Anna Kournikova

Anna Kournikova
by HSWriter ©

Note: This story is totally fictional and is intended for entertainment
purposes only. It is not endorsed by Anna Kournikova or anyone she knows.
In other words: this story is fake and I just don’t want to get in trouble
for writing it.

I was always into the game of golf. My father was a pro on the PGA Tour.
He had taught me everything there was to know about the game of golf. At
an early age, I began to excel at golf, breaking 85 by age 10. You could
say that I was a sort of
Tiger Woods.

When I was only a freshman in High School, I won the state championship in
golf in the state of Florida. This had never been done before, therefore
there was a really big hype about it.

About a week before the end of the school year I received an invitation
for a free week at the new PGA International Resort in Cancun, Mexico.
This was the chance of a lifetime, so I couldn’t pass it up. I boarded a
plane, alone, the day after school had ended. Neither of my parents could
go because my mom had gone with my dad to one of his tournaments in
California. And being an only child, I didn’t have any brothers or sisters
to take. This was definitely all for the better.

While I was on the plane, I read the brochure for the Resort. It had two
championship golf courses, a private beach, and a full tennis facility.
The brochure had said that many famous tennis players used the resort for
training. I could have cared less about any famous tennis stars, I was
going there to golf and lay out on the beach. Over the years, the beach
had been very good to me. I wasn’t just into golf, so I had a pretty good
body. I had a firm and toned torso with a nicely formed six-pack. But my
firm muscular look wasn’t what got me women, it was my enormous cock. My
cock was about 10 inches long (That’s huge for a freshman in high school)
and it was about 2 inches in diameter. When I was younger, I was always
embarrassed by the large bulge in my pants. But as I got a little older, I
realized that girls weren’t staring at me because I looked funny, they
were staring at me because they wanted my cock. And one girl actually got
my cock, in all of her holes, one night. But that’s another story

So, anyways, I got off the plane in Cancun and I gathered my luggage
casually. I flagged down a taxi and told the driver, in Spanish, to take
me to the PGA Resort. I had learned to speak Spanish at an early age. In
Southern Florida, learning Spanish was a way of surviving.

As the taxi pulled up to the main building of the resort, I saw just how
beautiful the whole thing was. In the dirty country of Mexico, this was
the most incredible green piece of land which existed. The fairways were
cut short with thick Kentucky bluegrass and they were lined with tall palm
trees. The main building was large and white, and carefully decorated to
fit the overall decor of the PGA. When I went to check in, I was informed
that I would be staying in the celebrity area. This, to me, was a nice
extra, but it wasn’t all that great considering that I was becoming
totally absorbed with the beauty of the surrounding area.

I was taken in a golf cart to my small, but luxurious, private condo. The
condo wasn’t too big: it had a full kitchen, a nice sized living room, one
bedroom, and a Jacuzzi off of the full bathroom. At the back of the living
room were two large, sliding glass doors which lead out to a pretty big
pool which, as I was told, was shared by the neighbor next-door. This
didn’t bother me, I could easily make friends with whoever it was. I
smiled confidently, I had arrived in paradise, and I would be alone here
for a whole week without my annoying parents or any of my superficial

It was getting late, so I decided to stay in and watch some TV. It was
about 10:00 when I was watching an old episode of Friends in Spanish when
I notice the light over the pool go on. The neighbor must be going for a
late night swim. "What a good idea." I thought out loud. From where I was
sitting, I could easily see out the doors to the pool. As I turned to look
out, I saw the most beautiful scene that I had ever seen in my young life.

There, before me, stood a gorgeous creature, with her back towards me. She
had long, golden blonde hair which went down to the middle of her back.
Below that, she was well endowed. She had on a pair of tight black bikini
bottoms which accented her hot rear. Her ass looked so round and firm. It
was the perkiest and tightest ass which I had ever seen in my life. As if
automatically, my cock began to rise. I kept moving my eyes down her
shapely legs.

She then began to turn towards me, giving me my first good shot at her
front side. As she turned, I noticed that she wasn’t wearing a top. My
cock began to grow even larger, almost to full size as I focused in on her
breasts. Her breasts were kind of small, but firm as all hell. Her nipples
were as hard as rocks and they looked as sharp as razors.

As she made her full turn and was now facing me, I saw her face for the
first time. It was then that I realized that this hot bodied girl was Anna
Kournikova, the famous tennis starlet. She had the cutest baby face which
I had ever seen. She had gorgeously deep green eyes.

She was somewhat shocked when she saw me at first, but then she relaxed
and went back to her business. She began to turn away from me again. When
her back was once again to me, she hooked her thumbs underneath the sides
of her black bikini bottoms and began to remove them methodically. My cock
was now throbbing like nothing else. She slowly pushed her bottoms down
past her thighs to her knees, letting them fall the rest of the way to the
ground. Her darling little ass was now fully exposed, and it turned me on
more than I had ever been turned on before. And that was shown by the tent
that had been formed by my athletic shorts and my enormous erection. I sat
there motionless like a dog in heat.

She turned her head back and gave me a sultry look as she stepped out of
her bottoms and began to move towards the pool. She held up her index
finger and signaled for me to come to her. I think that if she would have
motioned for me to get a gun and shoot myself, I would have done it.

I stood up, and my cock stood straight out, sort of leading me to her, or
pointing the way. As I reached the door, I saw her dive into the pool,
making a minimal splash. I opened my door and stepped out onto the patio
that lead to the pool. I bent down and picked up her bikini bottoms from
the ground and brought them to my nose, inhaling her sweet aroma. I
couldn’t help myself.

I put them back down on the ground as she emerged from the depths of the
pool. Her hair was now wet and a little darker. She looked at me
seductively. She was absolutely gorgeous. My cock was pointing straight at
her through my shorts.

"So," I said, "You must be my neighbor for the week."

She giggled lightly. "Yes. I’m Anna." She replied with a touch of an

"I’m Todd." I squeaked.

"Why don’t you make yourself comfortable, Todd?" She asked.

I didn’t need any more encouragement. I removed my T-shirt quickly
exposing my firm, muscular chest and abdomen. I then reached down, and in
one motion, I pulled my shorts to the ground. My cock sprang out. Anna was
taken back a little by it’s size, but her look of surprise soon changed
into a look of intense sensuality.

"Have you ever touched yourself in front of a girl, Todd?" She asked

"Umm, no." I stuttered.

"Have you ever wanted to?" She asked.

"Never have I wanted to more than now." I thought to myself. "S..Sure." I
stammered again.

She smiled deviously. I was beginning to catch on. I reached down and
wrapped my hand around the base of my cock and I began to slowly stroke it
up and down for her. I watched her as she began to rub her own breasts,
tweaking her nipples gently. She let out a soft moan. This was almost it
for me, and she could see that by my facial expressions.

"Why don’t you come in?" She suggested. "The water is really nice."

Without hesitation, I jumped into the water, landing on my feet. The water
in the shallow end came up just above my waist. Anna moved toward me from
the deep end. She walked seductively, letting her hips sway from side to
side. I could see her soaking wet pussy. Her golden blonde pubic hair was
carefully cropped around her sweat cunt lips.

She finally reached me. We leaned in and locked ourselves in passionate
embrace, our tongues thrusting deep into each other’s mouths. As we kept
kissing, she slowly turned her body around, keeping her face facing me. As
we kissed, I pulled her close, my cock slipping gently down between the
crack of her ass. I reached around and began to gently massage her firm
breasts, pinching her nipples gently. She let out a soft moan.

Our lips parted and I began to kiss my way down her neck and shoulders. My
hand began to wander down over her firm stomach, finally reaching it’s
goal. I gently brushed my fingertips through her short pubic hair. I let
my middle finger slide gently down over her slit, grazing her enlarged
clit. An electric shock ripped through her body and she let out a loud
moan as I inserted one finger into her tight cunt.

I began to thrust my hips, sliding my rock solid cock up and down her
tight ass crack and giving her a thorough finger fucking at the same time.
Her moans were now constant, and beginning to get louder.

Smoothly I led her to the edge of the pool. I slowly bent her over the
side of the pool at the waist, removing my finger from her pussy. I
brought my finger to my mouth and licked off some of her juices. Her sweet
nectar was like a heavenly love potion. I then put my finger in front of
her lips, and she took it in her mouth, sucking off her own remaining
juices and my saliva.

She then let her hand fall down to my cock. She wrapped her little hand
around my manhood and slowly guided it towards her awaiting pussy. My
large cockhead slowly parted her hot lips as she removed her hand and put
it back on the edge of the pool. I then began to sink myself deep into her
tight cunt. I was going fine until I reached her hymen. I had no idea that
she was a virgin. That thought had never even crossed my mind.

I pulled her close and gently began to push my cock head deeper into her,
slowly tearing away her virginity. For me, the tightness of her cunt was
heaven. She let out a soft, semi-pleasurable, semi-painful moan. I stopped
momentarily as a small amount of blood ran down her inner thigh and into
the pool water. I then gently resumed my task of inserting my cock into
her virgin cunt. I slowly kept pressing myself into her tight lovebox
until I was buried, balls deep, in her. When I stopped she let out a loud,
passionate moan. I then began to withdraw my cock slowly. When it was
almost out, I pushed it back in, a little faster than before, but not too
hard. I kept pumping slowly until I gradually began to gain a nice rhythm.
Anna moaned loudly with every in-thrust. I reached my hands around her as
I pumped my cock in and out and I began to massage her soft breasts.

I tweaked her nipples once more and I felt her cunt begin to convulse. I
knew she was close, as was I. I sped up my pace as I felt my balls tighten
and my cock fill with my hot seed. She was now panting and breathing hard.

"Ohhhh. Goddddddd." She screamed. "Ohhhh. Godddd. Nnuuhhhhh." She screamed
out as her body convulsed again and she arched her back as a very powerful
orgasm ripped through her body.

This pushed me over the edge. "Oh yeahhhhhhhh." I shouted as I shot one
heavy load of hot cum deep into her virgin cunt.

Her body kept convulsing in orgasm as my cock kept spurting my hot seed
into her. Her body was shaking almost violently in pure ecstasy.

When it was all over and done with, I fell back into the water, her pussy
releasing my now limp cock from it’s grasp. I floated there, with only my
head above the water. Anna just laid there over the edge of the pool,
still shaking from her powerful orgasm.

I floated there for a while, thinking about what had just happened and
what was going to happen during the rest of that week. I couldn’t believe
any of it.

After a few minutes, Anna arose from the edge of the pool and lifted
herself out, exposing her tight little ass again. My cock was given new
life as she walked seductively toward the door to my condo.

"Where are you going?" I asked.

She turned her head to give me a very seductive look. "Why don’t you come
and see?" she replied.

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