April Falls

If you are under the age of 18, do us all a favor, leave. You will not understand this story because your brain is

not fully developed yet. This story is complete fiction & yes, that is sad. I wish it were true & I wish if I

couldn’t have been there, at least had a copy of the events on tape.


by Rawballz

Starring: Roselyn Sanchez, Jessica Alba, Victoria Beckham, Ashley Judd,

Patricia Arquette, Krista Allen & Kari Wurher

Roselyn sat in the grass on a small hill that hung over the edge of the

water. She loved coming here to the lake known as April Falls, where nobody

was around much to bother her. She would sit here for hours on end,

just thinking and watching the clouds pass by in the beautiful

blue sky. She couldn’t get closer to heaven even if she tried. The solitude

and tranquility of her surroundings here made her whole and at the very least,

kept her away from all the hustle and bustle of her everyday life. The warm

wind swept through her long, black hair as her thoughts drifted towards the

significant of this very day, April the second. Thirty-four years ago from this

day, she was brought into the world. “Thirty-four, has it been that long?”

she thought to herself. She certainly wasn’t nineteen anymore, but far from

being considered old.

She sat there with her feet dangling in the water and looked down at her own

reflection. She pulled her hair back and turned her head to the side to get

a good look at herself. “Bah, thirty-four is just another number.”, she thought.

Letting her hair fall back down as if in slow motion, she looked around the lake

as the mid-morning sun glared off the ripples that coated the surface of the

water. Not another soul could be seen by her eyes. A devilish grin appeared

across her face.

Roselyn hopped down off of the small grassy hill and took another quick

look around at her present surroundings. As soon as she had a good feeling

that no one was around, she began to unbutton the violet colored blouse

that she wore. She quickly tore through the buttons, quickly unveiling the

middle of the white bra she wore underneath. A feeling a pure freedom swept

over her as she slowly exposed herself to this outside world. She slipped the

blouse off her arms, folded it and placed it hanging across a fallen tree that

was behind her. She pulled her feet out of her shoes and unzipped her jeans.

The excitement crept up her spine as a cool wind lightly brushed against

her mostly-exposed back. She grabbed the sides of her jeans and with two

big handfuls, she pushed it down to her feet. After pulling her feet out of

the mangled pile of denim, she again placed the discarded clothing across the

dead tree.

“There’s just something about this place”, Roselyn thought. She reached behind

her back and unhooked her bra. The straps immediately lost their grip of her

shoulders and it fell into her hands. She tossed the undergarment across one

of the dead tree’s branches. Her nipples instantly became erect as the outside

elements caressed them with their cool sensations. She took one last look

behind her and after seeing her solitary state, she grabbed the sides of her

panties and slowly slipped them off her hips. She pulled her feet through the

holes and placed the panties with the other clothing.

A little nervous and excited at the same time, a now fully naked Roselyn took

a few steps to the water’s edge. With her arms folded across her chest, she

stuck her toes into the water. A cold shiver shot up her spine and her body

was suddenly covered with goose bumps. She had a quick thought of going

back and getting her clothes back on, but she kind of felt like she had come

too far to turn back now. She stepped down, fully sinking her foot down into

the water. The surface held firmly around her ankle as she bravely took another

step into the cool water. Her courage climbed and she continued her journey

of sinking into the depths. The water rose up to her knees and she trembled at

the soothing touches of the water on the tender backs of them. The muddy floor

massaged her every step. Still the water continued rising around her body. Her

thighs were the next to experience the heavenly coolness. With another step, the

water splashed around her upper legs.

The excitement grew as the surface lightly brushed across the lips of her vagina

and the bottom of her ass cheeks. She took two more paces and stopped, where

just the top of her asscrack was still showing above the water’s surface. She was

in a state of mind now where even if people were around, she wouldn’t be able

to notice. She was with herself and that’s all she cared for at this present moment.

She slowly turned around and faced the shore. She could see her clothing dangling

over the dead tree. She slowly leaned back and crashed into the water’s depths.

With the water covering her entire body, she remained there floating under the

surface. She opened her eyes and looked through the murky water and saw the

millions of bubbles that swam all around her and then made their way to the

top. She placed her feet back on to the muddy floor and pushed herself through

the surface. She emerged herself halfway out of the water and came back

down. Her eyes remained closed as she ran her hands down her long, wet


Suddenly, she heard some voices coming from the woods just beyond the clearing

of the water’s edge. She sunk back down into the lake, leaving only her head

exposed and swam to the small hill she was sitting at earlier. Just as she made it

to the area she felt safe at, she saw two women walk into the clearing from the

path. Roselyn hid herself behind the vegetation that hung from the small hill that

hung over the water. She could see that the two women were holding hands and

laughing. One of the women was carrying a picnic basket and the other had a large

quilt draped over her shoulder. The two women spotted Roselyn’s clothing. “Looks

like someone’s running around naked out here.”, Krista said to her partner. “Whoever

it is, I’m sure they’ll be back. Now help me lay the quilt down.”, Kari replied. Krista

put down her basket and turned around to help her partner.

They unfolded the quilt and let it float down to the grassy earth. “Speaking of naked.”,

Kari said with a grin, as she walked up to her friend and began unbuttoning her

white blouse. “What if she comes back?”, Krista asked. “Then she’ll get a good little

show, and if she’s really nice, maybe she can join in.”, Kari replied as she removed

the blouse from her friend’s torso. Krista giggled and began unbuttoning her friend’s

shirt. “God, I’m never going to be able to get out of here.”, Roselyn thought to


Kari whipped Krista’s bra off and took her breasts in her hands. “Mmmmmmmm…”,

Krista moaned. Kari leaned down and took her right nipple into her awaiting

mouth. She slowly unbuttoned and unzipped Krista’s jeans. Roselyn could see

the pants loosen around her rear as she looked on from behind the brush. Krista’s

jeans came off with ease and crumpled up around her feet. Her white thong nestled

between her large, luscious buttcheeks. Kari ran her open mouth over to her left

nipple as she hooked her fingers around the waistband of her friend’s underpants. She

knelt down slowly, running her tongue down Krista’s belly and pulling her thong down

simultaneously. Krista slowly stepped back out of her discarded clothing and smiled down

at her friend. Kari shrugged her shirt off her shoulders and immediately shoved her face

into Krista’s pubic mound.

Roselyn waited still in the water. She crouched down with only her shoulders and head

sticking out of the water. She had to wait for the right moment to make her move. She

wanted so desperately to leave but her eyes were transfixed on the events taking place just

thirty feet from her. She waited some more.

Kari stood back up to eye-level with Krista. With their eyes locked on one another, Kari

grabbed the top of her jeans and pulled them south. She kicked them to the side and

reached behind her back to unclasp her bra. The undergarment fell limp into her arms

and Krista moistened her lips. “Take my panties off.”, Kari demanded as she tossed her

bra aside. Krista knelt down and grabbed her panties that hugged her hips. “Be gentle.”,

Kari laughed. Krista pulled her friend’s panties down, exposing her bush for all to see. Kari

rested her hand on Krista’s head and stepped out of her removed clothing. Krista slowly

stood back up. With both women naked, they embraced one another and clenched their

lips together. Roselyn stayed in the water and felt a tingling between her legs.

Kari and Krista slowly descended down to the spread quilt. Moaning sounds and noises filled

Roselyn’s ears. Krista laid on her back while Kari pivoted around and faced her in the ol’

sixty-nine position. Krista buried her face in her friend’s pussy and shot her tongue in and

out of her. She took her index finger and slowly inserted it into Kari’s hot, tight sphincter

hole. She let out a muffled gasp into Krista’s already wet cunt. Kari wrapped her hands

around Krista’s buttcheeks with a tight squeeze and pulled them apart from one another. Krista

lifted her bare ass off the quilt and spread her legs further apart as Kari entered two fingers

into her asshole. Krista moaned loudly and a flock of birds flew out from one of the trees


“Now’s my chance.”, Roselyn thought to herself, as she slowly climbed out of the water. With

both of the women’s heads buried in each others crotch, Roselyn completely emerged

from the water. She kept a close eye on the two as she quietly walked over to where her

clothing was. She quickly gathered her garments up in her arms. With her back turned

to where the two women were engaged in sexual bliss, Roselyn bent over the fallen tree to

try and retrieve her panties. She reached down and lightly brushed her fingertips across

the fallen panties. She tried again, but just couldn’t reach them bending over the tree like

she was. She became frantic and pushed forward as hard as she could, with her feet

leaving the ground, she grabbed the underwear into her grasp.

As soon as she felt the earth on the bottoms of her feet, Roselyn felt a couple pairs of

hands grab her bare buttocks. An incredible wave of passion crashed through her soaking

wet and accessible body. The hands massaged every inch of her exposed ass, feeling the

crevice and every pore. She felt some fingernails lightly scraping across her buttcheeks, as

she relaxed a little and laid completely across the fallen tree trunk. She felt the hands

grabbing her asscheeks and slowly spreading them in opposite directions from one another. The

next intense feeling she felt was that of a tongue slowly climbing into her anus. Roselyn shook

at the intrusion and tightened the fist that kept a good hold of her panties. Kari tongued-fucked

her tight little sphincter, running her tasting device all around, inside and out.

“Ohhhhhhhhh……..”, Roselyn could only mutter. Kari ran little circles around her asslips with

her tongue. Krista gave her right buttcheek a brisk slap and watched in glee as her ass shook

from the impact. Kari exited her tongue and Roselyn laid there in anticipation for their next

move. She felt something touch against the opening of her ass. Kari was standing behind her

outstretched body and slowly pushed her strap-on silicone dildo into her anus. Roselyn’s knees

locked and her body heat soared to an all-time high. Kari pulled her hips back and the dildo

came three-fourths of the way back out. Then she pushed her hips forward again, burying the

dildo into Roselyn’s asshole. Kari picked up the pace and began giving her a good, steady

butt-fucking. Krista placed her hands on her friend’s ass and began pushing her into Roselyn’s


“Ahhhhhhhhhh……..aaahhhhhhhhh…….ahhhhahhhhhhaaaahhhhh!!!”, Roselyn yelped as she

felt the six inch dildo slide in and out of her. Kari ran her hand up Roselyn’s back and grabbed

a handful of her long, black hair. She pulled back and Roselyn lifted her head up, but kept

a good firm grip on her panties. Her body pounded onto the fallen tree, as Kari began thrusting

harder into her. Krista suddenly appeared in front of Roselyn, naked except for a strap-on dildo

of her very own on. She reached down and grabbed Roselyn’s cheeks, pushed them together

to force her mouth open. She placed the head of the dildo on her lips and quickly pushed her

hips forward and plunged it halfway into her mouth. Another hard push from Kari and Roselyn

took the dildo all the way into her mouth. Both of the ladies began pushing themselves

into both ends of Roselyn. Her knees began to weaken as she felt an intense orgasm grow

within her. “Ohhhhhh…..uuhhhhhhh…..uuuhhhhhhhh….”, she yelled with her mouth full. Kari

and Krista quickly removed their dildos from her slumped over body.

The two women helped Roselyn to her feet and walked her over to the quilted area. Krista laid

down on her back on the quilt. Kari turned Roselyn around and helped her squat down over

Krista’s body. She positioned her with her back facing Krista and placed her hands on her shoulders

as Krista guided the dildo into Roselyn’s asshole once again. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, god.”, she

whispered. Krista lifted her knees up and Kari placed Roselyn’s legs on the outer sides of

them, forcing her into the spread eagle position. Roselyn leaned back and placed her hands on

the quilt behind her. Roselyn slowly began moving her body up and down, feeling every inch

of the dildo that dwelled within her anus. “Ahhhhhhhhhh, fuck.”, she exclaimed aloud. Krista placed

her hands on Roselyn’s shoulders and pushed her onto her fucking device.

Kari got on all fours and leaned down to run her tongue around Roselyn’s awaiting pussy. With

her elbows resting on the quilt, Kari spread her pussylips open and pushed her tongue onto

her clit. This almost sent Roselyn over the edge. Kari tickled her clitoris by lightly flicking her

tongue across it. Roselyn’s head fell back as Krista continued to pound away. Kari suckled

two of her fingers and sent them gliding into Roselyn’s cunt. Her wetness came screaming out

onto Kari’s knuckles. Kari bent her two inserted fingers up and rubbed across her “spot”. Roselyn’s

legs trembled as her toes curled under her feet. Kari jabbed into her at a fast pace and Roselyn’s

head fell forward, covering most of her face with her long hair. Kari pulled her fingers out of her

and stuck them into her own mouth. Tasting the sweet nectar that Roselyn had produced. She

savored every drop. Kari quickly shoved the same two fingers back inside of Roselyn again and

finger-fucked her a little more. After scooping up some more juices, she pulled her fingers back

out and pushed them into Roselyn’s mouth. She quickly agreed to taste herself.

Kari removed her digits from her mouth and positioned herself on her knees between Roselyn’s

spread legs. Leaning forward, she slid her strap-on dildo into her wet pussy. Roselyn gasped

at the insertion as two of her three inputs were filled. Kari grabbed Roselyn by the back of her

knees and lifted her legs up into the air. She no longer had any control over her own movements.

With Roselyn’s feet dangling on both sides of Kari, Krista pushed further into her well-fucked anus

and Kari pushed forward all the way into her cunt. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, God!”, she whimpered in

total fulfillment. Every thrust into her privates caused her legs to shake to all sides. Kari wrapped

her hands around Roselyn’s ankles and kept them in solitary position as she continued to pound

away at her warm pussy. “Fuck her tight little ass harder!”, Kari demanded. Krista placed her

hands on Roselyn’s buttcheeks and lifted her into the air with all her might. As soon she made

some leeway, Krista began thrusting her hips harder into Roselyn’s asshole. “That’s it, you fuck

her ass good.”, Kari said with a devilish grin. Roselyn’s head fell back again when she felt the

orgasm explode inside of her. A tremendous release gushed out onto Kari’s strap-on. “Ohhhh….

ohhhhh……uuuummmmmmm……..uuuuhhhhhhh………..”, was all Roselyn could seem to let

escape, as she rolled off of Krista and laid down on the quilt to rest.

As the sounds of Kari and Krista still engaging in sexual activity echoed into her ears, Roselyn

fell into a deep sleep. An occasional bump into her sleeping body came once in a while from

the two women whilst continuing their love-making. Roselyn ignored the nudges and welcomed

the much deserved rest.

Roselyn awoke sometime later. Her eyes opened up to the bright blue sky as she laid on her

back. The comfort of the quilt remained her bed at the edge of the lake. Her mind slowly

drifted from her dreams to reality. She quickly sat up and took a look around. She began to

remember the events that had taken place before her nap. She looked over to the fallen tree

and discovered that her clothing was gone. “Oh, my God.”, she said under her breath. She got

to her feet and stepped off of the quilt. She briefly scanned her present surroundings, but there

was no sight of her clothes or Kari and Krista. Panic hit her like a near accident out on the highway,

as she picked up the quilt and wrapped it around her naked body. She made her way to the

path she had taken earlier.

The afternoon sun shined down on her between the branches, leaves and trees that surrounded

the brief pathway. As the end of the path came near, she felt relieved that she would soon see

her jeep parked in the wooded parking lot. She arrived at the opening and looked to where she

knew she had parked but saw nothing. Fear gripped her, as she stood there dumbfounded. All

that was left in the small area she parked at was bent pine needles that used to be covered

by her jeep’s tires. “This isn’t fucking happening.”, she said aloud to herself, not caring if anyone

else heard her. She looked around and saw nothing except the woods. She placed a hand on

her forehead in disbelief and felt an instinct to return to the water’s edge. After pausing for a

moment, she turned around and headed right back to where she came from.

Roselyn came back to the other end of the path and saw the same thing as she saw before,

nothing but what she had left just minutes before. She looked to her left and saw a narrow

path that ran between the edge of the forest and the edge of the lake. She could’ve sworn

that she didn’t notice this pathway before. It was as if it had just appeared. “Well, it can’t

get much worse.”, she thought and headed down the pine needle-covered road.

The sun’s heat beat down as she walked around the bend of the path. As soon as she turned

the corner, her eyes fixed upon a small cottage at the end of the path just half a mile away. Her

second wind pumped inside of her and helped her pick up the pace. She hugged the quilt tightly

around her and started walking faster towards the small house. Her eyes stared at the structure

as it kept getting closer and closer. The pale yellow color of the house became clearer into her

view. The brown shutters could be seen clinging to the sides of both windows that faced her.

Roselyn reached the front steps almost out of breath. “Whew!”, she sighed as she rested against

the wooden guardrail. Quietly she made her way up the steps to the large red door. After making

sure the quilt was wrapped around her tightly again, she balled up a fist and knocked on the

door. No noise was could be heard from the other side. Roselyn knocked again and waited. Growing

impatient, she grabbed the doorknob and slowly turned. The door creaked open and she could hear

muffled cries coming from just inside the house.

Roselyn stepped into the doorway and turned her head towards the direction to where she heard

the cries. There Patricia Arquette stood completely naked, with her wrists tied behind her back, a

gag in her mouth and tears rolling down her cheeks. “Oh, my God.”, Roselyn said in disbelief. She noticed

two small clamps that were attached to her nipples. The rope that held her wrists together was attached

to a metal plate in the wall behind her with only about a foot and a half of slack to it. She quickly

walked up to the confined woman. “Who did this to you? Are you okay?” Patricia only continued

crying. “It’s alright, I’ll get you out of here.”, she told her in a consoling manner.

Roselyn suddenly felt the quilt ripped from around her body and instinctively covered herself. She

turned around and saw two women standing in front of her dressed in tight leather outfits. If there

was a typical dominatrix-type uniform, these women were dressed neck to toe in them. Ashley Judd

held the discarded quilt in her hand and tossed it behind her. “Who are you and what are you doing

to this poor woman?”, Roselyn asked nervously. “Who told you that you could come into our home

unannounced?”, Ashley shot back at her with anger in her eyes. She grabbed Roselyn on her cheeks

and pressed firmly. “Looks like this little girl needs to be taught a lesson about breaking and

entering, huh Victoria?” “Mmmmm-hmmmm.”, was all Victoria responded with, while holding a riding

crop in her right hand and steadily smacking the head of it in the other.

“Listen, please. All I want is to use your phone. My car was stolen….” Patricia grabbed Roselyn

from behind and held her tightly. Pinning her arms to her sides, she picked her up off the floor.

Ashley grabbed Roselyn’s legs and picked them up while Roselyn struggled to fight off the two

women. They walked towards the back of the house and placed her in a small children’s

swimming pool. The pool only had about eight inches of water in it, but Roselyn screamed at

the sudden touch of the cold feeling it gave her. Ashley and Patricia held her arms in place, as

she continued to struggle standing there on her knees. Victoria walked over to the other side of

the room to where a metal plate was attached to the wall. In the middle of the plate were to

buttons, green and red in color. Victoria pressed the red one, and a giant ceiling fan-looking

device descended. It had two large panels that jetted out from the middle engine about three

feet. There were leather cuffs attached to each end of it, opened and ready to be filled with

her wrists.

The “fan” stopped a foot above her head. Ashley and Patricia lifted her arms up and secured

her wrists tightly in place inside the leather cuffs. They stepped back out of the pool, as

Victoria pressed the red button again and the “fan” slowly lifted back up. It rose halfway back

and stopped, leaving Roselyn dangling there with her toes just barely touching the bottom

of the kiddy pool. “Oh, God. Please don’t do this.”, she pleaded. “Shut up!”, Victoria shouted

back at her in a British accent. She gave her brisk slap across her buttocks and smiled. “Your

circle is just about complete.” Victoria pressed her index finger on the green button and the

“fan” began whirring. Roselyn could slowly feel the movement of the device, as it started

spinning her around. A slow pace at first, but eventually became faster and faster. Everything

in the room became blurry as it rushed by her face. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!”

She would catch brief glimpses of the three women. She saw Patricia helping Ashley out of

her outfit. On the other side of her, she caught flashes of Victoria slipping out of her

get-up. She knew what was coming and even though she was resisting, she felt a moisture

growing in between her thighs. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back, as the spinning

continued. Her eyes were not letting her brain process the rushing images that were

presented in this state. She opened her eyes again and noticed that the other two women

were naked now and held something in their hands. She heard a button clicked and the spinning

slowed down. With her head swimming and her eyes not being able to adjust to what was

happening, the three women stood in the pool in a circle around her.

The three hot mouths met her body at the same time on different parts of her. Victoria ran

her tongue up her spine, as Ashley and Patricia wrapped their lips around Roselyn’s

breasts. “Ohhhhhhkaaayy.”, she sighed as she closed her eyes again. Victoria’s tongue

drifted downwards across her lower back and onto the top of her asscrack. Ashley and

Patricia flicked their tongues over her rock-hard nipples and lightly bit at them with their

teeth. Roselyn moaned loudly. The two women in front stepped back, leaving her breasts

coated with their saliva. They grabbed her ankles and lifted her legs up and rested them

in their arms. They walked a couple paces apart until her legs were completely spread from

one another.

Victoria got down on her knees, as she continued to run her tongue down her asscrack. Ashley

and Patricia reached behind Roselyn with their free hands and spread her asscheeks apart. Victoria

immediately shot her tongue deep inside of her sphincter. Roselyn felt the tongue climb inside

of her rear end and squirm around. Her legs shook in the other two women’s embrace. Victoria

retracted her tongue, and Roselyn felt it creep across to her awaiting pussy. Victoria pivoted

around to where she was now facing her and took her clitoris into her mouth. She sucked hard

on her swollen love button until Roselyn screamed in rapture.

Ashley and Patricia lifted her legs up higher and rested her feet on their shoulders. Victoria slipped

back behind the dangling Roselyn and spread her ass cheeks apart once again. Ashley took a seven

inch dildo, stuck the head of it in her mouth and sucked on it until her cheeks caved in. Patricia

reached down and spread Roselyn’s pussylips apart. Fondling her clit with her index finger, Patricia

looked into Roselyn’s eyes, leaned forward and again took her nipple into her mouth. Ashley placed

the head of the dildo at Roselyn’s entrance and without hesitation, pushed it all the way in. Roselyn

yelped as she felt the dildo fill up her insides and rub across every corner of her steamy vulva. With

the dildo still placed all the way inside of her, Roselyn felt another welcomed intruder enter her

anus. Victoria was knelt down below her and with both hands, shoved another seven inches into

her second input. Roselyn howled in acceptance.

Ashley retracted her dildo first about three quarters and then shoved it back in. As soon as it

was set back into place, Victoria pulled her dildo out a little and then shot it right back up her

asshole. They picked up the pace and proceeded to give her a good steady fucking one after

another until Roselyn’s body was heaving back and forth from the impacts. Her eyes rolled up

into the back of her head, so she didn’t see Patricia coming with the third and final dildo. She

pried Roselyn’s mouth open and quickly plunged the dildo deep into her mouth. Loud moans were

muffled from the fucking-device that began to shoot in and out of her mouth. Roselyn tried to

make the best of what was happening to her. She ran her tongue around the dildo when it entered

and retracted. The swirling vibrations inside of her grew to a high pitch. She listened as the three

women kept encouraging one another on the workout they were giving her. “Fuck her tight, little

asshole!”, Ashley shouted. “Make her pussy beg for mercy!”, Patricia demanded. “Shove that fucker

into her sweet mouth!”, Victoria yelled.

Roselyn’s almost numb body quivered from all the attention it was receiving. A giant gush of pleasure

rushed through her body like a tidal wave. The loud screams were barely audible from her full

mouth. Patricia finally removed the dildo from her mouth and her screams of delight could be heard

across the lake. “Oooooohhhhhhhhhgggggggggyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhdddddddddd!!!!!”,

echoed through the small cottage. Victoria and Ashley removed their dildos from her writhing body

and stepped back to watch her body slowly become limp. A few almost silent sighs and sounds escaped

her moving lips. The heavy breathing continued, but slowly calmed down. Roselyn dangled there for a

few more moments before Ashley and Patricia helped her out of her restraints.

Helping her walk back into the front room, Roselyn had her arms around each of the women’s

shoulders. Her legs were still very weak and still shaky from the crippling orgasm. “Do…..do you

have a phone I can use?”, Roselyn mumbled. “There’s no working phones here, dear. That’s why

we come here, to get away from it all.”, Ashley sweetly replied. “I know what you need. You

need to go visit the Angel under April Falls.”, Patricia told her while brushing her hand through

Roselyn’s hair. “The A….Angel?” “Follow the sound of her singing when you step outside.”, Victoria

added while sitting down in the kiddy-pool rubbing her pussy. Ashley opened the front door for

her. “She can help you see what needs to be seen.”, she said with a smile. Roselyn regained her

composure and with glazed-over eyes focused on the outside world yet again. She stepped out

awkwardly on the front steps like a newly-born giraffe. The door shut behind her.

Ashley and Patricia rushed to the back room where Victoria lay naked in the pool. “Now who’s

going to wish me a happy birthday?”, she said with a grin. The two women got down on all fours

and began to bathe her feet with their wet tongues. Working their way up her shins to her

kneecaps. “Mmmmmmmmmm…..” Patricia stood up, walked up to her and straddled Victoria’s

face. She caressed her moist pussy with her tasting device, as Ashley slithered between

Victoria’s thighs and proceeded to give her oral pleasure.

Roselyn could here the moans coming from the cottage, but paid it no mind. The sky was

a little dimmer than when she first stepped foot into the small house. It was early evening and

the colors of her surroundings were a darker shade. “Follow the sound of her singing?”, she

muttered to herself. All she could hear was the low moaning going on inside, the crickets

singing in the grass and an occasional croaking from the frogs and toads. She looked across

the lake towards the falls and all of the other sounds around her were silenced at once. Her

ears began to pick up the high singing voice that echoed in the distance. She could see a

light coming from the other side of the falling water and was instantly drawn towards it like

a moth to a flame.

Roselyn’s eyes were fixed on the shimmering light and she slowly began to walk to the edge

of the water. Her feet hit the water and there was no stopping her from her mission. The

surface of the water climbed up her naked form until it was around her stomach. Roselyn dove

into the cool water and welcomed it’s invigorating power. As her head came back out of the

water, she continued to breast-stroke her way towards the singing falls. The cool water

massaged her swimming body, as the stars began to make their appearance in the sky. The

moon followed her every stroke, as she swam closer and closer.

The singing became louder and more clear to her, as she got closer to the falls. Just about

ten feet away, Roselyn swam under the falling water and came up on the other side. Before

she could wipe the water from her eyes, she felt a body in front of her. Startled, she opened

her eyes and saw Jessica Alba directly in front of her. “I was beginning to think that you weren’t

going to show.”, she said with a smile. She placed her hands on Roselyn’s hips and pulled her

through the water until her feet touched the muddy floor. She was hypnotized by Jessica’s pure

beauty. Her eager eyes and her full lips, surrounded by her wet hair sent a moist message straight

to between her thighs. One side of Jessica’s lips creased upwards as she sent a smile her way. “So

this is why she’s number one on the great CSSA list.”, is all Roselyn could think about.

Jessica’s lips parted and she leaned her head forwards. Instinctively, Roselyn opened her mouth

and gladly accepted her offering. Their lips touched and opened their mouths wider to massage

their tongues together. With their shoulders and heads the only parts of them outside of the

water’s surface, they came closer together. Their naked bodies touching one another, feeling

the warmth between the coldness of the lake. Jessica wrapped a leg around her and touched

Roselyn’s pubic area with her own. She slowly began to rub up and down against her, as their

deep kiss continued. The only sound she could hear was the wet smacking of their lip-lock. Roselyn

pushed back up against her and touched her breasts with her own. Shifting left to right, feeling

her hardened nipples up against her skin.

Jessica pulled back and ended the long kiss. She grabbed Roselyn by the hands and walked backwards

toward the small shore where the lantern shined bright. Emerging from the water, Jessica

laid down on her back on the slightly damp land. With her feet still in the water, she awaited

Roselyn’s next move. Roselyn climbed to her legs and slowly parted them with her wet hands. Jessica’s

eyes closed and a warm smile appeared on her face. Lying back down on her stomach, Roselyn

placed her face down between her thighs and parted her pussy lips with her tongue. Jessica

groaned and began feeling herself up. She took her breasts into her own hands and gently pulled

at her nipples.

Roselyn swam her tongue into her open vagina, pushing it in as far as it could go. A loud sigh

escaped form Jessica’s pouty lips. Roselyn flicked her tongue across her clit and Jessica

shivered in delight. With complete focus on giving her pleasure, Roselyn slipped two fingers

inside of her. With her palm up, she rubbed her fingers across the upper wall of Jessica’s

pussy. Her legs twitched, as she could feel it throughout her entire body. Every stroke could

be felt from head to toe. Jessica placed her feet on Roselyn’s back and held on tightly as

a orgasm-filled wave swept over her. “Ahhhhh…..God.” Roselyn continued to finger-fuck her

extremely wet pussy, rubbing her digits deep inside of her. Jessica’s hands found their way onto

the top of Roselyn’s head and she pushed her face back down onto her cunt. Roselyn pressed

her tongue onto her love button and moved it back and forth.

Jessica grabbed handfuls of the earth on both sides of her and squeezed. “Uhhhhh…..uuhhhhhh…

uuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!”, she yelped out. She placed her hands onto Roselyn’s face

and pulled her head up. “Ohhhh, my sweet baby.”, she said with a drunk look on her face. Roselyn

stood up and walked upon the shore. She grabbed Jessica by the ankles and pivoted her around.

“What do you think you’re doing now?”, Jessica asked with a smile. Roselyn sat down in front

of her moved forward between her legs until their pussies touched. They both placed their

hands on the earth behind them and pushed their hips forward. Their privates grinded against

each other, as they shared a clitoral kiss. Roselyn lifted her ass off the ground and pushed hard

onto Jessica, moving her hips side to side in a slow motion. The pressure increased as Jessica

returned the shoving. Both women’s heads fell back as the love juices flowed between them. They

both arched their backs at the same time, as an intense orgasm followed.

Roselyn climbed on top of her lover and laid there in her arms. With their heavy breathing filling

the small area inside the waterfall, Jessica planted a tender kiss on Roselyn’s forehead. “My love.”,

she said and started humming until slumber came upon them.

Roselyn woke up to the late morning sky. Laying on top of the grassy hill where she once was

before. She felt the wind blowing against her naked body. She quickly snapped back into

reality and sat up. “Did that really happen?”, she asked herself quietly. She suddenly heard

some giggling behind her and looked back. Kari and Krista were standing there naked on their quilt. “You

need some company there?”, Kari asked. Roselyn got to her feet and walked down the grassy

hill. “You’ve been up there sleeping for a while now.”, Krista told her. Without saying a word,

Roselyn walked up to the two women and passionately began kissing them. They all descended

onto the quilt for a little afternoon romp at April Falls.

And the circle continued…………………………………………


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