Title: Anniversary

Author: LazyNinjas

Celebs: Ariel Winter

Codes: cons, MF, oral, titjob

Disclaimer:  This story is fictional. None of this has ever happened or ever will happen.

“Oh baby, you must be trying to get me hard if you’re stretching like that,” I said to my girlfriend Ariel winter as I approached her and gave her a kiss. Ariel was doing her daily yoga session and like every other normal morning, she did it completely naked.

She says she does it that way since it’s the most relaxing to do it, but I was pretty sure it was something nice for me to see when I woke up in the morning. I loved looking at her naked body. Ariel got out of bed and started to do her five minute naked yoga session that she did every single morning. I took in her body as she continued to stretch.

Her tits were nice and full and she had the most delicious looking nipples that looked like they were always begging to be sucked on. Even though she didn’t like her breasts being so big and even got surgery to make them a little bit smaller, I didn’t mind a single bit. To me, she was perfect the way she was and she did not need to change anything.

My eyes wandered down her body and took in the sight of her gorgeous ass. It was thick, it was round, and it was the perfect thing to grab onto when you’re fucking her senseless. She turned around to get into a different pose, which gave me a perfect view of her pussy. Ariel liked being completely bare down there but I didn’t mind when she let it grow out a tiny bit. My concentration of her glorious form is broken when I heard her speak.

“Are you almost packed baby?” She asked as she finished the last bit of her naked yoga session.

“Almost. Don’t worry babe, we’re not going to miss our flight.” I said to the worried Modern Family star as I kissed her on her forehead. Today was a big day for Ariel and me.

One year ago today was the day Ariel and I decided to become romantically involved. So far, it has been the best decision of my life. Every single day I was with Ariel was a new adventure. Every day I woke up next to her was a day I enjoyed. I don’t know how I got so lucky to end up with a girl like her, but somehow some way I did.

Ariel grabbed her mat and put it in her bag as she went to get dressed. We had decided for our one year anniversary instead of doing what we did for our six month anniversary, where we just stayed in and watched some movies on Netflix, we were actually going to take a vacation somewhere.

It was perfect timing too since Modern Family had finished up shooting for their season a couple of days ago. Ariel and I spent days deciding where to go before we both chose to spend a week in Honolulu, Hawaii. Ariel had always wanted to go to Hawaii and I’ve been dying to travel somewhere out of the continental United States, so we booked our flight and our hotel room.

She put on her clothes, which consisted of a white bra and a white top. She decided to wear blue jean shorts and a white thong. I decided to put on a black pair of boxers, a black shirt, a silver pair of shorts, and my pair of sandals. We grabbed our bags and headed towards the door.

An hour and a half later, Ariel and I were on the plane to Hawaii. We were able to get into first class so our sitting area was nice and comfy. Ariel held my hand as the plane took off because she had a small fear of being on an airplane. I kissed her on the forehead and helped her relax as she eventually fell asleep on my shoulder. I didn’t want to wake her so I just put on some headphones and watched the in-flight movie, which was absolutely terrible.

After sitting in the seat for what felt like hours, the plane finally landed in Hawaii. As we both got off the plane, we were met by natives who greeted us by placing leis on us. They guided us to the baggage claim and thankfully nothing was lost during the flight. After securing our bags, we found our driver who was going to take us to our hotel.

We had picked out a hotel that was a bunch of individual beach side homes. After another hour of driving, we finally reached the office building of the hotel, where we signed in and got our room key.

Leaving the office area of the hotel, we were escorted by an employee to our beachside room. We gave him a tip after he brought in all of our bags and he left, leaving me and my beautiful girlfriend alone together.

“Isn’t this view absolutely amazing babe?” Ariel asked me as she looked out the sliding glass doors to see the beautiful ocean view.

“It’s pretty good, but not as good as the view I got right here.” I said as I turned her around and kissed her on the lips.

“God you are so corny when you say things like that.” she replied in between kisses.

“That’s just one reason why you love me though.” I replied in between kisses.

“I think we need to unpack baby.” she replied before breaking off the kiss to begin the unpacking process. I was not very happy that she just decided to stop the kissing between us, but we did pack a good amount of stuff and we did need to get it unpacked if we wanted to have some fun later tonight.

After taking an hour to fully unpack everything (yes we did pack a lot, it was for a whole week vacation), we saw that the sun was starting to set. I looked at the clock and saw that it was 6:30 p.m. I mentioned that I had made dinner plans for 7 and we needed to get dressed for the meal because it was a pretty fancy restaurant if I do say so myself.

Ariel decided she was going to put on a medium length white dress with a matching bra/panty set and white high heels. I decided to put on my best boxers along with my white dress shirt and black pants. I put on my black dress shoes and we both headed out the door to our dinner date.

Ariel and I were both very excited for this dinner date. Although Ariel absolutely loved every single second that she spent filming and being on the set of Modern Family, there would not be as much time outside of work to spend with the people she was close to in her life, mainly being her sister and myself. Ariel always tried to get the most out of the time that she did get to spend with her loved ones.

Over the course of the dinner, Ariel and I were constantly laughing, remembering all of the crazy times we have had since we decided to start dating exactly one year ago today. There were so many memorable moments in our relationship that it was hard to just highlight a couple of special moments. We waited for a half hour before our food had arrived.

We both decided to try a Hawaiian traditional dish that I’m not even going to attempt to say. We both started eating our dish and the food was amazing. The flavor was so good and not overly rich tasting. Her smile told me I picked a good place to eat.

After finishing our food, we decided to not get dessert and go back to the hotel room for the night. We walked our way back to the room, which only took around 10 to 15 minutes to get there. Once we got in the room, Ariel went into the bathroom to take off that amazing white dress while I went over to the bed to take off my clothes.

I had my shirt off and was undoing my pants when Ariel walked out of the bathroom and appeared in the doorway, the dim light making her naked body even sexier.

She had taken all of her clothes off of her amazing body, leaving her completely naked. Her tits were looking just a great as they always did. She was about to go back into the bathroom when she looked over her shoulder and looked right at me.

“I’m going to take a shower. Care to join me baby?” she said with a sexy eyebrow raised.

“I’ll be right there baby.” I said as I got out of bed as quickly as possible and rushed over to her.

Ariel went back into the bathroom and I was not too far behind her. I walked into the bathroom where I saw Ariel standing there, admiring her absolutely stunning body in the mirror. Ariel’s beautiful red hair was perfectly messy as she checked herself out in the mirror. After both of us were done checking her out, she started to check me out. Her smile told me she liked what she saw. I wasn’t the most equipped man on the planet, but I was long enough to satisfy her needs very well.

I walked over to the running shower and noticed the water was still a little cold. I adjusted the water until it was warm enough to be soothing but not burn us. Ariel was the first to get into the shower and I stepped in after her. Ariel let the hot water cascade through her hair and down her body, her eyes were closed and the look on her face was telling me that she was definitely enjoying her shower.

Wanting to make my move now, I wrap both of my arms gently around her waist. I felt Ariel push her nice thick ass back into me. I could feel my dick start to harden as her backing her ass up into me always turned me on. I didn’t know what do next, but it seemed like she had everything planned out.

“This feels so nice to get clean with you baby. Would you mind helping me get this soap on me baby?” Ariel asked as she turned around and handed me the liquid soap.

I took some of the liquid soap and squirted a good amount into my hands. Ariel let her hands at her sides, telling me that she didn’t care ware I started rubbing down her sexy wet body. I rubbed the pool of liquid soap into my hands and got a good lather going. Ariel was waiting for me to touch her. She wanted my hands on her body and I couldn’t wait to do so.

I took the liquid soap and started to rub it into her huge tits. When my hands made contact with Ariel’s breasts, I saw that she was thrilled my hands were finally on her. I lathered the soap onto her tits and move my hands in a circular motion. The palms of my hands were directly on her budding nipples. Even with the thick lather, I could tell her nipples were as hard as diamonds.

“You really know how to wash a girl down honey. Why don’t I start cleaning you too sweetie?” she moaned as her hand went down my body until her hand was right at my dick. Her hand went down and softly grasped my dick, which was almost completely hard at this point.

“Looks like someone is enjoying our little shower time together huh?” she said as she started to rub my dick. Taking this as my chance, I lower one of my hands down from her tits and go down her body until I reach her warm love spot. I curl my fingers into her pussy and start to rub them against her pussy lips. Ariel let out a loud, audible moan.

“Do you like what I’m doing?” I asked her as I add another finger to tease her lady bits.

“Oh yes, I fucking love it baby.” she moaned as she responded by getting a tighter grip on my fully erect cock.

I move my other soapy hand to her. With this hand not being as lathered in soap as the other hand, I could actually feel the warm wetness emulating from her crotch. I took that hand and slowly slid my fingers inside her. I know what spots I need to hit in order to make Ariel let out a slow and sexy moan in response. The more my fingers teased and played with her aching pussy, the more she moaned, which was beautiful music to my ears. After all of the soap washed off of our bodies, I stopped playing with her pussy and opened the shower door. Ariel and I exited the shower and I quickly turned her around so her back was facing me.

“You are always looking at my ass. You must really love it.” Ariel said as she took one hand and slid it across her wet shiny butt. Her hand went from her left cheek to her right cheek before raising her hand and lightly smacking her own ass.

“I love your ass baby. It’s so nice and round and my god is it thick,” I replied as I continued to let her lead me in this game we were playing.

“You want to get a better look at it Ross?” she asked as she slowly shook her ass back and forth, almost putting me into a hypnotic trance.

“Bend over the sink Ariel. Let me get a look at the juicy thick ass of yours baby.” I said to her as she accepted my request and started to bend herself over. She bent over the sink in a very slow and teasing manner. She put her elbows on the sink as she lowered her upper body down until her ass was on full display for me. I moved over to Ariel and got right up behind her.

Ariel wiggled her cute tight ass back and forth until she felt me grab my dick and rub it across her back door. I use my other hand to take handfuls of ass into my hands, to which Ariel replied with moans. Though it felt wet and soapy, it was still firm. All of those days she was spending at the gym were totally paying off.

I took my hand with my dick in it and rubbed it against the part of her body I was ignoring at this point, her pussy. She was leaking excitement from her cunt and I could tell her aching pussy was ready and waiting for me to enter and give her a good fucking.

“Are you ready to get fucked Ariel? Tell me if you want it baby.” I said as I went down to her and whispered in her ear.

“I am so fucking ready Ross. I am ready to let you fuck my slutty little cunt Ross.” she replied while bending over more so her cute ass and pussy was right there ready to be taken by me and my modestly sized cock.

Not wanting to waste another moment, I took my fingers and opened up Ariel’s wet pussy. After pulling the lips far enough, I took my dick and slowly inserted my length into her pussy from behind. Ariel let out a long and pleasured moan as I inserted myself further and further inside her aching cunt.

“Oh my god Ross. Holy fucking shit baby!” she moaned as she felt her inner walls stretch themselves around my invading member. Knowing that Ariel was starting to feel my length go deep inside her, I grabbed onto her hips to keep them in place. Getting a firm hold on her hips, I really start fucking her. Feeling Ariel’s inner walls rub against my cock still felt as good as they did the first time we had sex. As I start thrusting into her harder, I looked up and saw our reflections in the mirror.

“Look at yourself in the mirror Ariel. Look at how I am fucking you from behind. You love being fucked from behind don’t you baby?” I said as I tried to rile her up with my dirty talk. Ariel then did as I said and looked up at our reflection in the mirror. I saw an excited look on her face in the mirror’s reflection.

“Oh god yes!” I love when you fuck me from behind! I love fucking you in any position baby!” she screamed as my thrusts into her vagina caused her to feel a mix of ecstasy and lust course throughout her veins.

“You are just a whore for my cock aren’t you babe? You can’t resist me cock can you baby?” I said as I continued to try to build on her current state.

“Yes! I’m such a whore for your cock. That beautiful wonderful cock that can always make me cum!” Ariel screamed at the top of her lungs as the amount of pleasure that was going throughout her entire body made her swing her head around in lust and pleasure.

Seeing that reaction from Ariel was driving me wild. She had always been vocal during sex but this was a step up from the normal sex that we usually had. Seeing that my cock was making her feel this way was only motivation for me to make her cum harder than I had ever made her cum before. This only made me fuck her harder. The smacking sound from our bodies constantly ramming into each other was very loud and only helped add to the erotic experience that we were both having.

Ariel only made me thrust into her harder as the sounds of her moans and gasps became much louder and more erotic. I slowed down and held her close. In the mirror I could see she had a wonderful smile, I knew she was loving every minute of all this.

“Oh my god Ross. Fuck me baby. Fuck me!” Ariel screamed as I could tell Ariel was starting to get to the point where she was about to orgasm. I slid my dick into her pussy and she moaned again as I continued to fuck her. I loved seeing my dick slide in and out of her while making her feel as good as it did.

I kept a steady pace going and she kept up with the moans and gasps that were making the experience all the more pleasurable. I loved seeing her tits bounce up and down as I pounded into her. I keep going harder and harder until I felt Ariel’s vaginal walls start to close and tighten around my rod.

“Oh God, I’m going to cum! Holy fucking shit I’m coming for you baby!” she cried out as the orgasm took control of her body. I felt her warm fluid spray itself onto my cock as well as her legs. Her body began to jerk as wave after wave of pleasure flowed through her body.

In the reflection of the mirror, I could see Ariel’s eye roll and the rest of her face had the cutest but also weirdest look on her face. She had been having her orgasm for about thirty seconds until her body finally relaxed. I held her again and let her catch her breath.

“Turn around. I want to see those famous tits of yours.” I said as I know that both of us were now focused on getting me to cum since she had just came. Ariel turned round and held up her ginormous tits in her hands for me.

“Is this what you wanted, baby?” she asked as she lowered her voice to sound more sexy.

“I’ve always wanted your tits baby,” I said as I lean into her breasts and began to lick and suck on her nipples. Ariel let out a cute little moan as I switch back and forth between her nipples, giving both of them the amount of pleasure they both deserved.

Ariel grabbed my hair and pulled my head away from her tits as she took them both in her hands. She messaged and jiggled her boobs in front of me, almost torturing me because I want them so badly. Ariel then gave a little smile that I knew she only did when she had an idea.

“You just gave me the best orgasm I have ever had in my entire life and since it’s our anniversary, I’m going to give you want you want. You want to fuck my huge tits baby? Is that what you want?” she said as I was shocked by what she was implying. She had never let me fuck her tits before; she was just never really into it even though I loved it. It was just something we didn’t do, until now.

“Oh fuck yeah I want to fuck those tits.” I said as I held and caressed them in my hands.

“Follow me then,” she said as she grabbed my hand and led us back into the bedroom of the hotel.

She playfully threw herself on the bed. I then got on the bed and climbed up her body. I took my place straddled her belly. As soon as I was ready to go, she pushed her giant fucking tits together, giving me a valley of cleavage that was a thing of pure beauty. Taking a moment to realize this was finally happening; I guided my dick in between her valley of cleavage and proceeded to fuck them.

My dick went in and out of her boobs, appearing and disappearing into her boobs. The way her skin rubbed against my cock felt amazing. Watching as her breasts jiggled all over the place from my dick fucking them was going to make me cum at any moment now. I held on and didn’t orgasm for a couple of minutes but I knew I could not hold on forever. Ariel could tell from the look on my face that I was about to explode.

“Where do you want me to cum baby?” I asked Ariel as I tried to hold on long enough for her to answer.

“I want you to cum on my boobs Ross. Squirt all of that delicious white goo on these tits you love so much.” Ariel screamed out as she readied herself for the moment my cum splashed onto her chest.

She didn’t have to wait long as I could not contain my love for her anymore. I could feel my balls bubbling up until they reached the breaking point. I grunted loudly as I felt the white goo she was craving squirt rope after rope onto her chest. Ariel grabbed onto my cock and jerked out every ounce of cum I had. She took her tongue and licked my balls clean. I collapsed off her and onto my side of the bed from the pleasure.

I looked over at Ariel, who was holding her boobs up in her hands as she proceeded to lick her breasts clean of my sperm. She showed me her tongue full of my sauce before she swallowed it all down. After making sure her mouth was not full of my semen, I kissed her passionately. Ariel turned around so we could spoon like we always did when we fucked.

“This has been a special anniversary huh honey?” I said with a smile on my face.

“Every day is special when I’m with you,” Ariel replied as she gave me a peck on the lips.

“I can’t believe I get to wake up next to you every single morning,” I said in a voice barely above a whisper.

“And I can’t believe I get to go to bed with you every night,” she said in an equally soft voice.

We both fell asleep after that. The rest of our special anniversary week in Hawaii wasn’t like we thought it would be. We thought we would spend a lot of time outside enjoying the beauty of Hawaii, but we spent it inside fucking each other’s brains out for a good majority of it. We didn’t care that we didn’t spend much time out; the time we spent in only made our anniversary trip that much better.

The End.

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