Anything For Love

Title: Anything For Love

Author: Tori

Celebs: Selena Gomez

Codes: MF, oral, anal, rough

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.


Selena Gomez thought she’d been in love before but this time was different.  This time she knew what love was.  The man she’d been seeing for several weeks was nothing like the other men she’d dated.  He was wealthy, well educated and made love to her as no other man had ever done before.  His 12 inch cock was long but not so fat that she couldn’t take it in all her holes, including her ass.  In fact, she’d never enjoyed anal sex before but now, every time he sodomized her, she came so hard she had passed out several times.

The two had just finished a delicious dinner and were having wine on the couch when David handed her a box.  “For you my love.” he said.  Selena opened it and found and solid gold collar that was about an inch wide.  She looked at it for a second and said, “It’s beautiful.  Thank you.”  David took it from her tiny hand and placed it around her neck.  Once in place, he used the key that came with it and locked it in place.  After putting the key in his pocket, he said, “Now you belong to me and only me.  No other man shall have you lest I say so.  Understand?”  Selena looked in his eyes and said, “Yes, I understand.  I’m yours and only yours.  I love you so much.”  She leaned in and kissed him.  He returned the kiss and held her close as they made out for several long minutes.  The two broke off their embrace and then David took her hand and led her into the bedroom.  He undressed the gorgeous Latina and laid her gently on the bed wearing nothing but the collar.  As he took off his clothes, Selena licked her lips at the sight of his big hard cock, anticipating a long night of orgasms for her and for him.

The next morning, David woke up, got out of bed and looked down at his sleeping beauty.  He woke Selena up by sliding his hard cock between her lips.  When she opened her eyes, he grabbed her by the hair and shoved his cock down her throat.  Selena choked and coughed and started to turn red until he finally released her.  He allowed her to catch her breath and then shoved his cock back into her throat.  David faced fucked her for several minutes before pulling out and covering her face with rope after rope of hot cum.  After wiping his filthy cock off in her hair, he pulled her off the bed and said, “Get cleaned up.  You look like shit.”  Selena was still shocked from getting throated by him and when she started to speak, he slapped her across the face and said, “Who owns you?”  When she didn’t answer, he slapped her again, harder and said, “Who owns you bitch?”  Selena started to cry and said, “You do.”  He slapped her again and said, “What?  I didn’t hear you.”  She looked up at him, touching her cheek and yelled, “YOU DO!  You own me.”  David stepped back and said, “Remember that.  Now, do what I said and be quick about it.”

After she showered and fixed her hair and makeup, Selena put on a pair of slacks and a blouse.  When she walked out to the living room, David stopped her and said, “No one told you to get dressed, did they slut?”  Selena looked down and said, “No David.  I’m sorry.”  David stood up and walked over to her and said, “Look at me bitch.”  She looked up and as she did, he ripped open her blouse and said, “Now, go back in there and take that shit off.  I’ll tell you when to dress and what to wear from now on.  Understand bitch?”  Selena looked up and him and said, “Yes David.  I understand.”  She turned to walk back to the bedroom when David said, “Who owns you bitch?”  Selena stopped and turned around and said, “You own me David.  Only you.”  David smiled as she went back into the bedroom.  A few minutes later she returned, completely naked.  David pointed to the floor and said, “Kneel before me bitch.”  Selena dropped to her knees and looked up at him.

David reached down and gently stroked her long brown hair and said, “You truly are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known.”  Selena looked into his eyes and said, “Thank you David.  I love you so much.”  David stroked her cheek and said, “I love you too but the sooner you learn what you are the better things will be for you.”  Selena kissed his hand and said, “What am I David?”  He slowly unbuckled his trousers and pulled out his cock and said, “You’re my whore.  Now start sucking.”  Selena reached out to take hold of his cock when David said, “Hands behind your back.  Only use your mouth bitch.”  Selena pulled her hand away and did as she was told, leaning in and taking his long cock into her mouth.  She quickly started bobbing up and down on his cock, coating it with her saliva and gagging as she took more and more down her throat.  After several minutes he said, “Stand up and turn around.”

Selena stood up and turned around.  David pulled his trousers off and said, “Sit.”  Selena started to sit and felt him rub his cock against her asshole.  She slowly impaled herself on his 12 inch shaft and when he was balls deep in her ass, he grabbed her by her thighs, spread her legs wide and began to slam her ass up and down on his cock.  Selena leaned back against him and let him fuck her, grunting and moaning each time his cock slammed into her.  He would pull her off and then shove his cock back into her gaping hole.  He did this several times before Selena started to cum and squirted massive amounts of her juices out of her pussy.  He stood up with his cock still buried deep in her ass and turned her around, setting her on the couch on her hands and knees.  David power fucked the Latina singer for several more minutes before finally filling her ass with his load.  When he pulled out, he said, “Clean up your mess.”  As Selena took him in her mouth and finished sucking the cum from his drained balls, David sat back and said, “From now on, you fuck where I want, who I want and when I want.”  Selena laid her head on his stomach and said, “I’ll do whatever you want.”  She didn’t see the smile on his face.  He knew he had her just where he wanted her.

Selena spent the day naked, servicing David’s cock whenever he wanted her too.  That evening, he had her get ready for dinner.  After a warm soothing shower, David had her dress is a tight black spaghetti strapped evening dress and heels.  She wasn’t allowed to wear any lingerie and as they drove to the restaurant, David fingered her sopping wet pussy making her cum several times before sucking her wetness from his fingers.  Inside the restaurant, they dined in a private dining room alone.  The only other people that came in were the manager and waiter.  After they finished their dinner, the waiter came in and asked if they would be having dessert.  David politely declined and then said, “Selena, you should thank this gentleman for his impeccable service.  She looked up at him and smiled.  “Thank you so much.  The dinner was delicious.”  David took her hand and said, “No, I said to thank him.  Now thank him properly.”

Selena looked at him and nodded.  She turned to the waiter and said, “I’m so sorry.  Please forgive me.”  Without saying another word, the former Disney starlet dropped to her knees and took out the waiter’s cock.  David sat back and sipped his champagne as he watched her slip the straps of her dress off her shoulders and take the waiter into her mouth.  The waiter looked at David and then down at Selena and said, “Holy Fuck!  I can’t believe Selena Gomez is sucking my cock.”  David chuckled and said, “She is amazing, isn’t she?”  The waiter could only nod as the brunette beauty devoured him.  Selena held his cock up and sucked on his heavy balls, taking one and then the other into her mouth.  She licked up and down the shaft before finally taking him deep into her throat.  The waiter was slowly moving his hips, fucking her mouth as she sucked on him.  Suddenly, the waiter grunted and said “Shit, I’m cumming.”  Selena pulled off, opened her mouth and took his cum.  When he finished, she used her fingers to scoop the cum from her breasts and lick them clean.  The waiter was still breathing heavy as he put his cock back into his trousers and helped Selena back into her seat.  David reached over and stroked Selena’s hair and said, “That was wonderful my love.  You made me proud.”

After they left the restaurant, Selena looked over at David and said, “Are we going home now?”  David simply shook his head and said, “No.”  Selena turned to look out her window as a tear ran down her cheek.  She didn’t know what he had in mind.  She was confused.  She should be humiliated after what she’d done at the restaurant but actually, she was very turned on, so turned in fact that she didn’t even realize that as she looked out the window her fingers had found their way to her pussy.  When they arrived at their destination, David took her hand and led her into the large house.  “Remove that dress but keep the heels on.  They make your legs look fantastic.”  Selena quickly took off her dress and handed it to David.  He told her to wait.  A few minutes later, David came back accompanied by an older woman dressed in lingerie.  She looked at Selena and said, “I’ll say this about you David, you certainly do have exquisite taste.”  David took Selena’s hand and said, “This is Rachel.  She’ll be arranging your dates for you.  Do what she tells you to do, understand?”  Selena nodded and said, “But, I thought….”  David slapped her face and said, “What?  Were you going to say something bitch?”  Selena looked down and said, “No David.  I’m sorry.  I’ll do whatever you ask.”  David kissed her cheek and then whispered in her ear, “Who owns you bitch?”  Selena pressed her cheek against his and said softly, “You do David.  You own me.”


To Be Continued…..

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