Anna And Her Bitches

Warning:This features Mind Control of female celebs. It Is fantasy not
reality. If you can’t understand that don’t read this.

Rating:NC-17(Lesbian,Oral,and of course Sex)

Featuring:Anna Paquin,Halle Berry,Rebecca Romijn,Famke
Janssen,Ellen Page

Setting:2006 Cannes Film Festival

Anna and her Bitches
By Robbins(

Anna Paquin walks Into her
hotel room. She sees David. She Is filled with
such desire,and feels so Horny. She kisses him so hard. Little did Anna
know David Is a mind control expert,and he wanted her so much he turned
her Into his.

“Let’s go to the bedroom,Anna” he tells her.

Anna just smiles at that. That Is the best Idea he could have. They go to
the bedroom.

David closes the door. Anna kisses him very hard. Anna starts to undress.
David smiles.

Anna Is now completely nude. She goes up to David. She unzips his paints,
and begins to pull them off.

Anna begins to ride David’s dick with her pussy. David enjoys the job Anna

“Oh Anna!” He moans.

David,and Anna lay on the bed together.

David sits on the couch. The door opens and Halle Berry,Rebecca Romijn,
Ellen Page,and Famke Janssen all walk In. They too are now under his
control. Anna comes out of the bedroom.

“You want to please Anna” he says.

Halle goes up to Anna,and kisses her hard. As soon as Halle withdraws
from Anna Rebecca moves In to kiss her. After several minutes Rebecca
withdraws from Anna. Famke moves In to give Anna a french kiss.
After Famke Is done Ellen moves In to kiss Anna very passionately.
They continue kissing for several minutes.

“Why don’t the two of you go Into the bedroom” David says.

Anna takes Ellen Into the bedroom. David eyes Halle.

“Famke,Rebecca. Why don’t you kiss?” he says.

Famke kisses Rebecca. David touches Halle’s face.

“Your very beautiful” he says,and kisses Halle.

Anna,and Ellen kiss In the bedroom. Anna begins to undress. Ellen

Famke,and Rebecca are making out together heavily as Halle unzips
David’s paints.

Anna lays on the bed. Ellen comes ontop of her. Ellen touches Anna’s
breasts,and caresses them. Anna likes this. Ellen begins to caress Anna’s

Famke,and Rebecca are continuing to kiss as Halle Is blowing David’s

Ellen goes down on Anna. Ellen licks Anna’s Pussy out. Anna enjoys

Ellen comes out nude from the bedroom. David pulls Halle off him.

“Go to Anna,Halle” he tells her.

Halle stands up,and goes Into the bedroom.

“Come here Ellen” David says.

Ellen walks up to David. He kisses Ellen.

Halle walks Into the bedroom to see Anna laying nude on the bed. Halle
begins to undress.

Ellen goes down on David,and puts his dick In her mouth.

Famke begins to unbutton.

Halle Is on Anna. She takes ahold of her breasts,and careses them.
Anna likes this. Halle then licks Anna’s Chest.

Ellen Is blowing David’s dick while Famke sits on the couch nude.
Rebecca takes ahold of Famke’s breasts,and caresses them.

Anna spreads her legs. Halle sticks her face Into Anna’s Pussy.

Rebecca Is rubbing Famke’s breasts.

Halle Is licking out Anna’s Cunt.

Rebecca Is licking Famke’s breasts.

Halle comes out nude.

“Go to Halle,Ellen” David says.

Ellen goes up to Halle,and they kiss.

“Anna needs you Rebecca” he says.

Rebecca stands up,and goes Into the bedroom.David takes one of Famke’s
hands,and kisses It.

Anna Is laying on the bed. Rebecca undress for Anna. Anna smiles.

Ellen caresses Halle’s Breasts.

David kisses one of Famke’s breasts,

Rebecca Is on Anna.She has her face In her pussy,and Is eating It out.
Anna enjoys this.

David Is caressing Famke’s breasts.

Rebecca comes out.

“Famke,It’s time for you to please Anna” David says.

Famke stands up,and goes to the bedroom.David eyes Rebecca.

“Come here,Rebecca” David says.

Rebecca comes up to David.David kisses Rebecca.

Anna Is laying on the bed.Famke Is undressing for her.

Famke,now nude,buries her face Into Anna’s pussy and starts licking

Famke Is licking away at Anna’s Cunt.Anna cums.

Famke comes out of the bedroom.David goes Into the bedroom.

David sees Anna laying nude on the bed.

“Which one have you choosen,Anna”he asks

Anna smiles.

David comes out.

“Famke,you will stay.Halle,Rebecca,Ellen you can leave” David says.

Halle,Rebecca,and Ellen leave. David goes to Famke,and Kisses her.

David,and Famke go Into the bedroom.They undress,and join Anna
In the bed.David thinks Famke will join them from now on,and they
will be very happy.David kisses Anna.After he withdraws Famke kisses

The End

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