Anna Kournikova And Me

Story Tittle: Anna Kournikova and me

Featuring: Anna Kournikova

My Nickname: Randykelt


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Anna Kournikova and me.

I have a summer job as a player’s aid at the famous Wimbledon tennis club in
London. (I get the players drinks carry their bags get them towels etc).

The club is usually full of these Businessmen and Rich people who think they can
treat anyone lower than them like dirt, but as I’m a players aid I can’t argue
them or hit them (God knows I’ve come near it manys a time). That really
pisses me off, but the pay is good and the tips are excellent.

However the real busy time comes in the last week of June and the first week of
July, this is the time of the world famous Wimbledon tennis tournament
(Considered by most players and fans to be the premier Tourment in the world of
tennis). All the big names of the game attend and fight off to be crowned
Wimbledon champion. I have worked with several of these big names including Pat
Cash Andre Aggasi Tim Henman and Venus Williams.

However when I checked the list of the Pros I would be assigned to this year one
name in particular caught my attention Anna Kournikova. I couldn’t believe that
I was going to be working with the blonde Russian beauty.

I was assigned to her for the duration of her stay in the tournament and some of
the lads said that wouldn’t be long

The following Monday morning I reported for duty at 11am, and was delighted to
see that Miss Kournikova was the only name on my rosta for the day. So I headed
for the Russian starlet’s dressing room knocking on the door when I got there.
Then I heard a voice from inside.

“Hello who’s there?”

The Russian ascent told me that it was the sexy blonde.

Me: Hello Miss Kournikova, My name is John

Anna: Hi, could you hold on a sec?

About 2 minutes later the dressing room door opened and my jaw dropped at the
sight that lay before me. The sexy 21-year-old tennis star with only a white
towel wrapped around her young ample athletic body.

Anna: Ok could you get my stuff together and wait for me. I have to take a

She then went into her private bathroom. I couldn’t help but think that the sexy
tennis star was naked in only the next room. But I fought back any urges I had
after one of the aids was caught spying on Venus Williams at last year’s

After about 10 minutes Anna emerged from the bathroom she was now dressed in the
familiar all white tennis uniform. A tight white top which stopped about 3
inches above her belly button and showed her well toned tummy, a short white
skirt that just about covered what it needed to and a baseball cap, all carrying
the 3 stripe Adidas logo.

She grabbed a scrungy and tied her hair up in a ponytail and walked towards me.

Anna: Have you got all my stuff?

Me Yes Miss Kournikova its all here.

Anna: Ok then let’s go its ShowTime.

I followed her out of the room and down the hall to the entrance of the court.
As she entered the courts a barrage of wolf whistles and males shouts of “I love
you Anna” rang out. She tutted and sat down on her seat.

The umpire called for silence and the match started. Anna was playing a Dutch
girl named Helga Mostu. Anna won the first set 6-2 but Mostu put up a challenge
in the second set and the Dutch girl won it 6-4. This made Anna angry, as she
knew that if she didn’t win the papers would be full of comments about Her looks
being better than her tennis ability. So in the third set she dominated winning
it 6-0 and conceding only 3 points in the whole set. She jumped up and punched
the air as the call of Game Set, Match Miss Kournikova was called. She hugged me
and waved to the crowd. I then gathered up her gear and followed her off the
court back down the tunnel and to her dressing room. At the door she took the
gear off me and asked me to get her a bottle of OJ and a paper.

When I returned I knocked on the door and walked in, Anna was just pulling her
white top over her head but when she saw me she quickly pulled it back down over
her sports black bra.

I pretended that I hadn’t seen anything, but all I was thinking was if I was
only a few seconds later then I may of seen something of real interest. I handed
her the paper and bottle of OJ and she began to read the back pages. Suddenly
she broke down crying. I asked her what was wrong and she showed me a picture in
the paper. It showed her boyfriend the Latino singer Enrique Iglesias in a New
York nightclub with his tongue stuck down the throat of some big-breasted
blonde. Anna balled up the paper and threw it in a corner and started screaming
and yelling.

Anna: Fuck that bastard, I fucking love him and this is how he treats me Fuck

Me: Calm down Anna, it probably means nothing

Anna: No that’s the third time he been seen cheating on me and where only
together a few months.

Me: You shouldn’t stand for that kind of treatment?

Anna: Why does he keep doing that to me, Is it cause I’m ugly?

Me: No way you are one of the most beautiful women in the world, and you
shouldn’t let him treat you like that.

Anna: Yeah your right fuck him, I’ve always been faithful to him even when Sergi
(Her ex boyfriend the Ice hockey star) came to my flat and asked me to go back
to him.

Me: He obviously doesn’t appreciate you, I mean you a beautiful and he keeps
cheating on you and you have a great personality too

Anna: Thanks John, you’re a nice guy any other guy I hang out with does nothing
but try and chat me up, but your different and I like that.

She came over and hugged me tight, I felt her firm breasts press against my
chest. She then kissed me on the cheek.

Anna: Do you mind staying here and chatting with me?

Me: No I’d love too I’m finished for the day and I’ve got nothing planned anyhow

Anna: Ok I just need to take a shower first, as I’m all sticky smelly and sweaty
from the match, you wait here ok?

Me: Yeah sure Miss Kournikova

Anna Call me Anna.

She then headed into the bathroom and shut the door. After a few minutes I heard
the shower come on and I visualised the sexy 21-year-old blonde Russian beauty
in the shower. Just then I was awoken from this daydream as I heard Anna calling
from the bathroom.

Anna: John!

Me: Yes Anna are you ok?

Anna: Yeah I’m fine but I forgot to bring in a towel could you grab one from my
bag and leave it in to me?

Me: Leave it into you?

Anna: Yeah in here, the doors not locked.

Me Ok hold on a sec

I grabbed a towel and pushed open the door, as I entered the room was full of
steam, but I could just about make out the wet and naked figure of the sexy
blonde in the shower though the steam and glass shower door.

Me: Here’s your towel Anna.

Anna Ok thanks just leave it on the rail there.

I left it on the rail and took one last good look at the auseome sight that lay
before me, before I headed for the door. Then I heard a crash, I looked back and
saw that Anna had slipped and fell out of the shower. She tried to stand up but
let out a loud scream and fell to the ground again.

Anna: Shit John could you help me please.

I ran over and helped the wet naked tennis star to her feet. She grabbed a
bathrobe and asked me to turn around she tied up the bathrobe and tried to walk
but she was in too much pain. I lifted her out of the bathroom and to the small
couch in the dressing room. I then got her some ice to put on her ankle. She was
at first worried that this injury would force her out of the tournament, but
quickly realised that it wasn’t serious and that she had only gone over on it.

As she moved to position her ankle higher the bathrobe parted slightly and her
right breast fell out. My cock grew hard instantly and I tried to hide it.

Anna: Why do you keep shifting about?

Me: Oh no reason (Trying to hide my erection)

Anna: Well could you stop it cause it annoying.

I stopped and Anna saw my swollen member, she then looked down and realised her
tit was out.

Anna: So that’s why you kept fidgeting, do you like me?

Me: uhhhhh

Anna: Well I can tell from the size of that thing (Staring at the tent like
bulge in my pants). It sure is big. Take off your pants so I get a proper look.

I did as she asked and she took a firm grasp of my cock (That tennis grip come
in handy for other things) She then un-tie her robe and I helped her remove it.
Anna began to give me a hand job as we entered into a passionate snog our
tongues wrapped together. She broke off from the snog knelt down and took my
full length in her mouth, she then began sucking me ant licking my helmet with
the tip of her tongue. After 7 or 8 minutes I shot my creamy load on to her face
which she licked up.

She then bent over in front of me sticky her perfect ass up in the air and began
massaging her clit. I rammed my full length up her ass and began to fuck her as
hard and as fast as I could, as Anna kept rubbing her fingers though her clit.
We maintain this position for about 15 minutes.

Anna: I’m bored with my fingers they aren’t giving me enough pleasure I’m Need
something longer and thicker. Do you have any thing fitting that description?

Me: Yeah I think this fits that description. (Holding my swollen cock in my hand
and giving my self a hand job)

Anna: Oh yess that’s just what I was looking for.
She then slid my cock inside her pussy and began sliding up and down its entire
length. I lifted her up and fucked her up against the wall. I grabbed her tits
and began sucking on them and licking her nipples with the tip of my tongue.

After about 20 minutes I felt as I was gonna cum.

Me I’m gonna cum!

Anna: Hold it just a sec.

The tennis star slid of me and stuck her mouth round the edge of my dick just as
I shot my load, she then swollen it whole and we collapsed in a heap on the

The end.

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