Anna Kournikova And Enrique

Anna Kournikova & Enrique

by zybish ©

The shoot had gone well. Enrique was more than content with the final

product, and was sure that the song would inevitably be a hit. It had

taken the best part of two days, however, and curiously, Anna remembered

thinking, the intimate scenes shared by Anna and Enrique had been shot,

and re-shot, and re-shot… countless times. She could not deny, however,

that she had been secretly very content with this, and, as far as she

could tell, Enrique wasn’t overly upset about it, either. In fact, he had

obviously enjoyed it, and the chemistry between
the two was readily

apparent. Enrique’s naturally flirtatious nature had Anna enticed, and the

Latino lover was everything Russian men weren’t. She kicked herself for

feeling the way she did.

Filming had been grueling, and when those heaven-sent words “that’s a

wrap” were muttered for the last time, a heavy weight was lifted from her

heart, but as she watched Enrique leave the studio, her heart felt

lumbered again. Enrique approached his sports car, opened the door, and

sat down. He gazed fixedly at Anna’s perfect figure and beautiful long

blonde hair, and started the engine. Taking a last glance at Anna, he

pressed his foot down on the pedal and the car rolled forwards. Little did

he know, Anna’s heart felt as heavy as his.

Anna watched the car edge away, grudgingly, when all of a sudden she found

herself running towards the studio’s glass door. Wolf whistles encircled

her as her breasts jumped up and down, and as she crashed through the

door, she waved her arms frantically towards the car that now seemed so

distant. It pulled away onto the road, and disappeared. Anna walked back

into the studio, grabbed her belongings, and in as short a time as she

could managed, found herself in her chauffeur driven limousine, heading

for her hotel. She closed her eyes; it had been a long day. She awoke as

the driver opened the door, and offered her his hand as she clambered

clumsily, still half-asleep, out of the vehicle.

On reflection, she came to the decision that the likes of Enrique were

dangerous, at the best of times, and for one so young, she felt it was

best not to get involved. However sensible she thought this conclusion to

be, she struggled to convince herself. Making her way to the lifts, men,

even those obviously accompanied by wives and girlfriends turned to stare.

Lust filled their gazes. She had always felt selfishly satisfied by this

in the past, yet now, she felt empty. Knowing she could have any of these

men just by clicking her fingers, made the abyss that filled her heart

seem even more empty. Enrique hadn’t even said goodbye.

As she slipped into her bath, her muscles relaxed, as the bubbles lathered

around her body. She lay back, engulfed in this bubbly paradise. Her mind

wandered back to the shoot earlier that day. Enrique believed that for a

love scene to look real, it had to be real. Her thoughts jumped from the

kiss in the theatre, to the kiss in the lady’s room, to the kiss in the

car. She felt his warm breath, smelt him, sensed his gentle caress. Her

hands fell into the water, and she brushed a palm over one of her breasts.

She felt a tingle down her spine. She longed to feel him again, to kiss

him again. Her hands continued to wander over her body, she ran her hand

up her leg, and her pussy tingled with anticipation. As she softly ran her

finger along the length of her slit, she closed her eyes once more. She

pictured Enrique, in a loose shirt; again, she felt his kiss, his hands,

his body. Before she knew it, a shuddering orgasm rippled through her

body. She felt no better; if anything, she felt even emptier.

Time had lost its reason, and she couldn’t have guessed how long she had

been in the bath for. She felt, however, that it was time to get out, so

she wrapped a towel around her body. She drew near to the mirror and wiped

the steam away, gazing at her body. She felt grotesque, and she stood

staring at her body until she had convinced herself that she looked so.

She slipped on her nightie, and crept into bed. A knock awoke her, some

time later, and as she inquired who it was, the events of the day came

flooding back. The call of room service did little but anger her, as she

strongly replied that she had not ordered any, and turned over once more

in her bed. The knock came again. She pulled away the sheets and marched

to the door, and flung it open.

Standing in the corridor was a rather sheepish looking young man, in an

all red suit holding a bottle of champagne, and a bowl of strawberries. He

extended his arms towards her, gesturing for her to take that which he

held. She sternly informed him, again, that she had not ordered anything.

He replied that he had received an order for the champagne for her room.

He then placed the tray on the floor by her feet, and scuttled away. She

closed the door, and crawled back into bed. She closed her eyes and

decided she would remain cuddled up under the sheets for an eternity. Her

only concern was that eternity would be too short.

Then came another knock at the door. Without hesitating, she jumped out of

bed and threw the door open to be confronted by Enrique, holding the tray

offered to her minutes earlier by the young man in the red suit. She

didn’t know what to think. He smiled, awkwardly, and asked whether he

could come in. He sat down on a chair in the corner of the room and

explained that he had not been able to think about anything but her all

day. Anna’s heart leapt. He continued to recount the happenings of his

day, after leaving the studio, and apologized to her for barging in so

late, but said that he wouldn’t have been able to live with himself had he

not even told her how he felt. He apologized again, and then got up to


As he walked towards the door, Anna gazed at him. He turned the knob, and

pulled the door open. He glanced at Anna, and said goodbye. He placed the

bottle of champagne down on the table by the door, and made to leave. Anna

cried out, and he swiveled, a glint came to his eye and he stared at her.

She walked up to him, pulled him towards her and planted a soft, sensuous

kiss on his lips. She looked deep into his eyes. He shut the door to her

room and began to kiss her, this time more passionately, deeper, and

stronger, than before. He prized her lips apart with his tongue and darted

it in and out of her mouth. Anna felt weak at the knees, and passively

responded to his advances.

She ran her hands down his back, and through his hair, as she had been

instructed to hours earlier. This time it was for real though, there was

no script, no directors. It felt real. Moments later, she slipped a finger

into the front of his trousers and pulled him closer towards her, as she

lay back on the bed. They continued to kiss. Enrique slipped the strap of

Anna’s nightie off of her left shoulder and began to kiss her neck. His

hands moved down her body and he began to stroke her thigh, as he kissed

her shoulder. He gently pulled the strap off her right shoulder and her

nightie fell down to her waist. Taking a second to admire her body, he

planted a line of kisses from her neck down to her belly button, stopping

briefly to kiss and caress her breasts.

Anna dipped her head down and kissed Enrique once more, savoring his taste

as she swirled her tongue around his mouth. She glided a hand down into

the front of his loose trousers and coaxed his penis into hardness. She

withdrew from the kiss, and moved down between his legs. Enrique lay down

on the bed, and ran his hands through Anna’s beautiful long blonde hair.

She drew his trousers and boxers down to his feet, and placed a kiss on

the tip of his cock. She then used her tongue to lick circles around his

shaft from top to bottom, before taking the tip of his penis into her

mouth and sucking on it. She gazed up at his face and caught his look, and

held it, while she slowly moved her lips up and down over him.

She cupped his balls in her hand and gently squeezed them, while

continuing to suck greedily on his cock. Moments later, she felt his

length twitch, and his eyes closed for a moment as a stream of cum rushed

into her awaiting mouth. She swallowed the first load down, as a second

rush filled her mouth. She felt a stream of cum slip out of the corner of

her mouth and down her cheek, as she hungrily swallowed all she could.

Enrique lifted Anna up and lay her down on the bed. He kissed her mouth,

then her neck and planted a trail of kisses down to her belly button,

before pulling her nightie down and past her feet. He threw it off the bed

and kissed her inner thigh. The sweet odors filled his nostrils as he

approached her quivering pussy. He ran his tongue along the length of her

pussy, resting momentarily on her pulsating clit. Her flitted his tongue

in and out of her love hole before taking her clit into his mouth and

pulling on it with his teeth, as gently as possible. He ran a finger into

her wet pussy as he licked and sucked at her clit, teasing her. She lay

back on the bed as waves of ecstasy ran through her body. Before long, her

whole body contracted and an earth-shuddering orgasm filled her. Enrique

withdrew his face from her quim, and placed a soft kiss on her lips,

gently caressing her pussy with his fingers. Their love juices mingled as

they kissed.

Having recovered, Anna lay back on the bed and Enrique moved in between

her legs. He nudged the tip of his penis against her pussy, teasing her,

touching her pussy lips then withdrawing away, as she waited in

expectation. However he couldn’t hold out too long, and moments later he

buried his cock in Anna’s anticipating pussy. It slid in, and as his cock

massaged against her sensitive clit, tremors raced around her body. She

was high on lust, encased by her Latino lover. She pulled him on top of

her as he continued to fuck her, kissing him deeply and passionately as

they fucked. As they kissed, she felt Enrique tense, and then his cum

flood into her pussy. It felt so good; she lay back and enjoyed the

feeling. He withdrew his penis, and sprayed a second load of cum onto her

tits. She took his cock into her mouth, to drain the last drops.

They fell asleep in each other’s arms. They hadn’t touched the champagne.

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