Another Black Cock For Sarah Michelle Gellar

Another Black Cock For Sarah Michelle Gellar


Sarah is a junior in college. She’s never had sex and has only seen three cocks in her life. They were all white and the biggest was 8 inches (her current boyfriend’s). She has always wondered who had the biggest cock on campus. Big cocks turned her on so much. She got so wet watching her boyfriend’s 8 inch cock swell with veins and liked it when his head throbbed in her mouth. She loved sucking on his cock, but they still hadn’t had sex.

Sarah was a petite girl with a ghetto booty. Her ass stuck out rather nicely. Sarah worked
out regularly and had a 15% body fat (20% being the average college girl’s), but her butt stuck out nice and firm. Several black men had asked her out, but she never had the guts to say yes. Plus, she was pretty sure she couldn’t even handle her boyfriend’s 8 inch cock, she couldn’t even take two fingers because she was so tight. She could suck a good dick, though.

Her boyfriend would spend the night a lot and make her cum many times just by eating her out, and by fingering her clit, but she never had a vaginal orgasm. Whenever her boyfriend didn’t spend the night, she would masturbate either with her fingers or with the eight inch black vibrator her boyfriend had bought her. He wanted her to use it to stretch out a little. She wanted to have sex, but she was scared it would hurt too much. Her boyfriend was 19 and she was 20.

She was ready to fuck him. But, on the weekend she wanted to give her self to him, he had to go out of town to a family reunion. She was so worked up and then the bad news came that he wasn’t going to be there. What was she to do? She had thought all week long about that weekend, how she was going to finally get a cock thrusted into her tight puss.

Well, she watched her boyfriend drive off. She was wearing a white thong and a short skirt. The thong was soaking wet with her juice. Her nipples were the hardest they’ve ever been. She sighed and went to her room to get the vibrator. She would stick it inside herself (she’d never done that before) she figured she’d get stretched out a little so that when her boyfriend got back, she’d be able to fuck him with less pain. She lifted up her skirt as she spread open on the bed, aiming the tip of the vibrator at her opening. She had pulled her thong to the side… Then the phone rang. She picked it up.

“Hello?” she said agitated that she had been interrupted.

“Hi, is this Sarah?” It sounded like a black male’s voice.

“Yeah, who is this?” She asked.

“This is Tyrone Jackson, from the basketball team… how you doing?”

Sarah knew who he was. He was the tallest guy on campus. 7′ 3″, he was a giant. She used to play basket ball in high school, so she thought he was cool. She wondered what he wanted?

“So what’s going on?”

“I heard you needed a subject to do your project on so I thought I would give you a call.”

Fuck! She had forgotten that she had to do a skin fold fat percentage test by monday (in two days). “Yeah, that’s right. I guess we could set something up…”

“How about right now?” Tyrone asked. “I got nothing better to do right now.”

Sarah was eager to get back to her session with her vibrator, but she did need to get that project done for her exercise science class. “Okay, can you come over in about twenty minutes?” “Sure,” Tyrone said.

Sarah gave him directions to her apartment.

About twenty minutes later, he showed up at the door. He was wearing a pair of running shorts and a sleeveless shirt. He towered over her 5′ 2″ body. Her eyes were level with his lower stomach.

“Come on in,” she said as he stepped into her apartment.

“Nice toy,” Tyrone said, pointing to her night stand.

How embarrassing! She had forgotten about the eight inch black vibrator. Blushing, she put it away. Tyrone checked her out while she bent over to put the vibrator under her bed. He saw her thong and how wet it was.

“I bet I can get with this bitch,” he thought to himself.

Sarah started administering the skin fold test. She had to get on a chair to measure his chest. There was not a single ounce of fat on his muscular chest. Tyrone begin to get aroused as she measured his body. He begin to feel his cock swell. His boxers weren’t very long under his shorts, he was worried he might hang out.

She had come to the part of the skin fold test where she had to pinch his inner thigh. She was nervous and a little embarrassed. She didn’t even have to bend over to do it. She reached under his shorts, not very far up, and to her surprise, she brushed up against something that felt like an arm. She looked up embarrassed and saw Tyrone smiling. She withdrew her arm from his shorts and out fell the tip of Tyrone’s black dick. It was hanging out of his shorts! Her jaw dropped and with out even knowing it said, “oh my god!” Tyrone liked this. His dick became even longer.

Sarah’s eyes were locked on his veiny tip. She subconsciously looked up and with her look, asked Tyrone if she could see the rest. He gave her the nod. She pulled down his shorts to his ankles and was in awe. Tyrone’s cock hung about nine inches limp. She cupped his big balls, one in each hand, and marveled at the giant snake. She felt her self dripping again. Tyrone could smell it. Sarah ran her small white hands up and down the cock. She giggled as it throbbed and became even bigger. She bent over slightly to get a closer look, Tyrone got so excited that his cock jumped a few inches larger and hit her in the face. Sarah’s cheek had a smudge of precum on it.

She told Tyrone to sit down on her bed. She then opened her mouth as wide as she could, but she could barely put her lips around the beer can thick cock. She could barely get the whole head in. She sucked extremely hard, to her surprise the cock grew even more, to a total of 15 inches. She began gagging and coughed up a little white stuff.

She then grabbed the cock with both hands and rubbed it up in down with the end in her mouth. She paused every now and then to remove an article of clothing until she was totally naked. Tyrone knew he would break her. She was so tight. Sarah kept on sucking away, but Tyrone had enough. He picked her up the underarms, and lowered her onto his rod. At first, her hole was so tight that he did not even penetrate.

She was balancing on his 15 inch monster, so Tyrone began fondling her breasts and nipples. This made Sarah even wetter. She slowly slid down the rod, screaming in pain the whole time. It filled her up. Once the whole thing was in, Sarah was about to have a heart attack. She was breathing so fast, her whole body was red, she couldn’t stop moaning in pain. Tyrone lifted her up and down on his cock, and soon the pain turned into pleasure for Sarah.

When Tyrone noticed that she wasn’t hurting anymore, he put her on her back on the bed, got on her, squeezed her hips together, and thrusted as violently as he could, she screamed so loud that her everyone on her floor and the floor above heard her. She began feeling very good. She had a violent spasm of pleasure that lasted several minutes. After her orgasm, she was worn out. She just laid back breathless. But Tyrone wasn’t done with her.

He flipped her over on her stomach and poked her ass in the air. His cock was covered in her juice, so he figured he had enough lubrication, he rammed his 15 inch cock into Sarah’s tight ass. He grabbed her cheeks with his giant hands and squeezed. Sarah was in shock. She had never felt like that before. It hurt so bad, she could feel every inch. Tyrone grabbed hold of her hair and pulled back on it. She began to like it, though. And soon, she came again. After that, she was pretty much passed out.

Tyrone pulled out, put her on her knees (on the bed), stood up, and made her clean his cock with her tongue. Then he began to feel that old feeling, so he shoved his cock in Sarah’s mouth and stroked off until he released the largest load of his life. Sarah choked and spit out what seemed like gallons of cum.

But Tyrone wasn’t done, he was still shootin’ off. A large wad hit Sarah in the right eye. Another wad shot to her neck and dripped down her breasts. Tyrone’s final blow went into Sarah’s hair. She was completely covered in cum from her breasts up. She didn’t know what to do. She thought it was gross, but loved it too!

Tyrone put on his shorts and left her like that. Sarah sat back and thought about what just happened. She had sex, both vaginal and anal, for the first time, she saw the largest dick she’d probably ever see, and she got drenched in cum. What would she tell her boyfriend when he got back. She still liked him a lot, and he would definitely notice she was loose. She tried to get up to go to the bathroom and wash off, but she couldn’t walk. It hurt way too much.

She crawled to the bathtub and got in. She kept on thinking about Tyrone’s 15 inch cock. She didn’t notice, but she was fingering herself in the bath tub. She figured she’d tell her boyfriend she used the vibrator and that stretched her out. She hoped he would buy it. And he did. So they had sex when he got back. But whenever they have sex, she always thinks about Tyrone and his monstrous cock. She wondered if she would ever see it again. But she knew that she’d been played

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