Anne And Ellen Meet Heidi Klum

This fictional story contains graphic sexual situations,
if you are under age or easily offended. Stop reading

By Wonder Mike

Anne Heche was bored again, she was easily bored, he career had
taken off, every day other actresses approached her and said they
wish they had her strength.
Every actress in Hollywood was looking for that one thing to but them
over, Jodie Foster had done everything but come out, but it hadn’t helped
her career, she got over by being good, Anne told her to come on out and
join her, Jodie would think about it.
laughed at the actresses that wouldn’t come out, it was the best move
she had ever made, she got dozens of scripts sent to her every day and she had
propositioned by Neve Campbell, Melissa Joan Hart, Brittany Spears
Courtney Cox, Janeane Garofalo and Pamela Anderson all within the
last week. Anyway she thought back to the moment at hand.
Anne moaned "Fuck me harder." Ellen Degeneres rammed her ten inch dildo
deeper into her lover, Anne rocked back to take the whole thing, her mind
had been wandering, but she was focused again.
Ellen reached down and grabbed Anne by the hair, she jerked back and rammed
the dildo all the way in again, Anne was the best bitch she has ever had, she
Anne to bark like a dog.
Anne yelled "You first." Ellen began baying like a wolf, Anne soon began panting
like a dog in heat, Ellen reached between her lovers legs and started rubbing
her clit.
Anne began to moan loudly now, Ellen slipped a finger into her cunt, she worked
finger and the dildo simultaneously, Anne was now slamming back onto Ellen,
jerked her short hair harder.
Anne screamed "I’m cumming, eat me now." Ellen jerked the dildo out of Anne’s
and spun her around, she threw Anne’s legs up over her shoulders and began
lapping at her cunt.
Anne squealed and wrapped her legs around Ellen’s head, she then grabbed her by
the hair, Anne began to cum all over Ellen’s face, she than passed out, Ellen
went to sleep on top of her.
The two actresses awoke the next morning, Anne was bored again, she told Ellen
that she wanted to try something different, Ellen told her she knew a guy with a
German Shepherd, Anne told her later, I want a model.
Ellen told her there was a fashion show going on at the new Staple center, Naomi
Campbell, Cindy Crawford and Heidi Klum and Lucy Lui were headlining some
charity event, Ellen said she felt like Chinese today, Anne wanted German, Anne
always got what she wanted.
They went to the event and were escorted back stage, they were celebrities after
all, a lot of the models were nervous being around them, Heidi Klum was not
though, she said she thought Ellen was very funny.
Heidi was wearing a knees length skirt, they could tell she wasn’t wearing a
bra, Ellen was wearing a pants suit, Heidi offered to dress her but Ellen didn’t
see the point, she thought she looked good. Anne told her it sounded like a good
idea, she invited Heidi back to their home.
Anne asked her if she had been with another woman, Heidi told her she had once
before, and it was wonderful, she wanted to do it again but she didn’t know how
to approach a girl, Anne laughed and stuck her tongue down her throat, she told
her that’s how you approach a woman.
Anne and Ellen took Heidi back to their home, Heidi thought they had a
magnificent place, Anne went to prepare the room, she told Ellen to entertain
their guest, Ellen made them all drinks.
Ellen told Heidi that she was scared she was losing Anne, Anne had fucked a
couple of guys to get parts, she had even talked about bringing a guy home so
the two of them could share, she was scared that Anne wasn’t really a lesbian,
but she just used her to further her career. Heidi told her she was sure that
Anne loved her,
Ellen was happy to hear that. Anne then called them into the room.
Heidi also told her that in Germany all the woman went both ways, it was
natural, she explained that they should share all their feelings, she had heard
that Anne and Harrison Ford had gotten in on, but that she really shouldn’t
worry about it. Ellen thanked her again.
Heidi walked into the room and couldn’t believe what she was seeing, there were
hundreds of dildos hanging all over the walls, dildos ranging from three inches
to arm shaped Heidi hadn’t seen anything like this since she had left Germany,
she thought so many toys so little time.
Heidi picked out the little French tickler, she thought it was so cute, Anne
told her to hold her horses, Heidi had to prove she was worthy first, Anne
stripped to her birthday suit and laid spread eagle on the bed, she yelled "Come
and get it."
Heidi laid at Anne’s feet, she began licking up and down her legs, Anne was
giggling like a school girl, Heidi took one lick at her clit and went back to
her legs. Heidi worked her way all the way down to Anne’s feet, she began to
suck her toes.
Ellen had removed her pants, she was still wearing her strap on, she mounted
Heidi from behind and rammed her cock into her cunt, Heidi looked around and
moaned, she was not prepared to be penetrated, Ellen cupped her tits and buried
the dildo all the way inside of her.
Anne screamed "Eat me." Heidi worked her way back up Anne’s legs and shoved her
tongue all the way inside of Anne’s bush, Anne grabbed two handfuls of Heidi’s
long hair and pulled hr tongue deeper inside, Anne started to howl again, Heidi
couldn’t help but to start giggling.
Ellen began ramming her cock into Heidi faster and faster with each stroke, she
stopped giggling, Ellen was twisting her nipples back and forth, Heidi began to
rock back and forth onto the dildo, she had her first orgasm all over Ellen’s
Heidi shoved two fingers into Anne’s cunt, Anne brought her knees up to her
chest so Heidi could get the entire length of her fingers inside of her, Heidi
began to twist and turn her fingers, Anne grabbed her by the wrist and started
fucking herself, Heidi buried another finger inside of her.
Anne thrusted her hips into the air and screamed for Heidi to fuck her, Heidi
rammed a fourth finger into her cunt, Anne screamed again, she was cumming all
over Heidi’s hand, Heidi lifted her up by the cunt until Anne couldn’t take
anymore, she fell back to the ground.
Anne leaned up and stuck her tongue into Heidi’s mouth, and began licking all
around, she grabbed a handful of her ample breast, she was amazed at their size,
she had never seen a super model with boobs that big before, Heidi was truly
Anne told her that she had earned the right to try out her special dildo, Heidi
just screamed has Ellen began to rock her world, Heidi began to quiver from the
orgasm, she was going to pass out when Ellen yanked the dildo out of her, they
weren’t finished yet.
Anne grabbed the arm shaped dildo, Heidi looked up and shook her head, she
didn’t think she could handle something that big, Anne just smiled and rammed it
into her cunt, Heidi tried to slide away across the bed, but it was no use, Anne
quickly buried the entire thing inside of her.
Ellen grabbed Heidi behind the knees, she brought them up to her chest, she than
began sucking on Heidi’s nipples, they were huge and quarter shaped, Heidi was
cumming again already, Anne began to turn the dildo inside of her, it was
glistening with Heidi’s juices.
The actresses rolled Heidi back over to her hands and knees, Anne took the dildo
with both hands and began ramming it in and out of the model as hard as she
could, Heidi was so wet that it slid in and out easily, she began slowly rocking
back onto the fake arm.
Ellen stood next to her lover, they embraced and kissed, they each than grabbed
the dildo with both hands and worked over Heidi, Heidi was the one that was
howling now, Ellen and Anne began spinning the arm around inside of her, Heidi
fell face first, she was about to pass out when they pulled the arm out of her,
they told her she wasn’t finished yet.
Anne told Heidi she was ready for her favorite toy, the cum was dripping out of
Heidi’s cunt, she was so exhausted she couldn’t get up, she just turned to see
what they had in store for her next.
Anne reached into the dresser and pulled out her favorite, she had it specially
made just for her, it was pyramid shaped, fourteen inches long and eight inches
across at the base, Anne and Ellen began to lick up the dildo form the base
until they met and locked lips at the top.
They each held the dildo and slowly worked it into Heidi, Heidi moaned louder
and louder as the giant dildo slowly entered her pussy, they got it half way in
and started to pull it out again, Heidi buried her face into the pillow so she
would stop screaming.
Anne and Ellen shoved the dildo into Heidi again, they got about twelve inches
of it inside of her this time before they pulled it out, she shoved it in again
and reached the same point, they were determined to get it all the way in. They
brought it out and shoved with all their might, they couldn’t get it all the way in

They knew there was only one way, the lifted the weak supermodel up to her knees
and let her drop. Her weight impaled her on the toy, Heidi was screaming at the
top of her lungs, she hoped no one heard her, Anne told her the neighbors where
used to the noise.
Ellen and Anne each grabbed Heidi by an arm they began to lift her up and down,
the cum covered the dildo, Heidi planted her feet and began to bounce up and
down, she was cumming with every stroke she took, she was riding harder and
harder, the
two actresses didn’t have to lift her anymore. Heidi finally fell over
unconscious, she couldn’t handle anymore, Anne and Ellen licked all her juices
off the dildo, they
had converted and tamed another one, and tomorrow was another day.
Anne was bored, she said "I feel like a singer today," lets see who’s coming to
town next, coming out was the best thing they had ever done.


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