Another Spice Girls Story

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Another Spice Girls Story
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Mel G was quite amazed at the size of Victoria and David’s new
home. They had certainly gone all out to make sure they had
one of the lavish homes in Brittain. The smallest bedroom was
equal to that considered master bedrooms in most houses.

As Mel made her way through the luxurious house, she came
across what she guessed to be the nursery. It had circus and
animal motif, and besides that it had the crib with Brooklyn
sleeping in it.

She looked in the crib at Brooklyn sleeping peacefully with a
space themed mobile hanging above.

"Aaaaaaw… He’s so cute, but not as cute as my Phoenix!" Mel
thought to herself and chuckled.

Mel started to go around to the other side of the crib, when
she steped on a toy on the floor that made a loud squeeking

"Shit I hope that didn’t wake the baby," She thought to

"Wa, waaaaah!"

"Shhhh, shhh. Go bake to sleep Brooklyn. Please?"


"Shit. I know what’ll put you back to sleep, but you’re not
my kid."

"Wah, wah, waaaaaah!"

"Victoria! Victoria, where are you?" Mel screamed as she
momentarily left the room to see if she cold find her.

"Damn it," Mel said as she walked back into the nursery not
able to find anyone.

"Brooklyn, please go to sleep quickly, I feel awkward doing
this to someone else’s kid."

Mel took her shirt and bra off exposing her breasts, and
picked up Brooklyn. As she placed her nipple to his lips he
started sucking and quieted down.

This went on for about 15 minutes and everytime Mel tried to
remove him from her breast, he started crying again.

"Oooooooh, Brooklyn please go to sleep hon," Mel G said

"He won’t go to sleep after sucking on just anyone’s nipple
Mel," Victoria called from the doorway as she and Emma entered
the room.

"Aww, shit! I’m sorry Tor, but he woke and started crying and
wouldn’t stop."

"It’s alright, sometimes I can’t stand his crying either,"
Victoria said as she opened her blouse to breast feed
Brooklyn. "Besides, right now he’s hungry and won’t drink
anything except my milk."

"Ah… ok then. I’ll go look around the rest of the house
then," Mel said as she started for the nursery door.

"You know Mel —" Emma began.

"Aww shut up Em!" and with that Mel bolted out the door and
down the hall.

As Victoria was sitting in a rocker breast feeding Brooklyn
Emma spoke, "Are you lactating yet Victoria?"

"Yeah Em, why?"

Emma got on her knees next to Victoria and took her free
breast in her hand.

"Well at night after our concerts and shows and stuff, Geri
used to let me suck on her nipples. She could make herself
lactate whenever she wanted to, and she always did it for me.
Her milk tasted so good."

Pinching Victoria’s nipple Emma continued, "Please let me have
your milk."

"Whaaaat!?!?!?!?!" Victoria bolted straight up shocked.

"Please don’t be angry at me, I’m sorry," Emma said looking
down at the floor in a pitiful way.

"Well…….. it’s ok Emma. Just caught me by surprise I

"Really? You mean it?"

"Yes I do Em. The baby seems to be asleep now. Let me put
him down to sleep."

After putting Brooklyn back into his crib and removing her
blouse, Victoria sat back down in the rocker.

"Ok Emma you can start sucking now."

"Oh thank you thank you thank you so much Tor!" Emma squeeled
with delight.

As Emma started sucking on Victoria’s nipple, the idea she was
breast feeding a grown woman, let alone Emma, excited her.
Feeling herself starting to get wet, Victoria reached down
through her shorts and panties and started to carefully finger

Emma feeling Victoria’s sudden excitement reached back and up
her skirt, and pulled her panties down.

Victoria took notice as Emma started to finger herself just
like she had.

"Mmmmmmmm… Em, let’s do this right," Victoria said as she
moved Emma’s head and stood up.

"Do what right Vic?"

Victoria stripped down completely naked.

"This," she said as she resumed fingering herself, "but let’s
go into the next room so we won’t wake the baby."

After Emma completely stripped of her clothes, she took off
after Victoria heading in the room next door which turned out
to be a guest room.

As Emma entered the room, she saw a sight she was more the
delighted to see. Ther lying on the bed was Victoria with her
legs spread wide running her hands up and down her milkly
white thighs.

"You like Em?" Victoria spoke as she ran her fingers through
her thick dark bush and inserted two fingers into her pussy.

"OH GOD YES!" Emma squeeled with delight as she rushed over
jumped on top of Victoria and planted deep lustful kiss on the

"Jesus girl, calm down" Victoria said with a smile as she
directed Emma’s face back towards her breasts.

"Mmmmmm," Emma managed to get out between slurps as she sucked
on Victoria’s nipples taking in her milk.

"I know, I know I like it too hon," Victoria spoke as she
continued to slide her two fingers in and out of herself.
"I’ve got a surprise for you Em."

Emma stopped momentarily to ask, "What’s that Tor?"

"Just get your ass up in the air and you’ll see." Victoria
wickedly smiled.

"Mmmmmmm…kay," Emma murmured as she resumed sucking on
Victoria’s nipple and stuck her behind up in the air.

"Come, come," Victoria moaned as she fingered herself while
Emma sucked the liquids from Victoria’s nipple.

"Mmph!" Emma grunted as she felt a slick shaft of some sort
pentrate her ass.

"What the–" Emma started as turned her head to see it was
Victoria’s husband David who poked her ass.

"Emma just keep sucking please. David fucks me in the ass
whenever we have sex and it feels good. Trust me you’ll like
it. Besides, no more milk for you if you don’t let him."

"Aaaaw, Victoria does I have to let him?"

"Yes you do Emma. Stop being a baby about it."

"Ok fine then, he can fuck me in the ass this once, but no

"Well just see then."

Victoria started to finger herself again as Emma started
sucking on her nipple, and David started to penetrate her anal

Being one to orgasm easily, Victoria could already feel
herself getting really wet and spasmic after only fingering
her hole for 8 minutes.

As David’s cock glided in and out Emma’s rear, Emma started
to suck on as much of Victoria’s breast as she could instead
of just the nipple. As Emma’s lip and tongue action on
Victoria increased so did the pace of Emma’s fingers in her
pussy and Victoria’s fingering.

As Emma’s fingering increased, harder, deeper, she could no
longer hold it in and continued fingering herself as her
juices started flowing some of it dripping on Victoria
dribbling down through her bush to the hole her fingers were
working over.

Victoria’s bucking increased as she felt Emma’s juices enter
her body, and finally Victoria could no longer hold back as
she cummed all over her fingers and the bed.

Harder and harder David banged Emma’s ass, and with one final
powerful thrust he dug his cock deep into her rear as he
busted open spraying his cum all over the inside of Emma butt.
David pulled, and Victoria went to work right away clean all
the cum off of his cock. Emma lapped up the milk that
dribbled from Victoria’s nipples and mixed with her juices
down near her bush.

After cleaning each other up David, Emma, and Victoria cuddle
together for a bit before snoozing off to sleep.

After being caught breast feeding Victoria’s baby, Mel G had
taken off not knowing where in Victoria’s house she was going.
Mel soon found her way to the R and R area with the pool and
sauna. Not having her swimsuit with her or wanting to swim
nude in someone else’s pool, Mel decided to relax for a bit in
the sauna.

As Mel shut the sauna door behind her and wrapped a towel
around her, she noticed Mel C leaning up against the sauna
wall with her eyes closed apparently sleeping. With one swift
motion Mel G snapped her towel in Mel C’s arm startling her
and causing her to fall to floor.

Melanie C’s towel momentarily fell off and she quickly grabbed
it and wrapped it around her waist.

"That wasn’t what I thought it was, was it?" Mel G thought to
herself. "Naw, it couldn’t be, could it?…"

"Hey C let me see that new tatoo you got on your bum."

"Why? You’ve already seen like everyone else."

"Well, I just want to see it again."

"I dont’ think so. It still hurts a bit."

"Uh huh. Well it didn’t hurt enough to keep you from sitting
on it."


"You’re not hiding something are you?"

"NO! I- I’m not hiding anything!"

"Like hell you’re not," Mel G said with a wicked grin as she
planted her lips on Mel’s.

"Mmmm… no Mel stop…" Mel C panted out as she kissed Mel G

Mel G’s lips made their way down her neck to Mel’s breasts
with her tongue tracing the path.

"Mel… really… stop please…" Mel C groaned.

Mel G kissed Mel C’s left breast then her right, all the while
having her tongue trace Mel C’s nipples.

Slowly Mel G’s made there way down Mel ‘s body toward the
magical spot between her legs.

"Mmmmmm…. Please… stop…"

"But why C? You love this."

"But… but…"

Before Mel C knew what was happening, Mel G had stopped
kissing her and ripped the towel from around her waist.

"Oh my god…" Mel G began.

Mel C stood there for a moments in shock at Mel discovering
her secret, then she slowly sat down with her head hung down
low and her face red.

"My god Mel… The rumors had spread about it… but none of
us ever paid any attention…" Mel G said as she gazed upon
Mel C’s cock.

"Oh my god… I think I’m going to be sick…" Mel C moaned as
she hid her face in hands.

"Jeez C," it’s not a big deal. "I won’t tell anyone."

Mel briefly looked up, "Really?"

"Yeah really, just one thing though."

"What’s that Mel?"

"Spread your legs."

"Um… ok… like these?" Mel C said as she spread her legs
wide open leaving her cock dangling about.

"Perfect baby…" Mel G softly said as she took Mel C’s cock
in her hand slowly rubbing her hand up and down the shaft.
"My my, you get better and better C," Mel said as she saw that
Mel C had as pussy as well after moving her cock around. "So
that’s where you hid it."

"Mmmm… Yeah…." Mel C moaned out as Mel G continued to run
her hand up and down her cock.

Slowly, Mel G took Mel C’s cock into her taking one inch, then
another, then another, until finally she she had all 6" of
Mel’s rod in her mouth.

As Mel G’s head bobbed up and down on the stiff erection, she
inserted two fingers into Mel’s cunt and started fingering

"Ooooh gooooood!!!" Mel C moaned. "I’ve always had or the
other stimulated but never both at the same tiiiiiime!!

As Mel G’s pace quickened, Mel C started to buck her hips
towards Mel’s face.

Faster and harder Mel sucked on Mel C’s cock, and deeper her
fingers went inside her pussy.

"Mmmm! Mmmm! Mmph!" Mel moaned as her bucking increased and
her cock dove deeper in Mel’s mouth.

"Oh god! Oh god! Oh god!" Mel C yelled as she pulled her cock
of out Mel G’s mouth and started jacking it off, most of the
cum splattering on Mel G’s face as it spurted out.

"Yummy!" Mel G claimed as she started lap up the cum off of
Mel C’s cock and continued to finger her cunt.

"Oh! Oh! Oh god yeah!" Mel C screamed as Mel G continued to
finger her. "I’m fixing to cum again!"

Mel G removed her fingers and started to run her tongue all
over Mel C’s cunt, poking it in and out of her.

"Mmmmm! OH GOD YEAH!" Mel C screamed as her pussy now started

Mel G’s mouth completely covered Mel C’s hole as her juices
started flooding out, and Mel G took every drop in.

As the two got dressed after they had cleaned up, Mel C spoke.

"Please promise you won’t tell Mel."

"Damn it girl. I won’t tell anyone anything C."

"Tell anyone what?" Emma’s voice came from behind them.

"Uh… nothing…" Mel C said.

With a smirk on her face Emma said, "If you’re talking about
the fact that you have both a cock and pussy, me and Victoria
already know."

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