Anna Kournikova And Martina Vs Williams Sisters

Anna Kournikova & Martina vs Williams sisters
by bbb4

The three girls reenter the cage simultaneously, taking the full advantage
of the rest period between the two matches. Although Capriati and Lobo
both volunteered to take the injured Serena’s place in the deciding tag
team match, the rules stipulate that the Venus must go one against two, if
she hopes to win. Both Martina and Venus are completely nude, save their
boots. While Venus looks invigorated from her crushing victory, Martina
still looks a little peeked, winded and tired, her shoulders slouching and
her cheeks still a bit rosy from her extended stay
in Venus’ chest
scissors. Kournikova still wears her tiny white bikini bottoms with a
small, white, pleated tennis skirt over them. Her smallish breasts are
still blotched with scratches and patches of red from the severe mauling
that Serena dealt her in the first match, but overall she appears in good
shape. Venus begins her tirade before the match even begins, clearly
trying to intimidate the much smaller Russian. Pointing at Anna and then
Martina, she yells, “You first, bimbo, I’m already done with Swiss Cheese!
I’m gonna hurt you bad for what you did to my sister! Come on, ring the
bell!” The bell at ring side gives a loud clang, and Anna climbs between
the ropes, ready to face the seething black amazon.

Anna saunters around Venus, who is standing still in the center of the
ring, only turning to keep facing the little blonde, as if to say “Come
get some of this”. After a few turns around the mighty American, Anna
decides to lock up. Venus goes to the tie up only momentarily, first
taking a handful of blonde hair then lifting her arm and sending it
crashing between Anna’s shoulder blades. Kournikova gives a girlish grunt
and falls to her knees, gasping in pain, but Venus wastes little time
delivering a knee lift that sends Anna to her butt, shaking her head and
counting her teeth. Another knee to the chest drops her like a rock, and
double karate chops to the sides of her neck almost decapitate Anna.
Taking in a a small measure of revenge, it is Venus this time that
saunters around behind the Russian teenager. Grabbing both Anna’s wrists,
she wrenches them backward, smiling as Anna cries out in pain. Williams
leans forward applying more pressure to Anna’s arms and forcing her to
lean forward. Kneeling behind the blonde, Venus digs her knee into the
center of Anna’s back, eliciting another series of agonized cries. Venus
then crosses Anna’s arms in front of her, and again hauls back, yanking
her opponents arms in different directions. Williams purposely scoots Anna
around so that she is facing Martina, giving her a full view of the
tortured looks on Anna’s face each time Venus tries to rip her arms off.
As Venus continues to dig her knee between Anna’s shoulders, beads of
sweat begin to dribble down Anna’s rosy face and onto her bare dancing

Venus releases the arm lock, seeming satisfied with the destruction she
has rained down on the Russian so far. Venus keeps her position behind
Anna, lifting her arms to apply double claw holds to the Russian girl’s
ribs. Venus displays her awesome upper body strength, flexing her huge
arms and shoulders in an effort to collapse the blonde’s ribcage. The
crowd is thrown into stunned silence as Williams back and delts ripple
with power. Straining, Anna’s face contorts in pain as the pressure on her
ribs is so great that she is unable to scream or even lift her arms. She
instead snaps her head back, catching the black amazon in the nose with
the back of her head. Venus is thrown off balance and release the rib
claws. Anna slumps forward, clutching her sides, moaning in undisguised
pain. Stunned only for a moment, Venus lifts Anna’s arms again and slaps
the double claws on the bunched muscles in Anna’s armpits. Digging in,
Venus delights as Anna closes her eyes in agony, rearing her head back in
an incredible bellowing scream. Martina watches from outside, agonizing as
Williams tears into Anna’s sides again, but not exactly eager to jump into
the ring. Venus twists the muscles, kneading her nails into the hard
flesh. Anna snaps her head back again, but this time Venus is far enough
away that the headbutt misses. After a few moments, Anna’s contorted face
begins to relax and she begins to slump forward, losing her will to
continue. The muscles in Venus’ grip begin to soften, but Venus isn’t done
with the blonde that injured her sister.

Williams again releases the grip on Anna’s armpits, sliding her hands
forward, under her opponent’s arms and cradles Anna’s small breasts.
Unable to even fight back through the fog of near unconsciousness, Anna
begins to come back around, moaning lightly and shaking her head in an
attempt to clear the cobwebs. Venus continues massaging and tickling
Anna’s breasts, running her finger tips over the aerola, causing the small
nipples that crown each mound to swell, fully erect. The small eraser tip
points are fully risen when Anna realizes what is going on, and weakly
slaps and grabs at Venus’ forearms trying to drive her hands away from her
tender teats. As soon as Venus is sure that Anna is fully cognizant,
Williams tears into the tits, squeezing the sweaty, slippery flesh in her
hands, wringing them out. Anna again lets out a bellowing scream, a huge,
terrifying noise from such a small girl. The titty maul that Serena
started commences again as Venus tortures each tit mercilessly. Each
squeeze of the mammary is followed on by a nipple wringing twisting motion
that threatens to cause Anna to pass out. She lifts both hands, trying to
pull Venus’ hands away, but gives up trying to break the nip grip, begging
Martina to enter the ring. Anna tearfully motions Hingis into the ring,
her eyes watering in pain as she tries in vain to separate Venus’ grip
from her small breasts.

Venus had been waiting for this to occur and simply releases Anna, rises
to her feet, and faces Martina. Hingis is clearly intimidated by the
glistening amazon with the wild eyed glare. Venus steps over the
debilitated Anna, who merely rolls onto her stomach, cradling her breasts
in agony.

The two remaining girls lock up, Venus muttering, “Gonna hurt you again.”
Williams powers Hingis back into the corner from whence she came,
pummeling her with fists to the head, breasts and gut. Hingis does her
best to answer back, swinging some mighty blows of her own, but they seem
to bounce off the muscle clad armor protecting Venus. Each of Venus’ blow
sends Hingis’s head snapping back and her body staggering back a few
steps. The short powerful jabs to the face and breasts turn to long
devastating hooks and uppercuts to the side of the head and belly. Hingis
is relegated to total defense, covering her face and hunching over in the
corner, reeling from each slamming blow as it crashes into her head or
body. Venus doesn’t seem to be losing any power in her blows as the
continue to plow into Martina’s protective cover.

Her power, though, immediately drops off upon taking an upper cut to the
crotch from behind by the devious Russian. Venus had been so intent on
beating Hingis to a pulp that she had forgotten about Anna, and had failed
to heed the screams from her team mates outside the cage. Venus doubles
over in pain, clutching her naked womanhood. Hingis leans back into the
padded corner putting both arms over the top ropes, taking a rest and
gathering herself. Venus starts to rise to her full height again, but not
before Hingis punts her in the groin again, dropping Venus like a bad
habit. Anna, still on her hands and knees, pries Venus’ hands away from
her groin, opening her up for Hingis to drop a knee flush into her crotch.
The World Team erupts in standing applause as Martina grinds the knee into
Venus’ exposed groin, eliciting a pitiful, whining cry from the American.
The American’s meanwhile are crying foul for the double teaming going on
the ring.

With Anna again restraining the weakened American, Hingis grabs both
ankles, spreads them and falls forward in another grinding knee drive
aimed below Williams waist. Hingis savors the moment, driving the knee
into the exposed cunt, and twisting it against the warm moist flesh of
Venus’ womanhood. Hingis stands up, high fiving the Russian beauty and
inviting her to take a turn inflicting some damage on the downed American.
Anna lovingly rubs her swollen, torn teats, and looks down at Venus’
unscathed melons. She motions for Hingis to hold Williams in a full
nelson, giving Anna unobstructed access to William’s dangling treasure
chest. Anna begins with the nipples, twisting both in her tight grip,
while Hingis holds the full Nelson. Venus again shows her power though,
snapping her arms downward, breaking the full nelson and tossing Hingis
aside. Anna reacts quickly though, deftly jabbing her fingers into
Williams eyes, ending her brief offensive.

Anna and Martina both take one of Williams long arms, and drag her to the
standing position. With both arms spread, Anna and Martina take turns
kicking the larger girl in the ribs, crotch and breasts. Soon Venus drops
to her knees, her head lolling down near unconsciousness, but with a
mighty pull of both arms, sends Martina and Anna crashing into each other.
The two girls slowly untangle themselves from each other and climb to
their feet. The two World Teamers again deliver several boots to the
American’s back and ribs, finally slumping the amazon over on her belly.
Anna then steps forward, whispering to Martina, who nods her head in
agreement. They roll the American over onto her back, and Martina drops
her rather wide rear end over Venus’ knees, and leans forward securing
Venus’ hands. Anna steps around to Venus’ head, and kneels down, dropping
her butt square on Venus face.

The World team again erupts into applause for a second time, seeing
Kournikova use the ultimate in humiliating pins, the reverse facesit. Anna
leans forward, mauling Venus’ large breasts as she works her ass up and
down Williams face, finally settling her crotch on Venus’ nose. Sitting
upright, Anna again rubs down her sweaty sides, wincing slightly as her
hands pass her sore ribs and breasts, emphasizing her sexy curves as she
lets her butt do the honors on Williams face. Anna takes her time,
obviously very good at this particular maneuver, and fluffs her skirt out
so that in entirely covers Williams head and shoulders. Even with Martina
pinning her hands and legs down, Venus begins to twitch as asphyxia sets
in. After a few more moments of pained struggling, Martina leans forward,
gives Anna the high five and gets up, as Venus has stopped resisting, and
is simply lying motionless.

As soon as the bell rings Anna rises slowly from her vanquished foe’s
face. Slowly she peels down the bikini bottoms under her skirt, and steps
out of them. Bending at the waist, she slowly stuffs her soaked briefs
into Venus’ mouth and squats on her face again, this time using her bare
muff the rub Venus’ face. Seeing that the cage has been opened on both
sides, Anna and Martina wisely retreat to their corner where Mary Pierce
and Monica Seles greet them with bottled water, towels and
congratulations. The Americans gather around Venus, fearing for her
safety, allowing the World team to leave the ring to wild cheers of their

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