Anne And Ellen Meet Sarah Michelle Gellar

This fictional story contains graphic sexual situations,
if you are underage or easily offended. Stop reading.

Anne and Ellen meet Sarah Michelle Gellar
By Wonder Mike

Anne Heche and Ellen Degeneres were still bored with their
love lives, they had brought other woman into their sexual
fantasies but it wasn’t enough, Anne kept suggesting that they

bring in a man, Ellen unzipped her pants and showed her the 12
inch strap on she always wears, she told her "this is all the
man you need."

Ellen grabbed Anne by her short blonde hair and but her face
right next to her cock, she ordered Anne to "Suck it."

Anne quickly did as she was told, she didn’t want to
disappoint her lover, she knew how Ellen got.

Anne shoved half the dildo down her throat, Ellen screamed
"Deeper, bitch." Anne then shoved the whole thing down her
throat. Ellen told her, "That’s my bitch.

Anne started sucking the dildo faster and faster, she was
soon slamming her face against Ellen’s waist with the curved
dick going down the back of her throat. Ellen was still
holding her by the hair slamming her head up and down, she
told her "You but Linda Lovelace to shame."

Ellen soon tired of the blow job. She told Anne to bend
over. She then rammed the cock into Anne’s ass without

Ellen was still holding her by the hair, she was pulling
back forcing Anne to ride
her cock, Anne was screaming with every thrust. She also
rocked back harder with each thrust.

Ellen threw Anne on her side, she then wrapped one of Anne’s
legs over her shoulder and hammer her like a man, this was
Anne’s favorite position.

She wrapped her arms around Ellen’s neck and pulled, Ellen
still had a hand full
of hair, Anne was being fucked silly.

After 10 minutes Anne screamed "I’m cum." Ellen then pulled
the cock out of her ass and said "I’m done."

Anne looked up and said "Bitch, finish me," Ellen told her
she was bored. She wanted to go out first.

Anne looked in the newspaper and saw that Sara Michelle
Gellar star of Buffy the vampire slayer was at the mall
opening, she thought that was weird because Sara didn’t do
that many personal appearances, in fact she didn’t seem to
care about her fans at all, what a bitch the two said in

They went to the mall and introduced themselves to Sara’s
publicist Brandi. Brandi arranged the meeting.

Sara knew who they were immediately, she seemed a little
nervous around them, Ellen was used to this Anne didn’t seem
to understand it. They had a short conversation.

Anne and Ellen both picked up on the fact the Sara was a
true bitch, I mean pro just like everybody who has worked with
her says, they thought they could have some real fun.

Anne invited Sara to join them for a quick meal, they were
then going to go to a screening of American Pie. Sara was
supposed to go with Alyson, but then she thought she would
have to pretend to like it, it would be better if she went
with Anne and Ellen.

The trio arrived at the apartment, Ellen knew they had to be
careful, Sara was
tough. an opportunity quickly arose.

Ellen had left a pair of hand cuffs laying out, Sara had
picked them up and she was playing with them and laughing.

Anne told her that they were fake, she locked one of Sara’s
wrist, Sara said she wasn’t that kinky but it looked like it
could be fun. Ellen was all of a sudden
behind her, she grabbed Sara’s free hand and pulled it behind
her back, before she could move Sara was tied.

Sara screamed "What the fuck are you doing?"
Anne just laughed and told her "It is obvious you are
hiding lesbian tendencies, we are going to bring them out."

Sara screamed "I am not a lesbo."

Anne said, "This is going to be fun."

Anne pulled her from behind by the collar, Sara fell over
backwards into her arms, Ellen laid her on her back.

Anne started to pull off her pants, Sara started to kick.
Ellen covered her mouth and nose until Sara decided to stop
fighting, she told her to lay back and enjoy it, then it would
be over when Sara wanted it to be over.

Sara laid still as Anne pulled off her pants, Ellen then cut
her shirt off, it was Sara’s favorite shirt but she didn’t
think about that as Anne had already started rubbing her cunt.

Sara let out a loud gasp as Anne started to rub faster, Sara
arched her back, giving Anne easier access.

Anne then shoved three fingers into Sara’s cunt, Sara
started humping her hips up and down on Anne’s fingers.

They only gave Sara a couple of seconds of that though,
They stood her up. They then slipped some huge boots on her.

Anne then walked Sara into the bedroom she laid Sara on
the bed. Ellen then walked in. They both grabbed Sara by the
ankles, they lifted her so she was standing on her head, the
hung her
from the ceiling by the gravity boots she was wearing.

Sara was hanging upside down, her cunt was face level for
Anne and Ellen, they went to work. They kissed each over as
the each buried their tongues into Sara’s cunt.

Sara screamed at the top of her lungs, she was twisting and
turning but she was going anywhere, she was going to have a
monster orgasm soon.

Ellen and Anne each shoved three fingers into Sara’s cunt,
now Sara went completely limp, she knew she couldn’t take much
more of this, they each added another finger, that would be
all she could take.

Sara screamed "I’m cum." Anne and Ellen each pulled their
fingers out of her, Sara screamed "No."

They then lowered her from the ceiling, Sara’s knees where
so weak she couldn’t stand. Anne laid her down on the bed face

They then pulled her legs back and tied them to her wrist.
She was completely helpless now, they stuck a ball gag in her

Anne held her wrist and feet up, Ellen sat on the bed facing
Sara. She then took off her tennis shoes.

Ellen rubbed her bare foot against Sara’s open cunt, Sara
couldn’t see what was going on. Ellen then shoved her foot
inside of her.

Sara tried to scream, but the gag made it impossible, Ellen
was working her foot in and out of the young starlet.

Anne sat on Sara’s back and started to massage her tits,
just moaned in ecstasy.

Ellen had managed to get her whole foot inside of Sara now,
Sara was riding back and forth on her foot. It only took
seconds of riding before Sara got her release.

Ellen untied Sara, Anne stood ready for anything. Sara just
thanked her for the best time of her life, but she wasn’t a
lesbian, she would like to come back and watch them do the
same thing to Alyson and Charisma though, Ellen thought that
was a good idea. Anne thought it would be good if they brought
Seth around too. Ellen was really getting worried about her


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