the closet and act casual.

“Well, lady, I’m in for that any day, ehee!”

Anna obviously saw right through his act, and was quite charmed by it actually.

“Have you ever been with a girl before, *Superman*?” she inquired rather sarcastically.

“Eh..well…Iiiii don’t really have a relationship right now, eh…” Josh actually had never had a girlfriend. His older brother Chuck often mocked him for that, and how he had only Kournikova posters to make love to and get off on. “I know why you always buy three copies of those posters, little bro'” he used to say. “They always get so messy after a while, don’t they?” God, how much Josh hated him at times!!! It was a miracle that he was still alive!

Anna touched a weak spot here.. She got that slightly amused smile on her face again as she watched his confidence fade. Then, without saying another word, she sat on her knees and pulled down Josh’s shorts and underwear around his hips. It made his breathing stop in its tracks!

She was now face-to-face with his pecker and, she had to admit, was quite pleased! Josh was pretty well endowed. Better than she had expected anyway. Certainly not less than 6.5 inches at that very moment, with lots of headroom and a nice thickness. His penis was wobbling right in front of her face, jumping slightly up with every heartbeat, and clearly growing by the second!

The boy started breathing again, heavier this time, and hesitantly faced down where he saw Anna move her sexy hands towards his cock. With a gentle touch on the top of the head, she made it jump up. Then her other hand cupped his balls, same reaction. Anna kept playing with his manmeat, sending it in all directions while it got harder and harder and raised higher and higher. This was real fun! The tennis-star remembered how she had once told Sergei how it made her feel like a snake charmer, the rhythmic movements and all..They both had had a good laugh about it back then. “A snake is a snake,” Anna thought while she kept directing the dance of her new “reptile”

“Next game of this set” Anna whispered to herself, as she softly clamped her hand around his shaft and started stroking up and down. She heard Josh breath in and noticed how his belly retracted on the rhythm of her caressing. His cock felt harder and hotter in her palm with every stroke. She got off to a fast start, using her wrist-joint to sustain a blistering pace without straining her arm too much. After no more than 10 to 15 seconds Anna could feel how Josh’s foreskin started sliding much easier. A thin stream of precum dribbled out and lubricated the cock-head, making the pinkish skin glisten in the light of the tubes as she continued to work him out.

Anna was extremely good at this… With the same accuracy that she needed to keep hitting balls between the lines, she now kept her partner on the edge.

“Ah…Aaahh… Mpfffff..” Josh moaned as the pressure started to build up in his balls. A healthy blush had appeared again on his cheeks. While blowing and groaning, he flashed his eyes wide open, pulling funny faces because of the sensations that Anna was giving him.

Minute after minute passed, while she carefully fine-tuned the speed, rhythm

and pressure of her heavenly wank. Josh expected, WANTED to explode any second. He could feel how his cum and juices got extracted from his balls and other glands, and how this mixture of pleasure started to rise inside his stone-hard cock. Fired on by the tight tennis-grip of the gorgeous teen blonde. A tennisball-canon that was being loaded. But Anna didn’t grant him an ejaculation… yet?

She was not working towards a climax, it was just an extended tease. After all, there was plenty of time for more fun so she needed Josh to be as pumped up as humanly possible, not completely deflated.

Drop after drop of crystal-clear precum dribbled from Josh’s cock-head over and under Anna’s wank-hand. It made his shaft become increasingly slippery, and Anna noticed that she was losing control a bit. Under the extreme tension and pleasure down there, Josh had started to lean forward slightly. His hands were resting on Anna’s head to retain his balance, ruining her hair as he clawed through them each time the girl increased the tempo or pressure, or both. During the short moments of relief, when his head was clear enough to think, Josh couldn’t help wondering about HOW she did it??? “I guess that’s what they mean when they boast her excellent ball-feeling!” he thought. The thought made him smile.

Anna noticed it and threw one of those disarming smiles of her back; she was keeping a close eye on him. As she looked up at Josh with her big Bambi-eyes, you would have thought that she was his little sex-slave. But she wasn’t. Or at least it was 100% her own decision to be one, for the time being. She simply needed the visual feedback as part of her strategy to prevent Josh from going over the edge too soon. Anna mobilized all her senses in this matter. Listening carefully to the moans, and later grumbles. Sniffing the musky odors. Monitoring the contortion on his face and the contraction of the muscles that pulled his testicles in, as she milked another blob of juices. Then with her free hand she was able to feel the muscles on the inside of his upper legs, noticing when the boy tensed up in that area. And of course the “workout-hand” was another important source of feedback. Anna seemed to be born with a talent to feel minute changes in stiffness and circumference of male genitals. She also knew a lot about shades of pink and purple, and what they told about a cock-head. She really had everything that was needed to tease a man until he was barely able to open his mouth and *beg* for an ejaculation. And she loved it!

“Hnnnn… chggggrrrrrrr…” Josh was no longer moaning, but grumbling through his nose by now, and his cock felt slightly sore all around. His secretions were no longer clear. They started to contain more and more milky traces now and Anna knew that it was almost time to stop. But not before she had had the icing on the cake!

She let go of Josh’s meat-pole. As it broke loose of her hand, it stretched sticky fleece of precum to her fingers.

Anna knew that for the last game of this set, she needed very fine control. So it was necessary to clean up the slippery mess on Josh’s dick-surface. With an infinitely seductive look in her eyes, she turned towards him and suggestively sucked his cum from her fingers while she closed her eyes. “Hmmmm… ahhhh.. this tastes soooo gooood…” If she had planned to, THAT certainly didn’t help to make his woody less slippery… Then she grabbed the base of his penis, stuck out her tongue and slowly ran it along the bottom of his shaft. “0-o-oooohhh…” Josh shook all over his body as she continued to methodically lap the rest of his dick, doing the head twice because it kept spitting fluids.. After cleaning, she clamped it again with her hand and brought it down to her pouty mouth, kissing the top with pursing lips. She backed off again and with the tip of her tongue she then started teasing Josh’s frenum. The sensitive spot sent waves of extacy along his pole towards his balls.


The rest of Josh now also stiffened and he scratched the skin between Anna’s shoulder-blades as a rather big chunk of cum slowly climbed up from his balls. With her highly developed precision sensors, Anna could almost feel where the blob was inside his cock. She smiled when she understood that this was turning into one of her best jobs ever! Rarely had she exhibited total precision control over a guys cum like this. It required skills not dissimilar to talking an airplane down in foggy weather!

As the blob popped out, it looked like a white cotton plush captured inside a wobbly crystal ball. Tears came streaming down Josh’s face, as gravity took hold of the heavy chunk and made it slide down his cock-head. Anticipating like the real tennis-pro she is, Anna positioned her tongue right under it and caught it on the tip as the cum-thread broke. If Anna wouldn’t have squeezed his cock-base hard, Josh would surely have shot his full load at the sight of his cum sliding down the middle of her tongue. She took it in with an over-articulated sucking sound and crushed it against her palate so it nicely spread all over the surface. Then she playfully squeezed her tongue between her full lips and blew some air, producing little cum-bubbles that dribbled down her chin…

Looking up at Josh, the naughty girl burst into laughter. The strange expression on his face was just priceless!

By now, Josh was getting aware that his wildest fantasies were becoming reality. It was all so totally unreal that he no longer felt like the normal “Josh Jenkins”, vastly inferior to the sexiest girl in the world. In fact, the whole situation started to feel like some-kind of out-of-body experience. Or a lucid dream if you want…

Whatever, he decided to pull a switch inside his head and exploit this opportunity to the maximum.

“Pleaaaaaase Anna, don’t stop!! Can you do that again, please? It felt so f*cking good!!” he could hear himself beg, sounding much more self-certain now.

“Hehe…” Anna grinned. “It looks like you didn’t bite off that tongue of yours after all!” She paused for a second, as if some thought entered her mind. Then the grin on her face got more pronounced while she slowly pulled Josh’s shorts further down and helped his feet step out.

Suddenly she got up, and with her hand still firmly clamped around Josh’s member, she rushed towards the curtain.

“Hey!!! Hoooo-oow! Awwww!!’ Josh had no choice but following her, or living with a dick of at least a full foot for the rest of his life..

Anna dragged him towards the fitness bench in the corner, and with a graceful swing of her arm, she practically forced him to lay down on it.

The seat of the bench had three parts, much like a beach-chair. After Anna had dropped him on there like a bag of garbage, Josh didn’t have much time to think about his painful cock… She jumped forward and straddled his chest, getting pretty close to his face as the headend, on the side with the handles and weights, was lifted a little upwards. Josh could feel Anna’s body-heat through the proximity of her inner thighs that were almost rubbing his ears..

“Are you hungry, Josh Jenkins?” The teen wrapped her hands around his head and lifted it up, firmly pressing his face into her crotch. Josh nearly choked as his mouth and nose were buried into her young wet pussy and bush. “Show me that you can do more with that flesh-lap of yours than just excuse yourself and plead, buddy. I bet you have imagined how it would feel to eat me out. Well, dinner has been served so let’s get going!”

Anna loosened her grip and freed Josh, gasping for breath, from her hotspot. The lower half of his face and his nose already covered in her glistening feminine fluids. Choking or not, her request sounded like music to his ears and he would be more than happy to serve her the way she wanted! He stuck out his fleshy tongue and got the tip into a fast up/down motion. To be honest, Josh had no real idea where his pussy-lapper was going. Anna’s centre of lust was just too close to focus. But he would soon find out that Anna was going to provide enough other clues anyway…

He leant forward as much as possible in his precarious position until the tip of his tongue touched what seemed to be the warm flesh of Anna’s outer lips. “nnnnnnnnhhhhh..nhhhhhh!!” With questioning eyes he looked up at her. Anna understood what Josh was trying to say, but couldn’t with his mouth buried in her snatch; helped by her trained legmuscles, she bent through her knees to move her pussy closer to his mouth. Relieved as he was since he could rest his head on the bench now, Josh started his exploration of Anna’s tunnel of love. First he playfully nuzzled his nose between her soft love-curtains, snorting and tickling the giggling teen, making all kinds of funny noises.

“Hahaaaahihiii.. stop it.. I can’t stand tickling!!” She rewarded him with one of those cute smiles that he was so addicted to.. As he deeply inhaled through his nose, Josh absorbed every nuance of Anna’s hot-blooded perfume. It drove him out of his mind!! Every cell in his body wanted to take the love-doll that was standing over him, to fuck her brains out!

He let his tongue swerve from side to side, navigating between the edges by feeling her cunt-hairs and stubbles. Digging superficially through the folds and slowly moving upwards until he felt the Russian’s swollen clitoris, pulsating with blood. There, he paused and invested extra time and attention, letting it dance up and down on the tip of his tongue like a buoy wobbling on sea-waves.

“Ooooh JEEEZES…, YESSSSS ball-boy!!! Go deeeper now… DEEEEPER!” Anna sighed and moaned. “HHmmmmmmm..” She threw her head back, tickling Josh’s balls with the ends of her long blonde tresses, and used both hands to fully open up her pussy so he could reach some of the more hidden areas in there…. Pulling her inner love-flaps apart, the increased blood-flow made it look to him like a huge blossoming purple-red rose. As Josh continued to lick her streaming juices(Anna just couldn’t remember ever feeling as wet as this!), she started to feel weak in her knees, normally so very strong. Josh kept tongue-fucking her for minutes. From time to time it all just got too much for her to hold up, and she almost fell down on him. Smothering him by completely covering his mouth with her spread twat. He considered himself lucky that he was fondling and squeezing her firm breasts, so he could support her collapsing body a little.

But he didn’t mind.

He didn’t mind and continued to dig deeper into her moist femininity, sampling every bit of her. Twisting his tongue into angles like never before, to reach into the deepest secret corners. “If I was to return as an animal, I’d sure like it to be a chameleon” Josh pondered, thinking about the longest and most agile tongue in the world, and how it would extend the possibilities.

Shivers ran down Anna’s spine and she felt alternating all cold and warm inside of her as Josh’s fast breathing pumped hot air into her love-hole. “oooooo-oh my Gooood… lick it out!!! lick it out!!eat me, Joooosh!!” She felt like endlessly squirting juices… Could feel it dripping down her inner thighs, and imagined it mixing up with her lover’s saliva while he continued to lick through showers of girl cum.

Anna’s slightly bitter taste did not change Josh’s opinion: she topped caviar (he had savoured some during last year’s Christmas dinner) on his list of Favourite Russian Food! It’s all in the mind, and the eye wants something also after all…. And Anna was certainly the most visually delicious dish Josh had ever had the pleasure to sit down at. The view of her sexy flat stomach above him, big round belly-button shaking uncontrollably under his oral caressing, was something he liked to never end. If it was shown in a theatre nearby, he would sure go watch it again and again. But Live! it was even better!

The tennis starlet’s breathing got faster and faster, coming in shorter and shorter pants now. “Ohh.. ooooh… YES…I come!! God, I come!! Don’t stop!!”. Her body started to shudder as wave after wave of intense physical pleasure raged through her. “Hiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!” Anna screamed out her delight, not bothered in the least by possibly alerting people on the other side of the thin walls. She was in her own world at the moment, not aware of her surroundings. No Josh, no fitness bench, no US Open. Just an Open Anna.

Even with her exceptional physical condition of an athlete in top-form, she started to get exhausted now as she struggled to stand up under Josh’s teasing. Finally, she silenced and slowly let her sweat-soaked body slide down on him with a loud sigh. She could feel how his pumped up meat-pole rubbed her pussy and got crushed between their bellies. Slowly stewed in sweat by the two steaming bodies on either side. As their eyes locked, heartbeats seemed to synchronize. Josh could feel every beat transfer to his skin, and this made him feel truly close to her now, deeply bonded. Anna lovingly moved her fingers through his hair. Her cute face was one big satisfied smile, her eyes looking slightly sleepy but with a sparkle in them.

She flicked a bunch of distorted hair away from her face. “You did that very well, Josh. I just loved it.” she giggled. “Thank you.”

“Thank you”!?! Anna’s compliment didn’t sound forced or acted at all to Josh. She was definitely *serious* about it. Which made him feel quite proud of himself! “Wow, makes you think about what I could do to girls once I’m actually *experienced*; They’ll probably queue up to get serviced by ‘Juicemaster Josh'”, he chuckled. The new self-confidence made him feel half more man already than when he stepped out of the bus that morning. And his accelerated course towards manhood wouldn’t stop here…

Anna’s mood had definitely changed, too. The afterglow of her orgasm fell down on her like a warm and cosy blanket, rounding off the sharp edges and awakening her romantic side, so much closer under the surface in girls than in men… She had prepared herself to FUCK, but instead she felt as if she had been made love to. Josh his unselfishness had surprised, yes even in some way *touched* her. This wasn’t the first ball-boy she had seduced, and it wouldn’t be the last. But he had been so soft and considerate thus far.. Anna was even quite sure that she could have left out the obligatory hand-job this time, and Josh would still have given his best shot. She just couldn’t bring herself to simply reduce him to a throw-away fuck-toy like the others. She had to give something *back*. Fair is fair!

Anna gazed up at the clock on the wall. It told her that they had 30 minutes left before her match started. You could pack quite an amount of goose-bumping pleasure in half an hour..

“Anna, I…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Anna interrupted him with a sensual kiss. She muted him by briefly locking her mouth onto his, then she backed off again only to let her tongue slide over his lips from left to right and back. Next, she changed direction, forcing his lips apart to penetrate deeper.

Anna lead their internal tango of tongues, savouring the familiar taste of her own pussy flavours inside her partner’s mouth. Time seemed to stop as they caressed each other orally. Josh closed his eyes and surrendered to the overwhelming feelings of this intense moment. Feelings unknown to him upto this point in life.

Feelings of love.

Finally, Anna slowly pushed herself up by her arms, gradually breaking loose from Josh’s lips. She only elevated her chest, so his dick was still pressed between their bellies and she could feel that he had softened quite a bit…

She wiggled her belly, as if to get a better feel of it, and smiled at him “Good to see that you’re 100% natural, Mr. Jenkins; not spoiled by the blue pills yet, uh?”

Josh didn’t quite understand Anna’s remark, but his confused look would soon transform into moans of pleasure… The lithe blonde began slowly moving her hips and abdomen, massaging his half-erected, sweltering member. Apart from a slight wobble of her tits, Anna kept her chest perfectly steady. The sensual movement was confined to her lower body. It was like a lying belly dance.

Josh enjoyed the close view of her perfectly proportioned torso, both nipples teasing him with their proximity. While Anna used her tummy as a flexible rolling pin to knead his dick, he lifted his arms and cupped her breasts with his hand-palms.

“Go ahead… Work on them! ” Anna responded to the unspoken request in his eyes as he looked up at her, pressing her fleshy cones up. “I’m your fuck-bunny tonight.”, she grinned.

Without moving his hands, Josh placed both thumbs over her aureolas and started rubbing them lightly. Her nipples responded almost instantly, proudly rectifying themselves. Anna bit her bottom lip as Josh gently pinched the firm protrusions with his fingernails.

“Hmmmm.. feels good… Go on, please…”

“Yes, like that….Hnmmm. . .yeah….like that.So tell me, Josh… mnnnnahh. . Do you think I’m beautiful?”

“Oh Anna,” Josh continued where he left of. “you can not even begin to imagine what looking at you does to me!!”

Anna grinned; of course she didn’t expect anything else for an answer, but like any young lady she couldn’t hear it often enough. She continued rolling his rod and slowly started to experience heat build up again inside of her. The unusual feeling below her of his ever hardening dick sliding through its loose, sweat-soaked foreskin turned her on in a strange way. She wasn’t the only one who was turned on by it…

“Oh. .I. .mmmmh….” Josh stumbled. It was not clear whether he was just out of words to continue his ode to Anna’s beauty, or that it was the pleasure from the increased tension in his cock that silenced him..

“shhhhhh… don’t talk. Just enjoy it”

Josh relaxed (with the exception of his tool, obviously), closed his eyes, and concentrated on the erogenous massage as Anna kept rubbing her washboard over his stomach.

Not for long though… Suddenly she dragged her body a bit further up, moved her knees apart and slid her pussy down on his erected pole like a hot glove. The feeling of her stretching vagina made her grunt. As she savoured the pleasant stuffed feeling, she squirmed a little to let it adjust around him, finally sticking firmly onto his meat. It certainly met the expectations it had created on first inspection! With his expanding cock throbbing inside of her, she returned to her normal teasing movements…

“What about sharing the fantasies you had about me? I want to hear what you did to me, Josh. I want to know all about it.”

“I.. I don’t know where to start!!” Josh had problems with his concentration.. Who wouldn’t, with a dick feeling like it finally came home?

“Did you like those Sports Illustated pics in that pink top where my nipples almost show through? Did you dream about making love to me on that couch in the red Russian army series? Or did you fantasize about fucking me on-court?”

“Or maybe all of that?”, she laughed.

Hearing her talk and tone, he obviously didn’t have to hold back the uncensored truth. Between gasps, Josh let it all out:

“I’ll tell you… What ALWAYS brought my dick to life… was when you had to tie your shoes… or pick up your racket.. Hmmm..ohmyGod! The view of your undies, tightening around your firm ass…, peeking from under those short skirts.. The idea… idea of tugging them down and taking you from behind.. It got me wet more than once!! I always had to rush to the bathroom to not come inside my pants!” he chuckled nervously. Even under these circumstances, the confession seemed to paint a blush on his cheeks. Or maybe Anna impaling herself on him had something to do with it?

As that last sentence came out of his mouth, he couldn’t help thinking about how UNREAL it was that he nearly came in his PANTS back then, while he now was completely wrapped in ANNA, and HADN’T shot his load in her yet!

“Well, you don’t have to worry about making ME messy, do you? I’m all hot and wet already!” Anna laughed. “You can come anytime you like, my big boy!”

Did she learn to read ball-boy minds??

“But ONLY as I say so.”

Without any warning, Anna landed her bare feet on the floor and, as if dismounting a horse, she made a quarter turn away from the fitness bench and decoupled herself from Josh.

It left him feeling confused and downright uncomfortable. The sudden transition from the soothing warmth of Anna’s body to this cold nakedness shell-shocked him. His heart shrunk from the idea that the dream was over already! Not now?? Now that he had started to become fully conscious of the experience? Now that he had felt the warm softness of her pussy around his cock? Not before he had given her man’s most valuable present?

“Anna, come back!!”

And what did she mean with that anyway, “only as I say so”?

Josh got ready to get after her while she sped towards the door.

“Stay where you are, Josh! Your little fuck-bunny will be right back, don’t worry.” She threw a kiss at him.

Anna disappeared behind the corner. Next, it sounded like she unzipped her sports-bag. Rackets falling down from the bench. A lot of shuffling going on.. Josh had absolutely no clue about what she had in mind. For a second he thought about going after her anyway, to see what she was up to. But he decided he better not went against her.. He wouldn’t like her to *really* run away this time. At least she was still there so it looked like he could get another chance to melt together with her…

Just as the impatience started to get to him, Anna appeared again.

Josh’s heart skipped a beat! Anna had strained herself in a totally new Adidas outfit. The traditional white one-piece was short in length, topping off her brown thighs. It had a gold-blue accenting neckline that gave it a somewhat conservative look, yet at the same time it was form-fitting enough to showcase her breathtaking body-shape in all glory. There you had a package that invited you to open, no TEAR it up…

She had given attention to the important details as well: sweat-bands locked around her wrists, her famous shoes with “Anna Kournikova” stitched in gold letters on the heels and an improvised pony-tail dangling down her back through the slit in her baseball-cap. It almost perfectly represented the Anna as she appeared in his wettest dreams!

“How ironic!” Josh thought. “When I saw her on-court, I got turned on by mentally disrobing her to her bare-naked skin. Now that I’ve been with her bare-naked all the time, the scantily textile seems to pepper her even more!” Nature playing tricks with the male mind…

With a Yonex in one hand, bouncing a ball on the floor with her other, she

walked to the empty area between the couches and the long wall. Today’s improvised private miniature indoor court. Not big enough for a real tennismatch, but *more* than big enough for at least *one* love-game…

Her shoelaces weren’t tightened…

“Oh my! They’ve loosened again!” she muttered, pretending that she was completely ignoring Josh.

Her acting was absolutely dreadful. A long way to go before she would realize her Holywood dream, Josh thought.. Then again, many others who couldn’t act properly even if their life depended on it, had preceded her!

Acting nonchalant, Anna turned her back to Josh, dropped the racket and ball, and bent over to fasten the laces. Thanks to her flexible body, she could effortlessly do this exercise with her legs dead straight.

Josh held his breath, in eager anticipation of what he would get to see next… The deeper Anna bent, the higher her short one-piece lifted over the sensual curves of her peachy roundings. As the edges of her white skin-tight spandex shorts appeared, accentuating the shape and tan of her behind, he was plain simply unable to keep his tongue inside… It didn’t matter that their adventures over the past half hour had been so much more intense. It seemed that, over time, he had been conditioned into this behaviour by watching her matches. Pavlov, anyone?

With the panties underneath, tight as if it was a second layer of skin, one could swear that the textile was just painted on there… Even just *imagining* that he moved his fingers over -and under- the fabric, squirming them through her crack between her silky smooth skin and the panties, made him go crazy! Hard was his dick already, harder it got. It almost started to *hurt*. “I bet I could scratch a diamond with it!”, Josh mumbled.

“Those damned shoelaces!! Maybe I *should* have switched to Nike after all.” Anna complained.

Her scenario wasn’t too bad, but the intonation still a disaster.. She got the main idea across though. Her cryptic message was just an elaborate way to say FUCK ME, and she was waiting for her spectator to take action! Probably pioneering the next, interactive, step in women’s tennis?

Josh stepped closer. Lustfully licking his lips, he turned his hands and started softly rubbing Anna’s butt through her panties. She twitched a little as his fingertips touched her skin, flashing goose-bumps at him. As the seconds passed, Josh’s fondling got a bit more intense. Rougher. It coaxed an excited little squeal from Anna. “Oooh Joooshh!!!” He grinned and crouched to enjoy a closer view, pushing her buttocks up and away from him. Anna, who started to get a painful back, supported herself by placing her hands above her knees.

She let out a low moan as she arched her back to stabilize against the pressure of his fondling hands. God, it made her SO hot! Up and down they rubbed, moving her dress a little higher each time until he turned it over her back completely. Above the waist, Anna was naked underneath, no sports-bra! Josh wondered what Berlei would have to say about this contract violation. Impatience must have something to do with it, as Anna was too professional to slip up like that, he concluded. Not that it bothered him…

He guided his hands back down along her bare sides, scarcely making contact with his fingertips. He continued to tease her via this alternative tactic, first skimming the soft skin of her thighs before he slipped towards the tender area on the inside. Scattering around light strokes with his fingers.

Anna closed her eyes and focused completely on the sensual touches that fluttered all over her behind. It really started to get to her now. When his fingers touched her panties between her legs, he could feel the fabric getting wetter all the time.

Anna was almost ready for him. She slipped one of her hands inside her undies, and started fingering and rubbing her moist pussy as she moaned aloud. “Ahhh.. Take me Josh, NOW!! Please! FUCK ANNA as hard as you can!”

Josh grunted as he heard the words “Anna” and “Fuck”. She really pulled his strings like a pro puppeteer. The combination of those two words had *always* elicited a woody from him, and *this* time he would be able to put it to good use!

“I want to feel your young cock fill me up. Beam me up to heaven with your pecker, ball-boy!!” she screeched.

Teasing patience was replaced by passionate hunger as he grabbed the elastic band of her shorts and spandex with both hands and pulled it down halfway her thighs with such force that it almost ripped. The view of her fingers moving through her glistening lips fueled his excitement, pumping up his cock some more each time her puffy labia parted.

Anna stopped rubbing herself, and spread her middle and index fingers, creating a delicious looking heart-shaped fuck target for her lover. It fired up Josh’s desire to an almost unbearable level. More than ever he wanted to brutally impale her on his rod. That’s what bestial desire can do with ordinary and peaceful teenage boys….

He took his cock in his hand, slapped Anna’s soft cheeks a few times with the head, and rubbed the hardening shaft up and down against her crack, coating it with his warm slime. Surfing her slippery butt was as neat as he had imagined!

Anna responded by pushing her behind into his genitals, nestling against his hairy balls that were teasingly tickling her. This was going way beyond just giving Josh what he deserved for serving her so well; she *wanted* him inside. She wanted him *badly* inside. The bastard had made her so horny by now that she could fuck through an entire ice-hockey team if needed. She could think of quite a few guys, let’s call them ‘close friends’ of Sergei, who wouldn’t have regretted it if she had been in that mood at certain other times… Like, during the party they had after taking the Stanley Cup last summer. Bad luck for them! You needed to push *more* than one button to make her do that.

“Oh my God… Oh God!! Stop teasing the hell out of me!! Fuck me, you bastard!!” Horny Anna vs. normal Anna, it had a bit of Mr. Hyde vs. Dr. Jeckyl. The kitten had turned into a tigress…

Josh pushed her away slightly to give himself some room, let out a low growl and positioned his cock-head against her two fingers. He firmly clasped her pelvis with both hands and pulled her in. The first thrust was slow and short, barely getting his head past the two legs of her “digit-al V”. The second time, he could feel Anna’s damp warmth engulfing three quarters of his pole, while her cold cramped fingers scraped the sides. (Anna pressed them so firmly into her spread lips that they seemed to be bolted to her crotch) It was a wonderfully intense contrast that only got better as his subsequent thrusts went deeper and faster, pushing his swollen balls into her fingertips.

“Uh… uh… uh…” Anna squealed in tune as Josh upped the tempo. She was pretty tight down there, so her pussy-walls stuck to his cock much like a slightly undersized condom. Good that she lubricated herself profusely, or it would have felt like uncorking bottles of Kournikova ’81… He kept hammering away at her, sending shockwave after shockwave through her body. Flesh quivered and tits vibrated under the cock-beating she got. Things started to heat up quickly as if Josh was poking a smouldering camp-fire under her belly.

The timid ball-boy was definitely gone now, replaced by a horny young stud that only seemed to have one thing on its mind: how to split her ass-cheeks apart to bury its cock upto the hilt into her!

“Aaaa…aaaaah!! Nnhhhhhh…” Anna almost lost her balance as Josh pushed her around the room with his powerful thrusts, yet she wanted to feel him deeper still! Struggling to stay on her feet, she let go of her pussy and used the hand to release her rolled-up panties so she could step out of them and move her legs apart unrestricted. While this slightly muffled the sensations around her pussy-entrance, the wider spread allowed her to better keep her balance…. and Josh to gain at least an inch of stroke-depth! Since he had his eyes closed, fixating fully on his penetrations and the softness of touching Anna’s skin, the sudden freedom of movement gave Josh the idea that he was carving out her inside. An illusion no doubt, but what an awesome feeling!

As he continued driving his pillar down her wet cunt, he started to notice that Anna’s grunting and squealing varied considerably… It seemed like certain areas in there were more responsive than others! “Her G-spot!!”, Josh realized. He had read about that hidden cushion-like area and how it could drive some girls nuts, especially when they were taken doggy-style. Wouldn’t it be nice if he could coddle Anna that way? He fucked around her pussy a little more, paying close attention to her moans until he was positive about the location. Then..

“It must be somewhere …. THERE.”

“Uuughhhhh! ! ! ” Anna widened her eyes and dropped her jaw when Josh delivered his most powerful blast yet, precisely aimed to crush her pleasure-spot with his rock-hard head. He planted his pubic hair into her pussy, grinding it that little bit extra against her lips to tickle her. Her knees buckled, and if his hands wouldn’t have supported her stomach, she would have fallen flat on her face right there.

An evil grin decorated his face.. Anna had no idea of what he would make her go through now!!

“Yes, it definitely seems like it was THERE”

Again he smashed into her using all available power in his hips, again almost sweeping her feet from under her body.


Again turning her face into a mask of expressive wrinkles and tears, reflecting a mixture of agony and extreme pleasure.

“And THERE…and THERE, and THERE andTHEREandTHEREandTHEREand..”

“Aaargh..wai..oh… let m..Oh God!!”

Anna wanted to *beg* him to slow down, but Josh continued to fuck her mercilessly, guiding her broken jumps and stumbles towards the couch near the fitness bench. Without ever stopping his precision penetrations, he forced Anna with her knees on the seat and upper body against the back of the couch. Safety first, in case she would go limp, Josh thought.

She was moaning, screaming and crying out like mad under his treatment, grabbing onto one of the handles of the fitness bench until her knuckles turned white. Josh repeatedly crushed her body into the back of the leather couch, making Anna leave damp silhouettes of sweat on it, as she had lost the one-piece by now. She had also lost her begging… It actually started to feel *more* than good and at least she could withstand his pile driver blows this way.

For one last second, she was able to fight the start of the earth-shattering orgasm that was building up inside. Steadying herself with the bar in her hands, she took a quick glance over her shoulder while Josh kept driving the air out of her lungs. From then on, all she could manage was bury her distorted face in the back of the couch and bite the leather to muffle her screams. Resistance was futile. Her body screamed out readiness.

As the tight teen finally started to orgasm, shooting her juices over his cock, Josh envisioned how his dick cut through her cunt like a hot knife through butter. God, it was so *warm* in there; he could swear she was downright *melting* around him!! The hot cock-shower was followed by strong spasms from her pussy, driven by the fluttering sensations inside her belly. Giving Josh a delicious manmeat-massage that stopped him in his tracks for a few seconds. Anna’s body did the work this time, while he tried to catch his second breath.

“Hmmmm.. do., don’t…stop…no.. not yet” Anna moaned, barely conscious.

Josh realized he hadn’t quite pushed her over the line yet, and returned to the task, delivering a closing series of deep thrusts, his balls producing loud slaps against her cheeks. Finally, a shudder went through her sweaty body, throwing her from cold to warm and back, over and over. All the muscles in her slim frame seemed to tense for a moment or two, before going completely limp. Josh had to hold on to her sides to prevent her from turning over. Her chest was heaving furiously, eyes closed and resting her cheek on top of the couch. Arms no longer under tension but hanging limply down the back alongside her long blonde hair. It looked every bit as if it would take her quite a while to return back to earth…

Just as requested, Josh had beamed her up indeed!


A wet touch on the cheek made Anna open her eyes again, looking straight into Josh’s pleading peepers. Despite all his hard work, the poor sucker still hadn’t come so he had put all his hopes, and his soaked dick, on Anna! A hint that was difficult to misunderstand, but just to be sure he decided to give chapter and verse for it anyway…

“Eh.. Anna….Could.. could you… finish the job., possibly??”

“Don’t tell me you haven’t COME yet??? How the hell is THAT possible??” She was genuinely surprised. NO man who got close to her like that, got away without an orgasm thus far!

She glanced at the clock again.. Only 10 minutes left before she had to hit central court. And it was 2 orgasms to 0 for her, so normally this match was played! Josh really seemed to get up on his horse, though, and again brushed her lips with the sticky head of his cock. He DESERVED to get off, dammit!

“Alright… Ok.. I guess you can claim that rightfully…. You weren’t too bad.”

Her ‘I’ll do it just because you deserve it’-attitude was mostly acting; no girl in heat, and certainly not Anna, would be able to resist the aromas from a penis that was ready to explode any second. The idea that *she* was the driving force behind this, that his cock was throbbing with desire because of *her*, more than anything made her feel like a real woman.

“Can I… eh… come on you?” If she gave a finger, he could just as well go for the arm now, too! Feeling a bit greedy, though, so Josh barely muttered the question.

Another giggle came his way. “Sure! I know how much you guys like that. Whatever floats your boat, you can come *on* me or *in* me. Just make your pick! But it’s going to be a quicky, Josh. I can’t let my New York fans wait, can I?” she laughed. Impressive how she would never lose her professionalism, no matter the situation!

She rested her chin on the back of the seat, relaxed between her two arms. Josh waved his dick under her nose, rubbing it against her nostrils. His face cleared up when she willingly parted her lips marginally, so he could push them apart to slip inside her. She looked up at him with that submissive facial expression again.. This was *exactly* how he always imagined it when he was jerking off! It had this little bit of “forcing” feeling about it. Like having the girl under control, completely at his mercy. Not really of course, but still it made a man feel good someway. It certainly gave his dick an extra energy boost. At least Anna could swear she could actually *feel* him swell up between her lips.

He was inside now. “Can I get a bit of BOTH, Anna. Pleeease?” The final plea before action, still groping her limits..

“Uh-huh! ” She nodded her head (which was all she could do, stuffed as she was), and then grabbed the boy’s butt to pull herself into his dick. Inch by inch disappeared into her warm mouth, while she curled her tongue around it, feeling the relief of his swollen veins on the surface. She had to close her eyes eventually, but she took it all! Such that Josh could feel her teeth scrape over his scrotum, and understood he was completely at her mercy now… As he felt the head pushing against and beyond her uvula ,he inadvertently shivered at the thought that it just *might* make her cough or worse. It made his erection jerk slightly. But Anna had done this before, and had everything under control. She kept breathing through her nose, and now slowly pushed herself away again, sucking her mouth vacuum in the process. Her velvety cheeks closed in on his dick together with her tongue, creating the narrowest, warmest and softest tunnel imaginable around it. The suction felt just *great* and Josh intensified the feeling by heaving his arms behind his head and stretching out, mentally focussing on being an Anna-lolly. He wouldn’t refuse a job as girl-candy if it existed! With a smack followed by a little plop (think edaciously drinking a bottle of coke), she undocked Josh.

“Aaaahhhhhh That was good, eh? I could read it on your face that you

liked it!”, she grinned.

Josh silently nodded in agreement, a faint smile across his flushed face. Already he knocked on her door again, and Anna let her guest back into her cosy portal. Gently sucking and teasingly kneeding the head with her soft lips. Then she moved back and covered his rigid member in succulent kisses before letting it smoothly slide in again, repeating the treatment. Another deepthroat followed, a little faster this time. The first one had been more of a warm-up and reconnaissance exercise. To see how far his probe could GET in, and how far she would LET it in. Within another 30 seconds she was furiously sliding up and down his wet pole, constantly increasing the tempo and the suction. BOTH his heads started to purple now! It was time for the finale..

Using her fingertips as little feet, Anna made her fingers crawl slowly into Josh’s ass crack. She pulled the cheeks apart and without hesitation nor warning curled her index finger deep into his anus. No more time for subtle teasing! The violent stimulation of his prostate blew up all barriers. Truck-loads of cum, accumulated over the last half hour upto the point where his balls got almost disrupted, launched forward. Anna retracted, closed her eyes and held his dick over her face, preparing herself for her pending cum shower.


A deep growl climbed up through his throat while the first load shot out. Undoubtedly his personal distance-record, although that comparison wasn’t fair for his previous -solo- ejaculations… It skimmed Anna’s forehead and the cum thread dropped over the top of her head, leaving a drop trickling down her golden hair as if it were a pearl. It was followed by another blob crashing right between her eyes, the tail decorating her nose along its entire length, before he splattered the final residues of his love-potion around her mouth. The hot cum accumulated into little puddles in every dip on Anna’s gorgeous facade, the excess dripping down her puffy cheeks.

Aware that this was to be the last chapter, Josh wanted to go all the way. The cutest and most beautiful face in the world, combined with his monster-ejaculation, inspired him to draw an absolute maximum of perverse enjoyment from his dream-facial. Anna wasn’t to resist and fully cooperated when he took his time to meticulously span her entirely with sticky cum threads, sliding his love brush over her soft unblemished skin. She had always enjoyed being Sergei’s cum-canvas, and getting to know the work of a new artist was always interesting!

Josh gave another grunt as he wrung out his dick, rubbing the remaining drops from his dick-head onto her lips. Lips which Anna had invitingly pursed in a crater-shape. “Neat!”, Josh thought. “Like smearing an excess of butter from your knife back onto the butter-dish.” Watching the creamy cum-chunks drop down from her lips into her mouth was probably about the most mind-blowing image he had ever seen. Too bad his reservoir was totally empty… The body didn’t keep up with the mind any longer, else he would surely have tried to fill this “cum-cup” completely.

Anna had taken it well thus far, but now she coughed up some of the milky goo as it slimed down in her throat. She opened her eyes again and wiped Josh’s juices off with the side of her hand and her sweat-bands, to lick it off upto the last remains. Taking her time, as she noticed how Josh intently watched every move she made, every drop she licked, every spot she cleaned, trying to hammer it into his memory for later “use”.

Too bad she couldn’t leave it on longer. They say it’s good for a girl’s skin!

Finally, she got up from the couch and headed towards the washing-table, shaking up her pony-tail and releasing the elastic.

“I guess you don’t mind lending me a hand, ball-boy?”


“So there you are! What the hell were you thinking and where the hell have you been? The first set is almost half already!” Stephen was seriously pissed off, but also relieved to see his friend. He took his bag on his lap so Josh could take his place around the packed centre court.

“I got lost”

“Yeah right! Spare me the details of your latest silly adventure. You better get a brain-scan one of these days; seems everything isn’t quite lined up correctly in there! Oh well… To be honest you haven’t missed much, and to be even more honest I don’t think we’re going to get much more either. First, she arrives 5 minutes late for the match. Now, she moves around the court like a snail; she plays like a wet towel, for God’s sake!”

“She doesn’t seem to care too much? She looks quite happy to me!” Josh grinned. “And she’s even wetter than a wet towel, Stephen!” he added in thoughts.

“I tell you, something strange is going on… Whoever knotted her braid, it looks like he or she did it for the first time in life! What a mess.. And she wears no make-up whatsoever. In fact, it even makes me wonder whether she has taken a shower recently. The word “dishevelled” was invented for this!! That so called “brand new” outfit looks *seriously* used to me, and I have no idea what her stylist was thinking when he combined those orange undies with the rest of her *white* uniform. Yet, she pulls this natural and happy beautiful face all the time even though she doesn’t hit a ball!! I just don’t get it?? Can YOU maybe make sense of this? After all *you* are the self-proclaimed expert here, remember? Josh? Hel-looooo??”

Josh wasn’t paying attention… He had his eyes closed, face covered in a white spandex with “MURZIK” stitched onto it, and inhaled deeply.

Stephen had no friggin clue! What did *he* know! He was just an ordinary, 13-in-a-dozen, fan. But Josh, he was *so* much more…


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