Anna Takes The Serve

This story is a work of fiction.It contains explicit sexual situations, and should not be read by anyone under 18, or if you’re easily offended please stop reading now. for the rest of you, I hope you enjoy this story.

Anna Takes the Serve

“Fuckin Christ!,” Anna Screamed. This was her third loss in a row. Adidas, one of her major sponsors, had told her that if she keeps losing like this, the purse-strings would tighten up. She hated losing. Anna reached behind and adjusted her sweaty thong, much to the delight to the men in the crowd. “Assholes,” she thought to herself. She hated men. The only reason
she was even with a man was because they bought her nice things, in exchange for being able to ravish her at their will. Despite this, Anna had only been with three men in her entire life. She lost her virginity when she was 13, at the hands of her father. Anna can still remember the day when….

Anna was young. Her body was just beginning to develop. Her perky, supple tits were getting some size in them, and her tight, firm ass was starting to get some size to. Nice and round. She new men found her attractive. They could see her staring at her when she walked down the street. She noticed at a young age that men would get a bulge in their pants when a hot woman would walk by. She had seen her first dick when she was 13, when she watched her mother fuck the next door neighbors 17 year old son. Anna had watch mesmerized as the young mans dick went in and out of her mothers slit at a rapid pace. They weren’t making any noise, just animalistic grunts. Suddenly, the young mans breathing grew more rapid, and he groaned in pleasure as he came inside Anna’s mother. Suddenly, Anna heard the floorboards creak behind her.

“What the blue fuck!?!?”

Anna turned to see her Dad in the doorway.

“You little whore!,” her Dad screamed. He then went over and hit the guy in the face, HARD. He then turned to her mother.

“Please,” she begged, “It didn’t mean anything!”

“My ass,” he screamed, “Get out!”

He then slapped her across the face, and kicked her. He then noticed young Anna.

“Get your ass to your room!,” He yelled.

Anna scuried away, he cute ass jiggling all the way.

Anna missed her mother, and she didn’t quite understand why she left. It started a few weeks after that…

Anna’s father was in his room, and Anna was sitting on the couch watching TV. She loved TV.

Anna’s father then walked into the TV room. Anna noticed something different about him, but she couldn’t really tell because the room was so dim. She then looked down, and she realized what was different, he was NAKED. Anna was shocked. She had never seen her father naked before. But she felt strangely excited about it.

“Come, little one,” her father motioned to her.

She got up and followed him. She noticed he had hair on his ass, and on his back. She was curious now. He led her into the bathroom, where a tub of hot water was waiting. It was a large round tub, plenty of room for around 4 people. More than enough for 2. Anna’s father turned to her. She couldn’t help staring straight at his dick.

It was a thing of amazement to her. Like a snake. A long, rigid, veiny shaft, with a large head on the top, like an apple. It hung down, limp and soft.. Anna estimated the size to be about 7 inches.

Anna’s father was hoping for this. He needed some release, and his cute little daughter was going to provide the perfect opportunity. Incest ran in his family, he had fucked his hot sister when he was 15, and she was 12. He loved the feeling, pounding the same flesh with which he was born of. Now, he planned to carry on the tradition.

“Take off your clothes,” he said.

“What do you me…”, Anna began.


She was met with a hard slap across the face.

“You will obey!,” he shouted, “Now take of your god damn clothes!”

Anna looked at him, afraid. A man had never seen her naked before, and her father had never treated her this way. She couldn’t begin to guess what he was planning.

She slowly began to remove her clothes. She pulled off her tight white tank top. She then bent over to remove her black thong, which her father had purchased for her. She had wondered at first why he wanted her to wear such a thing, as he insisted she wear just the thong and a tight shirt at night around the house. She didn’t like it much. The strap ran into her cute ass-crack, making for quite a show for her father. He always got a noticeable bulge in his pants when she was around him. Now she began to understand…

She had remembered how a few nights ago, he had told her to come sit on his lap. She complied, as all women should, and went over to him. He put her on his lap, and she noticed something strange. Something was poking her in the ass. He father then begin to move her thonged ass up and down, over his engorged member. He stopped after a few minutes, and went into the bathroo…


A hard slap in the face brought her out of her daze. She was now completely naked. Her tits were being gently rubbed by her father. She was really confused now. Anna’s father got into the tub and motioned for her to follow. She got in on the opposite side of the tub so the bottoms of their feet were touching.

“You will be experiencing some strange things tonight. You will not mention them to anyone. Do you understand?”, he asked sternly.

“Yes,” Anna replied.

“That’s my girl,” he said, “now come closer.”

Anna slid over next to her father. She was a little scared, and a little excited at the same time. Anna’s father took her hands and places them on her tits. He then slowly began to massage her tits with her hands. Anna let out a small moan. He continued for a few moments, and then suddenly let go. He leaned back, and the bulbous head of his cock, now rock hard, poked out of the top of the water.

Anna could only stare. It was huge. And it seemed to be alive, it throbbed and moved a little as her father contracted his muscles.

“Do you want to touch it?,” her father asked.

Anna was still to scared to want to touch it.

“Not really,” she said.

Anna’s father suddenly reached across and smacked her on the cheek, then grabbed her head and jammed it under the water. Anna struggled to breathe and squirmed around in the tub, making her ass and tits jiggle in unison. After about 10 seconds, he let go of her head, and Anna came up sputtering and gasping for air.

“Now,” he said, “Do you want to touch it?”

“Ye..Yes,” Anna replied.

He leaned back some more so his dick poked through the water. Anna slowly reached across with her tiny, soft hands, and wrapped them around the shaft.

“Mmmmmmm,” her father moaned,

Anna was starting to come around. She wasn’t stupid. She realized she was pleasuring her father in ways that most girls her age couldn’t even imagine. And she liked that….she liked it alot.

Anna instinctively began to move her hand up and down her fathers shaft, making slow rotations with her wrist as she went up and down. Anna’s father was astonished. How the blue fuck does she know how to do that?!?!? What a little slut!

Anna then did something that even surprised her. She reached down, and slowly licked his dick, from the balls all the way up to his head.

“Ooooooh. Oh my God, Anna, Anna,” he moaned.

Anna really liked this.

Anna’s father began to think to himself. Hell, he had already gone this far. Why not go all the way. He pulled her head off his dick, slapped her in the face, and picked her up. He held her pussy, peach fuzz and all, over his spear. Then he dropped her.

“Ahhhhhhh!,” Anna screamed.

She squirmed around trying to get off. This hurt, and she didn’t like it. A small bit of blood ran out of her pussy, and into the water. Turning it a little red. Then he started to grind into her. Anna felt the pain melt away, only to be replaced be sheer pleasure, pleasure she had never felt before. Anna put her hands around her fathers head, and pulled his face into her bosom. She was also starting to get the rhythm down, as she thrusted down as her father thrusted into her. Anna’s father could feel his balls begin to boil, he was close. He started to grind harder now. The heat between their pelvises was intense now. This was it.

He threw Anna off him, and held her face in front of his snake. Then, he exploded on her. Two bursts hit her in the eye, another went up her nose, and the rest went all over her tits.

He then picked up the soap, and slowly began to wash her off. Anna had had an amazing time. She was looking forward to doing this again……soon.

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