Aree’s Sex Tape

Aree’s Sex Tape

By Dragon333

©November 7th, 2009

Celebs: Aree Davis, Michelle Branch

Codes: FF, cons, ws, inter, voy?

DISCLAIMER: This story is pure fiction. None of it is real, and if it is it is by pure coincidence. No harm; physical, emotional, or career wise, is meant towards any of the celebrities in this text; including the ones that are merely just mentioned. It is meant for entertainment purposes and entertainment purposes only.

Michelle Branch and Aree Davis were at a big hotel room. It was so big, it was like a mini house.
It actually had a living room in it, and had two separate bedrooms. Aree Davis was the pretty girl from Haunted Mansion, and now that she got older, she grew up to be even more pretty and quite sexy.

“I’m horny.” Aree said.

“Thank you for sharing.” Michelle said sarcastically.

“Let’s make a sex tape! It will totally put us back in the spotlight and advance our acting careers! Look what it did for Paris Hilton!” Aree suggested.

“Even if I wanted to, I’d get in so much trouble for even hugging a girl as young as you these days.”

“What are you talking about? I’m eighteen damn it!” Aree shouted.

“You’re really eighteen?” Michelle asked shocked.

“Yes! Look!” Aree Davis said pulling out her ID card and letting her look at it.

“Oh wow, you’ve been eighteen for months already!”

“See! Now let’s make a sex tape!”

“Damn, I wanted to fuck you so bad ever since we were cast together to act in the new ‘Night of the Demons’ horror movie!” Michelle said.

“Why didn’t you act like you wanted to? Why did you make it seem like you didn’t even think I was attractive at all?”

“I thought you were a teenager, like thirteen. Do you really think I’m going to admit I am sexually attracted to a teenaged girl in these times? They look at that stuff worse than murder these days!” Michelle explained. Aree giggled.

“Well, I sucked on Miley Cyrus’s titis last month and damn did those things taste good!”

“But Miley Cyrus is twenty three, so she’d get in trouble and you wouldn’t.” Michelle told her.

“What?! Miley is sixteen! Seventeen in this month!”

“Damn? Really? She doesn’t look her age at all! She totally looks like an adult! At times she looks even older than me!”

“OK, if we really want our sex tape to advance our careers. We have to make it stand out.” Aree told her in her pretty voice. “I looked up porn sites and all other sex related stuff, and the typical type of porn is so widespread it would be really hard to compete. Not to mention they don’t make much money because it follows an audience with such a huge supply the chance of the audience buying from their particular product is very small.”

“So what are you saying, Aree?”

“I’m saying we have to do something extreme. Something that isn’t on the internet that much, but that people will like.”

“Name something.”

“Us wearing diapers and then fucking.”

“Gross. That sounds really weird.”

“OK, pissing.”

“Oh cool, I had some of my girl friends pee on me before. It was pretty fun.”

“OK, then let’s bust out the camera.” Aree said. Michelle then suggested that they get a camera person to shoot the video while they do stuff, so that they can do their thing a lot easier. Since Tatyana Ali was staying in a nearby hotel room she decided to call her. Tatyana Ali was also supposed to be in the new Night of the Demons movie. Tatyana Ali was supposed to be the second girl to get naked and show her tits in the movie. Tatyana agreed and took the camera and videotaped while Aree did a sexy little strip tease and Michelle Branch just took her clothes off regularly.

“Follow us to the bathroom.” Michelle Branch said and motioned to the camera woman.

“You’re so pretty, Michelle. You have got such nice and soothing eyes.” Aree told her.

“Yeah, and that’s very hard to find in an adult nowadays.” Tatyana said behind the camera.

“I wish she’d just shut up and shoot the video.” Aree mumbled.

“What?” Tatyana asked.

“Nothing.” Aree replied. Michelle laid on her backing the shower.

“Oh yeah, Aree! Don’t you want to piss all over my tits?”

“Yeah! You’re such a pretty white girl! Would you drink my piss too, bitch?” Aree asked.

“Yeah I would, Aree! Please, PLEASE, piss on me! I love it! I deserve to be peed on!” Michelle begged. Aree then stood over Michelle’s body and let out a stream of hot warm piss that jazzed down to her tits and leaked down all the way to her legs. Some of it even bounced from her chest and sprinkled on her face. Aree then moved up on her body still pissing and went over Michelle’s face. Michelle Branch opened her mouth happily and widely and accepted Aree’s hot yellow piss in her mouth and allowed it to go to her throat and Michelle began to gargle Aree’s pee in her mouth. As she was still gargling she slowly stood up and swallowed it. With her piss flavored mouth, she went closer to Aree kissed her on the lips and worked her way to a French kiss with her. Aree Davis enjoyed the taste of piss on Michelle’s lips and tongue pressing and rubbing against hers. It was then Michelle’s turn to piss. Instead of laying on her back, Aree sat down on her knees with her tongue wide out. Michelle spread her pussy lips with two fingers to get more piss out at the same time and went for it. Aree felt the hot streaming piss shoot hard on her tongue.

“You like that, Aree? You like that, you black bitch!?” Michelle said dominating her. “You like the piss from my white pussy? I bet you do, not that your black ass deserves it!” Michelle’s piss then slowed down a bit.

“Is that all you got you white cunt! Piss in my face some more if you got the guts!” Aree egged on having to pause short whiles due to the piss slowing her words down.

“You want more? You got it!” Michelle got herself to pee harder and Aree took it like a champ. Aree got every drop possible on her tongue and when Michelle was finally finished, Aree swallowed hard. And after gulping all of it down, she even put her head to the floor and licked a lot of the pee from the ground.

“Now for a lip kiss goodbye.” Aree said as she gave her new friend Michelle Branch a kiss on the lips and waved bye to the camera. “Tatyana, zoom in on our tits and then shut it off.”

“OK.” Tatyana did as she was told and shut it off.

“That should really get people to know who we are.” Aree said.


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