Aree’s Masturbation

Aree’s Masturbation

By Dragon333

©September 21, 2006

Celebs: Aree Davis

Codes: f, mast

Disclaimer: this story is for entertainment purposes only. The events in this story are not real. Any thing that happened in this story that is true in real life are just a coincidence.

Aree Davis was in her bedroom all by herself. She looked out her open window and saw bright shining stars as well as a bright white full moon. She heard crickets in her front and back yard. She quietly closed the blinds of her windows so that she could have some privacy.
She felt her nipples gradually getting hard. She also felt her beautiful, tight twat getting hot and wet. She locked her door and put her two fingers, the index and middle finger, from her right hand and shoved in her mouth. She began to suck her fingers hard, making them nice and wet. She then took off her burgundy silk pajama long-sleeve top, and matching colored pajama bottom, leaving herself with just her red bra and panties. Her boobs got quite bigger since, and compared to, her days on The Haunted Mansion. She had slightly curly hair back then and wore her hair completely different than what she had it as today. Today Aree Davis had long silky, highlighted brown hair.

After Aree Davis got her two fingers of her right hand very wet, she stuck it under her red panties and rubbed her clit. She kept rubbing and rubbing herself, masturbating, releasing the hormones she was feeling.

“That feels so much better!” she said in a whisper. She then put one of the two fingers inside of her vagina while still rubbing her clit now. She was really gradually making herself feel good. She found herself eventually putting two fingers in her tight wet pussy, and rubbing faster and deeper into her own pussy with her right hand. With her left hand she rubbed her left 16 year old breast, circled her areola with it, and put it in her mouth to suck and got herself a taste of what her beautiful boobs tastes like. She found herself moaning louder with each stroke after just a minute of stroking despite her trying to make as little sound as possible first. She kept fucking herself with her fingers, but it just wasn’t cutting it, she just couldn’t cum! At this point she knew she needed some assistance. But who at such short notice this late at night? She looked over at her bed and saw that Mr. Fluffy was sitting on her bed. She briskly grabbed the stuffed teddy bear and threw him on the floor.

“Can you help me cum, Mr. Fluffy? Aree needs your help to make her feel good!” Aree told the teddy bear in third person. She then got out of her little red panties and began to fuck it. She felt the soft cotton of her teddy bear’s face rubbing against her sweet black pussy. She kept humping it over and over, while going faster by the second. She found herself uncontrollably panting while she kept humping it and felt huge amounts of sweat come down her forehead, and soon enough, found herself SOAKED in her own sweat. Salty sweat was glistening on her tits, and the rest of her body for that matter. She was kind of frustrated that she couldn’t cum, but she kept trying anyways. She wasn’t going to give up. When she wants to cum, she cums! It just wouldn’t feel right to Aree if she wanted to cum and didn’t cum. Faster and harder, Aree kept fucking the teddy bear’s face. Without even knowing it Aree began to moan out loud as if she was fucking a real person. She finally shot a gushing orgasm onto Mr. Fluffy’s cotton face, and made little humps to release all of the pussy juice from her orgasm that were still in her hot wet pussy. She grunted as she released all of the post-cum from her vagina. Aree Davis did a sexy exhale as she got off of her stuffed cotton sex partner for the day and put him back on the bed. There was a huge wet spot on Mr. Fluffy’s face, especially under his nose. Aree stuck her two fingers inside of her now satisfied love hole and put it in her mouth tasting the juices of her own 16 year old black pussy.

“I taste good!” Aree said as she had exhausted herself out and went under the covers of her bed and went back to sleep… this time in the nude!

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