Apology With Anal

Title: Apology With Anal

Author: The Chemist

Celebs: Alison Brie

Codes: MF, anal, oral, rim

Summary:  Alison Brie wants to clear up her only past relationship that ended badly before her wedding.

Disclaimer:  This is an act of fiction. I do not know Alison Brie at all and this scenario did not actually occur. I make no money from this story.

“Ok Alison, you are gonna have to repeat that back to me,” her friend asked for clarification.

“It’s exactly as I said,” Alison Brie, Community star turned movie actress explained. “I’m getting married soon and it’s a superstition that the marriage is bound to fail unless you properly atone for past relationships.”

“Right, but you’ve had a lot of boyfriends. I mean, like, a lot,” the friend on the other end of the phone replied.

Alison had never been shy, especially with her friends, about sharing her sexual exploits. Before finally settling down last year and getting engaged, Alison Brie had quite the reputation around Hollywood for being an easy lay. She didn’t mind the reputation, after all she earned it, as she was a woman who loved sex and wasn’t afraid to go looking for it.

“Well thanks for that, calling me a slut and all,” Alison laughed, not upset in the slightest. “And though you are right, I’ve only had one that ended really poorly.”

“Ah, Donald,” the friend recalled.

“Yup. It’s gonna be rough, I know he’s still pissed at me,” Alison admitted.

“Can you blame him?”

Alison couldn’t disagree with the other girl. While they were still a couple, Alison had been unfaithful…and in a big way. Not only did she sleep with Donald’s best friend and brother in the same evening, she also hooked up with the man’s sister during a family Christmas dinner. The Community star couldn’t help herself, it was an attractive family and they all made their affections known to Ali…and she was a sucker for being wanted.

“No, I guess now,” the brunette agreed.

“Just make sure to wear something nice, even bordering on sexy,” her friend said.

“Really? Why?”

“It’ll help him identify you as an object, albeit a sexual one, that was lost, rather than as a person. You can spend your life with a person, but an object is just that,” she explained to Alison.

“No problem. I’ve objectified myself for a lot less,” the actress commented, making them both laugh.

“So that means airing out the girls,” she added, drawing more giggles.

*          *          *

Donald woke up to another day in which he didn’t have to be anywhere. It had been a week since he was let go from his latest job, another grunt shift in a warehouse. Walking out into his messy living room in his boxers and t-shirt, he played the voicemail that had been left on his cell from the previous night.

“Hey Don, it’s me Manny. My bad that I can’t be there tonight to get the key to the apartment but just leave it in the lockbox I left with you and attach to the front door. The place looked good yesterday so I won’t need to check it out again, just swing by my office sometime and pick up your cash damage deposit. Alright, that’s all.”


“Who the hell would that be this early,” he said, the clock reading 10 a.m.

“Hi Donald,” Alison said, standing in his doorway.

A plethora of emotion flowed through the tall man’s mind at the image of his ex in the flash. The primary one being anger, or rage, well a combination of the two. Donald hated this woman, she had curb-stomped his heart and didn’t seem to care about it. And now, almost 3 years later, she was back to torment him, but sadly he still couldn’t help but note how hot she was.

“Alison. It’s been awhile,” he said with neutral tone and a mask on his face.

He had a thought of slapping the gorgeous actress across her smug yet adorable face and slamming the door. He immediately ruled that option out, he didn’t hit woman…though he wasn’t opposed to spanking them. He thought maybe to tell her off, swear her up and down, tell her to hit the road and never come here again.

He hadn’t realized that whole seconds had passed and a vacant look was plastered on his face until her heard Alison speak again. “Earth to Donald. Can I come in?”

Donald snapped back to the present and listened to her question. Still wanting to tell her to fuck off, sadly he was a polite boy for Minnesota so he rolled his eyes and walked back inside his house. Alison half expected the normally mild-mannered boy to close the door behind him, however he left it open and she followed him inside.

“Wow. The place looks…different,” she noted as they walked to the living room.

And by different, that was Alison’s attempt at being nice. Unbeknownst to her, her ex-boyfriend was moving out tomorrow so stopped caring about the state of the apartment. As such, there was garbage not in the can, clothes draped over the furniture and used dishes on most surfaces.

It was as she went to have a seat on the cleanest portion of the sofa that she caught her ex finally check her out. His anger with her had blinded him thus far, but in the outfit she wore, it could only last so long. A short, tight fitting dress hug her every curve, making her petite ass look bigger and more rounded. Meanwhile it was low-cut enough to show off ample amount of her cleavage as her large tits threatened to spill out with any movement. Ankle boots with a heel and an opened leather jacket rounded out the look that would have made any man hard and any women wet.

“What do you want Alison,” he asked.

“Listen Donald, I came here to say I’m sorry to you…”

“To say you’re sorry? For what? Fucking my brother? Or my sister? Possibly? Or giving my dad a blowjob in his car after his and my mother’s 25th anniversary? You suddenly grow a conscience?”

Alison couldn’t believe how she had forgotten that last deed, especially since his dad was well hung and his cum tasted nice a sweet. She really was a different person back then compared to the woman she was now.

“I was in a bad place back then with my sex addiction going unchecked. Then there was the copious amounts of drinking and drugs that didn’t help either,” the brunette explained. “I really am sorry for all that stuff.”

“Let me guess, found a higher power? Need my forgiveness to move ahead to the next of the steps,” Donald inquired, anger creeping into his voice.

“Oh come on Donald, I’m trying to apologize here,” Alison huffed, frustrated it wasn’t going as planned.

“I don’t give a fuck about making you feel less guilty for completely ruining my life.”

“Look! I said I’m sorry. I need you to forgive me and then I’m out of your life for good,” she explained. “We both get to close the book on this shitty chapter in both our lives.”

Alison was really mad at this point as well, stomping up off the sofa in her rage. Most people didn’t know that the angelic-faced girl who still looked cute and adorable despite being 33-years-old, had a fierce temper. Of course, Donald knew this, after all she had fucked half his family as punishment for simple arguments during their relationship.

“Alright, you wanna apologize, do it like you mean it,” Donald told her, raising from the sofa too. “I want you to get on your fucking knees and do it.”

“Ugh,” Alison groaned. “Are you fucking serious?”

“Get on your Goddamn knees. Want me to take the apology? Then do it,” the angry man demanded.

“You’re really acting like a child,” Alison said, making a production as she knelt on the ground a good 10 feet away.

“Don’t forget, aren’t you suppose to say something?”

“Ugh…I’m sorry Donald…”

“Stop,” he interrupted her dramatic and not sincere apology immediately. “Crawl over here on your hands and knees and beg me.”

Alison was done questioning him or arguing against his ridiculous and demeaning attitude. So rather than hulk out, she swallowed some pride and did as he asked by leaning forward and crawling over to him. Again, she caught him openly leering at her breasts, as he had a perfect bird’s-eye view to look down her top.

Propping herself on her knees, she star him in the eyes with her big blues. “I’m sorry Donald,” Alison started, but seeing the look on his face and the way he had fallen since their break-up made something twist inside her brain.

“Keep going,” he prompted, loving every second of her degradation.

“I’m sorry that you are such a fucking loser,” the brunette blurted out. “That you let your life go to shit over a girl. I’m sorry that you couldn’t handle me then, or now. I’m sorry that I didn’t wake up and leave your pathetic ass earlier.”

Rather than have her words sting and injury his pride, like they used to, something snapped in the mild-mannered man. Reaching down, he grabbed the movie star under her arms and in one motion he was seated on his sofa with Alison Brie draped over his knee. Running on her adrenalin, Donald lifted her tight mini-dress up onto her midback, reared back his hand then brought it down.


“About time you grew some fucking balls,” the crazed woman commented.

Alison was still feeling the stinging pain as it spread across both cheeks as she looked up sneering at the man. Surprised but not deterred by her attitude, Donald produced another 4 spanks to her ass, two per side, lifting his hand high enough to know it would sting. The noise vibrated off his walls, as did the Community star’s moans.

“Apologize again!”

“I’m sorry…I’m sorry,” Alison said more convincingly, though still playing along.

“You know, you still have a nice tight ass Ali,” the tall man told her, now rubbing her pale flesh. “I’ve always said you have a vastly underrated booty. Don’t stop apologizing though.”

“Fine. I’m sorry that you never learned how to fuck me the right way,” Alison spat, pushing his buttons.

The shade of her sore ass perfectly matched the color of her dark red thong that was wedged between her cheeks. She was sore, especially since her latest insult had made Donald go back to tanning her hide with his repeated slaps. His hand was also starting to ache but he didn’t care, it was worth it to teach her a lesson.

“You’re gonna have to earn my forgiveness,” he said.

As Alison was about to ask how, Donald sprang into action. He dropped to his knees and got behind the actress while roughly moving her so that her pillowy tits were resting on the sofa. Of course he plopped her down on the dirtiest section he could find, her gorgeous face actually splatting against a piece of pizza before she flung it to the floor.

Alison couldn’t help but smile broadly as she felt her ex dig her red thong from between her sore cheeks and pull them her legs. She was still resting on her knees so he left them there before burying his face in between her lovely ass.

“Mhmmm…yes,” she moaned as his tongue plunged deep into her pussy.

There was no technique being employed, instead it was just the pissed off guy cramming his tongue as deep into his ex’s twat as he could. It felt glorious for Donald to be back with Alison, though this time there was none of the warm, fuzzy feelings he used to have for the two-timing whore.

Normally he took his time, liked her slit and hole with practice precision so that he knew she would enjoy it. This time, the grieving man didn’t care if Alison liked what he was doing, he was running on pure instincts. Truthfully, as his tongue swirled inside her gushing cunt, he loved the feel of her soft ass as it pressed into his face.

“God, the devil did make you taste good,” Donald spat as he surfaced for air. “Now hold that ass open for me.”

He was going to go back and taste more of her sweet juices, but as she pulled her cheeks apart and showed off her adorable butthole, another idea hit him. He went back down but this time aimed higher so that he had his tongue pressing firmly against her asshole. Like he hoped, the sphincter gave way, allowing him to explore her puckered hole.

“Mmm…awwhhh,” Alison moaned. “Yes! Lick my ass.”

Donald was almost caught off guard by Alison’s extremely positive reaction to him rimming her backdoor. He had never done it with her when they were dating, plus his experience with other girls was that they tended to protect their butthole during sex at all costs, almost like the damn thing was in witness protection but his ex apparently didn’t hold such reservations.

He continued to press his luck by moving on from simply licking over top of her hole to actually trying to force his tongue into her kester. He felt her sphincter give slightly but Alison clearly had the same thought so she pulled her cheeks even further apart. This was the key to properly rimming her hole as she now gaped wide enough to worm his tongue inside and have enough space to lick and explore the beginning of her rectum.

“Oh shit,” Alison shrieked in bliss, catching herself before calling out the wrong man’s name.

Again, Donald progressed quickly from gentle licking to actually tongue fucking her tight little ass. Just like her pussy, her natural taste was pleasant, and he found his cock throbbing as he was so excited. He needed to do something about it and unlike when they were dating, he didn’t care about her getting off first.

“You’re actually close to cumming, aren’t you,” he asked, still possessing a thorough knowledge of her body language.

He couldn’t believe that his first time performing a rim job in years was going to actually bring a woman to orgasm. Then again, Alison Brie was far from just any girl. While still exploring the depths of her bowels, he snaked one hand under her hips and found her clit. Just like before, rubbing her sensitive nub started to do the trick immediately.

“Sooo…close,” Alison announced.

With his tongue still slipping around inside her butthole, Donald took his hand that had found it’s way back up to her large chest and brought it close to his mouth. Taking a brief break from licking her ass, he wet his index and middle finger and spat a lot of saliva onto them. Taking them out of his mouth he pressed them together to make them as small as possible then slide them up into Alison’s anus with little effort.

“Mmmhmm yeah…more of that,” she panted.

With his two fingers now fully inserted up to the big knuckle, the horny man spread the digits as far apart as he could to make within her rectum. Now as he pistoned his fingers within her ass it caused her to gape far enough for him to simultaneous lick inside her bowels at the same time he fingered her ass. However, right as she was seconds away from her climax, Donald stopped what he was doing completely and took his hands away from her.

“What the fuck,” Alison swore, looking at him with a look that could melt ice.

“No orgasm for cheating sluts,” Donald told her with just as much resolve.

“Asshole,” she muttered, sinking her face back into the sofa to hide her disappointment.

“How come you never took me in your tight little ass,” Donald questioned.

“That’s exactly why, and you know that. You have a freakishly massive cock and there is no way it’ll fit,” Alison explained to him again for the unteenth time. However, as she looked into his eyes and noticed the look in his eyes, she instantly understood why he was asking. She cursed herself for being such a superstitious future bride before speaking to him. “Fine.”

“Say it,” he demanded, wanting to further degrade her.


“Nope. Going dry,” Donald answered pointedly. “And you know that’s not that I wanted to hear.”

“Ugh. Please Donald, fuck my tiny ass with your big cock,” Alison gave in.

“Like you mean it,” he urged with a thunderous spank.

“I want you to fuck my ass,” she said, this time with that slutiness he knew. “Get that dick in my asshole!”

Donald’s nice guy persona was starting to bleed through as he felt bad for not offering her lube. She already had a good amount of saliva coating her anal entrance from his rimming, but he added more by spitting right onto her sphincter. Alison had a similar idea by spitting on her own hand before rubbing it around his tip, preparing him for his first time in her booty.

Alison needed his acceptance even if it meant his monster cock going in her ass so she didn’t put up a fight about being sodomized. With Donald in full of control of her petite body, the passionate man his hand back to her hip to have one on either side of her body then began to pull the much smaller girl backwards. The Community star closed her eyes, bit her lip in anticipation of slight pain and did her best to relax as her sphincter slowly started to expand until it allowed his thick cock inside her dry rectum.

“Ughhhh…you mother fucker,” Alison grunted, the familiar sting of having a cock shoved up her ass.

Ali was no stranger to anal, however after each time she took it anally her butt always sealed up just as tight as when she was an anal virgin. Added on top of that was the less-than-ideal lube so she felt the painful sting when her bowels first split open to take his hard dick inside.

Luckily, Donald was showing some level of competence as he only used the first half of his length to make slow, smooth strokes inside. With each thrust she took it in the ass loosened her up, allowing him to go a little faster and deeper. Working half of his member in her bowels was now going much easier, in fact the pain was gone and replaced by mild pleasure. Even though taking it up the butt wasn’t as pleasurable as in the pussy, Alison Brie was highly adaptable and able to find the good in all situations.

“Man that’s one tight ass,” Donald grunted. “You like getting your ass fucked?”

“Mmhmm,” Alison grunted before answering truthfully. “Love it.”

Knowing how much she was enjoying herself, despite every reason not to be, Donald took the kiddie-wheels off. Clutching onto her hips tighter, the horny man started lengthening his strokes into her butt. It didn’t take much longer before his stomach tapping against her curvy booty as his entire pole was sheathed in her tightest of holes.

“Awwhh yes…fuck me,” Alison encouraged in her sultry tone, actually pushing back against him to make him go deeper.

“Fuck…you really are a nasty girl,” Donald groaned, the thud of his abs against her ass ringing against the walls.

Alison wasn’t really listening to his remarks, all that she cared about was that the mild-mannered man was finally breaking off his chain. She repeatedly felt his balls thudding against her slit each time he stroked into her booty, which was pressed open wider than ever before. For all his faults as a boyfriend, the brunette had to give it to Donald for swinging such a huge cock.

“Who knew fucking your ass was so fun,” Donald commented. “Well I guess half of Hollywood did.”

With a laugh, Donald clenched even tighter, his fingers leaving marks in her soft flesh as he reared back and delivered even harder thrusts. What he lost in speed, Donald more than made up for with sheer power. Despite the anti-skid pads on the bottom of the heavy sofa, his pounding was actually causing the couch to slide forward each time, drawing a grunt from the brunette in the process.

It suddenly occurred to the horny man that his ex-girlfriend was still dressed, at least from the waist up. Donald sought to remedy that immediately, first by yanking the black leather jacket from her, followed by pulling the super-tight grey dress she wore. It was tough but finally the dress popped over her head, rendering the gorgeous woman nude except for her ankle boots.

“What gives,” Alison demanded, feeling a forearm-sized departure in her rectum.

“Come on, I want you to suck my dick straight from your asshole,” he demanded.

Spinning around to face him, Alison got close to him before Donald reached down and tangled a fist in her shiny brown hair. Without further delay, the man pulling her hair transferred his moist cock right onto her waiting tongue and pushed it further inside until hitting the back of her throat. This caused her spit up and cough a bit but she regained her composure in order to apply suction and suck off any traces of her asshole from his stiffy.

“Jokes on you, she said after another long series of bobs on his dirty cock. “I love tasting my asshole.”

“God, you really are a whore,” he said with a combination of astonishment and horniness.

Looking down and watching as Alison choked down his meat pole which hadn’t long been removed from her asshole was quite the image. They had dated for more than 6 months and in that time they had done things that he had yet to replicate with anyone else, but it still seemed she was holding back on him. Wanting his forgiveness, she was now willing to get assfucked by him, and suck him off straight from her backside.

Overflowing with lust for the Community star, Donald pulled back on her hair and instantly Alison’s mouth pulled away from his dick. Before she could question why, his tongue was crammed into her open mouth and his lips pressed against hers. The pair kissed deeply until Donald broke the lip lock when he felt to soft, pillowy tits close around his lengthy pole.

“Fuck my tits baby,” Alison told him.

With the brunette pushing her tits together around his dick, Donald listened to his psychotic ex. Rearing his hips back and slamming that forward, he stroked his manhood between her soft breasts, the feeling completely different yet equally as pleasurable from sodomizing the 33-year old.

With her best asset being her wonderful tits, which were easily more than a handful to hold, heavy and yet sagless. It was an unexpected bonus, as was Alison spat more saliva onto her chest to help his cock glide between her two mountainous melons. He felt bad when her dick kept flying up and poking her hard in the chin, but the brunette seemed unaffected.

“Ready for more,” Donald asked.

“Can’t wait to have you back in my asshole,” Alison answered.

“Good. I know how much you love riding,” he said as he laid on the sofa.

Alison didn’t waste time climbing off her knees and straddling his waist. He reached up to kiss her again but this time she put her hand on his chest and pushed him back down. With her mind on a single though, the actress reached back between her legs and held him steady as she sank down…lower…lower…until her anus spread and took him back inside.

Donald watched in utter happiness as his purple tip disappeared completely, followed by half his length. She was still holding her cheeks out of the way, giving him an exceptional view of bouncing tits in the process, as half his length was being engulfed with regularity by her tight asshole.

“Oh yes…mhhmmm…awwhhh,” Ali moaned.

Once again use to his mammoth size, Alison released the grip on her booty and sank down until her plump backside was resting against his pubes. The big breasted brunette gave him a cute wiggle while resting on his lap with his cock completely buried up her ass before standing back up and leaving only the last quarter of his shaft in her hole. This process was repeated over and over again as the actress worked up a sweat, which made her skin glisten in the sunlight pouring in from the window.

“Fuck…so good…faster,” Donald encouraged, swatting her thick ass in the process. “Faster.”

“Ohhhh…your big dick’s in my ass,” Alison said, doing as he ordered.

No longer resting on her knees, Alison planted her feet on the stained sofa.Now able to ride to the top before plummeting herself done with nearly double the amount of power, the smacking of her ass against his skin rang throughout the living room. The extra tenseness in her body made her sphincter tighten even more around Donald, whose veiny cock could immediately feel it.

Over and over Alison rode his dick right to the top so only his purple-colored tip remained in her ass before squatting back down. Going balls deep repeatedly inside the gorgeous actress was euphoric, not to mention the visual of her large, perfectly formed tits bouncing in front of her every time she did so.

“Fuck…Goddamn,” he groaned through tightly shut eyes, trying to delay his pending orgasm.

“We both…ahhhh…know you won’t…mmmm…last much longer,” Alison pointed out, not breaking from her rhythm.

Donald knew she was right, much to his chagrin. He would have loved nothing more than to hate-fuck his ex all morning, but his stamina wasn’t cooperating. He allowed her to ride him for another spell until he knew he couldn’t last any longer. As soon as his hands went to her hips, she rolled off him so that as he stood she was kneeling in front.

“Taste your ass until I cum,” he told her.

Once again, Alison showed that she had no qualms taking his dick straight from her own asshole into her mouth. Inhaling half his sizeable length right away, the Community star started stroking her lips along his length as wet slurping noises emitted from her mouth. The girl had a talent, and he was reminded that one of them was on her knees.

“You want my cum?”

“I want your cum all over my pretty face,” Alison demanded, making her point by smearing his spit-covered dick all across her cheeks, nose and forehead before returning to sucking on him.

Donald would have no trouble giving in to that request, especially after her extremely slutty display. Well, that and the fact that he had finally gotten the chance to completely anally wreck the petite star for the past 30 minutes. As Alison bobbed on his length, no doubt savoring her ass flavor, he knew he was seconds away from cumming so he stepped back and took control of his own manhood.

“Now apologize like you mean it,” slowing down his beating off as she waited with mouth open and tongue out.

“I’m sorry Donald…”

She was cut off as the first cum streak propelled itself from his tip and across Alison’s face, hitting her in the nose all the way up to the forehead. The second streak hit the same target then Donald decided to paint another area of her pretty face. The next one splattered into her closed left eye while the fourth jet hit the side of her head and nestled into her hair. The last remaining squirts didn’t have the same quantity as the earlier ones, but there was still enough left to coat the rest of her adorable face, including a few drops actually in her mouth.

There was silence for a few moments, in which time Donald had sat back in a reclined position on his sofa. The cum plastered Alison stayed on her knees for a few moments longer as she gulped down the cum in her mouth and cleaned her face with a tissue.

“Alright, apology accepted,” Donald said, watching her get dressed.

“See. That wasn’t so hard,” she said, sliding her jacket back on.

“Did you wanna stay, have some breakfast,” he offered, but she was already headed for the door.

“You think you’re the only person I’ve screwed over? I got a few more houses to hit before lunch,” Alison laughed before exiting the apartment.

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