Anna And I

Anna and I
by fqwarrior

After my session with Martina Hingis and Anna Kournikova, I was on a
high, beating off every night to the memory of sticking both tennis
stars like the sluts they were.

I did a little of everything at the club. It was because of this that I
was put onto cleaning duty and told to clean and mop all the changing
rooms. I decided to start off with the smallest changing room and that
was the one with the jacuzzi in it. I opened the door and stopped dead
as there were two people in the tub. Both female and both blonde. In an
instant, I
recognized Mary Pierce and Anna Kournikova sitting in the
tub. Anna looked at me with that haughty look she has, the one that
makes every red blooded guy just want to ram their dick in her mouth and
then cum all over her face. Then her face softened as she recognized me
and she gave me a sly smile. Mary said "oh well, I’m done anyway. Coming
Anna ?" and I said I could come back later at the same time. Anna
without taking her eyes off me told me that it was ok to clean the place
as I wasn’t bothering her and told Mary that she wanted to soak a little
more. Mary looked at Anna and then me and shrugged her shoulders and
stood up. Fuck me blind but Mary was naked !! Shit !!! Her tits were
massive for a sports person and her nipples were hard. She had a thick
patch of pussy fur which covered her cunt. Fantastic fit body and her
thighs were succulent. She looked at me and smiled and said "I’m sure
you’ve seen a naked woman before" enjoying the tease as I tried not to
look at her incredible body. My dick of course has a life of his own and
no discipline what so ever and started rising in my shorts. She wrapped
a towel round herself and walked out the room, brushing her towel
covered tits against me. I thought I was going to faint. Then I nearly
did when Anna said "put that fucking mop down, lock the door and join me
in here". I looked at her and she said "I recognize you Mr ball boy. I
didn’t get your name but I haven’t forgotten your cock. Did you like
Mary’s body ? Did it turn you on ?" The fucking bitch was driving me
nuts talking like that and my dick was about to explode in my shorts.
Opportunities like this seldom come, or in my case come twice so I
dumped the mop and locked the door. I stripped off my shirt and socks
and shoes and then got rid of my shorts. When I pulled my underwear
down, my erect eight inches sprang out and Anna quipped "yum, yum."

I climbed the stairs up to the tub and looked down at Anna’s body. She
was naked in the tub as well. My dick jerked by itself as her tits
bobbed on the surface of the water amongst the bubbles. I got into the
water next to Anna and our feet touched under the water and she gasped
as did I. After a few silent moments, I leaned across to Anna and
pressed my lips to hers. Our mouths opened and our heads twisted and
turned, our tongues dancing a horny dance in, out and all around each
other’s mouths. We both moaned in arousal and our hard passionate kiss
intensified. Our arms went round each other as I pulled her naked body
to mine, crushing her firm tits against me, my dick getting trapped
between us. My hands slipped down and found her ass cheeks and I cupped
and squeezed them. As I continued kneading her ass, my index finger
continually, but subtly, moved closer and closer to her asshole. As the
intensity of Anna’s frantic kissing increased, my index finger pushed on
her tightly puckered hole. She began gasping, now entirely overcome by
arousal, oblivious to anything in the world but her hot and tingling
pussy. Effortlessly, my one finger penetrated her ass, sinking in to the
first knuckle, twisting playfully around, sending new waves of
passionate desire surging throughout her body. Anna started gasping and
squealing, and my mouth close over one of her tits, my tongue running
tight circles around her stiff nipple. I sucked her tit with the power
of a vacuum cleaner. Within seconds, she threw back her head as her body
lurched in the water and her pussy spasmed wildly, without me touching
it. The initial waves of her much anticipated orgasm were upon her. Her
weakened body began to quiver in my arms and her chest heaved up and
down as she breathed uncontrollably." AAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!" she
screamed as she orgasmed. Her body twitched and shook as she came and
she looked at me, lust in her eyes.

I let go of her ass, pulling my finger out of her, and glided backwards
to the inside steps of the hot tub. I sat on the next-to-top step,
leaning back, my hard cock standing straight up out of the water. Anna
looked at my dick and glided across the water, her hungry lips wrapped
around my swollen cock. Her tongue ran little circles around my
cockhead, her head twisted and turned from side to side, my cock
protruding from one cheek, then the other, as she licked the length of
my shaft. Her cheeks billowed as she blew me as hard as she could with
as much energy as her body could muster. Then her cheeks caved in as she
sucked with equal intensity. While licking and sucking my dick she took
her tits and placed them around my fucking tool. She didn’t have very
big tits but it was enough to know that I was tit fucking Anna
Kournikova. Her tits milked my cock and I drove my dick in and out of
her tit pussy. She licked the tip of my cock each time it came through
her tits, she even tried to suck it gently. The intensity of her sucking
and blowing and licking increasing ten-fold. She wrapped her hand around
my cock and squeezed, then stroked, her lips wrapped tightly around my
cock. For a seeming eternity, she jerked me off, still blowing and
sucking me, and, finally, I couldn’t hold it and my hips raised off the
step, my cock ramming against the back of her throat, and I blew several
intense blasts of hot cum straight down her throat. Her vacuum-like
suction and her tight, pounding fist kept me cumming. She sucked me dry
and then she pushed away from me and floated lazily back against the far
wall of the hot tub.

My still hard dick submerged below water level and I moved towards her.
My hands grabbed her soft thighs, parting them. She moved her hips out
to the very edge of the underwater bench seat. I moved my hands to her
pussy and my fingers separated her fleshy cunt lips. My body glided
through the water and my stiff cock penetrated her in one go. "Oh, God!"
she gasped. She was tight hot and wet. Her head tilted back and her
mouth hung open as her pussy lips separated and sucked me in. Her pussy
was tight and my cock stretched her wide and filled her up. My hands dug
deeply into the soft cheeks of her ass. Her weight was on her feet and
on her neck as her body rose from the bench seat, writhing against me.
Suddenly she cried out in pleasure as I ground my hips into her in a
circular motion, "OHHH YYEESSSSssssssss, FUCK meeeeeEEEEE!" she
screamed. I had entered her roughly and began pounding away furiously,
my chest rising and falling above her jiggling tits which were rolling
wildly on her chest. Her long, tan, muscular legs wrapped around my hips
as she met each of my thrusts with one of her own. Her wet blond hair
flew wildly as she shook her head from side to side in apparent ecstasy.
My cock relentlessly plowed her, the hot water relaxing me and the fact
that I had just cum in her mouth meant that it was going to take an
eternity for me to cum. Water splashed all over her face and hair as I
pounded into her. Waves created by our thrashing crashed over the edge
of the hot tub, smacking loudly onto the deck and the floor. "Oh, I’m
cumming, I’m cummmmming. Oh fuck me you bastard !! Use me like the slut
I am !! Fuck me harder !! Fill my hot cunt with your cum. Cum now, Cum
now for me. Cum in me, baby. Shoot up deep inside me" she cried.
However, I was no where near ready to cum yet. Within seconds, Anna was
in the grips of the orgasm of her life. She was bucking and thrusting
her hips wildly. I reached forward with my hands to squeeze Anna’s round
breasts. "Oh yeah, squeeze my fucking tits !" Anna covered my hands with
her own delicate ones as I pumped harder into her, relishing the feel of
my meat in her warm vagina. Anna french kissed me and put one of her
tits to my mouth. My mouth sucked on her nipple and I continued shoving
in and out of her pussy. She raised her head to see it disappear between
the pouting grasp of her eager cunt lips. "Oh God…..oh God….oh
God…..fuck me…oh fuck me…shove that prick into my cunt….pump it
in….oh harder….faster" Anna panted as again and again my pole filled
her cunt. I was forceful to the point of being a little brutal, and Anna
was loving it ! My mouth closed again on her jiggling tits, biting hard
down on the nipples. "Oh suck your whore’s tits !! Suck em hard !! Bite
my hard nipples !!", she cried out. Anna’s tits bounced all over her
chest as each stroke was now enough to lift her out of the water. Anna
was in heaven, she had never been fucked so good. My hands gripped her
ass cheeks as her legs jerked limply in my arms as my cock plowed into
her wet cunt. Yelping and bleating, Anna kept her legs wrapped around my
pumping butt as I power-pronged her. Eyes tightly shut, mouth ragged,
arching her back and so into it she started clawing the walls on the die
of the tub. Suddenly, after a few more powerful strokes, I abruptly
withdrew from her. I reached down and pulled her off the step. "What the
fuck did you stop for…." Anna cried out, "I was almost ready to cum
again." "Not yet you Russian bitch," I said as I turned her round and
flattened her against the steps. "There’s still one hole I haven’t tried
yet." "Oh yes…." Anna snapped. "Up my ass. I was wondering when you
would get round to it." I reached down and pulled her butt up and out of
the water, her ass cheeks half white and half tan from her bikini. I
placed the pussy-cum soaked head of my cock against her tiny asshole.
Without warning, I entered her ass hole. The cum from her pussy helped
as a lubricant but not much as a lot was washed off in the water and it
still hurt like hell. Fire filled her bottom as I shoved all eight
inches inside her. "ARGHHHHHH !!! OH MY GOD !!! YOU FUCKING BASTARD !!!"
she screamed. "Nooo, it hurts, AWAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!! Oh fuck, it hurts so
fucking bad, its so big." and I could see the pain on her face. I
grinned to myself and then I began to repeat the rhythm of earlier and
with each stroke, her sphincter muscles relaxed a little bit more. My
hands moved upwards until they gripped the soft, white flesh of her
buns, squeezing them hard. Anna hissed her approval, making her ass sway
and move my cock inside her. Pressing her hard against the steps, I
grabbed her tits and squeezed them hard. Her bursting wet shiny buttocks
shimmied and rippled as my hips smacked into them. Over and over her
pretty butt slammed against me, like a milking fist her butt urged my
sperm to shoot. "Ohhhh, Jeeezus!" Anna half hissed, half moaned. "GIVE
it to me ! Give me your Cum !" Fuck your whore !! "AH! AH!
Ahhhooommmmmmmm!" Anna gasped as she began to shudder. Her orgasm had
arrived again. Rapidly, I thrust into her rear, as her screams died down
to a silent open mouth. Her ass was jerking and rocking against my cock,
her legs giving out and locking straight out. My hands slapped at her
rear as I thrust mercilessly. "I-I’m…gonna…CUM!" I breathed,
slamming into her asshole hard. "Ohhhh unnnnggggghhh! Oh! OH! OHHHH! OH
SLAM IT IN !!!!! Fill my slut pussy with your hot cum !!!" was her
passionate reply. Both our bodies surged together. My cum poured into
her hot, tight, pulsing asshole, sending thick stream after thick stream
of sperm flowing into her. Anna’s body quivered and jerked. Each of her
shudders brought another spurt from my cock. I then grabbed her breasts
from behind as I continued to send my load into her. Then as fast as I
had entered her, I pulled out, pulling her up. Putting my arms around
her I pulled her close and kissed her, forcefully, giving her no chance
to deny my tongue entry. Far from denying it, Anna sucked it eagerly,
giving hers in return.

I was drained, coming once into Anna’s mouth and again into her ass.
Without a word, I got out of the water on shaky legs, grabbed a towel
and dried myself. I put on my clothes and told Anna that I would come
back and clean the place when she was finished. She was leaning back
against the wall, her head on a towel, her eyes closed. She nodded her

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