Anna Friel And Kate Moss On Holiday

Just a short but sexy story about the two skinny sex goddeses, they’re good
friends and rumour has it maybe
even lovers….All comments welcome.

Anna Friel and Kate Moss on Holiday
by Britporn

Kate smiled as she glanced across at Anna, Her friend was
stretched out on a lounger in just a skimpy black bikini
that barely covered her small breasts and was riding in
revealingly at her tight pussy.
Kate had been bisexual since she was a teenager but despite
their close friendship and Anna’s previous on screen lesbianism she had never
plucked up the courage to try and

seduce her.
All that was about to change, She had been flirting with
Anna throughout their holiday on her luxury cruise liner, she had made sure it
was just the two of them to allow completion of her mission.
"Oh Anna!" Kate said innocently "Could you be a sweetie and
oil me up?" Kate was sitting up on her lounger now holding
a bottle of sun tan lotion. Anna jumped up and moved behind
her friend on the lounger.
Despite on-screen lesbianism and full nudity Anna remained
something of an innocent and had only had full sex a handful of times. She slid
close to Kate wrapping her legs around
her friends body and giving her an affectionate kiss on the
neck as she took the bottle.
"thanks for bringing me on holiday Kate it’s been great"
"no problem sweetie." Kate said turning her head and kissing
Anna playfully on the lips then staring seductively at her
"I wouldn’t have wanted to come with anyone else."
Anna smiled awkwardly, she had sensed a sexual tension between the two of them
throughout the holiday and she’d be lyingn if she said she wasn’t attracted to
Kate but she was
nervous about sex with her more experienced friend.
Kate untied the strap of her bikini top and let it drop slowly down her
small,rosebud like breasts. Anna stared fixated as the flimsy black bra dropped
to the ground and Kate was left topless.
Anna got a handful of lotion, gulped nervously, and began
rubbing it across Kate’s back. Kate began to sigh at the feel of her friends
soft hands caressing her soft skin, it was an equally erotic moment for Anna
would could feel her nipples bulging beneath her bikini top and her pussy
getting increasingly wet.
"Will you do my front while your there?" Kate said casually. Anna’s eyes widened
"you mean your chest, your…"
Kate turned and grinned "mmm my tits Anna" she said.
Anna decided to ignore her inhibitions and let the situation develop. She ran
her hands slowly round to Kate’s small firm tits and began rubbing them gently
with the oil,
they were quickly greased but Anna continued to rub them enjoying the sensation
of Kate’s nipples growing between her fingers.
Kate began to moan and Anna impulsively kissed her on the neck, this time with
passion and desire. Kate smiled and urged pulled one of Anna’s arms down between
her legs and into her panties.
"Oh I want this Anna" she gasped "don’t you?"
Anna nodded vigourosly "oh god yeah" she breathed and began
poking her friends pussy still kissing and caressing her thin,soft skin.
Kate came all over her bikini panties and told Anna to withdraw for a second.
She stood to face a fixated Anna and slowly pulled them down and stepped out of
them revealing
a mat of mousey pubic hair covering an open,dripping wet cunt that Anna was
dying to explore further.
Anna fumbled at her own bikini bra straps watched intently by Kate. The flimsy
top dropped off her small,round breasts and was quickly followed by her panties.
The two girls stood naked, their equally thin bodies and small breasts were
pressed together as they kissed and caressed.
Finally Anna collapsed submissively on to the lounger and Kate climbed on top
kissing her passionately and evoking screams of delight from her friend as she
slid four fingers in and out of her tight pussy and arsehole, then explored each
opening with her eager,experienced tounge.
They swapped roles with Anna producing a similar reaction from Kate as she
fulfilled her wildest desire and explored her friends most precious parts.
They lay naked holding each other afterwards both delighted with what they had

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