Ariel Goes to an Audition

Title: Ariel Goes to an Audition

Author: Tori

Celebs: Ariel Winter

Codes: MF, nc, anal, first, rough

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

Ariel Winter was on her way to an audition and was starting to think that maybe her new manager had gotten the address wrong.  She called him on her cell and he confirmed it for her.  When she arrived at the place, she wondered why he would send her to an audition in a rundown motel in Hollywood.  She hesitated for a minute and then knocked on the door.  A tall man answered it and looked at the busty teen beauty and smiled.  “Wow, George said you were young but he didn’t say how hot you were.  Come on in, I’m Adam.”  Ariel walked in and saw that the room filled with lights and camera equipment.  There was a woman setting up a makeup station on the bathroom vanity as well as one other man who was fiddling with the lighting.  Ariel held her hand out and said, “Hi, I’m Ariel.  I was told we were going to do some test shots and also run some lines?”  Adam laughed, “Run lines, that’s a good one.  Why don’t you go over there to Flick and have a seat.  She’ll be doing your makeup.”  Ariel sat in front of the big mirror and the pretty woman with a British accent started working on her face.  She said, “Is this your first time sweetie?”  Ariel shook her head and said, “No, I’ve been working since I was 13.”  The woman said, “No fucking way!  Really?  How in the hell did you ever get away with that?”  “It was easy.  I guess I’m just a natural” said Ariel.

When her makeup was done, Flick helped her change into her costume which consisted of nothing more than matching bra and panties.  Ariel said, “Is this really all I’m going to be wearing?”  Flick looked at her and said, “Well, for the first few minutes at least but after that, it won’t matter.”  Ariel stepped out into the bedroom and Adam had her sit on the edge of the bed.  Just then there was a knock on the door.  Adam opened it and let in an older man.  He introduced her to him.  “Ariel, this is your costar Harry.  Harry, meet Ariel.”  Harry, who had to be about 60 looked at the young girl and smiled.  He said, “You look familiar.  Have we ever worked together before?”  Ariel told him she didn’t think so.  Harry went back to the bathroom and came out a few minutes later wearing nothing but a pair of underwear.  Adam grabbed a camera and said, “OK everyone, let’s get started.  Harry, Ariel, are you ready?”  Ariel said, “I haven’t got a script.  I don’t know my lines.”  Adam started filming and said, “Don’t worry sweetie, Harry here’s a pro.  Just follow his lead.”

Harry walked over and sat next to Ariel.  He leaned in and kissed her.  Ariel kissed him back and then felt his hand on her large breast.  He felt her tense up and said, “Relax baby.  Uncle Harry will take care of you.”  He kissed her again and then pushed her back on the bed.  His hand made its way into her panties and he started to finger her pussy.  Ariel had never done a sex scene before but she still thought it was odd that he was actually inside of her.  Harry slid down and pulled her panties off and went down on her.  She was soon moaning from his tongue and then started to cum when he licked and nibbled her clit.  Her orgasm was so intense, she started to shake.  Harry kept licking her until she stopped and then got up on his knees.  He pulled his cock out and slipped it into her sopping wet hole.  Ariel opened her eyes, surprised by what just happened and said, “What are you doing?  Harry, please, take your cock out of my pussy.”  Harry started to fuck her slowly and said, “Come on baby.  Don’t you want your Uncle Harry’s cock?”  Ariel started to protest more.  “Please, this isn’t right.  You’re not supposed to be doing this.”  Harry started to fuck her harder and harder.  Ariel was screaming for him to stop so Harry shoved her panties into her mouth and kept pounding his cock into her cunt.  He flipped the young actress over onto her stomach and pulled her wrists behind her back.  With one hand, he ripped her bra off and tied her wrists together.  He spit on her asshole and pushed his fingers inside.  She was thrashing on the bed and begging through the panties in her mouth when suddenly, Harry mounted her and pushed his 10 inches into her ass.  Ariel screamed out in pain.  She managed to spit the panties out of her mouth and yelled, “STOP….PLEASE STOP…..YOU’RE HURTING MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!”  Harry started ramming his cock into her ass.  He slapped her asscheeks and said, “Shut up bitch.  You’ve been teasing me and now I’m going to make sure you know what it’s like to get assfucked by Uncle Harry.”  Ariel begged for him to stop but he kept slamming his cock balls deep into her torn asshole.  He fucked the young beauty for almost 30 minutes and then he pulled out and came all over her back and ass.  He grabbed her hair and forced his cock down her throat and said, “Clean my cock whore.  Lick it up you fucking bitch.”

After he finished, Adam yelled “CUT!”  Harry got off the bed and pulled Ariel up and untied her.  He looked at her and said, “Great adlib baby.  You almost had me convinced that I was really raping you.”  Ariel started to cry and said, “YOU FUCKER.  YOU DID RAPE ME.  BASTARD!!!”  Harry started to laugh and said, “Sure baby, whatever you say.”  He got dressed and Adam handed him a check.  “Great work Harry.  I should have something for you next week.”  After Harry left, Ariel quickly got dressed and ran out of the room.  As soon as she got in her car she called her manager.  When he answered she started to scream at him.  “GEORGE!  YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE.  WHY DID YOU SENT ME TO THIS PLACE?  THE OTHER ACTOR RAPED ME.  HE FUCKED ME AND THEN HE SODOMIZED ME.  WHY GEORGE…..WHY?”  The phone was silent for a few minutes and then George said, “Ariel?  Where are you?  You’re supposed to be at Paramount.  What the hell are you talking about?”  Ariel told him the story from the beginning.  She reminded him that he confirmed the address and then he said, “Holy Shit Ariel.  I really fucked up.  I gave you the wrong address.  You were supposed to be at studio 6 at Paramount.  The other place was a porno shoot for one of my other clients.  I’m so sorry.  Why didn’t you leave?”  Ariel told him how the man tied her up and shoved her panties in her mouth.  She also said they thought she was acting and didn’t believe her when she begged him to stop.  Ariel was crying when she fired him over the phone.  The last thing she told him was that she was going to sue him for every dollar he had and then she was going to have him arrested.

About a year later, everyone was stunned when a former porn actress named Chastity Lynn made her debut in a mainstream movie.  She got rave reviews and thanked her manager for getting her the audition that made it all possible.  Ariel, on the other hand, was still trying to recover from the disgrace she encountered when her porn scene came out.  No one believed her when she told them it was all a mistake.  She was fired from her TV show and no one would give her any work.  Finally, at the end of her rope, she did the only thing she could.  She called her old manager George and he set her up with another audition.  When she arrived, the door opened and she saw Adam standing there.  “Ariel, welcome back.  It’s been too long.”  He pointed over to the man sitting on a chair and said, “You remember Harry, don’t you?”  Ariel walked in and closed the door.  A few minutes later, a maid walking past the door heard a girl moaning.  She knew they were shooting another porno.  She hated when they did that because she was the one that had to clean up their mess.

The End.

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