Anna’s Paramore

Title: Anna’s Paramore

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Celebrity: Anna Kendrick and Hayley Williams

Code: FF, Cons, Oral, Anal, Mast, Toys

Anna Kendrick pushed her key into the front door of her apartment and crossed the threshold of her own private abode. Fatigue wore on her mind and she was eager to slip into bed and enjoy the weekend with some ‘alone’ time. Turning, she locked her front door and dumped her handbag on the kitchen counter and laid her roller case against the wall. Threading her hands through her long brown hair, Anna mulled over the options she could do before turning in for bed. Her musings were cut short when her cell phone beeped to life.

Tugging her cell out of her hoodie, the fatigue of flight travel made her squint as she read the contact. It was from Amy, one of her female friends who lived in the more artistic area of New York.

‘Hey babes! I’ve got two tickets to Paramore at The Dive tonight!’

Anna smiled and rubbed at the back of her neck. Was she really in the mood for a rock show? She tapped out a reply on her cell and then hit the ‘send’ button.

‘Hey, I’m way too tired for a show tonight. Next time?’

The petite brunette and star of Pitch Perfect saw the ‘message coming’ icon on her display so took a seat while awaiting the response.

‘Aw come on! Simon and Jack both ditched me!’

‘Way too tired still! Save your pity foo!’

‘But… Beer! I’ll buy you so much beer!’

Now that was a tempting offer, Anna was still young and the concept of a hangover consisted of getting out of bed at one in the afternoon. Her thumb hovered over the on screen keyboard before quickly tapping out a response.

‘Delicious beer?’

‘It’s The Dive…’

That made Anna laugh out loud. It was a hipster-ish area of New York so there was only so much PBR they could sell before they got some weird obscure beer. Mulling her options, Anna sighed and tapped out a response. Maybe a rock show could be the start of a great weekend…

‘Okay, time?”

‘xD Nine pm! Smooches!’

Anna smiled and looked up at her large clock over her kitchen’s stove and saw she had a couple of hours before she had to get out there. It was a forty five minute drive so she had about an hour to go. Her eyes flicked up to the door to her bathroom and she decided to grab a shower.

Having showered and changed into a fashionably casual attire of: a bright red hooded top, a white top with navy blue lines wrapped around her waist and a pair of denim jeans. She had been to a few rock shows at The Dive before and assumed that it would be just like the other shows she had been to. She had assembled a quick handbag to go out, it didn’t really consist of anything too special. Just one very special addition towards the bottom of the bag that… Well, no one needed to know about.

Both Anna and Amy were guided to the side of the venue and had chance to meet the band ever so briefly before they needed to go on. Anna was mildly annoyed by the chance that she hadn’t had the chance to watch some of the support acts but she was getting in for free. When you get something for free, you can’t really complain as she would often argue.

The lights on stage of The Dive dimmed to four spotlights that focused on the band members who walked on stage, two on either side. Anna had been so fortunate to meet both Hayley Williams, lead singer and Josh Dumatt, the session drummer for the band. Anna fidgeted when she saw the lecherous stare from the lead guitarist. The way he looked at her was like a piece of meat and Anna didn’t like that. She frowned slightly and moved back into the shadows where she could be hidden from the stares and enjoy the show in privacy as the intro music started to play.

Hayley did her best to not stare at the beautiful actress who was watching their set. Her right hand gripped the microphone by the now signature layer upon layer of orange duct tape and her eyes moved from face to face of the front row. Her sweet, angelic voice erupted from her lungs and sailed down the microphone in time with the music. Dancing and writhing on the spot, Hayley bent at her waist and pointed her left index finger at one of the flashing phones before catching a flash at the side of her. She could almost feel Anna taking the photo of her but ignored it. Standing up straight, Hayley leapt off of the small amp at the front of the stage and walked over to the side of the stage, passing the bass player, currently a session player due to some ongoing drama inside of the band.

Anna’s gray eyes watched as Hayley moved from side to side of the stage, commanding attention like a lead singer should do. As Hayley took a perching position on the front speaker, Anna found herself licking at her lips when Hayley’s shirt was lifted upwards by a brief gust from one of the on-stage fans that blew the bottom of her Elvis Costello shirt up, showing off the orange headed spitfire of a woman’s stomach. When the retro Elvis shirt slipped up, Anna reached into her red hoody and grabbed a hold of her phone, looking to add a new picture to her list of masturbation material. However, as her phone came up to grab a picture, Hayley had bent over again. Shrugging her shoulders, Anna took the photo anyway and tweeted it out for the internet to see.

Her thumbs hovered over the on screen keyboard before scrolling through her twitter contacts and finding Hayley’s name. Anna did enjoy Hayley’s music and had met her a few times so it was only natural that the brunette had Hayley in her list. Anna added Hayley to the tweet before simply adding two words to the tweet.

‘Dat azz’

Her right thumb then hit the send button, a brief feeling of guilt washed over her for bringing in someone who she had only met a few times into such a sexual situation but that grief soon disappeared into nothing as she got back into the show.

Anna and Amy were guided away from the stage and towards the green room of the venue. There was still the sound of the fans of Paramore calling out for them, though they were getting fainter and fainter as one of the staffers opened the door towards the green room and let the two younger women go in. For a brief moment, Anna was left with her blonde haired friend who grinned and passed her a chilled PBR.

Arching an eyebrow, Anna looked over at Amy who simply offered her a shrug with a ‘I told you so’ look on her face. However, the brunette took it with a smile and tugged at the metal ring pull and got the top of the can open. Tipping the alcohol into her mouth, Anna did her best to not curl her lips up in a frown at the taste. Poorly too but Amy didn’t seem to care.

“I did say.” Amy said with a grin as the door opened again and the band walked in, sharing high fives and compliments as they did so. Hayley’s eyes met Anna’s and the redhead had to stifle a smile as Anna’s phone beeped to life. Stealing a glance, she saw she had a response. Anna’s eyebrows raised at who the response was from.

@yelyahwilliams, Hayley had tweeted back at Anna with just two words. ‘Smack it’ As soon as Anna read that, she had started to form a plan involving the special toy she had brought with her to the show tonight. Anna smiled and pushed her phone back into her hoodie’s pockets. Her eyes flicked up and saw the same man who had been staring at her shooting her the same dirty glance. Suddenly, the petite brunette felt very exposed. Fidgeting, she shot a glance over to Amy who had now sandwiched herself between the two other men.

Hayley had spotted the alcohol and had popped one of the red solo cups off of the large tower in the corner of the table and had topped it off with a glass of diet coke. The lack of alcohol was due to her being on press releases for the next couple of days and she couldn’t show the band off as well as she could do if she was fighting a hangover. Swallowing a mouthful of the diet soda, the red head had also seen Jeff, the session guitarist, leering at Anna. She sighed and shook her head, Jeff had been far too ‘forward’ with a lot of their female fans and despite their manager talking to him about it, he still carried on.

Walking towards Anna, Hayley grabbed hold of a couple of bottles of beer and passed them to Anna.

“Hey, want to take a walk?”

Jeff was about to argue when Anna eagerly nodded her head and followed the spitfire of a woman. Anna stopped briefly to call to Amy.

“You going to be okay Ames?” The blonde was busy in a flirty conversation with both the drummer and bassist who gave the actress an eager thumbs up before turning back to the conversation. Anna turned to face Hayley and followed her out of the green room. The Dive was a small venue but the second a person ventured into the backstage area there was a selection of corridors and doors that led to different parts of the stage. Anna looked around as they walked with almost a look of concern on her face.

“Don’t worry, I know exactly where I am.” Hayley said with a smile, noting the look on Anna’s face. Walking down the corridor, the two young women found a small, secluded area where some of the excess equipment was stored up against one of the brick walls. Hayley took a sip of her solo cup and recoiled at the taste.

“Yuck. You know, I love this place but I hate the neighbourhood. Fucking hipsters man.” Hayley sighed, looking at Anna with a soft smile on her face. What the redhead didn’t know was that Anna was now thinking that she had wished she’d brought her handbag with her. Anna’s gray eyes roamed over the redhead’s body and she couldn’t help but wonder just how Hayley would react with what the brunette was about to do.

Anna grabbed one of the folding chairs and took a seat next to Hayley, crossing her legs, she looked around to ensure that no one was there to spot them and what she was going to do.

“It was a good show tonight. I really enjoyed it.” Anna said with a smile, looking at Hayley while stealing glances at the tights-clad legs of the lead singer.

“Yeah? Thanks! It’s been a while since I’ve been on stage. Even longer since it was with a band. I thought I may have lost a step or two, good to know that’s not true though.”

“Oh for sure! It was like you hadn’t been away before.”

“Thanks…” Hayley grinned and blushed a little bit, the red in her cheeks only deepened when Anna caught it. “Sorry. I always get embarrassed when I get compliments. Especially when it’s from someone like you.”

That made Anna’s eyebrows arch and a grin come up on her face. “Someone like me? What’s that supposed to mean?”

Hayley smiled and shrugged her shoulders. “Someone as attractive as you I guess?”

“You think I’m attractive? That’s very nice to know.”

Hayley smiled and leant up against the wall, one of her tights-clad legs bent at the knee to steady her. She didn’t pay much attention as Anna stood up but as Anna moved closer, her eyes went wide.

Anna had turned in to face the red-headed rock and roll rebel leader of the band Paramore and had put her hand on the inside of her leg. Anna’s eyes were focused squarely on Hayley’s. Despite having half of her face covered by a red solo cup, Anna knew what it was Hayley was going through.

Hayley herself was going through a turmoil of emotions. Just what was Anna playing at? She thought to herself as she finished her mouthful of the previously mentioned ‘yuck-hipster-beer’ and placed it down on one of the empty cases that were left backstage by the road crew.

“Anna, I-” Hayley started but was caught off-guard by a quick kiss from Anna. Despite having one of her hands up her mini skirt, Anna had managed to place the other one on the back of Hayley’s neck and had pulled the singer in for a kiss.

Hayley’s eyes were wide at the contact, right up until she got used to it and then her eyes shut. A moan escaped the two of them and if you had been watching or simply listening you would have been forgiven in not knowing who was the culprit. Anna however, knew the source and so did the now blushing Hayley Williams.

What was wrong with her? Was she a freak now because she was getting into making out with another girl? Was it because of who the girl was or was it because the hand that was previously paying attention to the curve of her thighs was now pulling at her panties which were starting to get a bit more than damp. Hayley wasn’t sure but she knew she wanted more of it and she thought Anna did too. Testing the waters, Hayley linked both of her arms around Anna’s neck and deepened the kiss as the petite brunette started to tease Hayley’s lower lips.

Anna opened her mouth and let her tongue find Hayley’s as her pointer finger pressed up against the red head’s folds. Anna knew the next few seconds were crucial and so, waited to see what Hayley would do and how she would react,

Hayley shivered at the contact but spread her legs a little further so Anna had easier access. Hayley’s lips fell from Anna’s saliva clinging to the others lips as their eyes opened and they stared at each other.

“Go.” Hayley mouthed to Anna who smirked and nodded her head. Hayley, while normally one of the loudest in a room, had lost her voice as if from fear of what getting caught might do to her.

Anna continued to slowly slide her pointer finger in and out of Hayley as they locked eyes. Hayley was biting down hard on her bottom lip and her eyes were pleading with Anna for something. The red head’s hands came down to Anna’s hoodie and fell into the front pockets to pull her new partner in pleasure a little closer.

Anna’s ears were close to Hayley’s mouth and what came next turned on the both of them. A low, unadulterated, erotic and very-very horny moan escaped from the red head’s mouth. Anna grinned and pushed her finger in deeper, exploring Hayley’s walls.

Anna put her mouth up against Hayley’s ear and nipped it sharply before kissing it better. The brunette’s tongue left her mouth and flicked at the earlobe as Hayley let out sharp, almost inaudible moans while Anna worked on her.

Hayley couldn’t believe what was happening. A brief moment ago they had been talking about twitter and now she was not only being fingered but she was also really into being fingered by her friend who was also kissing and sucking on her ear. As if working on desperation, Hayley had stuffed her hands into the coat pockets of Anna Kendrick and her hands were now starting to form fists as she wriggled in pleasure.

“Oh God… Anna!” Hayley moaned as the brunette started to curl her finger inside of the peppy singer. However, much to Hayley’s dismay, Anna soon removed her finger and brought the glistening digit up for inspection.

“Looks good enough to eat, huh red?” Anna asked, her eyes locked on Hayley’s as she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the finger. With a single suck, Anna had cleaned the sticky sweet liquid off of her finger. Anna grinned and then pushed her lips against Hayley’s so the pop-punk rocker could taste her own arousal.

Hayley cooed with pleasure over the tongue in her mouth as she started to push her hips back to meet where Anna had started to press her hand back down towards the now dripping wet opening. Feeling Anna’s fingers slip back inside her, the punk pop princess sighed again and let her head fall back, her head pressing against the cool plaster of the fashionably vintage venue.

Anna had slid both her pointer and middle finger inside of her wet folds now and started to slowly push them in and out of her. The instigator of the sexual act had a lewd grin on her face as she pumped her fingers in and out of Hayley. The red head was so wet that as Anna slipped her fingers inside her, they slipped in with absolutely no resistance. Anna’s other hand came down from the wall and threaded her fingers through Hayley’s bright orange hair as she moved in and licked her tongue against Hayley’s mouth before cooing against her.

“Mmmm Hayley… You are so fucking tight… Wet too! You like getting fingered by a girl?”

Hayley whined and bit down on her lip but didn’t speak out loud, her eyes opened and she looked at the petite brunette who had a grin from ear to ear. She didn’t get a response though and Anna stopped her stimulating.

“What was that? I didn’t hear anything.” Anna teased, kissing her and biting down on Hayley’s lip and tugging it away. The brown haired woman’s hand was fisting in the hot orange mess that sat on top of Hayley’s head as she waited for an answer.

“Mhm…” Hayley whined, kissing back at Anna as the brunette smiled.


“Yesssss…” Hayley moaned out, the last letter trailing out like a serpent slithering. As Hayley admitted it, she let out a sharp yelp of pleasure as Anna curled her invading fingers and rubbed them against her g-spot. However, the petite brunette wasn’t done and when she pushed the palm of her hand against Hayley’s clit it was all the young singer could do to stop from screaming out in divine pleasure. Her fluids leaked all over Anna’s hand as she came with an explosive climax.

With Hayley’s pussy leaking over Anna’s fingers, the brunette took her hand away from between the redhead’s legs and looked at the wetness. A smile moved across Anna’s face and she put her fingers into her own mouth, licking and tasting the orgasm from the redhead who now moved forward off of the wall. Hayley wrapped her arms around Anna’s neck and tugged the actress into a deep kiss. Both of their mouths opened and their tongues intertwined as both of the women moaned.

Hayley’s eyes flickered in pleasure, her mouth hoarse after having to suppress such an explosive orgasm and as soon as she kissed Anna she was able to moan to her content. Her hands moved up off of the wall and gripped at Anna’s shirt, wrestling the front of it up exposing Anna’s stomach for the briefest of moments when she was stopped by the actress.

“Not here… Somewhere more private…” Anna whispered, stealing kisses between every word while staring deep into the eyes of the redhead who nodded her head, in agreement.

“My dressing room?”


Hayley gripped a hold of Anna’s hand and started to guide the petite brunette through the cavernous backstage area of The Dive. As they walked towards the lone dressing room with a golden star on the door, they were greeted by a staffer, a young African American man with a short mohawk style in the hair.

“Hey,” Anna stopped him briefly, knowing she would want her handbag again. “Could you get my handbag from the green room please? Thanks lover.” The brunette was then pulled into the dressing room by Hayley and the door was almost slammed shut by a more aggressive Hayley. The brown haired woman moaned in delight as her shoulders hit the door and her neck was instantly exposed as the small redhead turned into the aggressor.

Hayley’s hands threaded through the brown hair sitting on top of Anna’s head and held a soft, but firm grip keeping Anna’s head tilted to the side nearly permanently so that she could kiss at the actress’ neck. Hayley’s lips pressed against Anna’s skin and eagerly started to kiss and lick both up and down the side of it while her other hand kept Anna restrained with both of her arms up over her head.

Anna’s toes were curling inside of her shoes, her legs fidgeting in frustration as Hayley started to douse the woman’s neck in saliva. Anna’s arms were pinned above her head, her arms crossed and being restrained at the wrists keeping the beautiful star of Pitch Perfect in a state of bondage but she didn’t mind too much as her lips were soon caught between the teeth of Hayley Williams who tugged on her bottom lip slowly.

“Do you want me to eat you out now Anna?” Hayley asked, her voice soft and seductive as she was inches away from Anna’s face, a smirk almost permanently settled on her face as the redheaded spitfire stopped playing with the brown locks in her hand and slipped down between both of their bodies. Hayley’s fingers expertly unbuckled the belt at the front of Anna’s pants and started to slide the clothing down her legs. Hayley’s lips left Anna’s skin and she started to inch her way down towards the now damp gap between the actresses legs.

Anna whimpered in delight as the singer of Paramore started to work on her body. Already growing weak in the knees, Anna leant back against the door and her hands blindly reached behind her to grab at some sort of hold as Hayley started to tug at her panties. The orange haired woman was now on her knees between her legs and dipped her fingers into the waistband of the panties and now she was sliding them down the actress’ legs much to the enjoyment of both women.

“Oh God… God, Hayley… Please don’t tease me!” Anna whined, her head fell back and rested against the door as Hayley’s warm breath tickled against the inside of her legs. Anna’s eyes shot open and she let out a low, adulterous moan as Hayley’s tongue started to flick and taste the inside of her leg.

Hayley was positively beaming inside of Anna’s legs, her hands gliding up and along the outside of the actresses as her lips moved in tandem with her hands in the inside of the actresses legs. Anna’s arms left the wall and started to fist in the oranged hair of the ravenous, peppy singer who was between her legs. The young woman who was now on her knees between Anna’s legs could scarecely believe what was happening. Nearly an hour ago she was just coming down from an adrenaline high of performing on stage, twenty minutes later she was shocked at what Anna was doing to her and now she was on her knees wanting to give Anna the orgasm she had been gifted to.

Anna was chewing down on her bottom lip and whimpering in pleasure, fidgeting from side to side as one hand eagerly grabbed at Hayley’s hair while the other reached up and grabbed at her chest. Getting tired of having her chest be restrained, Anna reached down and gribbed a hold of the bottom of her shirt and started to lift it up over her arms. Tossing it to the side of the room, Anna arched her back off of the door and quickly unclipped her simple white cotton bra and threw it away. Her hands came up and started to massage her hard nipples that were now aching for attention after all of Hayley’s teasing.

Hayley had slipped Anna’s matching cotton panties down and quickly ignored them as they landed on the top of Anna’s pants. Here we go… Hayley thought to herself as she lifted her head up and opened her mouth, blowing a cool jet of her breath against the petite brunette’s lower lips. Much to the amusement of Hayley, Anna let out an excited whimper whenhe redhead’s tongue slipped out and touched the warm gap on her thighs. Having decided she had teased the brown haired woman enough and started to press her tongue against Anna’s slit and started to slip it inside her.

Anna let out a pleased moan as the tongue slipped between her folds. Anna’s hands grabbed down at the hair moving between her legs to try and steady herself. Her legs were spread wide and every time Hayley pushed her tongue inside of the actress, another jolt of pleasure shivered through her body. When the two hands that had been stroking her legs moved up to her ass it was all Anna could do to not scream out. Her voice was heavy with lust and the desire for the singer who was between her legs.

Hayley’s finger tips danced along Anna’s ass and she softly dug her nails into Anna’s ass crack and moaned into Anna’s folds as the actress who was still standing pushed her body forward at an awkward thrust as if to try to push more of Hayley’s tongue inside her. Crying out in delight, Anna threw her leg over the rock star’s shoulder and started to gasp in pleasure. Her fingers pinched and pulled at her rock hard nipples while Hayley twisted her head to kiss and lick at Anna’s leg, smearing the leaking arousal onto the young actresses leg.

Anna let out a loud cry of pleasure and started to buck her hips towards Hayley’s face, her own arousal almost running out of her folds and onto Hayley’s cheek as the redheaded spitfire of a leader of the band Paramore teased her sensitive thighs. Her hips bucked back and forth and her nipples were rock hard begging for attention while Hayley tasted either side of her thighs. Sweat was dripping down the both of the young women’s faces as the small air condition in the room did little to nothing to cool down the extremely hot action that was taking place in the small room.

“Ngh… Back to my pussy!” Anna cried out, her hands grabbing a hold of Hayley’s hair and pushing the singer back to eat her pussy. Hayley giggled and nodded her head, her hands gliding up and down Anna’s legs while she dipped her tongue back into the now incredibly horny and soaking wet actress’s pussy. The brunette let her head fall back and she let out a silent gasp of pleasure as the pink tongue inside of her. The redhead knew what she was doing and that was a-okay with Anna who was getting closer and closer to her own orgasm.

When Hayley moved her fingers to the front of Anna’s pussy, her pointer finger extended and started to rub at Anna’s hard clit making the brown haired actress cry out in pleasure. Her back arching and pushing her hard nipples out to bring attention to her chest. Hayley’s eyes looked up at her chest and grinned into the hot, leaking folds that were on her face. Keeping her hand curled around Anna’s thigh, Hayley let out a soft moan which sent a shockwave of pleasure through the actress who in turn started to pinch and pull at her rock hard nipples.

“Oh God… God… Fuck! Hayley!” Anna whimpered before she bucked her hips forward with one swift thrust before she exploded with pleasure over Hayley’s face. Her fingers were pulling at her nipples for as long as she could while she had her arousal get drunk in by Hayley, the fluids only getting sweeter as she came. Anna continued to chant Hayley’s name until her orgasm completely subsided and the rocking of her hips stopped.

“Hayley that was… Wow…” Anna said with a grin, finally releasing the hold on Hayley’s hair and stumbling towards the small couch inside of the dressing room. Hayley was about to say something back when there was a rather frantic knock on the door. Wiping at her mouth with the back of her hand, Hayley walked to the door and opened it. There was the staffer who Anna had asked to go and fetch her handbag. He was red in the face and had an awkward bulge at the front of his pants. Hayley smiled sweetly and tilted her head to the side.

“Hi there. Can I help you?”

“I… Ah… Have Miss Kendrick’s bag…” He managed to stammer, Hayley smiled and stepped forward. Taking it in her hand, she passed it to Anna who was still hidden by the opened door. While Anna started to unzip her bag, Hayley got a wicked idea and moved forward, pressing her still cum covered lips against the staffer’s cheek.

“Thanks lover.”

With that, Hayley stepped back into the room and closed the door behind her. Her eyes drifted over the now stark naked Anna who had dug into her handbag and taken out the toy she had hidden. Stepping out of her jeans, and throwing her shirt and jeans away, Anna showed the bright orange vibrator that matched the hair on Hayley’s head. The peppy singer grinned at the sight as Anna teasingly licked the tip of the vibrator.

“Like my hair huh?” She teased while she unzipped her skirt and threw it aside, her underwear finally being shown to Anna. Hayley had on a pair of lacy panties that weren’t too exotic and black that was matched with a bra that covered her smaller than most chest. However, the bra was soon discarded and Hayley was just as naked as Anna. She licked her peach coloured lips and walked over to her dresser, her back to the mirror, she spread her legs and watched as Anna stood up and walked over to her.

“What are you going to do Anna?” Hayley asked, a wide smile on her face as she straightened her back and looked at the petite woman who was coming over to her.

“What you asked me to do in your tweet.”

“What I… Ah!” A sharp smack hit Hayley’s ass cheek and the young singer cried out in pleasure. She bit down on her bottom lip and turned over, her ass being exposed for the pleasure of Anna. The brown haired actress lifted her hand and swatted against her ass again, striking the skin making the singer jump. There was a soft hand print on Hayley’s ass from where Anna had been spanking her, the orange haired singer turned and looked over her shoulder at Anna. Her bottom lips was being chewed something fierce as she spread her legs. “Anna… Please!”

Anna smiled at the request and nodded her head. Her feet met Hayley’s and bumped her legs apart. Anna’s hand stroked the curve of Hayley’s ass before spreading her cheeks apart and pressing the tip of her index finger against the red head’s ass. Another swift spank hit Hayley’s cheek before the brown haired actress whispered against the singer’s ear.

“Ever been DP’ed before Hayley?”

Hayley bit down on her bottom lip and shook her head. It was true. She never had. She had been gangbanged before. Sure! But, she’d never actually been doubly penetrated by cocks before. Not even fingers but when Anna touched her, she felt at ease and when she opened her mouth, an excited whimper came out.


“Oh honey… You wait until I show you what I can do to you.” And with that, Anna pressed the toy inside of Hayley’s wet folds with her teasing finger slipping inside her back door. Anna’s gray eyes flicked up and studied the orange haired woman’s expression in the mirror. Hayley’s jaw dropped open and her eyes almost exploded in pleasure as she was penetrated by the actresses finger and toy.

“God! Anna!” Hayley moaned as her fingers clawed at the wooden desk in front of her as she was penetrated by her. Her warm, wet pussy hugged at Anna’s vibrator and her ass hole hugged at the brunette’s finger tightly as the toy slid deeper inside of her. Hayley cooed in pleasure when Anna leant forward and pressed her lips against her bare shoulder. Her arm lifted off of the table and blindly reached her, trying to find Anna who constantly dodged her hands.

“Naughty naughty Hayley.” Anna teased, her lips colliding with her skin again as the red headed woman writhed back and forth on the desk. Her hard nipples rubbed against the hard wood of the table and started to whimper in delight. Anna’s hand that was holding the bottom of the toy started to glide down to the bottom of the vibrator, her fingers dancing along the dial that controlled the speed. Her lips teased Hayley’s ear before she flicked at the bottom of the lobe. “Do you want me to turn this thing on?”

Hayley’s eyes shot open and looked at Anna in the reflection, her eyes were deep with pleasure but she also had a pleading look on her face. She bit down on her bottom lip and nodded her head. She groaned in frustration when Anna removed the toy to just the tip.

“I can’t hear you.”

God, she’s going to tease me! She thought to herself in frustration. Hayley did enjoy a fair bit of teasing but with her an orgasm in to their sexual relationship, she wanted Anna to force the toy deep inside her and fuck another orgasm out of her. Hayley bit on her bottom lip and nodded her head, trying to find the words to speak as the brunette slid her fingers in and out of her ass hole.

“P… Please.” The orange haired woman cried out almost in a whisper, wishing she could speak with more confidence as her eyes met Anna’s who had a thin sheen of sweat on her body as she fingered Hayley’s ass and toyed with her pussy.

“What was that?” Anna asked, her grin only getting wider as she played with the redhead who was pinned down in front of her and begging for some more stimulation. Hayley whimpered under her grip and then nodded her head before calling out louder than she should have done.

“Turn that fucking thing on!”

Anna’s finger left her ass and spanked her ass cheek before kissing Hayley’s shoulder.

“You got it babe.”

Anna’s finger then slid inside of her ass hole and her other hand twisted the toy on to the first speed setting. The toy started to whir to life inside of the singer who only moaned in pleasure as it started to vibrate. The vibrator was slid inside Hayley’s pussy to as deep as she could take it. Then, the finger inside of her ass went deeper inside of her and Hayley’s moans only got louder as she was doubly penetrated by both the finger and toy of the beautiful actress who was behind her.

Hayley looked over her shoulder and nodded her head in delight. The toy vibrated and shot darts of pleasure over her body making her knees go weak and her moans get higher and higher. She was already on shaky ground with having cum in the corridor and after eating Anna to an orgasm, Hayley was getting close to cumming again. Her nails scraped at the warm white paint of the table as her moans grew louder and louder. Her ass swung from side to side as the dial was twisted to the second mark making the redhead cry out even louder. Her pussy started to leak more and more onto Anna’s hand and soon her body was starting to give in to the pleasure.

Anna stared at the back of Hayley’s head as the redhead lifted her head and dropped it, sucking in as much air as she could do while her nails scraped at the desk. Anna’s pointer finger slid all the way in as the hand holding the toy switched to the second speed position and she could hear Hayley starting to get more and more high pitched.

Hayley whimpered in delight as the vibrator increased its speed, her orgasm was getting closer and closer and as she started to moan, her back arched and the orange haired woman’s mouth dropped open in a silent moan. As she bucked her ass backwards, her moans were silenced by Anna who had pressed her lips against hers and kissed her hotly. To match what the actress was doing, Hayley reached behind her and grabbed at the brown locks of hair on top of Anna’s head.

Anna grinned in the reflection as Hayley broke the kiss and her head fell forward. A low chant of Anna’s name fell from her lips as her body started to get rocked with an orgasm. Hayley’s hand tightened in Anna’s hair and her eyes shot open, a loud scream left Hayley’s mouth and she exploded over the toy in her pussy. Anna started to push her fingers in and out of her ass at a rapid rate, struggling through the clenched hole as the orange haired woman exploded in pleasure.

Hayley let her face fall forward and bump against the mirror, her sweaty face relieved to feel the cold surface against her skin. Her knees were weak and fell backwards, landing into the chair she had previously used to do her make up in. Readjusting in the seat, she pulled herself back and caught her breath as she watched Anna suck the dildo clean in the mirror.

“So what else haven’t you done?” Anna asked, pulling the wet orange toy from her lips. She wrapped her arms around Hayley’s chest and kissed her on the cheek. Anna’s hands cupped Hayley’s chest softly, pinching her nipples as she kissed her.

“Well,” Hayley lifted her arms up and guided Anna down to kiss her. “You still haven’t…” Another kiss. “Eaten my pussy.” Hayley pressed her tongue against Anna’s before pulling it back slowly. “And I want to eat yours again.”

Anna giggled at the request and nodded her head, her tongue licking against Hayley’s before she pulled it back and put her pointer finger to her chin as if she was thinking about it. She flicked her finger away from her chin, continuing the act of her thinking and now she had an answer.

“How about we sixty nine?”

With that, Anna took Hayley by the hand and guided them to the middle of the dressing room. She wrapped her arms around Hayley’s waist and started to kiss her again, her mouth opening and pressing her tongue against hers. The two sucked on the others tongue as they slowly dropped down to their knees. Hayley was softly pushed backwards and soon landed on her back. The actress breaking the kiss, lifted herself up off of her body and swung her bottom half around so she could wave her wet pussy in front of Hayley’s face.

The orange haired woman wrapped her arms around Anna’s thighs and pulled her down, her wet pussy was too pleasing of a target for the singer and she had to have it again. Her tongue fell from her mouth and pressed inside of the actresses folds, tasting the same spots where she had done just moments ago.

Anna’s hands slid up and down Hayley’s smooth legs as she let out a soft moan. Her head then dipped and moved between the singers legs, the still glistening lips of Hayley’s second orgasm were begging for Anna’s attention and the star of Scott Pilgrim and the Twilight movies was more than happy to give it just what it needed. Her tongue swiped from the bottom of Hayley’s folds all the way up to the top, collecting some of the clear juices. Hearing Hayley moan, Anna redid the action and continued to mimic the action of diving from the top to the bottom.

Hayley’s tongue was slipping inside of Anna’s folds and started to explore all of the same sweet spots she had found when she pinned the actress to the door and made the woman cry out in orgasm. So, the singer of Paramore lifted her head and started to deepen her probing tongue. Hayley moaned as Anna licked up her orgasm fluid and tasted more of her lips. Her legs bucked however when Anna brushed her tongue against her clit and then started to suck.

Anna’s mouth was a firm grin as she sucked on Hayley’s hard clit. She heard how Hayley moaned and watched as her legs bucked, her hands still stroked at her skin as the brown haired actress worked on her. Anna slipped her hand down the inside of Hayley’s thigh and stroked softly, her nails tickling against the inside as she opened her mouth and lightly nipped at Hayley’s hard clit.

Hayley’s hips bounced up off of the carpet and pushed against Anna’s face as she started to push her tongue deeper and deeper, flicking it up against the top of Anna’s walls before dragging it down slowly. Her tongue swiped from side to side and in every direction she knew how as Anna threw her head back and let out a hot, loud moan. Anna was getting closer to her orgasm and Hayley was eager to drag her to it. Her talented tongue worked at double time as she now had a new objective. She was going to make Anna cum all over her face and she was going to lick up every drop.

Anna’s hands left Hayley’s legs and planted themselves on the carpet, her fingers curling and stroking at the fabric as she started to moan into Hayley’s wet pussy. Her mouth left Hayley’s clit and she lazily lapped at the singers folds. Sweat rolled down her forehead as her body was given nothing but sheer pleasure through the talented singer’s tongue. Her mouth soon left Hayley’s pussy and she started to moan louder and louder, she couldn’t keep her mouth against her any more. She had an orgasm coming up and she was desperate to cum again.

Hayley smiled into Anna’s pussy as the hand of the actress left the carpet and grabbed a hold of her head, keeping the young singer working on her. As if I want to be anywhere else! The young singer thought to herself as she continued to eat her. Lapping eagerly, she looked up and saw Anna completely move away from the singer’s lower half and started to chant her name. Hayley tightened her grip around the thighs next to her soft cheeks and continued to lick as the actress arched her back and exploded for the second time that night.

Anna came all over Hayley’s face and was now simply grinding against her face as she came down from her massive orgasm. Her grinding slowed to nothing and the actress rolled off of Hayley’s face. Her body ached with pleasure as she lay on her back staring at the tiled ceiling of the dressing room. A big, goofy smile was almost permanently stuck to her face as Hayley moved up and nuzzled against the actress who happily cuddled her back.

The silence was brief until Anna lifted her head and kissed Hayley’s forehead as she rolled onto her chest and kissed the actresses chest. Anna combed her fingers through the orange mess of hair and giggled softly.

“So when are you next in L.A?”

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