Anne And Ellen Meet Gillian Anderson

This fictional story contains graphic sexual situations, if you
are under age or easily offended. Stop reading.

By Wonder Mike

Tensions where running high between, actresses Anne Heche, and Ellen
Degeneres. Ellen wasn’t sure if Anne really loved her, she had been
constantly that Anne was having an affair with Vince Vaughn, she had also
heard that Anne had thrown herself at Harrison Ford when they shot Six
days, Seven nights. She just didn’t know anymore.

Anne’s career wasn’t going as good as she thought, posing as a lesbian was
a great publicity stunt, but Ellen had become really clingy, and Jodie
Foster had been hanging around. The sex was good though

Anne thought she had gotten rid of Jodie, but Jodie turned downher role as
Clarise Starling, to direct Claire Danes, Anne thought that would get rid
of her, but Claire wouldn’t take the bait. Ellen had tried to bring her
into the bedroom but Claire was completely straight.

Ellen couldn’t decide whether or not to confront Anne about her fears. She
called her close friend Gillian Anderson over, Gillian always had sound

Gillian told Ellen that she would be over later that night, she didn’t
want to be seen to much with Ellen, she hadn’t come out yet after all.

Anne was out again, Ellen suspected she was out with a man, she just
couldn’t prove it, she was almost in tears when Gillian arrived.

The diminutive redhead wrapped her arm around Ellen, Ellen
began to cry on her shoulder. Ellen thanked her for coming,
she new Gillian was in the last year of the X files and really couldn’t be
seen with her.

The two girls sat on the couch, Ellen told her of her fears, Gillian told
her she had heard the rumors about Anne too, the lesbian community never
really accepted her. Ellen told Gillian that Anne was a good fuck though.
Ellen grabbed
a couple bottles of wine coolers and they began to drink.

That broke the tension, both girls began to laugh, Ellen
leaned over and kissed Gillian on the cheek, they smiled
at each other.

Gillian took of her jacket and moved closer to her, Ellen put her hand in
Gillian’s lap, Gillian told her she didn’t think this was the right time,
pinched Gillian’s nipples through her shirt, they were erect even before
Ellen touched them.

Gillian started to pull away, Ellen grabbed her by the wrist and pulled
her back to the couch, she placed Gillian’s hand in her lap.

Gillian felt the bulge between Ellen’s leg, Ellen unzipped her pants and
whipped out her twelve inch strap on dildo, she placed Gillian’s hand

Gillian looked down at it, her mouth began to water, she knew it was
wrong, but she knew it would feel good inside of her, her hand started to
up and down around it.

Ellen was pretty drunk by now and she needed to fuck somebody right now,
she began stroking Gillian’s hair, then she told her to "Suck my cock."

Gillian looked at the dildo, she didn’t want to suck it, Ellen pulled her
hair a little harder, she pulled her head down to her fake cock.

Ellen began to poke Gillian in the face with the dildo until she opened
her mouth, Ellen jammed the cock down her throat, Gillian began to gag.

Ellen began to thrust up into Gillian’s mouth, Gillian opened up wider,
Ellen jammed ten inches of cock down her throat, Gillian wrapped her lips
around it.

Ellen slipped her hand under, Gillian’s throat, she began to rub her cunt
through her panties, Gillian began to whimper, Ellen could feel the
through her panties, she jammed two fingers inside of her.

Gillian moaned loudly as Ellen entered her, Ellen curled her fingers and
began working them in and out, Gillian spread her legs to give Ellen
easier access.

Ellen slipped a third finger inside of Gillian as she jammed the dildo all
the way down her throat, Gillian was choking on it as Ellen yanked it out
of her

Ellen ripped of Gillian’s panties and told her to bend over, Gillian
rolled over to her hands and knees and shoved her ass in Ellen’s face, she
Ellen to fuck her.

Ellen grabbed a handful of Gillian’s hair and slammed her dildo into her
cunt. Gillian let out a howl as Ellen slammed it in to the hilt.

Gillian began to rock back onto Ellen, Ellen leaned back and yanked on
Gillian’s hair with one hand, she used he free hand to slap Gillian on the

Ellen slapped Gillian’s ass back and forth, as Gillian screamed and
slammed back as hard as she could. Gillian was pinching her nipples as she
Gillian to fuck her harder.

Ellen slammed into as hard as she could, she looked over and saw Anne
Heche standing in the doorway.

Ellen screamed "it’s not what you think." Anne said "It looks like your
fucking your friend." Ellen said "I guess it is what it looks like."

Anne turned and started to turn away, Gillian screamed at her to stay, she
didn’t want to be the one responsible for breaking up the "First couple"
of lesbians, Anne didn’t want any part of it, she was walking out the door
when Gillian screamed "You can join us."

Anne turned around and pulled out her super eight camera, she said she
would stay if she could film it. Gillian agreed if she promised not to
show it
to any straight people, Ellen assured her it would stay in their personal

Anne stripped of her mini skirt, walked over and laid down in front of
Gillian, she ordered Gillian to eat her good.
Gillian stuffed her tongue inside of her, Ellen shoved
Gillian’s face deep between Anne’s legs.

Anne wrapped her legs around Gillian and started to hump her tongue,
Gillian reached up and stuffed three fingers all the way into the young
blondes cunt.

Ellen pulled her strap on out of Gillian, she then rammed it into her ass.
Gillian tried to scream, but her mouth was full, Ellen began to pump in
and out of Gillian’s ass.

Gillian began to rock back again onto Ellen, Anne stood up and began to
push her back onto it. Gillian was really screaming now, Ellen put her
around Gillian and lifted her into the air, she laid back
and sat Gillian down on top of her.

Gillian started to bounce up and down on the twelve inch fake cock, Anne
and Ellen began to lift her up and down harder and harder. Anne then
decided she needed a piece of that.

Anne didn’t have the two foot strap on the she liked to use
on Ellen, she couldn’t wear it when she was out in public, she didn’t want
to take the time to go and find it.

Anne grabbed an empty wine cooler bottle, she stuffed the neck of it deep
into Gillian’s pussy, Gillian slammed up and down harder on the two girls.

Anne held the bottle with both hands, she jammed the entire thing deep
into Gillian’s cunt. Gillian went limp, Ellen began to thrust up into
ass until her entire dildo vanished.

Gillian couldn’t even hold herself up anymore, Ellen wrapped her arms
around her and held her still, Anne rammed the wine cooler as hard and
fast as
she could into the television superstar.

Anne yanked the bottle out of the unconscious Anderson, it
was white with her cum, Ellen grabbed it and licked it
clean, she then let Gillian go, she fell over face first
with a huge smile on her face.

Ellen stood up and stepped over Gillian, Anne reached into her purse and
pulled out a used condom she leaned over and emptied the contents in
Gillian’s mouth.

Ellen looked at the condom and screamed at Anne, she knew what she had
been out doing. Ellen screamed at her and told her to get out, Anne
cried she didn’t have anywhere to go, Anne didn’t care, she wanted that
whore out of her house, Anne ran out screaming.

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