Anna Kournikova: Miss Popularity

Featuring: Anna Kournikova, Conchita Martinez, Gigi Fernandez

Anna K.: Miss Popularity

By Rinky Dink

(MC, FF)

If you are under 18, go away, you can’t read this. This is pure fiction and fantasy.

Consider this the end of my Anna Kournikova trilogy. This story is situated in the summer of 1996, when Kournikova was just bursting onto the scene.

Gigi Fernandez was dubbed by the media as the best looking women in tennis until the arrival of the blonde Russian Lolita, Anna Kournikova.

The daughter of a wealthy Puerto Rican doctor, Fernandez
was more sophisticated than most players, her uncle was Academy Award winning actor Jose Ferrer, but she had an easy-going manner that made her popular.

She was not well known outside of her native land, as she was best in doubles, winning a gold medal in the 1992 Olympics with Mary Joe Fernandez (no relation).

Gigi basically looked like a jock Jennifer Lopez, with long tan legs, a decent chest and dark brown locks falling to the shoulders of her ultra-fit body.

She almost always had a smile on her face, and why not. She was rich, beautiful, smart, successful, well-liked, under no pressure to win since the media didn’t care about doubles and, being a lesbian, she was like a kid in a candy store being on the women’s tennis tour.

Kournikova drove the sports world into a tizzy as a 16-year-old, making the quarterfinals of the U.S. Open. Fans ogled her voluptuous figure, big chest, knockout legs and “I’m good looking and I know it” attitude. Gigi was quickly shoved aside by the media, which was fine with her. Being a sex symbol held no allure for such a worldly individual.

Officially, her girlfriend was former Wimbledon champion Conchita Martinez. Although a dark-haired beauty herself, it was an odd match most people thought since Martinez was not very educated and from a small town in rural Spain.

What the people didn’t know was that Martinez was in reality Gigi’s sex slave.

Growing up in Puerto Rico, Gigi had watched her father use hypnosis and mind control drugs on villagers who otherwise would refuse modern medicine. Gigi did not use her skills often but the scared, unsophisticated Martinez looked like she’d quit if someone didn’t lend her a hand. Gigi felt if she had not taken control of her, she might never have become the player she did.

Now, after years of conditioning, Martinez’s will no longer existed. She simply lived to serve Gigi.

Martinez was nuzzling Gigi’s neck when Women’s Tennis president Pam Shriver came up to her in the players’ lounge of the Las Vegas Invitational. With $1 million in prize money, virtually every player was there.

Shriver had a problem. Many of the players were in a jealous rage over the Kournikova phenomenon. Not only was she getting all the publicity due to her looks, but she was such a good player it looked like she would win every tournament she entered for years to come.

They wanted a rule passed that you had to be 18 to be on the tour, meaning Anna would be mothballed for two years. But Shriver, who like Gigi was at the tail end of her career and thus had some perspective, told Fernandez that would cost the tour millions in increased television and sponsorship contracts she was negotiating at the moment, as everyone wanted to see the gorgeous blonde nymphet.

“They are just blind with anger, I told them you’ll make more money finishing second to her next year than winning this year but they just don’t want to hear it,” said Shriver with a note of desperation in her voice. “The fact the Kournikova kid is a complete stuck-up bitch doesn’t help. The girls listen to you, they respect you Gigi, can you help?”

Gigi tried to think about the problem, which was hard as Conchita was now licking her earlobes.

“Conchita, go up to the room and get sexed up on the vibrator, I’ll be there in a minute,” said Gigi and Martinez dutifully left the area.

Gigi knew the women’s tour’s popularity had been down since the retirement of Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova, and Kournikova was a needed boost. But the other players were her friends (and some of them secret lovers, secret even to them) and if she were a younger player she wouldn’t like being ignored for some sexy teen who was full of herself.

Gigi pondered and pondered the predicament, until finally: “Tell Kournikova to come to my suite about 6,” she said to Shriver.

“Why the hell do I have to go to some Puerto Rican dyke’s room for?,” Kournikova had shouted at Shriver when she called her room. “I’m Anna Fucking Kournikova, and I am women’s tennis now so get used to it. If she has to talk to me than let her come to my room, and tell her to kiss my ass when she does.”

Shriver had to threaten Anna with a fine before Kournikova grudgingly agreed to go to Fernandez’s room, and it just made her mood even fouler by the time she knocked on Gigi’s door. Anna showed her disdain by not dressing up for the meeting. She wore a simple blue t-shirt, green shorts and sneakers with no socks. She looked more like she was going to the game room to play pin ball.

Gigi greeted her warmly, “Hi, Anna, glad you could make some time in your schedule to come up here.” But it was to no avail.

“Look, whatever you’ve got to say, say it, if you’re looking for a piece of my action because you used to be the best looking one and didn’t make money off it, well, go fuck yourself,” said Anna as she stormed in.”By the end of the night I’ll have $2 million more in endorsements, just to shake my ass a little for their product.”

Gigi gasped, she was well-bred and no one had ever talked to her like this.

“I hope your little Spanish carpet-licker isn’t here. I heard my sneaker has more brain cells than her.”

“She is here but you won’t meet her, Anna,” said Gigi with a small smirk, all guilt about what she was about to do washed away by Kournikova’s arrogance.

“Good, now are we ….. mmmph!”

As Anna had passed the bathroom, Conchita was hidden behind the door. She had come up from behind and placed a chloroform-soaked cloth over Anna’s gorgeous nose and mouth.

Anna was stunned for a second and quickly drew a couple deep breaths of the sleeping gas. She then regained her senses and began struggling with Martinez to break free. Conchita, having heard Anna’s remark about her, hung on to Anna’s face with the cloth with a vengeance. Not a drop of fresh air would get into Kournikova’s lungs if she had anything to do with it.

Anna was beginning to feel dizzy but she maneuvered herself to be in front of a wall in the room, and began hurling herself backwards again and again. She could hear Martinez’s body smack against it.

Finally, Martinez’s hand came away from Anna’s face. When Kournikova turned around, Martinez was lying against the wall with her eyes closed. She slowly sank to the floor, knocked unconscious by the force of Anna’s bucking.

Anna wanted to run for the door but she felt so disoriented and sleepy. The battle with Martinez had been exhausting and Conchita had made sure Anna only breathed chloroform during almost all of it.

Gigi rushed to pick up the cloth and quickly put it back on Anna’s face. Fernandez was not as big or as strong as her slave but Kournikova was worn out by now and could offer little resistance. She quickly went down to one knee, and then collapsed to the floor before passing out.

“Oh my God, my Conchy, my Conchy!” shouted Gigi as she ran to the prone body of her sex slave. She had forgotten how much she really cared for Conchita as she took her emotionless face in her hands and kissed it all over passionately.

“Did…Did I do good, master,” said a woozy Martinez after a minute.

“Yes, my love, now go to the other room and rest, I’ll bring you a present in a while,” said Gigi.

Martinez wasn’t sure what Gigi had meant by a present but her master was pleased with her and that’s all she cared about as she got up and stumbled into the adjoining bedroom.

Anna lay in a heap on the floor, her sumptuous chest going up and down in a steady fashion. No wonder all the other players considered her virtually unbeatable, thought Gigi, as she dragged Kournikova’s limp body onto the nearest bed, she might be a bitch but she was the strongest bitch she had ever dealt with.

Gigi dipped into her dad’s old medical bag and came out with a hypodermic needle filled to the brim with his old special tranquilizers. She injected Anna with it and then set things up for the next stage.

When Anna woke up she felt woozy, her back hurt but she felt incredibly relaxed. So relaxed she could not move a muscle, nor did she want too. She just lay there in bed, her mind encased in fog.

“Hey look, I got what you wanted,” said a smiling Gigi looking down on Anna. “It’s my Olympic gold medal. Doesn’t it inspire you? Here, take a good look.”

Gigi lowered the medal to Anna’s eye level and began swinging it slightly, the light flickering into Anna’s glassy eyes. Gigi went into her well-rehearsed mantra.

“Isn’t it pretty. Look at how it shines, look at it swing and shine. Look at it go back and forth, swing and shine. It’s so wonderful to look at. Everyone wants one. It swings and shines, swings and shines. It’s so wonderful to look at.

“You feel so wonderful Anna, So wonderful. You feel so relaxed and wonderful. More relaxed and wonderful than ever before. Look at it swing and shine and you get more relaxed and fell more wonderful. Anna.”

Gigi continued her hypnotic spiel and watched Anna’s face go slack and her eyes go blank. Kournikova might be a powerful force in tennis but she was still a kid with a mind that could be molded, and Gigi knew how to mold.

Gigi finally took the medal away from Anna’s face. Boy, this blondie was totally mindfucked by now, she thought before she went to the next stage.

“Anna, how do you feel?”

“Wonderful,” she whispered. “So wonderful.”

“Who made you feel this wonderful Anna?”

“You, did”

“Yes, Anna, and what do you know about me?”

“You’re gay, you like to sleep with women.”

Anna, if I like to sleep with women and I’m the one who made you feel wonderful, then obviously, sleeping with women makes you feel wonderful.

“I…I guess,” said Anna, not quite ready to admit to the wonders of homosexuality.

“Anna, you love feeling wonderful, you want to keep feeling wonderful, being gay makes you feel wonderful. It makes sense. If you feel gay, you feel wonderful.”

“Yes, gay…wonderful,” Anna said flatly.

“Ok, Anna. We want you to feel this wonderful as much as possible so let’s work on this together, OK”

“Yes, OK”

“You will forget everything that has happened since you entered this room. We had a meeting and it went well and we ended it respecting each other. However, whenever you hear the words “Gold Medal Korn” you will go back to this relaxed, wonderful state and you will want to badly have sex with a women. Your entire body will burn with the desire for a women’s love but after you orgasm you will forget what happened and go back to your room.”

“I burn for a woman,” said Anna now converted to lesbianism, at least in her trance state.

“Anna, you were not nice to Conchita, be a Gold Medal Korn and make up right now,” said Gigi.

Martinez was lying on the bed, an icepack on the back of her head. She loved her master but sometimes it was trying. Suddenly, she saw an image at the door. It was Anna Kournikova, and Conchita shuddered. She was in no shape for another battle, Anna was walking right up to her and her master was nowhere to be seen.

“Poor Conchita, she need consoling,” cooed Anna who took off her t-shirt and shorts as Martinez’s eyes became as wide as saucers. The only thing she could think was that Anna had overpowered Master and then raped her, andshe now intended to do the same to her!

“Master, master, I’m confused!!” she shouted. Gigi popped her head in the room, “This is your present Conch, you may have sex with her.”

Conchita looked at Kournikova, now naked with her breasts bobbing, hips swiveling and her blonde-haired pussy glistening in its wetness.

“Thank you, kind master,” she said as she pulled Kournikova toward her.

Martinez immediately began squeezing Anna’s breasts as Kournikova put two fingers into Martinez’s now-wet pussy and began pumping. Conchita began pinching and licking Anna’s nipples as Kournikova squealed with delight.

“Take me, take me now,” screamed the Russian, now inflamed with lust.

Conchita motioned Anna into a 69 and they began licking at each other’s clit. Kournikova soon orgasmed and Martinez was not far behind.

Martinez then showed Anna the ways of anal sex and Kournikova was a quick study, working her fingers into Martinez’s firm butt. They both orgasmed quickly again. All Conchita could think at that moment was “.I love my master, thank you master….”

A few days later, Shriver approached Fernandez in the lounge. Conchita was giving Gigi a foot massage.

“I don’t know what you did Gigi, and I don’t think I want to know,” said Shriver. “But the rebellion’s over. They actually want me to encourage Kournikova to enter more tournaments. Thanks.”

“It was my pleasure,” said Gigi with a smile. “I like Anna, she’s nice,” piped in Conchita, now sucking Gigi’s big toe.

Just then, Kournikova emerged from the locker room for her semifinal match. She looked like hell, with red-rimmed eyes and a drawn face.

“How are you feeling Anna?” said Pam.

“I don’t know, I just feel so tired,” said Kournikova. “I sleep all the time but I don’t feel rested. Like today, except for practice I can’t remember being awake all day, yet I feel exhausted.”

Just then, Conchita gave Anna a little wave and Anna responded. Anna decided she kind of liked Conchita.

As Anna walked through the lounge, about 10 other players gave her a wave, or smiled broadly as she passed by.

Epilogue: Gigi and Mary Joe Fernandez would go on to win a second gold medal in Atlanta, ironically beating Spain, with Martinez playing against her, in the final (Gigi had instructed her slave to play honest against, not wanting to win a tarnished medal)… Gigi finally tired of the grind and retired after the 1997 season. She now lives in Aspen, Colo., and is seen around there frequently riding her motorcycle. Reportedly her house is a popular place for ski bunnies to relax. … Gigi de-programmed Martinez when she left the tour and although she is not as high in the rankings as when she and Gigi were together, Conchita Martinez is still one of the top players in the world and by the end of 2001 was closing in on the $10 million career prize money mark. … As for Anna, things have not gone as well. Although she began her career with a bang, Anna Kournikova has never won a major tournament. The same pattern always held, Anna would look great at the start but as the tournament went on her game would go downhill as she lost her stamina. No matter how hard she trained, Anna still felt tired after a couple of days.

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