Anne And Hannah


Anne and Hannah by a pervert






As I walked down Ramsey Street I could feel my loins begin to stir. I

approached my target: The Martin household. It was here that Anne Wilkinson

lived. Just out of Erinsborough High, Anne had always been the subject of

sexual fantasies by her male (and sometimes female) schoolmates. She was

currently dating Billy Kennedy but she was still a virgin. All of this was

soon to change of course…

As I knocked on the door I quickly adjusted my already erect penis. Anne

soon answered.

"Why hello. I’ve been expecting you." she said as she gestered for me to


I walked nervously into the house and moved towards the sofa. As I sat down

Anne sat next to me. She was wearing a short red skirt and a dark, low-cut

top. I couldn’t help but stare at her ample cleavage. Anne had always been

well-developed in this department. As I studied her young breasts I noticed

that her erect nipples were on display through her tight-fitting top. She

clearly wasn’t wearing a bra and was getting quite excited about something.

"Naughty boy. You shouldn’t stare!" she said as she put her hand on my

thigh. "You seem to be quite excited about something" she added as she

stared at my quite noticeable hard-on. "Maybe we should loosen those

trousers a bit".

She proceeded to move her left hand up my thigh and towards my cock. She

began to rub gently at my crotch before moving herself so that she was

kneeling on the floor in front of me. Without saying a word she began to

undo my fly and then pull my trousers and underwear down.

"My, you are excited about something aren’t you!" she exclaimed before

gently grasping my cock with her right hand. I couldn’t quite believe what

was happening. Here I was, about to get a hand-job off Anne Wilkinson.

Anne gently grabbed my bell-end and started wanking me off like a true pro.

She used her free left-hand to gently caress my balls. Her eyes were fixed

on my cock as she wanked. She seemed to be enjoying herself when suddenly

she stopped. "Its getting awfully warm in here isn’t it?" she exclaimed. She

began to take off her top. As she did this I slipped my trousers and

underwear from around my ankles.

She removed her top in one fluid motion to reveal her beatiful tits. I had

often wondered what Anne’s bare tits would look like and they didn’t

disappoint. Her nipples were now rock hard. She then kneeled down once

again. This time though she did not grab my cock. Instead she moved towards

my crotch and, as I sat up, she gently positioned my cock in-between her

breasts. She then used her hands to gently push her breasts together so that

they firmly grasped my penis. Then she began to slowly move her breasts up

and down. I was getting a tit-wank off Anne! Could this get any better?

After a couple of minutes I started to feel the cum welling up inside my

balls and let out a small gasp. "No, don’t you be cuming yet. First I want

to taste you cock".

Upon saying this Anne pulled her tits away from my cock and, with barely a

pause, opened her mouth and went down on my cock. She took it about half way

into her mouth at first and started gently bobbing up and down. She was so

good at it that I didn’t doubt that she’d done it before. As I felt the cum

welling up again she stopped and opened her eyes. My cock was still in her

mouth and she paused for a couple of seconds before winking and going right

down on it and deep-throating me. It felt so good but I had other plans…

"Stop" I demanded, "I want to fuck you properly". She pulled her head

and looked slightly worried.

"Ok, but please be gentle with me. I’m still a virgin".

Anne stood up and slipped her silky black knickers off from underneath her

skirt. I got off the sofa as she got onto it and spread her legs. Her cunt

was sopping wet and she was well ready for the fucking of her life. I moved

towards her and carefully nudged my dick against her vagina. It slid in

easily and felt so good. Anne let out a little gasp as I entered her. I

began to slowly move my cock in and out. Anne began to moan slightly. I

increased the speed of my thrusts and the moans became louder. Her cunt was

warm and tight and each stroke was devine. After a couple of minutes Anne’s

groans became quite loud and her vaginal muscles began to twitch. At this I

quickly pulled out.

"No, don’t stop!" she begged.

I moved from between her legs and stood up. "Turn around" I demanded, "I

want to fuck you from behind". She smiled and quickly obeyed me. She kneeled

down in front of the sofa and leant over it. I quickly inserted my cock to

its rightul home and began thrusting away again. This time my thrusts were

more vigorous than before. I was fucking the living daylights out of her.

"Please be more gentle" she pleaded, "It hurts"

This just encouraged me further. I began really hammering my cock into her.

She groaned in a mixture of pain and pleasure. My balls slapped roughly

against her arse cheeks with each thrust. Her arse was so perfect. After a

couple of minutes of wild doggie-style fucking she began moaning loudly

again before she shuddered to a climax. I pulled out and Anne sighed and

collapsed into the sofa.

"I’m not finished with you yet you little whore!"

I grabbed Anne by the hips and began to focus my attention on her tight

little arse. Her dark hole looked so inviting.

"What are you doing?" Anne asked nervously. I didn’t answer her but instead

began using her own sopping vaginal juices to lubricate her arse hole. I

then slowly began to insert my little finger.

"No! You can’t!" she protested.

She moaned slightly as I popped my little finger completely up her arse. I

then pulled it out and began inserting my index and fore-fingers into her

forbidden hole. She began to scream wildly but I held her down easily with

my free arm.

"Stop! You can’t do this…you bastard" she yelled before screaming in agony

once again.

"Oh, can’t I?" I calmly replied with a devilish grin. It was a tight fit but

I soon had both of my fingers completely inside Anne’s back passage. She

continued to scream deafeningly in pain and fear.

Fingers were all very well but I desperately wanted to stick my cock in

there. I moved into position and positioned my cock so that the bell end was

resting against her dark hole. Anne began to scream in protest. With a

powerful thrust I forced the tip of my bell-end into her brown hole.

"Nooooo! Stop, I beg of you" the young whore screamed. But I had no

intention of obeying her.

With another thrust I forced my dick halfway into her arse. It felt so nice

and tight – just as I had imagined it. I started to pump away at her arse.

With each thrust she screamed a deafening scream. This just added to my

pleasure. With each stroke Anne’s screams started to sound less in pain and

more in pleasure. I think she was beginning to enjoy it! I carried on

hammering my penis into her arse as I approached my climax. I was a couple

of strokes away from filling her arse from my creamy cum when I heard

somebody open the back door. Shit! Who the fuck was that? I instinctively

pulled out of her arse and Anne let out a huge sigh of relief as she slumped

into the sofa.

"What the hell is going on in here?" a young female voice enquired. It was

Anne’s new step-sister Hannah. Hannah was a few years younger than Anne. She

was about 15 but even at this tender age she was a choice fuck. She was

still in her Erinsborough High uniform having just arrived back from school.

Hannah quickly surveyed the situation but thankfully didn’t notice Anne’s

swollen arse. To my surprise a huge smile emerged on her face.

"You dirty slag Anne!" she exclaimed in a disapproving voice. She then

looked at me standing above her step-sister. "I hope you saved something for


Hannah slowly walked towards me and caressed my twitching cock. She

proceeded to kneel in front of me. Looking up at me, it was obvious what she

was going to do next. She slowly began to lick my twitching bell-end before

wrapping her mouth around my dick. Hannah began moving her head up and down

slowly. With each bob of her head the speed increased and I could once again

feel my orgasm building up as I looked down at her beautiful 15 year-old

mouth sucking at my cock. I looked over to Anne who appeared to be slowly

recovering from her anal ordeal.

"Why don’t you fuck her in the ass and see how she likes it?" Anne

suggested. Good idea.

I pulled my cock out of Hannah’s mouth and roughly grabbed her. She let out

a small yelp and was visibly shocked. I roughly man-handled her out of the

front room and into the adjoining kitchen from which she had emerged. Upon

reaching the kitchen I roughly threw young Hannah over the kitched table and

hitched up her school dress.

"No! Please don’t. I’ll do anything. Just don’t fuck my arse!" she

protested. I ignored her pleading.

I pulled down her girlie, flowery knickers so that they were around her

ankles and began examining her brown hole. I’d need to lubricate it with

something. Her arse looked much tighter than Anne’s. As I looked aroung the

kitchen for a suitable lubricant Anne entered the room.

"Don’t worry, I’ll lube her up for you" Anne said.

She then pushed her right hand under her skirt and began to insert her

fingers into her still sopping cunt. She began to moan once again. With her

free hand Anne once again began to gently caress my cock, as if to thank me

for introducing her to the delights of anal sex. Anne then removed her hand

from her vagina. By this time Hannah had lifted herself from the table. Anne

roughly grabbed her step sister by the hair and threw her back to the table.

Anne then began to insert her fingers slowly into Hannah’s arse to lubricate

it. Hannah groaned immensly as Anne’s fingers entered her brown hole. The

very sight of this was almost enough to make me cum.

"Don’t worry Hannah," she said with a smirk, "I’m sure he’ll be

Anne then moved away to allow me to give Hannah a rough anal-fucking. I

nudged my penis against my second virgin arse of the day. I powerfully

thrust my cock forward and it slipped fully into Hannah’s well-lubricated

arse in one go. Hannah screamed a deafening scream. As her scream died down

I pulled out slightly and drove my hips powerfully forward again. I carried

on thrusting at Hannah’s arse, ignoring her screams. The sight of the

anal-rape of her step-sister was clearly turning Anne on. She was

frantically rubbing her clit and moaning.

As I roughly fucked Hannah’s arse Anne knelt down behind me and, still

rubbing her clit, started to lick my arse. As I pulled back for yet another

thrust Anne pushed her tongue between my legs and started to gently lick my

balls. I continued to fuck Hannah’s arse forcefully as Anne massaged my

balls with her tongue. I continued to fuck Hannah’s arse for a couple of

minutes. Her screams seemed to get louder with each thrust. Unlike her

step-sister she was not beginning to enjoy it.

I noticed Hannah’s arse had now began to bleed slightly. This just turned me

on even more. I felt the spunk rising from my balls for a final time. With

one more extra powerful thrust into Hannah’s arse I began to climax. Spurt

after spurt of creamy spunk entered Hannah’s anus as she moaned woefully.

Before I finished climaxing I quickly pulled out and turned around to face

the kneeling Anne. As spunk squirted over her beautiful young face she

instinctively wrapped her lips around my ejaculating cock and began to suck

it dry. As she did this I pushed her head quickly back and forth on my dick

and groaned with pleasure as she sucked out the last drops of my semen.

Having fully shot my load I pulled my cock away from Anne’s face. She

reluctantly released it from her mouth’s powerful grasp. She clearly had a

taste for cum. I slumped back into the corner of the kitchen and sat down on

the floor. I began to survey the scene.

Hannah was still slumped over the kitchen table, flowery knickers round her

ankles and moaning with pain. Her school-dress was pulled up over her arse

showing her swollen dark hole. Cum began to drip from her little brown

passage. Anne was stil kneeling on the floor just behind her. She looked

exhausted but still hungry for something. As she noticed the semen drip from

Hannah’s arse she eagerly dived forward and started to lick her

step-sister’s hole clean. This made Hannah begin to groan once-again.

The sight of this began to bring life into my tired cock. I was amazed with

my dick’s endurance giving its virgorous work-out. I began to wank my cock

to full hardness as I started to wonder what other depraved acts I could

perform on these 2 young girls…


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