Anne Hathaway’s Secret Passion

Anne Hathaway’s secret passion.

Part 1. In the bedroom.

Anne Hathaway stood in front of the miror in her spacious bedroom, naked as the day she was born. She had just taken a shower and little drops of moisture still clung to her firm young body. Anne examined herself from all angles.She was pretty satisfied with how she looked. Long, gorgeous brown hair, big brown eyes. A mouth that some considered a little too wide but with luscious red lips. Her hands roamed over her slender body, caressing her flat tummy before moving upwards to her firm breasts. She liked her breasts, not too big for her slender frame,
yet big enough to attract immediate attention. Anne lightly touched her large, brown nipples, moaning softly as she did so. It had been a while since she had last had sexual gratification and the longer she went without sex, the more sensitive her nipples got. Her hands moved downwards again, towards the vally between her long, shapely legs. She lightly stroked the small strip of brown pubic hair that she kept neatly trimmed. She sat down on the small chair in front of the mirror and slowly spread her legs. Stroking the inside of her thighs, she carefully examined her womanhood. Thanks to her growing state of excitement, her pussy lips had parted slightly, giving her a tantalising glimpse of the soft, pink wetness within. With two fingers, she stroked her pussy lips, sending shivers of pure pleasure up and down her spine. Briefly, she was tempted to plunge right in, but she resisted despite her wetness. Anne brought her fingers to her face. Holding her fingers under her nose, she inhaled the fragrance of her womanhood. Then, her pink tongue darted from between her ruby lips and lapped at the feminine juices coating her fingers. She loved how she tasted, tangy and salty. It was a taste that could quickly grow to an addiction, as one former lover had once stated.

Anne leaned back in the chair and lifted her leg. Her hands caressed the smooth skin, gently massaging her shapely calf. She began rubbing her foot, treating herself to a nice massage. Her feet were probably her favorite part of her body. Long, perfectly smooth, with beautiful arches and topped off with cute little toes. Anne would only admit to herself that she had a bit of a foot fetish. She brought her foot up to her face. The shower had washed away most of the delicious smell that so turned her on, but if she concentrated, she could still catch a whiff of that delicious aroma. Closing her eyes, she began gently sucking her big toe, nibbling at the flesh and pushing her tongue into the gap between her toes. One day, she thought to herself, I’m going to find someone who appreciates my feet as much as I do.

Anne reluctantly stopped her worship of her own feet. She stood up and turned around. She placed one knee on the chair and looked over her shoulder at her reflection in the mirror. Her eyes roamed over the sight of her ass. She reached back and cupped a cheek with each hand, softly kneading the tender flesh. With a finger she began tracing her crack, lightly scratching at her puckered asshole with her fingernail. The sensation set off sparks of electricity in her brain.She rubbed the outer rim of her darkest hole, feeling it relax under her touch, but when she tried to push her finger in, it still resisted. Slightly bummed, Anne raised her finger to her mouth and began sucking it. Lubricated with a fresh coat of saliva, she once again attempted to insert her finger into her dark temple. This time, her finger slid in with ease, right up to the first knuckle. She held it there for a moment, enjoying the sensation of her asshole being filled. She began sliding her finger in and out, in and out, establishing an easy rythym. When she felt comfortable with the violation of her sphincter, she added another finger. Anne closed her eyes, softly moaning as the sensation built. Her other hand returned to her breast, kneading the firm globe, pinching and twisting her large brown nipple. She lifted her breast and lowered her face. Her tongue lapped at the top of her breast, which soon glistened with saliva before sucking in her nipple. She sucked it as she had earlier sucked her big toe, the hyper-sensitive nipple throbbing in her mouth like a miniature penis. Meanwhile, her fingers were pumping in and out, in and out. Anne knew she was close to orgasm. She pushed the chair out of the way and got down on her knees, never once removing her fingers from her ass.She spread her knees and rested her face flat on the carpet, beautifully framed by her thick brown hair. Her nipples brushed the carpet, adding to her excitement. Still pumping her asshole, Anne moved her other hand to her tight slit. She rubbed the outer lips that were already soaked with her juices. Her fingers found their way inside, first one, then a second and finally a third. She was know pumping both her holes with vigour, shoulders and hips bucking as she came closer and closer to orgasm. She began stroking her large clit, rubbing an pinching it as her fingers plunged in an out of her ass faster and faster.

“Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Ohmygodohmygodohmygod! HHHHHHNNNNNN….AAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!”

Her body exploded into orgasm, thick squirts of feminine juices erupting from her tight slit. Anne collapsed on the floor. For a while, she just lay there while her body recovered from her powerful orgasm. Finally, she brought her heand to her face, her fingers sticky from her girly cum. Once again her tongue darted out, cleaning her fingers from the sticky residue, savouring every last drop of her own juices. With a wet plop, she removed her fingers from her asshole. Bringing them up to her nose, she inhaled the earthy, shitty fragrance from her own bowels. Her fingers were coated light brown, but Anne didn’t care. She plunged her fingers into her wide mouth, sucking and licking them clean. At first she gagged a little from the bitter, shitty taste, but she soon began to appreciate it. While sucking her fingers clean, she idly wondered what it would be like to lick someone’s asshole and tasting it right from the source.

Finally, Anne Hathaway got up from the floor, her body glistening with sweat, girl juice sticking to the inside of her thighs.

“I guess I’d better take another shower…”

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