Anna Paquin – The Interviewer

Anna Paquin – The Interviewer (Mf, celeb, teen, cons, oral, anal)

by Gyarados

It was a Saturday morning and I was laying awake in my hotel room
in LA. I didn’t like being out on the west coast so far away from my
native new York. The phone rang, I was still half asleep and didn’t
get it till like the third of fourth ring. I answered with a
groggy, "Hello?"

The voice on the other end of the phone was defiantly
female and
familiar but I couldn’t place it right away. "hello, is this
Brain?" She asked me.

"yeah, um, who is this?"

"It’s Anna, Anna Paquin." Then it all clicked in my mind. cute
little eighteen year old Anna Paquin. Yes, the same Anna Paquin
that won the Oscar for the piano. Well the young New Zealander had
grown up well over the past several years. She was now a striking
young woman of eighteen. I had interviewed her a few months back,
the reason your just now hearing of it is that it was a very
uneventful interview. Maybe now though, I’d have a second chance to
try and get something from her.

"Oh, sure Anna. What can I do for ya," her calling me was
defiantly a good sign to my reasoning. it showed she was at least
not totally put off by me before. and for a star to actually call a
reported could mean one of only tow things. Either I was about to
get a good scoop or something fun may be in the works.

"Well, you see I’ve kind of got a problem Brian. You see, I had a
date for the Oscars next week but, he had to go back to England and
won’t be back in the states for another month. Since I’m a past
winner they always want me there. I was wondering if you might be
interested in escorting me."

this was good, going to a highlevel event like this could only
help my reputation and going on the arm of a beautiful woman would
certainly be a big boost to my ego. "Sure," I told her, "Care to
fill me in on the details?"

"Just have your tux ready, my dress is deep purple so get
something that’ll go good with it for your cumberbun and tie. My
limo will pick you up on the day of the Oscars that morning."

True to her word her limo picked me up at around nine am on the
morning of the Oscars, I know that seems early but all the stars and
their entourage have to get ready early. It was later that evening
before Anna and I got into her limo and headed to the Oscars. I had
never seen anything like it, getting out of the limo we were
barraged by camera flashes and reporters shouting questions at Anna.
Only a few recognized, mostly people who I had professional
relationships with. Walking down the red carpet was as surreal an
experience as I had ever been a part of. For the most part the
awards themselves were pretty boring. By about the third award I
was looking around for Old Dirty Bastartd hoping he’d do something
insane, but if he was in the hall I couldn’t see him and he was
begin on his best behavior. After four hours of sheer tedium the
awards were finally over and it was time to go out to the after

These were a lot more fun than the awards themselves. We hit the
gouvener’s ball and Elton john’s AIDS benefit. It was a blast for
me to be able to hob knob with all these celebs. How many other
times can an reporter from a small east coast publication rub elbows
with the likes of Hoffmann and De Niro. I felt like asking for
autographs but not only would that look unprofessional It would run
a high risk of me embarrassing my date. Anna looked radiant in her
floor length purple ball gown. She had a host of onlookers and
indeed some of these actors seemed to be jells of me hanging on such
a lovely woman’s arm.

Well after midnight Anna and I left Elton’s benefit and went back
to her limo, she told the driver to just drive around town for a bit
and then she pulled up the privacy screen. I looked into Anna’s
lustfilled eyes and saw that my dreams for tonight were going to
come true. Anna eyed me like a hungry tigress on the prowl. This
ravishingly young woman slicked closer to me and placed her hand on
my knee. I took this as my cue and brushed her hair out of her
face. We both leaned in and our lips met. Our kiss heated up as my
tongue entered her young mouth. Her hand traveled up my leg till
she reached my crotch. She ran her hand delicately over my package
feeling it’s hard contents with her fingertips. Without breaking
our kiss she unzipped my slacks and pulled my now-fully erect cock
out of it’s confines. She slowly started to pump my dick up and
down as she never took her eyes off mine. My hand slid down her
low-cut dress and pulled it even lower, this was the kind of dress
that was so low-cut that it would have been impossible for her to
wear a bra. Soon her lovely small breasts came free. I played with
her nipples getting loud moans from her. I laid Anna back against
the back of the seat in the limo and started pulling her dress up.
What a surprise apparently Anna had always intended to get naughty,
Not only was she not wearing any panties but also her teen snatch
was shaved bare as the day she was born. I lowered my face between
her legs and she used her hands to guide me towards the seat of her
pleasure. I licked my tongue slowly over her teen slit getting her
so wet her bald lips were glistening with her dew. My tongue dove
deeply inside her pussy making Anna squeal in delight. Her hips
came off the seat as I licked her teen snatch for all I was worth.
Anna was screaming for me to give her more. And I kept ramming my
tongue into her snatch while my fingers played with her clit until
she came hard into my face. I could feel her whole body tremble
with a titanic orgasm.

Not even taking half a second to recover she pushed me away and
made me switch positions with her. She took my engorged nine incher
into her teen mouth. She had my cock into her mouth all nine inches
of it and could still lick my balls with her tongue. She must have
sensed my orgasm approaching cause right before I came she pulled my
cock out of her mouth and let me shot my cum all over her lovely
face splashing some in her hair and more on her perky breasts. She
looked lovely covered in my cum. No sooner had I stopped cumming
than I found my cock back in her sexy mouth. within a few minutes I
sprang back to life. My newly hard cock slid out of her mouth. She
looked at it and admired her handiwork in getting me hard again.
She must have been please because she climbed up me and guided my
cock into her dripping wet teen cunt. We both howled with delight
as my hard cock slid into her tightness. She bounced up and down on
my cock. I leaned back against seat and grabbed her breasts
manhandling them roughly. Soon she was cumming.

I wasn’t ready to cum myself though, so I wanted to show her
something new. I pulled out of her and stood behind her. I placed
my cockhead against her tight asshole and pressed into it. With
much resistance I slid into her final orifice. She was moaning as I
ran my hand between her legs and rubbed her clit. her tight ass
massaged my cock until I was ready to cum, I exploded deep inside
her anus. After a few minutes we laid on the seat of the limo
recovering from our ecstasy. We kissed eachother for the longest
time, Then we noticed the time. It was well past dawn and we had to
go our separate ways. I don’t think I’ll ever view the Oscars the

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