Anna Kournikova And Jennifer Capriati..The Next Round

Disclaimer:This is a story of fiction. If you are under 18 years old
and/or are offended by stories with stong sexual content you should
leave now.This story no way claims that this is the sexual orientation
of the people in this story.

Anna K. and Jennifer..the next round

It happened. She got this far,but it wasn’t in the cards,so to speak.
After a hard fought match against Serena,the other Williams sister was
not as willing to surrender her chance to advance to the finals at

Jennifer was feeling as down as she ever felt in her young life.Even
her past wild days as a teenager that
almost cost her a career couldn’t
compare to this.

As she rode in the limo back to her hotel,she could think of nothing
but a hot bath and a good cry to relieve her shattered nerves.

Everyone at the hotel tried to avoid the subject.A few quick ‘Hello
Miss Capriati’s ‘ is all she was greeted with, nothing like the ” Way
to go,Jen’ or ‘ Keep it up Jen’ she heard after her wins in the earlier

One bellboy approached her sheepishly with his hand extended to her.
“Miss Capriati, this note came for you a short time ago”, he said.
Jennifer took the note from the young man,remembering the greetings he
usually met her with .

She rode the elevator to her floor and went to her room.Not until
she put her stuff away and kicked off her shoes did she remember the
note she was handed.She opened it and read it.

“My Darling” it began, ” I am so sorry about todays match.I wish I
could have been their to cheer for you, but I did not want to raise
any suspisions if I was to vocal in my support of you over Venus. Just
know that I am counting the seconds until we will be able to be together
again. You are in My thoughts if I am awake or asleep, and I re-live
our time together a thousand times a day in my mind. LOVE–ME!!”

Jen smiled as she read the letter and suddenly felt herself becoming
aroused as she thought back to her and Anna’s lovemaking sesion. ‘I can’t
wait till then either’ she thought to herself. Jen placed her things in
the room and began to get ready for her bath.As the water filled the tub,
Jen removed her clothes.Running her hands over her body,she stopped at
her breasts,pinching their nipples. ‘Oh Anna’,she moaned as she pulled and
tweaked them. The bath ready, Jen got into the tub and settled back,
letting the hot water envelop her. Still with thoughts of Anna dancing
in her mind,Jens hands began to explore her aching body. Trailing down
from her breasts, her hands went to her pussy. Running her fingers the
length of her slit brought waves of pleasure to her.A couple of her
fingers found her now swelling clit and began to massage it in a circular
motion.She moved her other hand lower and inserted first one,then two
fingers into her pussy. Waves of pleasure engulfed her as she worked
the fingers of both hands with a single determination. ‘Anna’ she cried!

Suddenly Jen heard a voice “I do that to you? I’m flattered “. Jen spun
around in the tub to find Anna standing in the doorway,dressed only in high
heels and a single red rose in her hand.”How-when” she sputtered in
total shock. “It’s my suprise for you” Anna replied. “I arranged to get the
suite of rooms next door to yours.And these connecting doors are just
perfect, don’t you think?”

“You almost scared me to death”, Jen managed to gasp out over her
total shock. But to her amazement, the shock she had felt was quickly
being replaced with desire as she gazed at the beauty that stood before
herwith that devilish grin she has grown to love. ” I should be angry at
you for pulling something like this , but…” Jen’s words trailed off
as she got out of the tub and approached Anna. Jen embraced Anna and a
wave of emotion overcame her as she began to cry. “It’s all right”,
Anna said, stroking Jen’s hair as she lead her from the bathroom towards
the bed. Jen threw herself face down onto the bed as her crying now
became sobs. Anna sat along side Jen and began to massage her neck and
shoulders. “It’s alright My Darling” she said “Anna is here, and she will
make it all better.” With expert precision, Anna started to work her
magic on Jen. Anna’s hands trailed down Jen’s shoulders to her sides,
and she rubbed the sides of Jen’s breasts and her sides down to her
hips. The sobs seemed to be turning into little moans and Anna smiled to
herself. Taking this cue, Anna moved her hands from Jen’s hips to her
beautiful, rounded bottom and massaged the twin globes, gently
seperating them and blowing a light stream of air into the
area of Jen’s puckered asshole and her wanting pussy. Jen began to moan
a little louder as she raised her hips to meet the rush of angels breath
she was feeling. Jen felt a hand slide between her legs, replacing the
wave of air she had been feeling. Fingers began to probe her pussy,
opening her lips, probing her opening, one finger , then another enter.
Her hips begin to push back to take these fingers deeper into her now
quivering womanhood. Jen could stand it no more. She turned over and
reached out to grab hold of Anna, and was stunned to see that they were
not alone. “This is the rest of my suprise” Anna said. At the foot of
the bed stood “Hingy”, Anna’s pet name for Martina Hingis, and someone
else, standing behind Martina, peeking over her shoulder. “Jennifer”,
Martina said ” If I had to lose Anna to anyone, I’m glad it is to some
one who obviously enjoys Anna as much as I did”. Suprisingly, Jen didn’t
feel the least bit embarressed. As a matter of fact, she found it seemed
to add to her excitement. “Thank You Martina and yes I do enjoy ALL that
Anna has to offer”. she said. “And WHO do we have peeking over you”?
she added. Jen saw Anna smile broadly as Martina stepped aside. Nervously
toeing the carpet was Jelana Dokic, all red in the face and clutching
her hands in front of her in an attempt to cover herself. “It’s o.k.
baby” Martina said. “You can understand that Jelana is a little scared
of all this. Until last night, she’s never been with a woman. In fact,
she’s only been with one person before at all. But she is a curious little
thing though.” Anna patted the bed next to her and Jen, inviting them to
join them.”Well, lets see just how curious you reall are.” Anna said.
“Y-Y-You won’t tell anyone , will you?” she asked . “I’m so afraid that
someone will find out”. “Honey, we all have tons to lose if someone was
to find us out. The only one’s who know are in this room. Now, come
over here and sit with Jen and Me”. The re- assurance seemed to work
magic as Jelana jumped onto the bed . “This is so exciting”, she said
“Three of the most beautiful women in the world of tennis, and their
ALL MINE!” Jelana sandwiched herself between Anna and Jen and started
to shake with anticipation. Still thouroughly aroused from earlier, Jen
moved in quickly. Cupping Jelana’s face in her hands, she planted her
lips on Jelana’s and slithered her tongue into her mouth. Jelana
responded by sucking Jennifer’s tongue deeply and swirling her own
tongue around Jen’s. Meanwhile, Anna and Martina, seeing those two,
reached for each other and began their own little session. Jennifer’s
hands started to explore Jelana’s breasts, feeling their fullness for
someone her age. Jen pulled on the nipples, twirling them between her
fingertips. Jelana sighed as she felt little electric shocks pulse
through her body. She reached for Jen’s tit’s, tweaking the nipples
just like Martina had showed her the night before. With this, Jen’s
hands began to explore further down Jelana’s body.Her hand reached the
apex of Jelana’s legs and she was pleased to find how wet she was. And
she was pleasantly suprised to feel that Jelana was clean shaven. The
smoothness of Jelana’s pussy made Jen shake with delight at the thought
of what this young girls pussy would feel like in her mouth. With that
thought in mind, Jen started to kiss her way down, from one tit to the
other, then a slow , deliberate trail over her stomach,stopping to
tongue her belly button for just a moment, then continuing down to the
top of the writhing girls pussy. On the other side of the bed, Anna
and Martina were busily tending to each other. They were past the point
of foreplay and were working one another vigorously. Both had their legs
astride each others heads, and their mouths moved feverishly on one
anothers pussies. Anna had three fingers inserted inside Martina,
thrusting them as fast as she could while she sucked on her clit. It
always excited her to feel how long and thick Martina’s clitoris was.
Anna loved giving a ‘girlie blowjob’ to Martina, just as she loved
giving one to Jennifer during their lovemaking session. Meanwhile,
Martina was working her own fingers into Anna’s pussy, burying two
fingers knuckle deep as she lapped at the honeyed nectar that oozed
from Anna’s pussyhole.Martina always liked the way Anna tasted to her.
Jelana’s hands grasped the headboard as Jennifer’s mouth found it’s
prize. Her hips thrust up to meet Jen’s mouth as her tongue found her
little pearl like clitoris. Jelana pulled her legs back so that her
knees touched her chest, thus giving Jen total access to her screaming
pussy. The feel of Jelana’s clean shaved mound was almost to much for
her to handle.The excitement made Jen like a hungry animal. Her thumbs
parted Jelana’s lips as she worked her tongue up and down the length
of her pussy, stopping momentarily at her clit with each pass over it.
Jennifer savored the taste of Jelana’s juices, tasting similar yet, at
the same time,very different to the taste of Anna. One of Jen’s thumbs
now worked on Jelana’s clit as she again licked the length of her pussy.
Fingers furiously worked in and out of Jelana’s pussy as she began to
squeal,”I’m cumming, oh-oh I”mmm cummmiinngg”.Wave after wave of never
before known pleasure enveloped Jelana. Her entire body quaked with
tremors of exstatic release. Jennifer’s hand filled with the flood
that was pouring from within Jelana. Jen felt good as she looked into
her young partner’s face and saw an expression of utter release and
satisfaction. Suddenly, Jen felt hands exploring her from behind and
looked back to see both Anna and Martina rubbing their hands from her
bottom all the way to her feet. Jelana moved to the side as the hands
guided Jennifer to lie down on the bed. Soon six hands were roaming
her body, pulling and pushing at all the areas of her body that cried
out for attention. Martina took the lead and covered Jen’s body with
hers. She started to grind her pussy into Jen’s pussy. Jen responded
by thrusting upward, not realizing until now how horny she had become
while tending to Jelana. Anna was gently kissing Jen’s mouth while
Jelana suckled a breast and worked a hand down between her and Martina’s
grinding pussies. Martina shifted positions, sitting somewhat upright
so her and Jen’s pussies met, clit to clit. Anna moved down to join
Jelana.Martina ground her pussy onto Jen’s for all she was worth,
humping wildly to meet Jennifers thrusting mound. Jelana pushed two
fingers into Jennifer’s gaping pussyhole and thrust them rapidly in
and out. Anna, one hand still kneading one of Jennifers tits, reached
underneath Jennifers ass, fingers searching until she found Jen’s
puckered asshole. With all the juices flowing, Anna had no problem
sliding, first her index finger, then her index and middle fingers
into Jennifer’s precious asshole. With the attention her entire being
was recieving from these three, Jennifer’s orgasm started at the tip
of her toes. She could only manage some high pitched squeaks and moans
as torrents of pleasure washed over her entire body. Her body bucked
and jerked uncontrolably, as the three women worked in unison to bring
her over the top. Jennifer finally let loose with a scream as she had
the greatest multiple orgasm a body could ever experience. Jennifer
arched forward then collapsed, seemingly fainting. Three pairs of eyes
looked down on this prone figure. Shortly, with a sly smile and a peek
through a half opened eye, Jen spoke. “If this is the suprise I get for
losing at Wimbeldon, I don’t know if I could have survived the suprise
if I had WON !!” Jelana and Martina held each other as Anna leaned over
Jennifer, kissed her and said “You’ll always be My winner Darling,and
besides, who knows what suprises the next tournament may bring”.

Who Knows ???

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