Anna Kournikova And Jennifer Capriati

Anna K. and Jennifer Capriati

disclaimer: If you are under 18 and/or object to stories with strong
sexual content, then you should leave this page now. Also, this is a
work of fiction.No claim of or inference of either persons sexual
orientation is intended herein.

Jennifer Capriati was feeling on top of the world. She was finally
back where she knew she belonged, at Wimbeldon, advancing toward the
finals. Her last match had been a grueling one that seemed to drain
the life from her. Though feeling great about her chances at making
the finals, she was exhausted both physically and mentally.

After the usual barrage of post match interviews, Jen made her way
to the lockerooms to shower and head back to the hotel for some welcome
rest. Finding the showers all occupied,she found a sofa off in a quiet
corner to wait her turn. A slight nudge and a “jennifer-wake up ” had
brought her back from her state of peaceful slumber.Upon opening her
eyes, she was greeted with the sight of Anna Kournikova leaning over
her and calling her name to wake up. “Ohh, Hi Anna! My gosh, what time
is it” she asked as she tried to clear her dream clouded head.”It’s
almost midnight” answered Anna,”you’ve been sleeping here for almost
8 hours it seems”

“Wow”, Jennifer replied,”I must have been more tired than I
realised. I’d better get my things and get back to my hotel I guess.”
As she was getting her things together, she began to wonder why Anna
was in the lockeroom at this time of night.

“Anna”?, jen said as she turned to the young russian beauty,”How
did you happen to be down here and find me at this time of night”? she
asked. “Well” said Anna,”To be honest with you, I was going to meet
Martina(Hingis).But since she lost early on in the matches,she seems
to have left town without telling Me. I really needed someone to talk
to”.Anna tried to hold back her tears as she continued. “I’ve been
very anxious to come back and play , but haven’t been able to yet.
Martina and I would always get together and talk and do “special”
things together while we were on the road and I missed those times
we had together”.

Jennifer looked at Anna and felt bad thatshe was feeling like she
was. “Is there any way I might be able to help you?” Jen asked.
Anna seemed to blush a little and said “I don’t think you understand”
she said,looking at the floor while she spoke.

Jennifer did indeed understand what Anna was talking about. She
started to get a little excited at the idea that she might be able to
help with a “special” thing or two.

Acting innocent, Jennifer approached the blonde beauty and began
to tremble as she wrapped her arms around her. “Ever since I came back
to the Tennis circut, you’ve been one of the nicest girls to me. You
don’t seem to hold my past problems against me,like some do” she said.
Instantly, Anna felt so comfortable. All her nervousness and fear just
vanished. The musky odor of Jennifer was beginning to give Anna that
same kind of feeling she got when her and Martina would get together.

“Why would I treat you bad”? Anna asked. “I admire your courage
to come back and prove you deserve to be here”. Anna was uncontiously
stroking Jennifers lower thigh as her head was nestled on her chest.

Jennifer took Anna’s face in her hands and looked deep into her
eyes.”I think I see what Martina finds so special” she said as she
lightly placed her lips on the young beauties lips.Tenativly, both
girls tounges began to slowly explore each others mouths. Anna’s
stroking of Jennifers thigh became a bit bolder as her hand rose higher
moving toward Jennifers crotch. Jennifer in the meantime, had begun to
rub her right hand up and down Annas neck and upper chest. She let
her hand drift down, over one breast, then the other. Her hand kept
going until it reached the bottom of Anna’s blouse. They broke their
embrace for a moment. “I only hope I can make this as special for you
as Martina does” Jen said. Anna, through smokey eyes said,”Martina
who”? Both ladies laughed as that was the icebreaker they both needed.
Taking the blouse hem in her hands, Jennifer lifted it over Anna’s
head and gasped at the sight of two of the most perfect breasts that
anyone could have. She bent forward to plant light feathery kisses on
these mounds of perfection. Anna sighed as she felt Jennifers lips
close on one nipple , then the other. Anna’s hand continued it’s trip
up Jennifers thigh until she reached the spot where her thighs met.
Jennifer parted her thighs to give Anna unrestricted access to her
now wet and tingling pussy. Anna began to run her fingers up and down
the length of Jen’s pussy. Low gutteral gasps and moans escaped Jen’s
throat as Anna’s kisses got to be of a more aggressive nature. She
then realised that Anna’s other hand had made it’s way underneath her
tennis shirt,lifting it from the back. Jennifer allowed Anna to take
her shirt off and seized the moment to become the aggressor. She gently
pushed Anna back on the sofa so that she was lying down. Reaching up,
Jennifer unbuttoned and unzipped Anna’s jeans,grabbed the waistband
and slowly began to pull them down, savoring every inch of flesh as
she exposed it. As she pulled them over her hips, she was greeted with
the sight of the tiny G-string that Anna had chosen to wear that night.
Jen’s heart seemed to skip a beat at this magnificent beauty. Taking
the jeans all the way off allowed Jen to get Anna into just the place
she wanted her. Jen began to kiss Anna’s feet and toes,then began to
work her way up her calves,leaving a trail of kisses . Anna, through
all this was beginning to squirm, reaching out to touch the source of
the pleasure she was feeling. Jennifer continued up Anna’s legs, each
one recieving a little special attention during her journey. When she
got toher upper thighs,Jen sat back, took hold of that tiny G-string
and pulled it away with a forceful tug that both suprised and added
more excitement to Anna’s anticipation. Jennifer now knew she was in
the presence of perfection. From those wonderful feet and toes to that
gorgeous head of hair , she was flawless. Anna reached out to Jennifer
and pulled her down on top of her. She could wait no longer. This is
the most turned on she had ever been in her young life, and wasn’t
willing to let another moment go by. With Jennifer’s shirt already gone
Anna unhooked Jen’s bra and let her breasts fall onto her face and
neck. She quickly grabbed them both and began to kiss and suck them
for all that she was worth. Jen arched her back as to push them even
further into Anna’s hands and mouth. Anna freed one hand and slid it
down the side of Jennifer till she reached the zipper of Jen’s tennis
skirt. In one fluid motion, Anna had the skirt unfastened and slid
down Jen’s legs. Anna began to massage Jennifers wonderful rounded
backside, running her fingers between those two firm, stong butt
cheeks. Taking one hand, Anna reached further down between Jen’s legs
and found her dripping pussy. Electric shocks went off inside Jen as
Anna’s fingers entered her. Anna again became the aggressor and had
manuvered Jennifer so that she was now under Anna. Anna threw the now
crumpled tennis skirt out of the way. Anna was suprised at how really
beautiful Jennifer was as she lay there,completely naked. She always
thought that she was attractive,and was now even more pleased to see
how attractive she really was. Wasting no more time, Anna positioned
herself over Jen so that they could give each other the pleasure they
both so desperately wanted. As Anna began to lower herself onto Jen’s
waiting mouth, Jen’s hips rose up to meet the mouth that was lowering
towards her. At the exact same moment, both girls mouths met their
targets. With wild abandon, Jennifer drove two fingers into Anna as
she also found her clitoris. She sucked that little jewel into her
mouth and gave it the best girlie blowjob she could manage. The more
she sucked on Anna’s clit, the bigger it seemed to get. All the
attention Jen was giving to Anna’s clit now had the young blonde’s hips
bucking and grinding in a wild frenzy. Anna braced herself with her
hands on Jennifers thighs, leaned back and rode Jennifers mouth and
jaw, gyrating and rubbing her pussy up and down and in a circular
motion. “Ohh my –Ohh–Ohh faster, harder” she screamed as she pressed
her pussy even harded onto Jennifers mouth. Jennifer kept pace and was
soon rewarded with a flood of Anna’s innermost precious fluids that
covered her face and neck. Anna’s bucking suddenly stopped as she
arched her back and let out a animalistic growl as she came again and
again into Jen’s waiting mouth. Anna collapsed on top of Jennifer in a
heap. Jennifer smiled to herself. “That was unbelievable”, she thought
to herself, completely fogetting that she to was that excited. That
is until she felt a tongue working it’s way into her own smoldering
pussy. The moment Anna’s tongue touched her, Jen spread her legs as
far apart as she could get them,and lifted her hips so that Anna could
have complete and total access to her waiting pussy. Sensing Jen’s
need, Anna repositioned herself so that Jen’s legs were now over her
shoulders and she could look up into Jen’s face as she gave her
pleasure in return for the most intense orgasm of her young life.
The little tuft of hair that Jen had at the top of her pussy tickled
Anna’s nose as she began to kiss and lick her. A barely audible moan
escaped Jen’s open mouth as Anna got more serious. Anna reached up and
grabbed one of Jennifer’s tits and worked the nipple around between
her fingertips. Anna’s lips and teeth gently worked on Jen’s pussy lips
and Jen’s body went stiff as Anna’s mouth found her swollen clitoris.
With one hand working Jen’s tits, and her mouth doing to her clit what
Jen had done to hers, Anna’s other hand began to explore Jennifer’s
open pussy and buttcrack. Anna pushed two, then three fingers into
Jennifers sucking pussy.Jen’s pussy seemed to draw Anna’s fingers deep
into her. And each time she would take a finger and carress Jen’s butt
hole, a shudder would course through Jen’s entire body. Looking up at
Jennifer as she worked on her, and seeing the affect she was having
made Anna want to give Jen the Greatest memory of her that she could.
Anna became forcefull yet gentle at the same time. As Jennifer started
to moan and yell that she was about to come, Anna moved swiftly . She
hurridly changed positions and brought her pussy slamming dowm onto
Jennifers gaping pussy and started to grind herself as hard and as
fast as she could. Jennifer responded by pushing back as hard as she
could. The friction and the contact they had was enough to bring Jen
to the point she yelled for. Convulsions racked Jennifers body as she
released her own flood of juices in the single most earth shattering
orgasm she had ever had. Anna too had another orgasm as they ground
their pussies together for a few more moments. Lying together, they
gazed into each others eyes with a new found affection for each other.
After a few minutes, Anna looked into Jennifers eyes, smiled and said
“I hope you know that you just spoiled me. As much as I care for Hingy
(her pet name for Martina), I don’t think I’ll ever want another
woman but you after this morning”. Jennifer smiled and softly kissed
Anna on the lips.”Well, I WAS looking for a new traveling partner. I
think I just found that person. Besides, I know Martina is always
looking to help new players to the tour and I hear that Jelena Dokic
is looking for some help”. “That’s perfect”! Anna said. “We became
‘friends’ after we became doubles partners and Hingy IS looking for a
new doubles partner”. “I’ll call her later and have a long talk with
her. I’m sure we can work it out”. And with a little devilish grin,
Jen said “And who knows,maybe we can soon have a ‘special’ doubles
match with them”. “I like the way you think”,Anna giggled as she took
Jen’s face in her hands.”We better start to practice !!”…the end ??

This is my first attempt at writting a story. I hope it
came out o.k. I know it’s a bit long. Feedback welcome. Thanks.


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