Anna’s Seduction

Anna’s Seduction

By Robbins

Warning: This involves Mind Control of Anna Kournikova.
For those who don’t like Mind Control stories don’t
read this. This Is a fantasy(Mind Control of
Celebrities Isn’t possible) and should not be taken
seriously as much as we would like to.

Tim was In front of the hotel as Anna Kournikova came
out of the taxi. It was time to launch his plan. Anna
was so sexy,and desiable he thought. He took out a
silver doller,and flashed It at Anna’s eyes. She was
affected by It. She gave Tim a look as she went
Tim smiled.

Anna was lounging on the couch when the phone ringed.
She answered it. “Hello” she asked. Her mind went Into
a daze. “Yes I understand.” she replied In a
controlled tone. “I will be waiting for you.” she

Tim walked In to see Anna waiting for him on the
couch. She looked so sexy. He had wanted her for
awhile now,and thanks to mind control he learned she
would be his now. He went up to her,and Kissed her
hard. “Unzip my paints.” he told her. She unziped his
paints. He pulled them down,and removed his underwear.
“Anna I want you to blow It.”
she begin to perform a blow job on his dick. Tim
enjoyed It greatly. Getting a blow Job from Anna
Kournikova was heaven.

Tim was sitting on the bed while Anna was removing her
clothes. After seeing Anna’s naked body he knew how
great shape she really was. “Come here Anna.” he told
her. Anna got ontop of him. “Are you a virgin?” he
asked. “No.” she replied. He smiled that means not
having sex till getting Married was a lie. “I want you
to ride me Anna.” he said. “Of course.” she replied.
Anna started to hold on to Tim’s arms,and started to
ride his dick very hard. Tim loved what she was doing.
“Yes.” he said. “I’m cuming! he said. He knew
now Anna was the best fuck as well as the most desired

Tim was washing Anna’s breasts In the shower. After
the great fuck she had given him he would wash her
good. He would never give up Anna. He would make sure
he was always be around her. He started to wash her
hair. He would never leave her. And they had a lot of
time to spend together,and she would believe she had
choosen him herself. He would always love her.

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