Anthea And Katy Get cracking

Anthea and Katy get cracking
by scarab

A bit harder, usual disclaimers- never happened, never would, total fantasy,
don’t sell to children etc.

On a quiet Sunday when they were supposed to be rehearsing for a TV special, the
two ex-Blue Peter presenters Anthea Turner and Katy Hill locked the studio doors
and began their real games. They had been drinking a bottle of wine at
lunchtime, and their fantasies spilled out as the wine sunk home… such as Katy
Hill’s secret fantasies of being used, degraded – things which she could never
tell her new husband.
don’t know how to say it." Katy muttered, red-faced, "But some part of me
to be made to, you know – do things. To be used, without any choice." She hugged
her knees, her stockinged toes pressed against Anthea’s as they sat in an alcove
off the studio. "I’m being forced to do the dirtiest things, in these dreams I
have, being prodded and poked and used… and, well, sometimes you’re in these
dreams, Anth." she added, blushing." Anthea raised her eyebrows in amusement.
Katy shuddered and looked up. "It makes me feel all funny just talking about
"Do you… " Anthea cupped her hands under her own neat breasts, feeling their
weight, thumbing her erect nipples through the thin cotton. God, she felt
"Do you… ever want to actually do some of these things, in real life?" There
was a long pause, and then Katy nodded uncertainly.
Anthea Turner’s dominating streak was going wild at this – here was a perfect
opportunity to show her darker side.
And as the fantasies came tumbling out again, Katy hesitantly admitted that she
would like to pretend to be Anthea’s dog, an obedient bitch.
"I know that’s just too pervy, of course." Katy added, blushing.
"Dreams can come true, you know." purred Anthea…
It was inevitable. The week after, when the set had been cleared, the girls
finally prepared to indulge themselves, the excitement heightened by the risk of
doing it on the set. That afternoon they had been to a pet shop and bought,
between fits of whispers and giggles, a collar and leash. Trembling with
excitement, Katy Hill began to strip off her clothes, peeling down her jeans and
her little white panties, scrabbling out of her t-shirt. It was chilly, and as
Katy stripped naked, Anthea was fingering the leash, dressed herself in a tight
black miniskirt, black tights, high heeled ankle boots and her little black
bolero jacket, just as she might when taking the dog for a walk in the park.
"Are you ready?" she asked Katy excitedly, and got a nervous nod in reply. The
dark haired girl took off her watch, and totally naked, Katy got down onto all
fours in the middle of the studio floor, as if she were really an animal. Anthea
strode over in her high heels, clicking as she walked and swayed her hips, and
slid the collar round Katy’s neck, a tight ring of
studded black leather strapped around Katy’s slim pale neck. Katy whined like an
animal, and Anthea, biting her lower lip in excitement, clipped the leash onto
the collar. She
stood up, and now she had a naked girl on the end of the leash, Katy crouched
there with
her bare bottom sticking up in the air, her breasts hanging down and her fingers
and toes
flexing against the concrete floor.
"Come on, pretty little bitch!" said Anthea giggling, and tugged at the leash,
the collar digging into Katy’s neck. She walked around the studio, leading the
naked brunette on all fours. This was a game they were going to play all the
way, and Katy was shivering more
from anticipation than the fact that she was naked in the chilly studio. Anthea
dragged her
once around the big empty studio, wiggling her hips, her heels clicking on the
concrete, and
then tugged Katy to a halt. Katy looked up, but Anthea showed no recognition.
She tugged
harder on the lead, the leather collar biting into Katy’s neck, really acting
the hard mistress.
"You know what you’ve got to do!" Anthea demanded. "I’m not messing around here
all day, you know!" Katy, uncertain but wanting to keep in the game, leaned back
crouched on the floor, her bare feet flat against the rought concrete.
"No, no no!" snapped Anthea. She slapped Katy’s face hard and pushed down on
her bare shoulders, forced her back onto all fours. "Get on with it!" The
astonished Katy
parted her legs slightly, shoving her bottom up. She bit at her lower lip, and
with her grey eyes wide, concentrated. Then she gasped, and wet herself, Katy
Hill naked on the end of a
leash with urine spraying from between her tanned thighs. It squirted
everywhere, her pee
running down the insides of her legs and going all over her feet, warm and sweet
Katy just let go, and her piss streamed out until it was all around her feet and
knees in a
clear pool.
Anthea, trying not to tremble with the thrill of this, just tugged at the leash,
the leather
biting deep into Katy’s neck. There would be many games to come yet…
And so secretly, day by day, the two slipped into strange dark shops and bought
the gear they wanted, leathers and rubber and spiked things, leashes and straps,
until they were ready to go further. Katy could think of nothing else but her
delicious humiliation, and Anthea her mistress, her beautiful blonde mistress.
When they next met again in the darkened studio, Katy was shaking even before
anything happened. Anthea, her perfect body sheathed in a black lycra catsuit,
black high heeled lace-up boots and her bolero jacket, leant back against the
metal scaffolding and watched as Katy took off her jeans, her socks, knickers,
and threw them down around her.
Katy was now stark naked, her firm, tanned body slick with sweat. She gulped
nervously, and from her shoulder bag took out what Anthea was making her wear.
The spiked collar of black leather she buckled around her neck too tightly, the
shiny spikes sharp and gleaming. The tall blonde nodded approvingly, and Katy
took the spiked belt out, putting it round her waist and pulling at the cinch
until it cut into her firm tummy. Bands of cold steel with rings and screws on
went on her erect nipples, and she winced as she turned the screws until they
were firmly in place, to be attached then to two chains by the rings. The chains
clipped to the spiked belt, but were so short that any movement tugged painfully
on her breasts, her nipples becoming purple and engorged over the screws. She
took a deep breath.
Iron shackles locked around her bare ankles, around her wrists, cutting into her
skin. Katy, almost too nervous able to go on, managed to strap the gag around
her mouth and cinch it tight at the back of her neck. Naked except for these
chains and shackles, Katy knelt painfully and submitted to Anthea taking up the
chains which were to shackle her for her mistress’s will, to use her as she
wished, however wicked or cruel Anthea’s desires might be. This was the pact –
Anthea was utter mistress over Katy, and could, should, inflict punishment on
the girl’s tanned shivering naked body as she
"Here!" Anthea snapped, and with chains clamped to the painful iron shackles
around Katy’s wrists, Anthea bolted one chain to part of the studio scaffolding,
then walked to
one side and bolted the other chain onto the heavy metal structure, their spread
Katy’s arms wide apart until the bands cut into her wrists painfully.
Thus chained, Katy knelt there with her arms forced wide open and well above her
head. The leather gag was almost choking her, as was the tight collar around her
strong neck, and the pain of the chains dragging on her nipples was intense, a
hot flood which made her soft breasts ache until she wanted to cry out.
Helpless, she watched as Anthea pulled out the whip they had bought together,
over whose knotted length they had murmured and wondered.
Anthea stood up and walked over, her hips swaying and her exquisite body shown
fantastically in the clinging, skin- tight black lycra. The thin material cut
into Anthea’s pubes,
the peach of her split mound so swollen, the material at her crotch dark and
glistening wet
with her own excitement. She bent over and licked Katy’s face, her hot sweet
breath on the
bound girl’s cheeks, her pink tongue probing Katy’s ears, her nostrils, around
her wide eyes.
Then Anthea took hold of the breast chains and yanked down harshly, Katy’s
purple nipples
stretching until Katy thought she would faint and tiny drops of bright red blood
trickled from
around the cutting steel bands, spattering the floor. Anthea rubbed her own damp
and stared at the dark-haired girl’s firm round buttocks, peering so that she
could see
Katy’s clenched little anus.
"Oh, yesss!" she muttered, and suddenly drew back, swinging the whip and
down at that perfect round bottom, the knoted leather of the whip cutting into
the firm
flesh – twice, three times, raised red weals marking where it had landed. Each
time Katy
shuddered and jerked to the impact of the blows, each spasm echoed by a pain in
belly where the rod twisted inside her.
"Yes yes!" moaned Anthea excitedly, and lashed out again, whipping the helpless
girl’s bare bottom eagerly. "Yes, darling!"
Anthea shrieked, so overcome by what she was doing that she was hardly able to
control herself. She moaned and fingered her aching slit through her catsuit –
Katy was
hers, to do whatever she wished, anything – the thought swelled inside her, and
she lashed out more wildly, whipping Katy’s bare backside in a fury, whipping
the naked girl at her feet as if this had been what she had wanted all her life.

Again and again she lashed out, faster and more violently – Anthea was really
getting off on this, delighting in every shudder that went through the girl’s
chained body as the whip, now sticky with blood, slashed into the bronzed skin.
"Unhhhh!" Katy bit at her gag, grey eyes rolling wildly under the blows, again
and again, thrashing but unable to get away, her arms nearly pulled out of their
sockets by the shackles. Blood ran from the deep cuts in her buttocks and thighs
where the whip had practically flayed the skin away in long, dripping weals.
Even so, it was clear that Katy wanted more…
Anthea dropped the whip, and tore at her black lycra catsuit, ripping the thin
as she exposed her own breasts, her belly in desperate excitement. Her
fingernails ripped through the lycra, showing her blonde mound and the pink,
swollen furls of her pussy lips, the engorged red button of her clitoris.
Anthea’s round, tanned bottom was bare, and she dug her
fingernails into her own buttocks until it hurt, squeezing and groping her own
"Ooooh yes!" Anthea moaned, and half-naked she reached to lengthen but not undo
some of the restraints. The chains jangled and twisted together as Anthea
grabbed Katy by the ankles and forced her round until Katy was on her lacerated
backside, legs apart and slit gaping. The blonde stared at the wet trickle
between Katy’s labia, the arousal she saw there, and then looked into Katy’s
"Whip me down there." Katy whimpered, her gag half chewed through. She tried to
shuffle forward on her lacerated bottom, spreading her legs even further so that
the wet red
tunnel to her vagina was clearly visible.
"Whip me there, you must! Please…." Katy mumbled through the remains of the
"But…" Even Anthea hesitated for a moment at this idea.
"Yes, hurt me!" Katy pleaded. "Make it hurt, make it lovely…" She thrust her
hips up again, straining to display her wet gaping slit, and Anthea Turner
couldn’t stop herself. Crazed at the sight of the moaning, insistent girl at her
feet, she grabbed the whip in sweat-slick hands and with a wild flourish around
her head, brought it cracking down on Katy’s completely exposed cunt. Katy’s
hips lifted towards the blow, her strong thighs spread so far her hips were
almost dislocated. Anthea was shocked, aroused, as Katy was clearly thrusting
her crotch upwards towards Anthea to actually welcome the lash.
"Harder!!" Katy squealed, and thrust again so that when the knotted leather hit
it sliced right into her gaping cunt, the length of the whip cutting into Katy
from her open hole to between her small firm breasts. Katy screamed
uncontrollably, an incoherent shriek as her
whole naked body danced off the ground for a moment, a thrashing mad dance of
pain and pleasure, and she collapsed back to the floor. A huge angry weal had
appeared on her flesh where the whip had fallen, and then Anthea struck again,
the stiff knotted end of the lash cutting into Katy’s wet cunt and hitting her
engorged clitoris and labia directly.
"Aahhhhh!" Katy jerked, her back arching impossibly and her head grazing against
the concrete. Her bare heels drummed the floor in a frenzy, and she spasmed from
head to foot, orgasming under the exquisite, unbelievable pain. "Ah Ah Ah Ah
Anthea, whip flailing around her ankles and lips drawn back from her white teeth
in a lustful grin, stared at the swollen abused orifice of Katy’s cunt, Katy’s
clitoris a throbbing, purple nub.
"Uhhh more, please Anthea, more…" Katy whimpered, and the tall wild blonde
laid into her, whip cracking and flailing as it cut between Katy’s legs, lashing
again and again at the helpless girl’s genitals until Katy writhed and screamed
on the floor, blood running
from her torn wrists and nipples.
At last, unable to hold on, Anthea collapsed to her knees and began to
masturbate furiously with the whip handle, forcing the thick sweaty leather
handle up her own cunt and jerking her hips as she rode it, moaning and gasping,
grinding her hips forward and the handle further up into her cunt, staring at
the thrashing body of her beautiful girlfriend as massive orgasms possessed them

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